Antagonist Rewind Chapter 97: Show of force.

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AR Chapter 97: Show of force.

The emerald eyes of the armor glittered under the bright white light emitting from the veins. With a jump, Chun Qin flew into the air. A steady stream of white flames emitted from under his greaves keeping him afloat.

[Brigid]: Looks like the flight mechanics are working just fine.

Brigid checked a box on her clipboard.

Chun Qin was flying through the air, doing some maneuvers. Several rings were placed in the lab for demonstration purposes. Chun Qin skillfully flew through them with ease.

[Brigid]: Flight control mechanism working fine.

She checked another box.

A sturdy metal slab popped up in front of Chun Qin. With his fist forward, he slammed right into the slab shattering it. His armor suffered not a single scratch.

[Chun Qin]: Hahaha, this is great! So easy to control as well.

[Brigid]: Strength and durability, check.

Chun Qin slowly floated back down to the ground and landed with one knee on the ground.

[Chun Qin]: Armor off, Chrome Titanos.

Armor slowly loosen itself from Chun Qin and flew back onto the armor rack.

[Chun Qin]: I love it!

[Brigid]: Good good, it almost met my standards. The armor will be stored in one of Crule storage crystal for easy transportation. To use it just dump the stand on anywhere solid and shout the command to equip.

The shiny silvery armor was placed into the crystal and handed to Chun Qin.

[Brigid]: Next up, Shin and Kate’s armor. Since you two are using the same materials, we made twin armors.

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From the rack, two stands with similar armor came out, one onyx grey, the other ash grey. The majority of the armor give a feeling of sleekness. The skin was coating in something leather like and upon close inspection, it was treated eel skin. The onyx grey one was obviously the male version as it was more bulky. The shoulder pieces protrude outwards in a sharp fang like spike. Small pulses of electricity run across the arms. Eyes shields were a deep blue color and under the Sparks of electricity seem to stare directly into your soul.

The ash grey version lack the shoulder spikes but instead had smaller fang blades protecting from the forearms. Similar pulses of electricity run across the arms and legs giving off a dangerous feeling. The greaves were made into a high heel style weaponry as the heels were made into sharpened blades as well. This allow not only another form of attack but also to cling into the hides of beasts. The heels were razor sharp and jagged so it would rend flesh if it were to be stabbed into it. The eye shields were a turquoise blue and seemed just as alive as the other one.

[Shin]: This is amazing…

[Kate]: And here I thought mine would be just as bulky!

[Brigid]: Please, I ain’t letting my girlfriend wear something that ugly!

[Kate]: Hehe, thanks!

[Brigid]: So about the names…

[Shin]: Let me think…

Shin took a look at the armor. The fang looked like arms sticking out form the shoulders. Its darker grey skin make it look like a dark God.

[Shin]: Pale Shiva.

[Crule]: Haha, so it matches your spear…

Brigid seem to like the name. She inputted the name on the crystal from the armor’s chest and asked Shin to drip his blood on it as well.

She out the newly crimsoned crystal tag back into the armor and it came to life as well.

[Brigid]: What about you?

Kate pondered a while before sighing.

[Kate]: Ash Khali.

[Brigid]: Hahaha, good choice, great choice! It seems you two know your mythology.

She did the same to the other armor’s crystal tag and handed it to Kate to drip her blood on it. It became crimson as well before Brigid shoved it back into the armor.

[Brigid]: Try it out. Shin use your spear as well. Whoever made it seem to already add armor integration as if they expected it…?

Shin and Kate stood forth in the empty area of the lab. Shin with his hand on his spear. Kate with her hands on her sides.

[Shin]: Rise, Pale Shiva.

[Kate]: Fall, Ash Khali.

The two armor reacted, they flew off the armor stand and wrapped themselves around the two, starting with the greaves all the way up to the helmet snapping on with a loud clap. The blueish eyes of the two glimmered in the miniature storm of electricity that sparked ever so often on their armor.

Shin and Kate kicked up into the sky. The maneuvers that they performed was far more agile than Chun Qin. The metal slab was slashed all by Shin spear that seem to have fused with the armor. The other slab was kicked in half by the sharp blades on the heels of Kate’s greaves.

Shin’s entire armor can become a spear while Kate’s is a full body weapon which take advantage of her blinding speeds to make rapid slashes.

[Brigid]: Good good, those two work better together than I thought. With this armor Kate can actually keep up with you guys and your insane aura powers.

Having finished their performance, Shin and Kate de-armored.

[Shin]: Fall, Pale Shiva.

The armor falls off him like an old layer of skin.

[Kate]: Rise, Ash Khali.

Opposite of Shin’s armor, Kate’s armor rose up from her like a puff of smoke.

The two armor then slithered off like snakes of electricity back onto the armor rack. Brigid took the two and placed them into crystals as well. She handed them to Shin and Kate.

The two accepted it with large grins in their face. They could feel the sheer power the armor gave them. They could probably destroy small celestial bodies if they manage to gather enough power although it would probably cause their death in the process.

[Brigid]: Glad to see you guys are already enjoying your new toy. Next up is Ming’s turn. This one and Crule’s took the most time to make…you two really brought some insane materials.

Brigid rubbed her temples and took her goggles off and rubber her eyes. Her eyes were blood shot and a thick layer of darkness could be seen under it.

[Brigid]: I swear, you guys never seem to stop shocking me. I’m beginning to become numb to all the amazement.

[Ming]: Show me my armor already!

[Brigid]: Woah there, hold your horses lady. I demand a little respect and patience here!

After the two had their little fit, Brigid hesitantly pressed the button. The armor rose out of the ground in all its blazing glory.

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