Antagonist Rewind Chapter 78: Class Rankings and Stats?

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AR Chapter 78: Class Rankings and Stats?

The next morning, The Lawks clan’s close beta team left with Crule’s team to the close beta orientation. On the golden sheet of paper they received was a hidden location where the event will take place.

Unexpectedly, it was actually the Metallurgy INC. Branch headquarters in Aponis. The last time they were here Shin and Crule caused a major commotion.

[Crule]: This is…unexpected. Shin, we need to get you’re a disguise.

[Shin]: Yea…

Crule thought about it for a moment then reached into his spatial storage and took out a tanned bronze mask. He threw it to Shin who caught it. It was surprisingly light for being made of metal.

[Crule]: This should not only ask your face but some of your aura will be filtered through it.

[Shin]: This…I swear you have nearly everything in that pocket of yours…

Shin put on the mask and all of a sudden he felt like a different person.

[Crule]: Since I have aged quite a bit since I last came here, they cannot expect it’s me. Kate was also delivered here and is only known to one person so we can assume it’s safe.

[Chun Qin]: What about me…

[Crule]: I’m sure no one remembers you by now.

[Chun Qin]: …

[Crule]: Na, I’m kidding. Here.

Crule took out a wig and toss it to Chun Qin.

[Chun Qin]: Even your jokes are cruel…

He stared at the wig in his hand and frowned.

[Chun Qin]: Why does Shin get a cool mask and I get this stupid wig?

[Crule]: Just put it on…

Chun Qin reluctantly put it on and turned toward the others.

[Brigid]: Wow…instead of a priest, you now look like a hobo!

[Kate]: Hahahaa. It’s true! You do look like a hobo!

[Chun Qin]: It’s not funny…

[Ming]: Hey, at least no one can recognize you.

[Chun Qin]: …Sometimes I wonder why I joined you guys in the first place…

After comforting Chun Qin, they walked to the receptionist. It was a different one that the one who fainted last time due to Crule.

They were showed to the room where Shin gathered last time.

It seems they were the last group to arrive.

A total of eight groups of six gathered in the room. Several of them were easily recognized. There was the Thune clan, the Lawks clan, Crule’s group, and Shepard’s group. The other four were mysterious but Crule recognize one of the groups as the so called “generals” of Metallurgy INC. Brunic was staring off into space while Juliet and Claire were talking among themselves. James was also present and was playing with two balls of magnet in his hand. The other two were the lazy looking man Steve and the happy go lucky school girl.

It seemed none of the other participants survived the training.

The event started when the door opened and a man walked in. It was none other than Hanuman, the chief of security.

He looked at the groups of people and smiled. Each and every one of them could spar with him equally and that made his blood boil. Sadly, they do not have the time today to do so but it still meant he had plenty of people to fight.

[Hanuman]: Welcome, welcome. This will be the Antagonist Games close beta orientation. You lucky forty eight people get to start a week earlier than everyone else. But first! We will have to stablish your user status page and class.

Everyone knew the game terms as it was stated on the golden pamphlet.

[Hanuman]: The process is very easy. Just step into this pod and in two minutes, receive your status page. Since those of you here all have a certain level of strength, none of you require the nano-burst implants.

Two men wheeled in a strange cylindrical pod that looked like a rotating door.

[Hanuman]: These status pods will be available at every major camp in the Wild and can be used at any time to update your status.

Another person pushed in a cart with a large number of wrist bands on it.

Hanuman picked one up and strapped it around his wrist. He pressed a button and a holographic display was shown.

[Hanuman]: This is the standard issue Antagonist Band. It is not only your status viewer, it also keep track of skills you have and works as your all access pass. This allows you to access the game specific areas that are normally blocked for tourists. Of course all of these special areas are dangerous as they are filled with powerful beasts.

He took the wristband off and placed it back on the cart.

Every one of the participants went and picked up a wristband.

[Hanuman]: Now then, one by one, you guys should enter the pod. Looks like this is going to take a while though.

It seems Crule’s group who arrived last were the last to get their stats.

Upon close inspection, it seems each gate represented a gap in levels. Some of the more noteworthy stats were taken.

Name: Brunic Varkov

Level: 26

Title: The Volcanic Brawler

Attribute: Fire

Specialty: Shots and corrosion.

