Antagonist Rewind Chapter 81: Classes.

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AR Chapter 81: Classes.

With the conclusion of the status check, the close beta testers went onto the second event of the evening. The class registration.

[Hanuman]: As you all may know, certain classes might get bonuses and can gather fame. For example, a Blacksmith class will actually allow access to a portable forge. Honestly Classes are more important to those untrained participants who will join in the open beta. It dictates their skill tree unlike everyone here who has already cultivated in a large number of martial skill.

Hanuman pressed the wristband and the hologram screen appeared again.

[Hanuman]: In order to get people more interested, we have gathered several thousand martial arts manuals for thousands upon thousands of skills. Choosing a class actually allows you to access the skills like a library. Of course all of these skills will be free of charge depending on the class you will become.

He put his screen on the monitor and it displayed his Class.

Under his class name were a list of martial skills he had access to.

Class: General

Skills learnt:


-Moral Boost

-Silver Sky Cleave

-Command unit

-Android Pilot


[Hanuman]: For security reasons I have covered most of the skills I have learned.

Under the general tab were over fifty different skills. Hanuman scrolled through them and randomly selected a skill.

A screen came up that looked like a web book. It accurately describes the skill and its cultivation methods. It was incredibly detailed and well written.

[Hanuman]: This skill library took decades to make. I hope you do not squander such opportunities.

Everyone in the room’s eyes lit up. Many people who did not have the support of large clans had no access to such martial skills. Many of them only used the most basic of combat via brute strength and their aura they control.

But the accessibility to such a large number of martial skill caught the large clan’s interest. It was a good way to expand their own library.

[Hanuman]: I see that you all are very eager to get started. Let’s see what class you all are.

There were many basic classes among the thirty six people remaining. Twelve of the original forty eight had to be taken away on stretchers due to the previous event.

There were some swordsmen, blade masters, gladiators, berserkers, and even simple mages like water mage or fire mage.

Quite a few people had generic classes but once it got to the big clans, the unique classes started showing.

<< fantasy-books Property >>

Classes like elemental archers, necromancers, puppet master, and even beast tamers started showing up.

Donovan turns out to be a Metalmancer. Although a majority of his clan had the same ability, they were all just Metal mages or Metal benders. Only Donovan got the class Metalmancer. The list of skills were significantly better than the others.

George got the class Sand Sage. It was the only Sage class in the room. It seems what set a Sage apart from an average mage is the sheer amount of control. A Mancer was theoretically different from a Sage. A mancer controls the element like an extension of their own body. They were familiar with it to the point of being one with the element. A Sage was less of a hippy. They abuse the element like a politician abuse social media.

Elemental-mancers were the nature loving freaks of the magic world while Sages are the industrial capitalist minded maniacs of magic.

It hilariously describes those two’s personality perfectly.

Lawks’ father turned out to be a Golemancer. Who knew he was a liberal?

[Crule]: It seems we learn something new about everyone every day…

[Ming]: Hmm, I’m kind of worried when it comes to our turn.

[Crule]: Don’t worry, we should already know our classes.

[Ming]: Yea but…

Lawks herself got the class Golem Magistra. Her class was unique…very unique. What is a Magistra? Apparently someone who had the ability to teach their golem more commands than normal. This could mean her golems could do autonomous tasks far more complicated than anyone else…

[Hanuman]: Kids these days are all freaks of nature…

Shin’s class he chose to hide. Everyone has the authority to not reveal their stats. But people wanted to show off so they all revealed it. But some situation require ones to hide. Shin’s class, was Apprentice Reaper…

Kate’s class was chronomancer but she chose to hide it as well. Everyone was dying to know since they previously revealed such astonishing stats.

Chun Qin was a battle priest. It had an interesting skill set involving mainly physical combat skills other than energy manipulation skills.

Brigid’s class she chose to hide as well. Her class was obviously alchemist though. Having access to tools that alchemist can bring along, she can perform her experiments whilst exploring the Wild.

The main problem with the Wild was how electronic equipment fail upon entering. Having access to tools specially created to use energy as a power source, she was extremely happy. Some material require immediate attention once extracted.

Ming decided to show her class. Her class was Blood Valkyrie. It was different from mages as Valkyries had access to powerful physical skills as well as magic. In the entire world perhaps she was the only one with this class. People where very interesting in what skills she had access to.

Crule hid his class but he got…Demon Lord. Of all the classes he got demon lord. It’s hilariously poetic. He smiled at his previous title. Back in the old world he was labeled as the demon lord for such a long time and in this world it became his official class.

His skills are incredibly powerful. It’s funny how this game offers skills even to the demon lord. At least the game did not discriminate good and evil. Everyone finally got their class and were eagerly looking through the skill lists.

[Hanuman]: Looks like everyone is busy looking through their skills. But it’s time for the last part of this meeting.

He took out a manila folder.

[Hanuman]: In a week’s time. We will send all of you into the entrance of the Wild. The game will start immediately once you have landed. The quest board has been updated with things the Beauxi auction requires.

He flipped through the folder looking at the sheets of paper. It seems everything has been fully prepared.

[Hanuman]: Ok everyone, you are free to go. Enjoy the week yet get exploring your new found skills.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Everyone left with eagerness to try the new skills they found. It should help with their survival.

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