Antagonist Rewind Chapter 80: Dynamic Duo.

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AR Chapter 80: Dynamic Duo.

The Sage of Time opened his eyes yet again. He was almost done opening the seals he placed on himself. He looked down at the man sealed in the middle of the giant formation and sighed. The Sage recalled the days when that man was but another innocent soul.

Back when their little team of seven were happy explorers, joining the pioneers who set forth to a new galaxy. But who know as soon as they enter the wormhole, an entity bestow upon them unknown powers. They cannot see or hear the entity, nor do they know who it is. But this new found power came with a certain change in their personality. Although they had been on adventures together for years, a certain feeling of hostility developed.

Everyone became distant. Without Hope we probably would have all went our separate ways.

Memories aside, a burning hatred filled the Sage’s Mind.

[Sage of Time]: Last time it took all six of us to seal you Chaos. This time while you are weakened, I will finish you off once in for all.


Everyone was still staring at Brigid like they just saw a nuclear explosion spread its mushroom cloud right next to them. It was a sight that demanded both fear and respect.

[Hanuman]: Looks like we have a little monster on our hands today.

Hanuman’s voice woke everyone up from their state of shock.

[Hanuman]: I wonder where you have been hiding all these years. Considering your power, you could become the most well-known person on the planet.

[Brigid]: Too much work being famous. I got things to do, stuff to make. I don’t have time for such a PR nightmare.

[Hanuman]: Haha, a silent expert. The most mysterious kind.

Hanuman knew she was far too strong for him to spar but still it lit up his fighting spirit as he wanted to take on someone many levels above him.

He wanted to see the power that could destroy a country.

[Brigid]: Anyways, hey you people, if anyone of you tell others about what happen here today…

Her tone turned serious and the sent a certain gaze at everyone in the room. The sudden chill sent shivers down their spines. They quickly shook their heads agreeing that they won’t tell anyone.


Finally, it was Ming’s turn. She walked up to the pod but was stopped by Hanuman.

[Hanuman]: After the last incident, we would like to fix the pod. Sorry for the wait you two…

Hanuman took this chance to use Brigid.

[Hanuman]: Would Ms. Smith like to help us calibrate the pod?

[Brigid]: Eh, fine. As long as you give me the blueprints to it.

[Hanuman]: Hahaha, it’s not a trade secret so sure.

[Brigid]: Fine, how do I calibrate this thing?

[Hanuman]: All you need to do is to pump as much energy as you can into this gem.

Hanuman opened a latch on the pod and took out a large block. It could be said it was a gem…but it looked more like a brick made of rare minerals. It was around a meter by sixty centimeter sheet of metal made from a clear see through mineral that resembled a sapphire. He placed the sheet down on a table and it lands with a heavy thud.

Brigid walked up to it with a glint in her eyes.

[Brigid]: This mineral is indeed quite rare…I want it so bad…

She placed her hand on it and started pumping energy. The block started pulsating with a bright glow. Somehow it was able to withstand the sheer amount of energy that Brigid was inputting.

Crule knew where Metallurgy had gotten that mineral. It was a rarely found material mined from Gluttony. Looks like the prisoners had manage to break through the crust layer of the moon…took them quite a while.

After the thin crust which was made of mainly glutonium, the thicker layer after it contained all colors of minerals and metals. The only problem is the sheer heat involved when mining them. It required powerful coolant in order to properly mine the area. Not only that, human laborer cannot step within a kilometer of the place since they would immediately die from heat if they did. They had to send in mining drones to mine the riches.

The block suddenly stopped glowing but for some reason it changed colors from blueish to violet.

Hanuman seemed very satisfied.

[Hanuman]: Ok, that’s enough. Thank you.

Brigid lifted her hands. She didn’t show a single sign of fatigue after releasing such quantities of energy.

Hanuman took the slab and placed it back into the pod. A radiant violet pulse flowed from the origin of the block across the pod. The lights on it turned on again.

[Hanuman]: Sorry for the wait, lets continue.

Ming walked up to the machine again. She stepped into the pod and closed her eyes. Even with her eyes closed, she saw a greenish tint. The light was just that bright. When it turned red, then green again, she walked out.

