Antagonist Rewind Chapter 70: Drake Elimination Complete.

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AR Chapter 70: Drake Elimination Complete.

The drake has been alive for a very long time. For as long as he could remember, he was the top of the food chain on this orbiting piece of rock and fire. Before these pesky humans arrived, he stood supreme. Strangely enough, he never wondered why he was the only drake on the entire moon. Everything else was just food to him.

So when the humans came, he thought they were food as well, so he ignored them.

But as time pass, the humans cleared out the planet of all wildlife. The drake noticed something was wrong, but it was too late.

With all the naturally occurring wildlife snuffed out by human development, the drake decided to attack humans. It went well the first few times he attacked villages. Their weapons were far too inferior to damage his strong hide.

But soon he approached a major city. Its defenses was beyond his imagination. The powerful walls stood tall and was overbearing. He couldn’t imagine what kind of power was required to build such walls. He felt fear for the first time.

He ran away and dug deep underground. But little did he expect, a human still manage to find him. He was dark and menacing. The drake was forcefully subdued by the human. That human made him a pet, gave him power. With this new found power, the drake vowed to follow the human and attack the walled city.

It was chaos. The walls were completely destroyed and countless hundreds of thousands were dead. The drake ate his fill and burned his way through. The human left after completing his mission and the drake was set free upon the city.

But soon, another powerful human stood before the drake. He sealed the drake with those annoying azure shackles and sent him deep underground.

The mystic shackles held the drake there for nearly a thousand years. Over the years, he felt he had become weaker and weaker. The power the menacing human gave him was still there, but his original strength was rapidly depleting. It felt the atmosphere around it become thinner and thinner.

So he decided to slumber.

Awoken by the suddenly burst of energy, he felt his breathing got a bit better and decided to break free. The shackles had worn out due to the years and was removed with some effort. Now that he was free, he was going to destroy the humans that bound him there.

But what is this?

As soon as he got out, a group of strong humans once again stood in his path. The first human fired a powerful beam of energy at him that could easily left him a large gaping hole if not for the menacing human’s protecting. But the shield his master left him was utterly destroyed by the small human.

As soon as he thought it was over, the drake was assaulted by three humans on each side. The first human was fast, nearly fast enough to take off his head without him retaliating. He had to somehow destroy his weapon so he used his powerful jaws to bite onto the sword, hoping to crush it, but the sword was incredibly sturdy.

Having his jaws tied up by the tall human, the other two attacked him from the sides. After great effort, he still lost both his arms. The pain was unbearable and his rage was near his limit.

Using as much power as he could muster, he broke free from the tall human with the sword, but in the process, he lost several of his teeth. He didn’t mind as they would grow back eventually.

Facing the three humans, the drake lost two arms. His only remaining form of physical attack was his jaws and his tail. So the drake decided to use magic.


[Maximus]: Ha, you manage to break free.

The energy around the drake suddenly got thinner.

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[Maximus]: Shit, he’s using spells.

For the energy around to get thinner would mean the spell required a significant amount of energy.

Small embers of fire condensed around the drake’s mouth. A ball of fire formed in it and grew bigger by the second.

Chun Qin seeing this as a change, dashed forward and slammed both his fist like a hammer down on the drake’s mouth. The sheer force forcefully slammed the drake’s jaw shut and an explosion boomed in its mouth.

[Maximus]: Good job!

Maximus took this chance now that the drake has been temporarily shocked from the explosion to dash forward with his sword. His sword edge glowed a faint red before he slammed it down on the drake with as much power as he could muster.

With a deafening boom, the drake’s head was knocked nearly a meter into the ground. The shockwave destroyed all the floor tiles within a half mile radius. Dirt and dust flew into the sky and debris rained down.

The drake started to bleed. The toughest part of his body, his head, was bleeding. He became enraged. On a rampage, his tail became a hurricane of death, destroying all buildings in its path. He roared loudly and another ball of fire shot forth from it. This time, it had less power, but was fired rapidly.

The balls of fire engulfed all around it in an inferno of oblivion.

[Shin]: Shit, we have to end this before the entire town is nothing but ashes.

[Chun Qin]: But how, we can’t approach him now, his tail is too fast.

[Maximus]: Then let’s just switch to ranged attacks.

[Shin]: But you’re using a sword?

[Maximus]: Hahaha, have you not seen any movies? My sword can fire a wave of energy powerful enough to destroy battleships.

[Shin]: This…

[Maximus]: Remember this, a spear’s power lies in penetration. A sword’s power, lies in cleaving.

With a smirk on his face, Maximus gathered his power and slashed with his broadsword. A crescent red wave of energy shot toward the drake. After firing the wave, Maximus collapsed onto his knees.

[Maximus]: That took a lot more out of my than I thought, man I am getting old and rusty after so many years.

The wave pass by the drake casually. Then it dissipated.


The rampaging stopped, the roars stopped, everything stopped.

The only sound that could be heard was the bellowing of fire, the crashing of debris as it fall from buildings, and the moaning of injured townsfolks.

The drake stood there with wide opened eyes.

[Gigaton Flare Drake]: Master….

With its final breath, it called for its master, but there was no reply. Slowly, a crimson line formed on his neck. A geyser of blood shot forth from it dying the entire town square in crimson.

Slowly, his head slide off his neck and landed with a thundering boom on the ground. His body went limp and fell forwards also with a boom.

[Shin]: W-what was that?

[Maximus]: I call it sword energy. I developed it over the years.

[Chun Qin]: Sword energy?

[Maximus]: With my research about energy over the years, I have learned how similar the stuff acts like Qi. Knowing how in books and movies, one can use this Qi to perform magical looking sword techniques, I began developing it. As you can see, it’s powerful but unrefined. It took far too much energy to be efficient at the moment.

[Shin]: This…is amazing. Teach me. Please.

[Maximus]: Haha, don’t worry eager one, I will teach all of you my techniques before I go.

[Chun Qin]: Go? Where are you going?

[Maximus]: After being sealed for so long, I got numerous things to attend to.

[Chun Qin]: Ah…

Crule and Ming slowly walked to the three. Crule was being supported by Ming’s shoulder. He looked tired but was a bit better than before.

[Crule]: Good job. I see you was able to use your sword energy.

[Maximus]: Indeed.

[Crule]: Word of advice, never use sword energy with your attribute attaches.

[Maximus]: Hmm? Why is that? Do you perhaps know something from your world I don’t?

[Crule]: Let’s just say it causes unwanted repercussions.

[Maximus]: Hahaha, I live for that kind of danger.

[Crule]: Fine, just use it away from civilization.

[Maximus]: Don’t worry I will.

[Ming]: So master, I assume you’re leaving?

[Maximus]: Yes my brightest pupil.

[Ming]: I see…Stay well.

[Maximus]: You know I do.

With a thundering laugh, he walked away.

[Crule]: The old fool is still as happy go lucky as ever.

[Ming]: That’s my teacher for ya.

Everyone laughed heartily as the fierce battle was finally over. It seemed long but had taken less than half an hour.

The town, well, the town had seen better days. But they can rebuild. Those who survive will take this as a precautionary tale. Perhaps security would increase. But that’s the way humans are. They adapt.

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