Antagonist Rewind Chapter 74: Closed beta test.

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AR Chapter 74: Closed beta test.

Larks sat in seiza in front of her father. He stared at her intently. Her nervousness could easy be seen on her face as well as how hard she is trying to hide it. Suddenly, her father smiled.

[Larks’ Father]: Good, you have made me proud.

She couldn’t hold in her emotion and cried. Her father hugged her.

[Larks’ Father]: There, there, it’s Ok now.

Due to her position in the family, she couldn’t take over as head but they still had expectations of her. All descendants of the clan normally train in seclusion within the clan’s territory. She was the black sheep, too weak to join them. So her father sent her away to the Shining Radiance Academy, hoping that alternative teachings than their own would help her.

[Larks’ Father]: You have completely shattered all my expectations. To think that among your generation, you are now the strongest.

Most kids her age at best had one to two gates established. She had somehow during her time at the academy reached fourth gate. This was unprecedented in her clan’s history. She was the genius among geniuses within her clan.

[Lawks]: I have to thank Professor Crule for allowing me to achieve such heights.

[Lawks’ Father]: I too would like to thank this professor. Perhaps we may be able to recruit him to teach our younger generations.

Lawks became slightly pale upon hearing that. Remembering her hellish training over the months she shivered a little.

[Lawks]: I do not thing that is a good idea, Professor Crule is a very free spirit.

[Lawks’ Father]: Hahaha, receiving such praise from my daughter, how could I not look into it?

[Lawks]:*cough* What about what I asked earlier?

[Lawks’ Father]: Ah yes, I say yes. You will join our main team who will participate in the Antagonist games.

Lawks’ eyes shined from her tears from earlier.

[Lawks]: Thank you!

She hugged her father.


Crule looked at the poster at the café.

“Antagonist Games Close beta test! Applicants wanted. There will be a test.”

[Crule]: Looks like it’s time.

[Ming]: Hey, what are you looking at?

[Crule]: This poster.

[Ming]: You’re ignoring me…for a poster?

[Crule]: *cough* I didn’t mean to.

Ming’s silent rage was fearful.

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They were still on their date.

Across the room, Kate and Shin sat in disguises.

[Kate]: I feel bad now for stalking them on their date.

[Shin]: It was your idea…

[Kate]: Yea, I worry about their relationship. It’s…not normal.

[Shin]: *sigh* You do realize that both of them never had a normal childhood.

[Kate]: Hey, you didn’t either and you turned out ok.

[Shin]: Please, I had you with me.

[Kate]: Oh you.

They laughed and went back to drinking their coffee and staring at the two.

[Ming]: Crulllllllle stop ignoring me!

[Crule]: Hm?


At the auditorium in Beauxi, hundreds of thousands of people were lined up. This was the close beta test recruitment. There’s a limited number of spots and lots of powerful people who want to get a week’s head start.

Crule and company was also waiting. Upon close inspection, many famous clans came too. Everyone had a number and there were a dozen rooms with judges. Judging the candidates one by one takes a while. But only a few stayed in the rooms longer than five seconds. Many were immediately rejected.

People started to worry as more and more people exit the rooms in defeat. Several hours later and yet not a single person has gotten into the close beta.

Soon a menacing group of six showed up in a crimson red uniform. It was the Lawks clan. Six them of entered six rooms. With a powerful boom, the six of them exit nearly immediately with a golden piece of paper that emits brilliance.

[Anonymous 1]: They did it…

[Anonymous 2]: It’s the Lawks clan, of course they could get into the close beta.

[Anonymous 1]: I’m jealous…

Following the Lawks clan, was the Thune clan.

[Lawks]: Hey Donovan, I see you made the main team too.

[Thune]: Same to you! We should thank the professors if we see them.

[Lawks]: Hahaha, yep.

The six representatives of the Thune clan went into the rooms too. With a loud crashing sound, they too exited each with a golden parchment in their hand.

Everyone was shocked. One great clan after another tried to get into the close beta, yet many of them were denied. The Lawks and Thune clan got all six of the members in. This shows their clear superiority.

A few more failed participants later, George Shepard showed up. He was followed by five other tough looking mercenaries.

[Shepard]: Let’s go.

They entered the room and with another explosion, the six of them exited with golden parchment as well.

[Lawks]: Hahaha, looks like Shepard succeeded as well.

[Thune]: Well he was at the same level we are at…

[Shepard]: Hey you guys are here too?

[Lawks]: Considering how big this is why wouldn’t we?

[Shepard]: Ah that’s true.

[Thune]: Who are those menacing looking men you came with?

[Shepard]: It’s the mercenary company that took me in and taught me the art of fighting.

[Lawks]: Ah…They all look quite strong.

