Antagonist Rewind Chapter 89: Luck?

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AR Chapter 89: Luck?

[Crule]: Let’s see…what’s next?

Looking down at his own list, Crule checked the materials he had already collected. Synchro-nerves, check. Melee weapon, check. Armor, check.

So the next item on the list…is the skeleton. This was usually made from either a very strong metal or mythical wood. As long as it is able to manipulate and can show extreme durability when under enormous amounts of pressure.

This will be the framework of which everything else is added on so its material must be top notch.

An idea was hatched inside Crule’s head when he saw the item on the list. Looks like it’s time to grave rob.

He headed toward one of the most deadly area of Mt. Tai what in the future will be known as the dragon’s crypt. As long as he doesn’t accidentally meet up with an actual dragon along the way, Crule’s journey should be relatively easy.

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Jumping off the branch he had been perched on, he maneuvered through the dense canopy of trees toward the valley filled with an eerie mist.


Two days into their hunt, everyone already had found at least one part of their android.

Shin and Kate had been hunting eels all day and finally caught enough for two androids. They set off to find the next item, a shell. They chanced upon a pair of Ying Turtles. Their shell shimmer like silver in the sunlight. The two of them should work just fine as armor so Shin took care of that. These two turtles were twenty meters in side and their pentagonal and hexagonal slabs on their shell work perfectly as armor. They were very strong to wear and tear as well as heat resistant. They should work just fine for armor.

Ming had already killed the FrostBjorn ape and is already headed toward a stronger beast for armor. She needed something strong but not too bulky. Luck would have it, she manage to find just that. A swarm to Tourmaline beetles happen to had taken up residence on a grand oak. The one hundred meter tall tree was covered in these beetles as they suck the succulent sap oozing from its bark.

These beetles come in shades of green to pink. The color choice was perfect for Ming. Plucking the beetles off the trees like dried glue off her hand, she stored them to be used for armor. The beetles were very docile so it was not a tough task. Their gem-like exoskeleton boasted durability that could withstand the pressures of space. At times they were used to make stained glass windows for galactic ships.

Brigid is taking her time just browsing the rare things that inhabit the wild. She doesn’t come here often which was why beast materials interests her. Brigid was far too lazy to go get them herself and also she never really enjoyed combat anyways. She would rather invent some crazy weapon to take down her enemies instead of using brute strength. Brains over brawns all the time for her.

Instead of killing the beasts for their materials, she just mined for ores and harvested trees and gems all willy-nilly without a care in the world. To an untrained eye it seemed like a young teenage girl just skipping through the savage wilderness plucking large pieces off trees and scooping up gems left and right as long as they were shiny. But in actually everything she picked up were beyond rare. A huge mix and match of inorganic material and wood filled her backpack. Happily, she skipped along to continue her “hunt”.

Chun Qin was struggling around in the wild hunting for things that seem to make sense. He collected quite a number of random beasts hoping that they could be useful. He wasn’t the kind of calculating person for gathering android parts anyways. Chun Qin enjoyed tactics…not logistics. His method of collecting was much like Brigid except anything he come across he just tosses into his backpack.

Weird looking bird? Into the bag. Purple shiny pig? Into the bag. Green looking cat thing? Into the bag.

He indiscrimately toss everything he found that looks interesting into his backpack. Who knows whether or not he got something useable…?


Crule arrived at the crypt. An eerie mist was spread before him, limiting his vision to only a meter in front of him. He had to move slowly and quietly. A dying dragon was still a dragon none the less and would still cause a great annoyance to Crule. Considering the drake who was barely a half dragon was so hard to deal with, a full dragon, even a dying one would be very difficult to kill quietly. If it manages to roar, its comrades may swarm Crule instantly devour him.

Walking on tip toes, he traversed the barren wasteland covered in mist. In order to not get lost, He dripped his aura on the floor leaving a thin line. He could sense the line even if he couldn’t see it.

Hoping that luck would once again gift him with riches, he wandered around looking for dragon corpses. Their bones would make perfect skeleton material considering… well… it’s a skeleton but anyways…

Crule could feel a slight chill as he approached a certain spot he felt a small burst of energy emit. He nearly walked right into the beast as its dark scaled body suddenly appeared a meter in front of him. It was a black colored dragon and from the feel of it, it had already died. It was just releasing its large reserves of energy back into the atmosphere. Crule couldn’t tell its species due to the mist but he stored it into his spatial storage anyways. A dragon is a dragon, no matter what its bones will be quite strong.

Continuing his journey, he wandered around for a little longer before he started to walk back. No use traveling further into the crypt as he still values his life. Following his trail back, he was nearly out of the mist when suddenly a roar shook the heavens. It was very close by and Crule could feel melancholy and rage in its tone. He quickly made a dash for it since he has taken a newly dead dragon with flesh still on its bones. Its partner may be mad at who ever took the corpse.

Cold sweat dripping from his face, Crule finally made it out of the mist. But in front of him was a sight he didn’t want to see. An enormous black dragon similar to the one he found was waiting for him. It was snarling and its man sized teeth protruded from its large jaw.

[Crule]: Oh shit.

The dragon attacked.

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