Antagonist Rewind Chapter 75: A generation of demons.

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AR Chapter 75: A generation of demons.

Feeling the overwhelming power of the aura, Lawks’ Father actually got on one knee. Being so close to the source of pressure, all the students were already on the floor.

[Crule]: That’s enough for now.

[Ming]: Ehhh, but I only used about half.

[Crule]: Didn’t you realize half the people in the auditorium already fainted. We are trying to go for fame, not infamy.

[Ming]: Opps, sorry.

She suck her tongue out and put one of her hand on her head.

Lawks’ father slowly got up. His face expressed a mixture of fear, panic, and shock. He was sweating a little and had it seemed the blood drained from his face a little making it slightly paler.

He looked at Ming with both fear and respect now. Knowing that her power is levels above his, and at such a young age too, he must get on their good side.

[Lawks’ Father]: Hahaha, good, good. With little monsters like you teaching my daughter I am not surprised she nearly caught up to even me!

He let out a genuine praise hoping it would improve their view of him.

Crule smiled. For some reason he felt proud whenever someone call him a monster.  It gives him a boost of confidence about what’s to come. Because only a monster can destroy that demon god.

Seeing how Crule reacted, Lawks’ father continue to praise him.

[Lawks’ Father]: Both of you professor even exceeds our elders in our clan, and those old coots has been training for more than a hundred years!

[Crule]: This is nothing.

[Lawks’ Father]: Nothing you say? Haha I feel almost embarrassed at my tiny amount of strength.

[Crule]: Haha.

[Lawks’ Father]: Anyways, it seems you have caused quite a scene here. Shall we leave to a more calm location?

He looked around and saw the chaos that Ming had caused.

[Crule]: Sure. Let me gather my people and we will meet outside.

[Lawks’ Father]: Oh, you have more with you? Sure, sure, the more the merrier.

[Crule]: See you later then.

Crule and Ming walked away.

[Lawks’ Father]: Lawks, your professors truly are demons with human skin…

[Lawks]: Yea, they are incredibly powerful. Even stronger than Headmaster Grisly.

[Lawks’ Father]: Hoho, even stronger than that Grimm brother? Those two Grimm brothers are already considered abnormal.

Shouting and screaming could be heard throughout the room. Many of the weaker people had immediately fainted where they stood. The fire that Crule caused was being fought by those who were still awake but were still fatigued from withstanding Ming’s aura.

Some people directly lost their mind when faced with such powerful aura. These were the normal people with no training what so ever.

Lawks’ father left the chaotic room to gather the other people of their clan to head out.

Lawks look toward Donovan and Shepard.

[Thune]; I hope my dad doesn’t want to see professor Crule’s power…I don’t think I can stand two of those powerful aura back to back in a day…

[Shepard]: No kidding, I could hear my bones creak…

[Lawks]: Yea…anyways I will see you guys later then. May we meet at the close beta orientation?

[Thune]: Right, see ya there.

[Shepard]: See ya.

They look around hoping the mass hysteria would not be blamed on them.


Crule and Ming was walking toward their group.

[Crule]: You surprised me back there. Looks like getting the red rider’s power back really improved your aura.

[Ming]: I know right? I was shocked too when I tested my power.

[Crule]: With this we should establish the seventh and eighth gate before open beta starts.

[Ming]: Mhm, we already have the method since we have done it before.

[Crule]: Yea…now I have 70% of my power back.

[Ming]: Same.

They reached their group.

[Shin]: We should probably leave before we get blamed for all this mayhem.

[Crule]: I was just going to say we should leave. Come, a student of mine has invited us over.

[Shin]: Hoho, a student? From the academy I assume.

[Crule]: Yep. She’s from the Lawks clan.

[Chun Qin]: What?! The famous Lawks clan?

[Crule]: Yep.

[Brigid]: What would we possibly do with the Lawks clan?

[Ming]: Obviously we are going to borrow some of their fame!

[Crule]: Also I want them to make us each a super combat android.

[Chun Qin]: God, this just brings back bad memories…

[Crule]: Hey, don’t you want a custom made super android?

[Chun Qin]: That does seem tempting…back in the day only generals could have their own special androids. They were all incredibly powerful and had the staggering height of a hundred meters.

[Crule]: They are different from the ones from your younger days. The new super androids can actually fuse with our aura.

[Chun Qin]: What?! Wouldn’t that make them incredibly powerful killing machines?

[Crule]: Of course, it’s just they haven’t been created yet.

[Chun Qin]: Oh…more of your future knowledge.

[Brigid]: I’m greatly interested in this “android” you speak of…I’m definitely going.

[Crule]: Let’s go then.

They left the still burning auditorium. Right before they left, Ming snapped her finger and the fire stopped. Looks like her war aura had gotten strong enough to control other aspect other than blood.

[Crule]: Man, you are getting ahead of me now…

[Ming]: Hahaha, I’m finally ahead of you.

She hugged him as they walked.

Lawks’ father and their group was standing outside waiting.

[Lawks’ Father]: Ohoho, everyone in Professor Ming and Crule’s group looks strong. I welcome you to join my family for dinner at my home.

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[Crule]: I would gladly accept under one exception?

[Lawks’ Father]: What is it?

He worried about what Crule would demand.

[Crule]: We get to cook too!

[Lawks’ Father]: Oh, that works!

Wiping the sweat from his forehead he invited Crule on his ship.

[Crule]: No thanks, we have our own ship. We will just follow you.

[Lawks’ Father]: Gotcha. Follow us then.

They got on their respective ship and left. After about an hour of flying, they reached the mountain ranges in Luxia’s western side.

A large courtyard built in an oriental style lie deep within a valley surrounded by the mountains. A thin layer of fog hover over the courtyard making it hard to see. The luscious green hills and trees made the scenery look like it came straight out of a xianxia novel.

Crule got a message on the intercom.

[Lawks’ Father]: Welcome to the Lawks clan headquarters. Very few people have come ever gotten here.

Upon closer inspection, numerous shimmering androids stood still around the courtyard. They acted as guards. They look like a powerful armada of metal sentry golems. Although they were humanoid, they were still very blocky and crude. It was a far cry from the powerful ultimate androids that existed during Crule’s future.

[Crule]: Looks like we can mutually benefit greatly this time.

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