Antagonist Rewind Chapter 95: Brigid’s ideas

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AR Chapter 95: Brigid’s ideas.

Lawks’ father stared at the pile of monster material gathered before him. His mouth was wide open in shock and he could take his eye off of the sheer amount and rarity of the things in front of him.

Crule and the others was showing him the things they have gathered to be used on their androids.

[Crule]: So did the things we bring meet your satisfaction?

[Lawks’ Father]: I don’t know what to say…This far exceeds me expectations…

[Crule]: Then I hope you make us a good product.

[Lawks’ Father]: I…some of these things I don’t even know how to approach. They are just so….unique.

[Brigid]: I can help if you need it.

Brigid said with a glint of excitement and curiosity in her eye. Obviously she wants to learn about the Lawks’ family android creation methods.

Lawks’ father was still shocked and replied without thinking.

[Lawks’ Father]: That would be nice.

Still recovering from amazement, he ordered several people to take the materials to the lab. Brigid followed.

Crule and the others didn’t though.

[Crule]: We have other things to do. Give us a call when things are done.

[Lawks’ Father]: Ok, this may take a while depending if we can figure out how to use the materials and how difficult it will be to forge.

Crule and everyone except Brigid left on their ship.

[Shin]: So where are go going now?

[Crule]: We are going to check out the open beta of course.

[Kate]: I saw the event on TV when it started yesterday. There were so many people it was blinding.

[Chun Qin]: That large number of people entering the Wild at one time…I hope they don’t destroy the environment with their greed.

Moments later, their ship landed at one of the many gates leading to the wild. With the seven continents, six had gates leading to the wild with the seventh one being an island.

The gate was bustling with activity. It was the second day of open beta and many people who heard words from participants who attended day one came to join the games.

These gates have become towns over the years due to the lucrative business of selling monster material from the wild. They were certainly big enough to hold several million people.

The large gate loomed over the city and every afternoon, the shadow of the gate engulfs the town in a dark shade. It help cooled the town down significantly so the snow that have layered over the town due to winter does not melt. During winter, it was a perpetual winter wonderland.

Crule and company wore thicker winter coats and stepped out of their ship. A chilling wind blew through but they didn’t seem to be affected by it. Their auras was blocking out the elements and even helped in traversing the thick carpet of slush-like snow.

[Kate]: The place is still so lively even with the cold weather.

[Ming]: All the gates are lively during the games.

Ming pet the creature hiding in her coat.

[Kate]: I never had the chance to ask but what is that thing?

She pointed toward the fluffy thing Ming’s holding.

[Ming]: I don’t know, but I’m going name it Snuggles.

[Kate]: Snuggles…the name seem to somehow fit perfectly!

[Shin]: How does it fit perfectly?! It seems far too cliché of a name for a pet.

[Chun Qin]: *sigh* Just leave it be. Those two doesn’t look like they are listening.

Ming and Kate were solely focusing on the fluffy thing hiding in Ming’s coat due to the cold.

It was so adorable and they couldn’t stop fawning over it.

Crule didn’t really care if Ming got a pet. What he did care about is if the pet will be able to protect her when he is not there. His silent fears went unheard but his eyes shows concern. His usual evil expression slowly melted into a caring smirk.

[Shin]: Woah there Crule, why do you look so angry?

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[Crule]: Huh? I’m not angry.

Although his face showed a caring smile, to others it just looked like he was pissed off. Poor guy was cursed by the gods to forever look menacing…

But it seems like Shin misunderstood.

[Shin]: Wait…are you jealous of that furry thing?!

Everyone’s attention was now fixed on Crule.

[Crule]: W-what?! Hell no! I’m not jealous of that flea bag.

[Ming]: Oh ho ho, honey is jealous of Mr. Snuggles. Careful he might eat cha!

The creature seem to realize what Ming was saying and hid deeper in her coat.

[Kate]: Hahaha, Crule, you jealous the little thing will get Ming’s attention more than you?

[Crule]: No…

Although he said no, his thoughts betrayed him and it wandered to thoughts about Ming choosing to pet the creature instead of spending time with him.

Even if he didn’t realize it, he slowly became jealous although he wasn’t in the beginning.

[Crule]: *mumbles* I’m not jealous…

They laughed and continue to enjoy the things the gate town had to offer.


Meanwhile, Brigid was staring at the blue print in front of her.

Although Lawks’ father realized what he had done moments later, he still couldn’t resist the curious look that the teenage looking Brigid was giving him. He could only sigh and allow her to join in the android creation.

Brigid sighed after looking at the blue print.

[Brigid]: Is this the best you guys have?

[Engineer]: It’s our top model at the moment.

He said it proudly.

[Brigid]: *sigh* I was expecting something better…There’s so many flaws that could be easily fixed.

[Engineer]: W-what!? Our androids are not flawed!

Lawks’ father wasn’t so closed minded as the engineers and his interest perked up.

[Lawks’ Father]: So tell us, what these flaws are?

[Brigid]: Fine, listen to this me amazing deduction and be shocked!

They all stare intently at her.

[Brigid]: Flaw number one, the androids you guys have been building are all very tall. Even your smallest model for warfare are ten meter tall. This is impractical due to shipping demands. Trying to move so many large androids in one go is not effective at all. Not only that, the smaller human size models you guys produce doesn’t have nearly the combat ability of the larger ones. There is just far too big of a gap.

They realized the flaw and some seemed to be mad.

[Engineer]: Then how would you do it then?!

[Brigid]: Obviously, have you not thought that these smaller human sized models can be created to something called “mobile suits”. Instead of making an entire autonomous robot, make it an armor. It will have far greater firepower with the wearer’s energy supply combined with the android exterior energy supply. Instead of making large bulky things, make smaller compact armor ones.

[Lawks’ Father]: I see. Our plans have followed tradition for so long, we had forgot that it originated from Earth, where energy do not exist.

[Brigid]: Yes, soon with the Antagonist games going on, humans will get far stronger than your current androids. To allow you guys to keep making a decent profit, instead of replacing, go for enhancing. Make something that further boost the power of humans instead of a shell. You should not be making vehicles, you should be making tools, armors to be precise. I know I keep saying armor, BUT YOU GUYS SHOULD MAKE ARMOR STYLE ROBOTS DAMMIT! I want my Gundams…

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They were shocked at her passion. It seems her inner otaku is taking over.

[Lawks’ Father]: I-I see. So will you help us in making this “mobile suit” model?

With a twinkle in her eyes, Brigid smirked.

[Brigid]: Of course! This great one shall lend my oh-so-capable hands!

[Engineer]: I suddenly have a headache…

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