Antagonist Rewind Chapter 82: Regaining Time.

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AR Chapter 82: Regaining Time.

The sage of time finally opened his eyes. Finally unlocking the last seal on his power, the gates opened up one after another as if a great flood poured into his body. His strong tempered energy channels brave the powerful energy that had been sealed for years.

His eyes became a translucent blue and glowed with the intensity of a star. He started to look more like a god. Time started to bend around him and behave in the most peculiar of ways. To him now, time was a destination instead of a when. He looked down at the sealed man in the center of the formation. He man had woken up due to the surge in energy and was now staring at him.

[Chaos]: Good to see you Gabriel. You haven’t aged in millenniums.

[Sage of Time]: The same could be said about you.

[Chaos]: Hahaha, well one of the seals you put on me is time.

[Sage of Time]: Apparently it’s not strong enough to prevent you from talking.

[Chaos]: Please, you think time can stop chaos? The entire universe is constantly striving toward chaos. Nothing can remain in a calm status. No matter what, atoms are constantly in motion. The principle of absolute zero only exist as a theory, you think matter can completely come to a stop? No. Even with your powers at best you can slow it down to near infinite levels but never truly stop it.

[Sage of Time]: Enough. I didn’t come here to talk about science or your philosophy.

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[Chaos]: You think you can kill me? By yourself?! My dear Gabriel, I think you are underestimating me far too much.

Chaos chuckled a little which made the Sage angrier.

[Sage of Time]: It’s time you leave the world to the newer generation.

[Chaos]: Those fools don’t know what’s best for them. They don’t even understand this power God has bestowed upon us.

[Sage of Time]: You mean your twisted understanding of the power.

[Chaos]: What makes it twisted is but a personal opinion. I am not evil as there is no such thing as true evil.

[Sage of Time]: Screw this, I am not stalling any long.

The sage of time threw both his arms out in front of him. Powerful waves of energy flowed from his surrounding into his embrace.

[Chaos]: You think something fired from a range can damage me? Hahaha, why don’t you come closer?

He tempted the sage with taunts.

The sage of time only focused on the sheer amount of power gathered before him.

This will be an attack powerful enough to rip space time. Hopefully it will be enough to cause everlasting damage on the fool before him.

As time bends around the epicenter of the sage’s attack. Chaos although appeared nonchalant was actually devising a plan to survive the blow. His energy was sealed to the point where he could not condense it. It just flows loosely through his body like an ever flowing stream. But this doesn’t mean he can’t control his primal attribute. The attribute of Chaos.

Chaos provoked the sage as to buy more time.

[Chaos]: Why is it every single one of you guys enjoy firing lasers off your body? You stupid Otaku and your fantasies!

The Sage didn’t pay heed to his jaunts. He knew what Chaos was trying to do.

As the ball of primordial energy expanded, Chaos started to panic. His tone started to get more fearful.

[Chaos]: Just give it up you weeb! Don’t think for a second that you can kill me when the six of you have failed before!

Finally the ball of energy has reached critical max. It was starting to cause problems in space time. The sage wanted to kill Chaos but not at the expense of destroying the galaxy.

[Sage of Time]: Let’s see you survive this.

The ball traveled slowly toward Chaos. It looked slow but that was due to time behaving strangely around the ball. To anyone looking from far far away, the ball traveled near light speed. Chaos stared at the ball like a deer at an upcoming car.

He was panicking and screaming. The Sage was satisfied hearing the bastard scream. But unbeknownst to him, right before the ball hit Chaos, a smirk reared its ugly head on his face. The ball hit the spot and a silent explosion roared across the scar ridden planet. As if the planet suddenly had its time once again moving, it began rotating again. The point where Chaos stood was now a several hundred kilometer wide hole. The formation still hovered over the deep hole intact. The sage was not strong enough to destroy something that the six of them created together with the sacrifice of one. All that remained of chaos was a fist sized lump of flesh. It was utterly charred and blood dripped from it. Smoke was also emitting from the lump.

[Sage of Time]: Try recovering from that you bastard.

After a long period of time, the Sage had made sure Chaos was no longer a threat. Being reduced to such a state, even if it was a demi god, they would still not be able to recover fully. The Sage thought to himself.

[Sage of Time]: You will no longer be a threat to this galaxy again. We may finally have peace in our time.

Little did he know just how wrong he is… The Sage of Time turned around toward his ship. He sat back down and started to redo his seals. His power was still strong enough to cause damage to space time around him. In order to return, he must limit his power once again. But this time, he only sealed half.

[Sage of Time]: I am going to need my power to train my new apprentice.

He smiled at the thought of finally having an apprentice.

The planet Crecentia finally regaining its time, began its rotating and orbiting of the twin suns. The main difference was there was now a huge hole on its surface. It would remain there even as the planet slowly reformed back into a spherical shape.

The magic formation will always remain intact, through time and space it shall remain.

A little off in the distance away from the Sage of Time’s sensing range. A small piece of flesh was sent blasting through space. Its trajectory…was Noxia.

One could hear a sinister laughter from the piece of flesh as an eyeball formed on it.

[Chaos]: You are too foolish into thinking that could kill me. I am Chaos. I am disorder. I will survive even the most devastating of explosions regardless of space or time.

He laughed maniacally at the Sage of time as the small ball of flesh twisted and turned in space, slowly floating toward Noxia.

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