Antagonist Rewind Chapter 98: Ming’s Armor.

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AR Chapter 98: Ming’s Armor.

The bright armor was a darker shade of green. It wasn’t quite olive but had a certain pinker hue to it. Areas where the light shone directly on the armor gave off a slightly rainbow hue.

On the shoulder were two large bundles of white fur that looked like a large scarf. It seems to be made of the fur of the Frostbjorn ape. Channels of red blood flow visibly along the limbs of the armor originating from the tufts of fur on the shoulder and the hip.

The head piece has small wings on each side sticking along the side. A large bushel of fur create a somewhat long braided hair on top of the helmet. The eye piece was a clear shade of blue. Veins of red blood flow from the blue eye piece to the hair on top. The mouthpiece that can open and close had two large fangs hanging menacingly on each side. It was etched into a permanent grin that looks like its constantly mocking its enemies.

The chest piece was smooth with veins running alongside under the arm along the sides. In the centerpiece was a glaring red gem. It gave off a sort of mystic feeling and the glow makes one imagine a laser will come flying out of it any moment.

The leg pieces were sleek and give off the feeling that it could move incredibly fast. The joint parts were well protected and the knee had a half foot long fang like blade protruding from it. It didn’t hinder kneeling but it did give a boost in power in using the knees as a weapon.

The greaves were similar in design as Kates as it was a sort of high heel. The heels were also fashioned into a serrated blade. It would give extra support when the armor stood on something. It can allow the user to even stand on the ceiling like a spider with its heel dug deep into it. The shoes were a glimmering olive green that looked slightly brighter than the rest of the armor.

The gauntlet piece looked like a simple dark green silk glove but its durability did not lose out to the rest of the armor. The ends of the finger pieces were sharpened into a fine retractable tip. It could allow the armor user to climb sheer cliffs with ease. It can also be used as a weapon to rending and tearing.

With all the armor pieces together, it looked like a menacing olive green insect queen covered in a pure white fur that resembles a bee with veins of red running across it.

[Ming]: I love it!

Her eyes immediately became stars.

[Brigid]: Glad you like it. So about the name?

[Ming]: Hmm…I’m going to stick with Blood Valkyrie.

Brigid nodded and inscribed the green crystal that came out of the chest piece with the name. Ming dropped a small bit of her own blood on it and the crystal changed colors. Brigid was interested as Ming’s blood was different from the others as her aura directly affects it, but there doesn’t seem to be a different reaction. Dejected, she put the crystal back into the armor. Suddenly, a change happened to the armor. The olive green of the armor suddenly turned into a crimson red. The veins became the olive green instead.

[Brigid]: This…WRITE THIS DOWN!

The engineers who were shocked suddenly panicked and were jotting things down hurriedly on their clipboards.

<< fantasy-books Property >>
[Brigid]: Little Ming, why not give us a demonstration?

She was interested in seeing what the color change did to the armor.

[Ming]: I can’t wait.

She licked her lips in anticipation like a predator about to sink her teeth into a hefty prey.

She lifted one of her hands and snapped. Without a single word spoken, the armor shivered and immediately snapped on her.

Brigid stared in shock and amazement.

[Brigid]: Wow…wordless command. That’s new. We didn’t add it when we were making the armor. Just how did her blood affect the coding…?

[Ming]: Crule, honey, I need a suitable target to test this thing out.

Crule smiled mischievously.

With a wave of his hand, a large cage appeared out of nowhere from his spatial storage.

[Crule]: Will this do?

Inside the cage was actually a former A ranked beast that Crule caught on Mt. Tai on the way back to camp. The beast use to be a lowly B ranked beast before the energy surge. After the surge, it gained the strength of an A ranked beast. In new the new ranking system, it can be considered a monster in the upper 70s in level.

[Ming]: It should do for now.

[Brigid]: Wait you guys, don’t do it here! You will destroy the place!

The engineers who were still franticly writing notes down suddenly grew paler. Originally they all lacked sleep and were already pale but after hearing what Brigid said, some nearly turned into a pure ghostly white.

[Ming]: Fine. Do you guys have a secure area?

The engineer sighed with relief.

[Lawks’ Father]: Yes, we do. Behind the courtyard is actually a large plane that leads up higher into the mountain. We use it as a training area for the larger androids so it’s well fortified to handle heavy loads.

[Ming]: Let’s go then.

Ming inside her new armor walked up nonchalantly to the cage. The cage was a full thirty meter in height. It looked like it weigh tons as the sturdy looking metal can hold back even a berserk lvl 70 beast. With a single hand, Ming casually lifted up the cage like a dish with a tea cup on top. She started to walk toward the area Lawks’ father was pointing towards. Everyone else followed in shock. Only Crule was smiling with glee.

[Crule]: Man, if only we had these in the previous world. Perhaps we may have had a better chance against that bastard.


In the large clearing, Ming tossed the cage casually and it landed with an earth shattering thud. A cloud of dust and dirt was lifted nearly a meter off the ground. But true to his words, the floor stayed unbroken proving Lawks’ father’s word that the place was reinforced.

Everyone stood a few hundred meters away. Close enough to get a good view but far enough as to not attract the attention of the beast.

Brigid set up a camera and started recording to gather information. Everyone was waiting in anticipation. The level of this mobile suit was several times more than Chun Qin, Shin, and Kate’s. It was like comparing a cotton t-shirt to a Kevlar vest. Although the armor of those three could improve their combat power by 300%, Ming’s far outstrips it.

She was going to show them just what a true suit android can do.

[Brigid]: Let’s start.

Ming smiled in her armor and eerie enough, the mouth piece’s permanent grin seem to widen.

She opened the cage and a glass shattering roar boomed in the air as a huge black shadow lunged out of the cage.

[Ming]: You. You are my prey.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

She said with a certain battle crazed hysteria.

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