The stats were finally displayed on the monitor and her wristband.


Name: Zhuang Yue Ming

Level: 73

Title: The Crimson Blood Valkyrie

Attribute: Conflict (Mythical)

Specialty: Control, Manipulation, and blood.

Physical: 2000

Energy Amount: 999999*

Intelligence: 190

Charisma: 200

Vitality: 3000

Energy Control: 15000

Agility: 2000


Just when they thought that Ming’s stats would be shadowed by Brigid. After recalibration, her true power was seen. After establishing she got her boost in power from Maximus, she manage to establish the seventh gate with Crule. It seems her energy level was at the maximum the machine can register.

[Ming]: Eh? It was that high?

She stared at her energy amount. Suddenly she understood why.

[Ming]: Ah….the chaotic space…

She must have absorbed some of the primal energies whilst she was traveling back in time. What she thought to be only 70% of her power back, in actuality, Due to her power sky rocketing, she was already stronger than what she had back in the old world. Several time stronger. It just she is currently 70% from what she feels is her max.

[Ming]: Hahaha, finally.

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Back in the old world, Ming didn’t have enough power to support Crule in his final moments. She thought he sent her back because her help would only hinder the final fight. Little did she know that was not the reason at all. It was all just her assumption.

Crule sent her back in order to protect her. He just didn’t expect the space to close while she was half out thus ending her life.

Losing limbs was recoverable, but losing half the entire body was not something one could recover from fully.

The primordial energy that existed in the event horizon she traveled through allowed her energy amount to grow two fold. So being at 70% means she already has 140% her original strength.

She was eager to tell Crule the good news but it looks like he already knew. The shock on his face was quickly replaced with a sinister grin.

[Crule]: How did I not see the change…Oh crap, is it because I have been using my own energy as a comparison?

Crule’s core also went through the chaotic space along with Ming. Perhaps the primordial energy also morphed his energy.

Crule hugged Ming with a smile and walked into the pod.

Ming stood there in euphoria.

[Ming]: It’s so nice to see Crule be more intimate than before.

Kate and Shin could only imagine if such little displays of affection was being “intimate”, how cold Crule must have been in the old world to Ming.

They had no idea Crule had to sacrifice something in order to make a deal with Famina…But this deal was annulled with the death of his older self.

Watching the smiling Crule enter the pod, they felt pity for Ming for loving such a cold person.


Crule look at the inside of the pod. It was lined with velvet and was quite comfortable. Whoever created this wanted more than just a simple machine. The light turned red then green and he stepped out of the pod.

Finally, Crule’s stats were shown on the monitor.


Name: Crule Wu

Level: 73

Title: The Onyx Demon Devourer

Attribute: Hunger (Mythical)

Specialty: Control, Manipulation, Vortex, and Consumption.

Physical: 2500

Energy Amount: 999999*

Intelligence: 190

Charisma: 300

Vitality: 3500

Energy Control: 20000

Agility: 2000


It seems his hypothesis was correct. The primordial energy did seep into his core when it went with Ming through the event horizon.

[Crule]: Hahaha, this is great!

Now knowing he was actually stronger than he was in the past, he finally felt he had a chance at killing Chaos.

He covered his face and laughed maniacally. His revenge finally had a glimmer of a chance. If he was this powerful at seventh gate, once he fully finish establishing the gate and beyond, he could perhaps be stronger than Chaos who had been absorbing energy for millenniums.

Before against such odds he felt helpless. But as more and more opportunity threw themselves toward Crule, he knew luck was on his side this time.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

While he and Ming are in their own little world, everyone else was shocked beyond imagination. Several of them couldn’t take it anymore and went brain dead. A few people had to be carried away in stretchers. Hanuman looked in fear at the kid. He had fought him before and barely lost. Now the kid was far too strong and was now so many levels above him. Just when he thought his cultivation speed was great, he met this monster.

[Hanuman]: Truly a monster…

He just stood there in fear. There wasn’t any trace of respect like when he saw Brigid’s stats. It was just the way he looks and his sinister aura was just too…evil.

[Hanuman]: What to do…

The room was silent other than Crule laughing.

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