[Shepard]: Right?

[Thune]: Hmm… Considering the size of this event, you guys thing we might see Professor Crule and Ming here?

[Lawks]: Hahaha, maybe.

Suddenly a deafening explosion came from the six rooms out of the dozen.

Smoke started seeping out from the door. It opened up and the judge crawled out coughing.

Crule and company walked out with golden parchments in hand.

[Lawks]: So they really did come…

[Thune]: Holy crap did they destroy the testing machine?

[Shepard]: Wow…even with my strongest attack I could not even make the tiniest of scratches…


Just moment earlier…

[Ming]: Looks like it’s our turn.

[Crule]: Good luck everyone, remember to show all your power.

[Kate]: Wait even me?

[Crule]: Hahaha, here use this.

Crule hands Kate a sword.

[Crule]: This sword is incredibly sharp. With your mastery in the agility techniques, your speed will allow this sword to become a powerful weapon, even without energy. Just try it!

[Kate]: Oh, thanks!

[Brigid]: Why don’t I get free stuff…?

[Crule]: Please, you know how to control energy unlike her.

[Brigid]: Humph!

[Crule]: Anyways, good luck.

They entered the room.

In front of Crule was a large machine and a desk which sat a judge.

[Judge]: Welcome. This test is simple. Just destroy the illusion the machine creates. I must warn you, although this is an illusion, it can still hurt you. We got medics on the stand by so don’t worry too much.

The judge pressed the button and a large shadow appeared from the machine. Crule could feel this shadow was condensed energy. Perhaps it came from an energy core that could store the energy and attribute of someone.

Crule lightly coated his aura around his fist and punched toward the shadow. A faded beam of black penetrated the shadow…then hit the machine. The machine exploded.

[Judge]: God dammit what is with people constantly destroying our machines?! It’s a good thing we have extras…

Suddenly the broken machine caught on fire and smoke filled the room.

[Judge]: *cough cough* Get the fire extinguisher!

They all left the room to grab the fire extinguisher outside.

Crule exited the room calmly after grabbing the golden parchment on the table.

He saw that everyone else was finishing too.

[Crule]: Good, we all got in.

He looked elsewhere as he saw his students.

[Crule]: Ha, so those kids are here too. Perhaps I can use them…

He walked toward the students. Ming caught up and joined him. Shin, Kate, Chun Qin, and Brigid was helping put out the fire. It was not good for fire to spread in a closed environment like the auditorium.

[Crule]: Hello students.

[Lawks]: Hey professor.

[Thune]: Funny seeing you here today.

[Crule]: Hahaha, how can I avoid such a fun event?

[Shepard]: Fun? More like epic!

[Crule]: I see you all have made breakthroughs after I left.

[Lawks]: Yea, most of the class upon getting back manage to break through another level and establish another gate.

[Thune]: Yea, I can’t believe the three of us are fourth gate now. It use to take someone nearly thirty to forty years to normally reach this high. I mean Headmaster Grisly was already abnormal for reaching fifth gate at his young age.

[Crule]: Hahaha, then what would that make me?

[Shepard]: Please professor, you’re a monster.

[Ming]: Hey, what about me?

[Lawks]: You’re also a monster…

Lawks’ father saw her talking to another kid and walked over.

[Lawks’ Father]: Hey, why don’t you introduce to me your friends here?

[Lawks]: Ah, this here is my friend Donovan Thune.

[Thune]: It’s an honor to meet the head of the Lawks clan.

He bows with honor.

[Lawks]: Hohoho, a boy from the Thune clan. What about this cheerful whipper snapper?

[Lawks]: This is George Shepard.

[Lawks’ Father]: Shepard? Never heard of that clan.

[Shepard]: I am a commoner sir.

[Lawks’ Father]: Oh, a commoner reaching your strength is indeed worthy of praise.

Her father can access that their strength are very similar to Lawks’. But the last kid…he just can’t access him.

[Lawks’]: What about this evil looking gentleman here?

[Lawks]: Uhm dad, this is Professor Crule.

Her father stared in shock. Due to Crule’s age, he thought he was one of Lawks’ classmates.

[Lawks’ Father]: Indeed a very mysterious and profound teacher. Being so young yet already a professor. How about you show me a bit of your strength?

[Crule]: Hahaha, no need.

[Ming]: Oh, I will do it!

Ming eagerly accepted.

[Lawks’ Father]: And who might this young lady be?

[Lawks]: *embarrassed* She is Professor Ming.

Shock once again stunned the old man.

[Lawks’ Father]: My god, this generation really are full of geniuses…now then Professor Ming, how about a demonstration?

[Ming]: Ok!

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Ming emitted her aura for everyone around to feel…Panic ensues.

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