Antagonist Rewind Chapter 96: Mobile suit.

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AR Chapter 96: Mobile suit.

While Brigid rant about her needs to the engineering crew, Crule and the other looked around the rest of the town before heading out to the immediate area of the Wild.

The gate towns looked perfectly fine after the first two days of open beta. They were able to handle the explosion of participants no problems at all. It seems like they have been preparing for this for years. The inns were expanded and the restaurants were too. Large buildings were built for various utility for adventuring purposes. Smiths, apothecaries, guild hall, storage places, and many more popped up all over the place.

The preparations was like the towns was expecting the Olympics. Buildings rose out of nowhere over the last two years as rapid as fast food chains pop up.

Crule and company exited the gate into the Wild after having satisfied their curiosity on the state of the town.  The Wild outside of the immediate area seemed very different. It seems the roads have been fixed up and light fixtures were installed. Guess having multiply companies fund the project allowed proper road side utilities to be built.

In the guild hall, there were quests requesting adventurers to escort a build team out into the deeper wilds to build roads. This was a higher level quest but some people have already achieved a decent lvl.

Crule checked the fauna and beasts around the area to see if the number of people had an impact on it.

[Crule]: Most of the beast should be between lvl ten and twenty around here.

[Ming]: Strange, with the sheer number of people joining at the same time I expected the place to be fully cleared out.

[Shin]: You think they might be cloning the lower level beasts to train the adventurers?

[Crule]: No, they shouldn’t be. The beasts of the wild are extremely hard to clone. Due to the nature of growth, they have to exist on the planet for a certain time period and absorbed enough energy naturally before they become beasts of the Wild.

[Shin]: Then what is strange?

[Ming]: The number of beast hasn’t decreased at all. Not only that, the herbs along the side of the road shows signs of damage from picking yet they still thrive perfectly fine.

[Kate]: It seems so, artificial.

Chun Qin, Shin, and Kate looked at Crule and Ming running around inspecting the region. Suddenly Crule took out a magnifying glass and started to inspect a leaf on a certain herb.

[Crule]: This…the energy stored in the leaf is far weaker than normal…

Ming inspected the leaf too.

[Ming]: It seems the energy doesn’t belong in the leaf. Maybe it was artificially injected?

[Crule]: It might be. We never took the chance back in the old world to uncover how the number of beasts and herbs never seem to run out.

[Ming]: You think they finally found a way to clone beasts and herbs from the wild?

[Crule]: Perhaps. This may be useful information.

Normally Crule and Ming wouldn’t care about such things. But to achieve a higher level of power, they had to understand how the world worked. Crule has established the 8th gate but he needs to create the 9th. Ming was working on her 8th gate.

The information about how to clone beasts and herbs full of energy and have established themselves in the wilderness should be great for achieving a higher understanding.

So Crule and Ming inspected the wild intensively while Chun Qin, Shin, and Kate stare in confusion.

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A week later, Crule got a call.

[Crule]: “Yes?”

[Brigid]: “The dark deed you requested has been done.”

[Crule]: “What? What dark deed, what happened?!”

[Brigid]: “Seven days.”

[Crule]: “What?”

[Brigid]: “Seven god damn sleepless nights, but the androids are finally finished.”

[Crule]: “Oh”

Then she hanged up.

[Ming]: Who was it?

[Crule]: A zombie.

[Ming]: What?

[Crule]: Anyways, our android are done.

Everyone looked up from the menu. They were at a restaurant getting lunch at the time. Their eyes were eager to finally see the results of their week long efforts.

But first! Lunch!

[Kate]: I’ll get the pastrami sandwich with crisps and some iced tea.

[Shin]: I’ll take a double cheese burger with a can of soda.

They nonchalantly resumed their meal which seemed ordinary to others but to this group, who did nothing but eat exquisite beast meat from the wild for so long, this fast food meal was an eye opener.

[Shin]: Honestly as a chef this really makes me open my eyes after seeing the quality of the food here. Quick cheap and widely available for busy adventurers.

[Kate]: Don’t tell me you’re going to open up something like this after everything settles down?

[Shin]: Maybe.


Cruel and company was in no hurry. They went back to the Lawks headquarters the morning after. The engineers were still out cold. Brigid was holding a cup of coffee with bag under her eyes.

[Brigid]: Let’s get this introduction end with so I can finally get some decent sleep. Let’s start with Chun Qin’s first.

She pressed a button and an armor stand popped up from the ground with a loud thud. On it was a silver armor around two and a half meter tall. It looked like a rugged iron man suit with veins of white running along the side. The outer shell material was made using the silver iron Chun Qin mined up in the wild. It was highly durable and resistant to heat and water.

The head piece was collected to the rest of the suit with a hinge. It was the shape of a snake with two large fangs protruding down the sides.

On both of its hands were large gauntlets which looked like it could crush just about anything.

[Brigid]: You gotta give a name to this armor Chun Qin.

[Chun Qin]: This…it’s beyond what I could ever imagine.

[Brigid]: Don’t expect me to make something as poor quality as the one see on earth. This is far better. Compact and yet can handle the same load as the twenty meter tall version.

[Chun Qin]: Amazing… I shall dub thee Chrome Titanos.

[Brigid]: Eh I question your naming sense but it works. Let me input that name now.

Brigid took out a crystalish sheet from the armor’s chest. She inputted the name and asked Chun Qin to seal it with a drop of his blood. The crystal became deep crimson on contact with his blood. She put it back into the chest and the armor seem to come to life.

[Brigid]: I took the liberty to make it voice commanded. Just shout out a command, it can be any command, just include its name.

[Chun Qin]: Right.

Chun Qin stepped forth into an open area in the lab and saluted.

[Chun Qin]: Armor on, Chrome Titanos.

Chun Qin stood still as the armor seem to scoop him up. First the foot piece, the leg, follow by the two chest pieces, the arms, and lastly the head piece snaps in place. The entire armor forcefully surrounded Chun Qin without hurting him in a mere three seconds.

[Brigid]: Hmm, the equipment time is slower than what I thought it could be but oh well, it passed. How is it?

[Chun Qin]: This is amazing! It doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing a heavy armor. It feels more like a thin layer of liquid around me.

[Brigid]: The materials you brought allowed up to use its own structural integrity to holds its weight up. The synchro-nerves will link up to the helmet piece and you commands will be directly transmitted to the limb sections. There are channels on the armor that store energy emitted from your body so you can use your aura as well.

[Chun Qin]: Amazing!

[Brigid]: How’s about a demonstration?

Chun Qin nodded and readied his fists beside him. The channels of white energy coursed through the armor making the sight a blinding silvery white light.

[Chun Qin]: Ready!

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