Antagonist Rewind Chapter 68: Instant calamity.

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AR Chapter 68: Instant calamity.

Standing on the balcony of their hotel room looking across the barren desert, the bold looking man sighed.

[Maximus]: I can feel that bastard drake’s energy swelling up. Looks like he will pop out in the middle of this town…

[Chun Qin]: So this town is doomed?

[Maximus]: Looks like it. We can only destroy the drake, not force it to appear elsewhere.

[Chun Qin]: Shouldn’t we at least evacuate the town’s people?

[Maximus]: No, their fate was to perish in this disaster then so be it. Those who survive will have a stronger will to live than ever.

[Chun Qin]: So let nature take its course?

[Maximus]: Remember this, although we riders are powerful, to the point where we can be considered gods, we still do not temper with the way of nature.

[Chun Qin]: Then how do you explain Crule? Isn’t time traveling breaking the rules of the universe?

[Maximus]: You do not understand. Perhaps in our universe it is, but in the universe where he comes from perhaps it isn’t. Time travel isn’t a linear thing. Remember that with each action you decide to take, another universe is created where you took the other action instead.

[Chun Qin]: That would mean there are nearly infinite amount of universes.

[Maximus]: Kind of makes you feel small, existential crisis is such a thing…

They looked up at the bountiful stars that shine ever so brightly throughout the night.

[Maximus]: The desert at night sure is peaceful…


[Ming]: Hey Crule, that weapon of yours, is it enough to take out the drake?

[Crule]: I am not sure. In the previous world, we had nothing to do with the drake. The red rider took it down with great effort, nearly losing his life in the process.

[Ming]: Oh yea…he wouldn’t shut up about it when I trained under him. Constantly reminiscing about his greatest battles.

[Crule]: I could feel it within his aura that the battle took a great deal out of him. When we met him in the old world, he was perhaps only a fourth as strong as he currently is. His injury must be near fatal to be able to cripple him to such extent.

[Ming]: Now you just making me worried…

Ming hugs Crule from behind.

[Ming]: Please, don’t put yourself in anymore dangers.

Crule felt Ming’s tears drip and puddle on his back.

[Crule]: *sigh* You know I can’t do it.

[Ming]: Promise me. After seeing you lose your hand again, although I didn’t say much, I still remember the pain of parting with you, knowing that you would die.

[Crule]: Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere fast, nor am I seeking death. Its only death seeks me.

[Ming]: Your avoiding this…please just promise me. I-I just don’t know what I would do without you…

[Crule]: Fine, I promise.

Crule felt the emotion that he lost over the years slowly defrost.

[Crule]: *whisper to himself* When was the last time I felt another emotion other than anger…

[Ming]: *cheering up* Good, let’s take down that overgrown lizard.

[Crule]: Haha, I can feel his energy rising. He should be here soon.


[Shin]: Crule said the drake will appear tomorrow. He said with the energy surge made monster ranking scale inaccurate so he doesn’t know what it’s classified as.

[Kate]: This is troublesome…Not know the monster we will face. I don’t want to see that kid being in such dangerous situation…

[Shin]: You know we can’t keep him away from this. It’s his fate.

[Kate]: I know, but still.

[Shin]: You’re starting to sound more like his mother.

[Kate]: Well technically we are his parents now.

[Shin]: Yea, but I feel as if we could never get into the roll. The kid is far too mature for us to get into the feeling…

[Kate]: I didn’t want to think about it at first, but your right…What will we do?

[Shin]: Although we can never feel like his parents, we can still be his emotional support. I am sure you have noticed how he has little emotions.

[Kate]: I wish I could somehow stop the traumatic event which causes him to become so grim…

[Shin]: We only heard about the things that happened in the previous world through his mouth, and generalized too. We cannot imagine the horrors and tragedy he has seen.

[Kate]: But….

[Shin]: Just let it go, perhaps in another universe somewhere out there, we take on the roll perfectly, but this universe of ours is far too perilous.

[Kate]: *sigh* You’re right…

[Shin]: Now how about you give me a kiss hm?

[Kate]: Really now? You really don’t know how to read the atmosphere…

[Shin]: Can’t help it, I wasn’t raised in the big city like you.

[Kate]: Ha-ha, fine.

She kissed Shin on the cheek.
[Shin]: Hey, hey I want a real kiss!

[Kate]: Well that’s all you get for now!

[Shin]: Nooooo….*sarcastically*


The day finally arrived. Everyone gathered next to the giant bulletin board in the center of town.

[Shin]: So this is it huh?

[Crule]: Yep, our plan is still, I attack first with the cannon. If it survives, we all attack it at once. The faster we kill the lizard bastard, the less casualties this town suffers.

[Chun Qin]: I still feel…bad…about not warning the town folks.

[Maximus]: Nothing we can do about it. They would just die elsewhere, perhaps even more terrible deaths.

[Ming]: Keep yourself safe Crule.

[Kate]: Remember, that we care about you.

[Crule]: Don’t worry, if the cannon doesn’t kill the dragon, I will back off. The energy it takes is still large enough to make me incapacitated for a good while. I will join you guys after I healed up if the drake is still alive.

[Shin]: Got it.

[Crule]: Since Maximus has the most experience fighting such high level beasts, you lead the charge.

[Maximus]: Ha-ha, a general always charge forth first with his men behind him.

[Crule]: *mutters* That’s just asking for your death, it’s not even strategically beneficial now days…


Suddenly, the ground started shaking. The town’s folk were panicking and running about trying to avoid falling debris that fell off the buildings. Some couldn’t move as the shacking made them can’t control their balance.


A powerful earth shattering roar boomed from directly under the town center.

[Crule]: It’s here.

The group already backed away to a safer location.

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From the ground a red claw slashed its way out into the air. On its wrist was still parts of the shackle, but the chains were now broken. The claw slowly dragged the rest of its body up. The sheer size and heat shocked everyone. Some town folks who did not have energy control passed out from the pressure.

[Gigaton Flare Drake]: FREEDOM! AHAHAHAHA!!!!!

[Shin]: Wait he can talk?

[Crule]: Opps, didn’t I tell you? Beasts above the previous A rank gain enough intelligence to be able to speak.

The drake sensed a powerful energy signal from behind him. He turned his body quickly to see Crule and the group standing there. Crule was kneeling on the ground with the cannon propped up, aiming at the drake.

[Gigaton Flare Drake]: YOU DARE!

[Crule]: Eat this.

He pulled the trigger and the powerful beam blasted forth.

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