Physical: 400

Energy Amount: 3000

Intelligence: 91

Charisma: 50

Vitality: 400

Energy Control: 300

Agility: 350

It seems like Brunic has established a second gate. He certainly has improved since he last fought Crule. It seems his defeat inspired him to get stronger.


Name: Juliet Willow

Level: 31

Title: The Shocking Personality.

Attribute: Electricity

Specialty: Magnetism and Chaining.

Physical: 350

Energy Amount: 4000

Intelligence: 130

Charisma: 50

Vitality: 400

Energy Control: 520

Agility: 410


Name: Claire Smith

Level: 30

Title: The Steadfast Titan.

Attribute: Earth

Specialty: Tremors and vibrations.

Physical: 380

Energy Amount: 3700

Intelligence: 120

Charisma: 65

Vitality: 410

Energy Control: 430

Agility: 440


Name: Jaqueline Rosia

Level: 37

Title: The Innocent Thorn.

Attribute: None (plant)

Specialty: Vitality and tenacity.

Physical: 200

Energy Amount: 5000

Intelligence: 140

Charisma: 15

Vitality: 200

Energy Control: 530

Agility: 330


Name: Steve Rodrigues

Level: 34

Title: The Cold Sloth.

Attribute: Ice

Specialty: Blast chill.

Physical: 150

Energy Amount: 4200

Intelligence: 140

Charisma: 30

Vitality: 200

Energy Control: 300

Agility: 200


All of the generals have improved significantly. It seems almost all of them have established their third gate except for Brunic. To the other martial artists in the room, they were already the strongest so far. But that changed when it was Thune and Shepard’s turn.

Name: Donovan Thune

Level: 42

Title: The Liquid Metal.

Attribute: Metal

Specialty: Liquidation and Manipulation.

Physical: 500

Energy Amount: 9000

Intelligence: 120

Charisma: 100

Vitality: 600

Energy Control: 800

Agility: 700

When his stat was shown, all the other participants were shocked beyond their core. This kid who looked barely fifteen was FAR stronger than anyone they have ever seen. He was even stronger than a majority of his clan’s men who joined him in this close beta. They were all second to third gate…but this kid reached fourth gate. But this shocked as not over yet.

Name: George Shepard

Level: 41

Title: The Desert Mirror.

Attribute: Earth

Specialty: Sand and Glass

Physical: 550

Energy Amount: 8900

Intelligence: 110

Charisma: 90

Vitality: 800

Energy Control: 760

<< fantasy-books Property >>

Agility: 720

Another kid who looked fifteen who was ridiculously strong. He high-fives Thune and everyone somehow thought the two were connected somehow. But apparently today was a day of endless thunderstorms because the shock still hasn’t ended yet!

Name: Sophia Lawks

Level: 45

Title: The Golem Mistress

Attribute: None (Golemancy)

Specialty: Control and manipulation.

Physical: 400

Energy Amount: 10400

Intelligence: 140

Charisma: 140

Vitality: 720

Energy Control: 900

Agility: 600

Everyone finally learned about her first name…BUT STILL! They were shocked at how her level was even higher than the other two! She joined and pats the back of the other two as they stare in jealousy.

[Thune]: Damn, you got ahead of me…

[Shepard]: And I thought we would all be of the same level…

[Lawks]: Let’s just say I leveled up recently due to a certain spar…

She shivered as she remember her fight last night with Ming. It had allow her to gain insight which probably explains her higher level.

The person who had his stat done next was Lawks’ father.

Name: Tym Lawks

Level: 52

Title: The Lawks Clan Head.

Attribute: None (Golemancy+)

Specialty: Control and Manipulation.

Physical: 700

Energy Amount: 15000

Intelligence: 150

Charisma: 300

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Vitality: 900

Energy Control: 1200

Agility: 1000

Everyone was shocked once again that such a powerful person had shown up as well. He was famous throughout the world as being the head of the second most prosperous clan in the world. Their androids were used everywhere from everyday activity to combat. Although it was not as wide spread on Noxia as it is on Earth, everyone recognized him.

[Crule]: Not bad. It seems he is deserving of such a title. He is as powerful as Grisly was before I went to the academy. Definitely one of the strongest known to public.

Finally, it was Crule’s groups turn.

It seems like everyone might as well rip their hair out and lie on the floor in shock because what was about to come will forever be imbedded into their minds.

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