Antagonist Rewind Chapter 66: Reunion.

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AR Chapter 66: Reunion.

Crule and company met up with Shin and Kate along the way.

[Shin]: Hey, long time no see.

[Kate]: Several months huh?

[Shin]: Yea it’s been s- what the… what happened to you hand?

[Crule]: Accident, don’t worry about it.

[Shin]: Don’t worry about losing a hand?!

[Kate]: You need to treat yourself better!

The two scolded Crule like a couple of parents.

[Maximus]: Looks like you’re the kid’s parents.

[Shin]: Who might this tall menacing fellow be?

[Chun Qin]: The red rider.

[Shin]: ….Good afternoon Mr. Rider.

[Maximus]: Hahaha, boy, I sense the pale rider’s power in you. It’s almost a miracle how the disciples of all four riders have met up so easily.

[Shin]: Sadly I am not a direct disciple…

[Maximus]: Worry not, you will find the old coot eventually.

[Kate]: Anyways, introductions aside, where are you guys headed?

[Crule]: I assume you guys found Brigid.

[Shin]: Yep.

[Kate]: Adorable little girl isn’t she?

[Crule]: Hahaha…

Crule laughed weakly at Kate’s comment.


They caught up on what each other have been doing for the past few months along the way to the forge.

[Shin]: So that energy surge was you.

[Crule]: Yes, it was a bit earlier than I expected due to certain interference, which is why I lost this hand.

He waved his stump wrist around.

[Shin]: Uhg, stop doing that, it makes me sick.

[Kate]: It pains my heart to see it like that…

[Crule]: Don’t worry. I will ask Brigid to fix it.

[Shin]: She can do that?

[Crule]: She is quite capable.

[Shin]: Wait…how do you know?

[Crule]: Let’s just say she’s more than meets the eyes.

They reached the door of the forge.

[Maximus]: She still works in such a crappy place I see…

They knocked on the door.

[Brigid]: Come in, come in. The door isn’t locked and I’m busy right now so I can’t greet you guys.

Her voice emitted from a strange crystal on the door.

[Shin]: Why haven’t we seen that before?

[Kate]: Maybe we just weren’t paying enough attention.

[Crule]: She just keeps inventing new and weird things. It’s not strange to see her place change spontaneously.

They entered and saw the blacksmith nearly completely changed from the last time they was there.

The interior now looked like a postmodern chemistry lab. The walls was lined with four fume hoods and a cabinet of flask and beakers was beside them. Another cabinet labeled “Chemicals” was placed beside a long marble table with several dubious chemicals contained within. Brigid was using tongs to hold a piece of strange looking metal above a powerful flame produced by what looked like a Bunsen burner on steroids.

[Brigid]: Hey you guys! What’s up? I see you brought more people this time.

She looked at Maximus and her expression changed.

[Brigid]: Oh it’s you.

Her tone went from happy and cheerful to that of annoyance.

[Maximus]: Long time no see, how you’ve been?

[Brigid]: You know I still hate you for what you did back then.

[Maximus]: I said I’m sorry already. Can’t you put the past behind?

[Brigid]: Never.

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[Crule]: Ehem…

[Brigid]: Ah sorry, nice to finally meet you.

Her attitude turned a full 360 as she faced Crule and Ming.

[Crule]: Hi Brigid. How’s Gerald?

[Brigid]: He’s fine, currently out buying ingredients though.

[Shin]: Who’s Gerald?

[Brigid]: Oh, he’s the old man acting as my dad when you guys visited. I couldn’t trust you yet but after seeing this asshole Maximus and those two kids, I guess I got no choice.

[Crule]: Gerald has been working for Brigid for a very long time.

[Brigid]: Of course, I created him.

[Shin]: W-what?!

[Brigid]: I get that reaction from most people I tell this to. Gerald is a homunculus I created a long time ago.

[Kate]: What’s a Humus-cloud?

[Brigid]: Homunculus. More like an artificial being of sorts.

[Crule]: Let’s not mind the small details and get on with the main point of our visit.

[Brigid]: Ah right, what did you guys come for today?

[Crule]: We need a weapon strong enough to take down the Gigaton Flare Drake.

[Brigid]: Ah? That old bastard is acting up again? Oh right there was that energy surge a few days ago. I could only assume it was you two kids who did that right?

[Ming]: Well, Crule did most of the work.

[Brigid]: Right, right, anyways, I will make you guys a weapon, but I need materials. Also who is going to use the weapon?

[Crule]: I will be.

[Brigid]: I see…I assume it has to do with replacing your lost hand?

[Crule]: Hahaha, your foresight is almost 20/20.

Crule reached into his spatial storage and took out a dark box about a cubic foot in size. The box had a small keyhole on the front of it and various glowing marks were etches on the box. Upon closer inspection, one could tell it were seals.

The aura emitting from the box was powerful. If a normal person were to stand next to it, they would lost consciousness. Even experts and elites would feel pressured. Upon seeing the box, Brigid’s eyes widened to the size of sauce plates.

[Brigid]: This…How did you get it? I want it NOW!

[Crule]: It’s all yours. As long as you use some of it to make me a hand.

[Brigid]: *drooling* Yes, yes, whatever you want!

She jumped up and down in excitement as she took the box.

[Crule]: Here’s the key.

He hands her a golden key with similar etchings on it. The head of the key was in the shape of a skull.

[Brigid]: Ok, ok, let’s do this!

[Crule]: I assume we should leave you alone to do your task.

[Brigid]: Yep, yep, just come back in a few days. Or better yet, I will call you when I’m done.

[Crule]: Ok. Let’s go guys.

They exited the forge/lab as Brigid excitedly open the box. Inside the box was a charred piece of stone that was pure black. Although burned, it emitted a powerful life force equaling that of Maximus.

[Brigid]: I didn’t think that kid would get his hand on a piece of Macabre Granite. He would have to pry it off a death golem, and those things are strong enough to destroy smaller planets.

She caressed the piece of stone carefully and placed it on top of a piece of cloth.

[Brigid]: Looks like I will have to reevaluate the kid later.

She began tinker with the stone.

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