Antagonist Rewind Chapter 79: Fame.

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AR Chapter 79: Fame.

[Kate]: Oh, let me go first.

She stepped into the pod, a light was lit up. As soon as the small light turned green, she stepped out. On the giant monitor in the room and on her wristband, her stats were displayed.

Name: Kate Wu

Level: 9

Title: The Damsel Cop

Attribute: None (Mythical)

Specialty: (N/A)

Physical: 150

Energy Amount: 800

Intelligence: 140

Charisma: 400

Vitality: 110

Energy Control: 80

Agility: 700

It was the lowest level person in the room. But her sheer agility at her level still made people take a second look. Also the machine not being able to tell her attribute and specialty is rare…Hanuman’s eyebrows suddenly rose.

[Hanuman]: So you’re the same as that old maniac…

He whispered under his breath. Hanuman remember the last time the Sage of Time helped him long ago back when he was but a child. During the developmental phase of the pod, the Sage of Time came to try it to test the pod’s upper limit in evaluating stats. The attribute and specialty seem to be the same error message. Thus it has been labeled as “Mythical”.

Crule looked at Kate. Being level 9 means she can almost establish her first gate. It means she can finally train in her attribute. Looks like they might have to leave her with the sage of time for a day. Of course a day meaning it could be up to a year within that day…

Everyone wondered who would be next in the strangest group of close beta participants.

[Shin]: Guess it’s my turn.

He walks into the pod. The stats were shown on the screen.

Name: Shin Wu

Level: 41

Title: The Grim Reapers’ Apprentice

Attribute: Death (Mythical)

Specialty: Decay and Drain

Physical: 900

Energy Amount: 9000

Intelligence: 130

Charisma: 100

Vitality: 1000

Energy Control: 800

Agility: 1100

With the power he got from the pale rider, Shin finally established his fourth gate and gained a major boost in his strength. Although his level seemed low, his stats were almost comparable to a level fifty. What shocked everyone else was the attribute. Hanuman looked with interest at the masked Shin.

[Hanuman]: So it’s that man…Hahaha, he has gotten strong.

He whispered to himself. Of course he isn’t going to detain them. He has plans and those plans require a distraction for Grimly so he can perform it. Having this group of people go against Grimly meant a better chance for him to succeed.

While everyone stared at the mythical tag next to the attribute. Hanuman explained to everyone else.

[Hanuman]: The mythical tab only applies to those with attribute that is far too profound for the machine to describe, so it tries its best to come up with one. Honestly there’s less than a dozen people on the planet that could make that label appear. Masked gentleman, you are very exceptional.

The way he said it made Shin realize he recognized him. But he said nothing to Hanuman. He looked at Crule and saw Crule was shaking his head. Looks like he didn’t have to worry about Hanuman knowing.

While everyone was now on the floor due to the constant surprises and shock, the next person walked up.

[Chun Qin]: Hmm, I wonder if my stats are better than Shin…

Name: Chun Qin Wei

Level: 42

Title: The Soldier Priest Apprentice

Attribute: Light, Lightning (Mythical)

Specialty: Healing

Physical: 1000

Energy Amount: 12000

Intelligence: 130

Charisma: 50

Vitality: 700

Energy Control: 1400

Agility: 1000

Once again the mythical tab appeared. What shocked people even more was having dual attributes. This was the first person in recorded history with two attributes. Not only that, his stats were almost the same as someone ten levels higher than he was.

[Chun Qin]: Ha! I beat you in stats Shin!

[Shin]: Rub it in why don’t ya, you had more time to adjust to the full power of a rider…I got mine doubled recently so I still haven’t had a chance to really put it to use in training.

[Chun Qin]: Still, this means I win the bet!

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Shin grumbled and handed Chun Qin an oval.

[Chun Qin]: Ha, even if it’s only a little bit, winning still feels good.

He finally got his confidence back.

But it was immediately shot down by who came next.

[Brigid]: Hmm, This machine is interesting. I want to try to make one myself later.

She walked into the machine and a siren started flaring from the machine. She got out quickly and stared at the machine.

[Brigid]: Hmm? Did I break it?

Hanuman was staring at it shocked. They had installed a warning when the machine was about to be overloaded. But to overload it required enough energy to be able to destroy one of the moons. But he finally understood with a cold sweat after the stats finally appeared on the screen.

Some people immediately fainted from shock upon seeing it. Some nearly had a heart attack.

Name: Brigid Smith

Level: 99

Title: The Loli Alchemist

Attribute: None (Mythical)

Specialty: Control, Manipulation, Creation, and Decomposition.

Physical: 2500

Energy Amount: 400000

Intelligence: 200

Charisma: 900

Vitality: 2000

Energy Control: 5000

Agility: 1500

The only stat on her spread that was low for her level was agility. The other stats were stupidly high. In tests, Metallurgy INC. had tested the amount of energy required to destroy planets and celestial bodies. This information was published and all major clans know about it. An energy amount of 400,000…this was enough to completely wipe out one of the moons of Noxia. Of course this would have required her to use all her energy in one go. But her control allowed only 5000 at a time to seep out. Due to not training, her control was low considering the size of her energy supply. This thus limited her destructive power. But still, 5000 was enough to lay waste to an entire city with one attack. But her physical power…she was over one hundred times stronger than an average human on Noxia. That’s considering Noxians were already quite strong due to absorbing energy since birth. If she wanted to, she could punch a two hundred meter hole in the ground.

Hanuman stared at the little girl with cold sweats.

[Hanuman]: Monster…No…a Goddess.

Not even the Sage of Time had reached her level of stats. But of course they didn’t know the Sage of Time had put in limiters in his energy as thus it doesn’t cause energy corruption in his nearby vicinity.

This was the person with the highest stat known to man in the whole world now.

Sadly the machine doesn’t display one’s age or everyone would be panicking right now. But still, her stats will now spread across the world. Her fame will be immense. The most powerful human in the galaxy so far…and she looked like a teenage girl.

[Brigid]: Eh, it’s lower than I thought.

[Hanuman]: Eh?

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Everyone stared at the goddess with widen eyes. “Lower than she thought?” They could only laugh bitterly at that comment…

Even Shin, Kate, and Chun Qin were thoroughly astonished. They had no idea she was so powerful. They had some idea that her powers were not normal but this…this is just far too extreme. They had their mouth open in shock and their eyes were twitching.

[Crule]: She is still the same as always…

[Ming]: Mhm, she tends to show off huh?

[Crule]: Only when she gets the chance…

[Ming]: This machine can’t really detect high enough huh?

[Crule]: Yea, it was calibrated using the old man with his seals on. It should not go over level 99 for now. Her true level is higher than that of course but that damn machine can’t read it.

[Ming]: Mhm, I hope she makes her own version later. I want to see a more detailed report of her power.

[Crule]: Haha, right?

Then it was Ming and Crule’s turn. Of course the shock was lessened by the commotion that Brigid caused but it was still enough to make everyone deeply astonished.

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