Antagonist Rewind Chapter 73: Press conference.

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AR Chapter 73: Press conference.

A man with a very clean pressed suit was sweating profusely as he straighten his tie. Facing his mirror in his dressing room, he practices his lines over and over again.

[Man]: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the pinnacle of entertainment! The Antagonist games.

He raised his hand dramatically for more emphasis.

He put down the stack of paper that was his script. He took a drink of iced water from his glass.

[Intern]: Mr. Manis, we are live in ten minutes.

[Manis]: Got it.

His nervousness got worst. This was the biggest event he is hosting. Messing up now might ruin his career.

He took another drink of ice water to calm him down.

[Manis]: Ok, let’s go!


Crule and company were huddled around the living room in the ship. There were three couches surrounding a large flat screen. There was a glass tea table in the center with varying glass of drinks ranging from alcohol to juice. The TV was turned on and they were staring at it intently.

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[Kate]: Its start!

The screen became a countdown timer.

[Shin]: This would be very exciting if the underlining objective wasn’t destruction of our world.

[Chun Qin]: You can never trust the media to give the whole truth.

The countdown ended and Manis was stood on a stage by himself.

[Manis]: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have something very special to show you all.

A pedestal slowly rose out of the ground. On it was beast that has been chained down.

[Manis]: This is a beast from the Wild.

The audience gasps.

[Manis]: Worry not, he is securely tied up. But this little bugger has something to do about our show today.

He pressed a button and a video started to play on the screen behind the beast.

Antagonist Games! Participate today, if you think you can win! Go into the wild and fight beasts in epic mortal combat! Win it all, power, money, praise, everything one may want.

[Manis]: You all may wonder how normal people can fight against these horrid beasts from the Wild. Well introducing, the new technology from Metallurgy INC. The Nano-burst. Scientists have found a certain energy in the atmosphere of our planet that strengthen our bodies. We age slower and are physically better than our brethren on earth. All this was due to this energy. But many people do not know how to control it! With these Nano-burst, almost anyone can control their energy.

A small vial of bluish liquid popped up on another pedestal. Manis grabbed it and quickly opened the lid with a satisfying pop.

[Manis]: Let me show you a demonstration.

He chugged down the blue liquid. A blue aura emitted from him.

[Manis]: Wow, just wow, this feels. Powerful.

He aimed his hand toward the beast. A ball of water formed in front of his hand like magic. Then from the orb, a powerful stream fired out and hit the beast. It penetrated the beast’s head and it died on the pedestal. The pedestal fell back into the ground to avoid showing too much gore.

The audience were speechless. It was like watching a CGI movie. The power Manis showed was enticing to all who had a mundane life.

[Manis]: As you can see, even I, who had little to no training, can control the energy. This energy comes in many formed. It all depends on something called attribute. Everyone person has a unique attribute. If one were to join in the Antagonist Games, you will receive an attribute test.

The audience cheered loudly.

[Manis]: Now, the Antagonist Games allow you to hunt the beasts of the Wild. There are many reasons for this game. With so many people, we may finally map the Wilds. Also everything dropped by the beasts, the Beauxi Auction will purchase them. You can make serious money doing this!

Another pedestal popped out of the ground. On it was a wrist band.

[Manis]: One may wonder just how strong they have gotten. Well, this wrist band is a sort of character stat menu!

He took the wrist band and put it on. He pressed the screen on the wrist band and a hologram appeared from it. On it was a small picture of Manis and his stats.

Everyone stared intensely at the stat that appear on the screen.


Name: Manis Cartigan.

Title: N/A

Attribute: Water

Specialty: N/A

Physical: 100

Energy Amount: 300

Intelligence: 120

Charisma: 90

Vitality: 100

Energy Control: 30

Agility: 90

[Manis]: These Nano-bursts allow an accurate description of one’s stats. 100 Is the average level of an adult male on Noxia. One may ask how these work in the Wild where all electrical appliance have failed. Well these Nano-bursts don’t run on electricity. It runs on glucose. This means you would get more hungry, but with all the beasts you can take down, your menu will greatly increase. You can enjoy those expensive monster meat you can only see on TV!

Everyone watching the show was now deeply captivated. Ratings are through the roof. This event will be big. So big that the entire planet may participate in it. The TV show went on commercial break.

Crule looked at the screen and sighed.

[Crule]: Looks like its really starting…I remember how I felt back in the old world when I first saw this commercial. I was very eager to join. How naïve…

[Ming]: Atleast this time we can participate starting at a higher rank. This means we may get to the seal earlier than anyone else.

[Crule]: That’s true….

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He turned to face everyone else.

[Crule]: You see why I wanted you guys to train so much during these past months? Imagine if nearly everyone in the world suddenly gotten their aura and can control energy. We have to fight against them to get to the seal first. We need to be stronger, faster, smarter than all of them.

[Shin]: This…

[Chun Qin]: I see…

[Brigid]; Wait, do I have to join too?

[Kate]: Of course! I will be going too.

[Crule]: Ok, we have to make a name for ourselves. We have to be famous enough so they all who got in our way either bows, or grovels. If we do not, all these people who suddenly got magical power will be full of nothing but arrogance. They will dive headfirst to find the seals like the idiots they are.

[Ming]: There for, we have to be feared. We will become public enemy number one, demanding fear and respect.

[Crule]: Are you guys ready?

[Everyone]: Yes!

[Crule]: Good, let’s get famous.

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