Antagonist Rewind Chapter 69: Fighting the Drake.

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AR Chapter 69: Fighting the Drake.

An earth shattering boom echoed through the town. All nearby glass shattered as the vibrations ripped them asunder. What no one expected was the blast still not as effective.

A violet shield of energy formed in front of the drake. The beam constantly smashing into it and bolts of electricity sparks left and right, shooting off from the beam to the ground, scorching all that it touches.

[Crule]: This is not good.

The continuous beam is slowly draining him.

[Crule]: I can’t keep this up for long, I have to at least break that bastard’s shield.

He had no idea that the drake had such a powerful energy shield that could block such a powerful attack.

[Crule]: Here goes nothing.

He places his other hand over the top of the cannon and started channeling raw energy filtered through his attribute directly to the core. The Hand of Starvation actually dilutes the power that enters the core as to not damage it. But seeing how it currently had little effect, he had to risk destroying the core.

[Crule]: I hate to lose a new toy just as I get it, but this is a dire situation.

Everyone else was covering their ears and closing their eyes as so the sheer sound and light doesn’t mess with their sense. The sound was loud enough to cause ruptures in one’s ear drums. The light was powerful enough to cause permanent damage to one’s sight. It’s a good thing Crule made temporary sunglasses using the darkness of his aura.

Having jammed the core full of his raw energy, the beam increased in size and intensity.

[Gigaton Flare Drake]: RAHHHHHH!!

The drake shouted as the shield expanded in size as well.

[Crule]: Take this.

One final blast, and the beam transformed into a ball as it shot straight into the shield, shattering it.

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Both Crule and the dragon spat out a bit of blood from their mouth.

[Gigaton Flare Drake]: Good job human, although young, you have manage to damage me.

[Crule]: Damn arrogant lizard.

Crule fell on one knee. His chest felt like it was going to burst. It was getting hard to breath and his vision got blurry.

[Crule]: Shit, I used too much energy.

The beam fired for nearly five minutes straight before being condensed into a ball.

Everyone recovered from the shockwave and stared at the carnage. The ground was completely charred black by the constant bolts of electricity. All of the windows in the town was shattered and many people were either unconscious or dead.

[Maximus]: That is one very powerful weapon, as expected of Brigid…but that damn drake… I don’t remember him having a shield…Well, shit, we have to attack now before it recovers!

[Shin]: Got it.

Shin readied his spear. Chun Qin readied his fist. Maximus took out a large broadsword nearly a meter half in length.

[Maximus]: Let’s go for a three pronged attack, don’t aim for its tail as it’s still fully functional and is faster than the rest of the dragon. I’ll go for the face, you two attack from the sides.

[Chun Qin]: Got it.

They rushed in.

Ming rushed over to pick up the collapsed Crule.

[Ming]: You ok?

[Crule]: Don’t worry, I’m just a little tired, that’s all. Nothing a night’s rest won’t fix.

[Ming]: Then get some rest, we will finish up here.

[Crule]: I leave it in your hands.

Crule hugged Ming and passed out.

[Ming]: That stupid lizard will pay dearly.

As if purposefully inciting her anger, her aura density rose several levels. She made a thin platform of blood and carried Crule away from the combat zone.

She turned to face the drake.

Maximus was in a stalemate with the dragon, its powerful teeth has clamped on his broadsword, not letting go. Both were wrestling with the sheer force of each other’s power. If the Drake let go first, he would face a sharp slash from Maximus’s sword. He sensed that it was not something he can take head on without escaping with fatal injuries.

With Maximus holding down the drake’s head. Shin was to the right, fighting the drake’s sharp claws. As if the arm had a mind of its own, the drake support itself on its hind legs alone and both its arms attacked relentlessly. Shin had to constantly dodge and deflect the slashes of the claw. Each time it passed by him, he felt the powerful wind cutting him. Although it didn’t damage him much, the cuts still slowly built up.

[Shin]: Shit, I have to get rid of that claw’s speed somehow.

The claw was currently moving nearly the same speed as Shin while he is using the agility technique. His meant he had to purely focus on it and could not attack other than a few basic stabs.

[Shin]: Let’s try something new.

During the months that Shin stayed on Wrath, he manage to establish his first gate. It allowed him to finally access his powerful death aura.

[Shin]: Taste this, Ten thousand rain drops!

Instead of imbuing pure energy like he did before, he added his death aura as well resulting in a rain of black energy spears upon the right side of the drake.

As if stunned by the skill’s killing intent, the claw stopped for a brief moment, which gave Shin enough time to activate the skill to pin point accuracy rain down upon the claw. It shreds the claw like it was a piece of cheese on a cheese grater. The claw was shredded into thin strips of flesh and was sliced clean off from the drake.

A geyser of blood shot out of its shoulder where its arm use to be.

[Gigaton Flare Drake]: HNNNNG.

It couldn’t scream out loud from the pain since if it opened its mouth, Maximus would immediately kill him.

Sensing an even more powerful anger in the drake’s eyes, Shin didn’t back down but instead hasten his attacks on the drake’s mangled right side.


On the left side, Chun Qin was having less luck. He was not as fast as Shin due to his mastery of the agility technique was inferior. His method of attack was also close range compared to Shin’s medium to long range onslaught.

But with his powerful fists, he can take the drake claw head on instead of dodging. Each time his fist and the claw collides, powerful shockwaves boomed.

They too were in a stalemate, both were incredibly tough and could not damage each other.

[Chun Qin]: Let’s try something new as well.

Just yesterday, Chun Qin realized he actually stablished so many gates unconsciously. With his new found powers, he realized the other half of the white rider’s powers. One side is healing, the other side, was pestilence. A baleful pale white aura emitted from his fists. He once again collided his fist with the drake’s claws.

But now each time the drake’s claw slams into Chun Qin’s metal-like fists, it became more sickly looking. It was as if it had sunburn, gangrene, and various abrasions and rashes slowly formed on the claw. It soon looked nothing like its former crimson glory, but rather a sickly pink stump of flesh.

[Chun Qin]: Ha-ha, eat my new Disease Fist! AHAHAHAHAHA

It seems when Chun Qin uses the pestilence side of his power, his personality changes. Normally he is calm, and had the look of a serene soldier. When he started to change his aura, he became more hot headed like he was before the war, eager to fight, eager to kill, full of arrogance and anger.

Chun Qin barraged the sickly pink claw until it soon started rotting.

[Chun Qin]: Take this, Time of death, NOW!

With both his fist he drives it onto the claw and it explodes in a rain of blood, flesh, and pus.

Bathed in the filth of the drake, Chun Qin laughed maniacally and kept his onslaught on the left side of the drake.

[Gigaton Flare Drake]: UHHNNNNG.

The loss of both its claws, caused it great pain. It was starting to lose large amount of blood and the drake was now sweating. One may wonder how a drake sweats. Well he sweat an orange fluid. It was both heat resistant and once it evaporated, not only cools the drake down, but it produces a noxious fumes similar to that of sulfur dioxide. The smell was incredibly bad. Maximus had the look of disgust overwhelm his face. He nearly puked, but if he did, his grip on his broadsword would weaken.

[Maximus]: Oh no you don’t.

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Protecting himself from the gas using his aura, Maximus once again powered up.

[Maximus]: Lets end this, you silly lizard, before you make me vomit all over my shiny sword.

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