Antagonist Rewind Chapter 99: Clothes of Deities.

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AR Chapter 99: Clothes of Deities.

The creature was a good twenty meter tall. The loomed over the area like an apartment complex. It looked like a mix between a wild boar and a lizard. Its body structure was oval and strong looking fur covered the main body like a layer of steel. The limbs were prominent and long. They were covered in a layer of scales similar to a snakes. Its eyes were a dark slit lying in the middle of an orange ball. It looked angrily at Ming in her armor.

The beast looked like it had lost all intelligence due to its long period in suspended animation. They may not age but their mind still worked. Not being able to move a single muscle yet having your mind still go on, staying in Crule’s spatial storage was like hell on earth. Its sanity was slowly sapped away over the eons and eons it felt it had stayed in that way. Time moved in a weird way in Crule’s spatial storage.

The insane beast only had instinct left and it deemed the smaller looking Ming a prey. The armor hides her aura pretty well even though she was using it at about 70% capacity.

Upon closer inspection, two gems were embedded on the palms of each gauntlet. These were actually smaller spatial storages made by Crule. They serve as nothing but holding tanks for blood for Ming.

From her palms, the blood gushed out like a liquid serpent. It slowly formed into a long crimson pole axe. Ming got into battle position and aimed her weapon at the beast. The creature couldn’t wait any longer and lunged at her.

Ming dodged out of the way as the creature almost instantly appeared in the area she was just standing. It seems it had some incredible speed. But Ming was even faster. A deep gash suddenly formed on one of the limbs of the beast and a fountain of blood flowed generously from the wound. She manage to cut the arm of the creature whilst dodging.

Having been angered, the beast went on a berserk rampage constantly slamming its limbs at Ming. Its tail also swing back and forth, waiting for a chance to attack. Ming dodged each attack with ease. The beast attacks were so fast, sonic booms were heard each time its limb snapped forth to attack. Each time Ming dodged with acrobatic agility, she left a wound on the beast’s limbs either with her sharp claws, her jagged heels, or her blood pole axe.

The beast soon started slowing down due to blood lose. But it only got more angered. Having lost all sense of security due to having suffered through such a long time in hell, it no longer had any regards in self-preservation.

Normally under such onslaught, without her armor, Ming would be in the same state as Crule when he fought the Gestalt Lynx. But with the boost her armor gave her, the fight was completely one sided. She didn’t even break out a single bead of sweat.

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The permanent grin mocked the lizard pig. The beast’s eyes were becoming hazy due to blood lose but still, it continue to attack Ming.

[Ming]: There, enough of this dexterity demonstration. Let’s now show power.

The green blood flowing through the veins on her armor suddenly sped up. It started to give off a near radioactive glow. The crimson pole axe turned back into liquid as it flow back into Ming’s palms.

Suddenly, the panels on Ming’s shoulder blades opened up revealing what looked like jet boosters.

[Brigid]: Wait a minute, we didn’t install those. Is this even the same armor?! How the hell did her blood even change the components?!

She was uttered confused and shocked.

Ming placed both her palms out in from of her as the tip of her heels elongated and bunkered her down on the ground. It easily sliced into the reinforced ground and blood spread out from it like the roots of a tree. It rapidly solidified and held Ming in place. From her palms, a high pressured wave of blood blasted out with an atmosphere shaking noise. It hit the beast straight on in the face with an equally shattering sound. It penetrated the beast like it was made of tissue paper. The stream of blood traveled straight into the mountain behind the Lawks’ family courtyard and with an earthquake, even dug a hole straight into the mountain.

[Lawks’ father]: NOOO! NOT OUR MOUNTAIN!

He kneeled on the floor holding his head.

The engineer were all on the floor from the earthquake and shock.

[Engineer]: Not like this, not like this.

They seemed to have lost it.

The blood evaporated into a fog of pink. Everywhere the blood touched had pink steam rising out of it.

[Ming]: That took about 1% of my total blood supply but it was quite powerful. To be able to completely dig a hole in the mountain from one side to the other means it has some great penetrating power.

With the support of the jet burners on her back and her feet being rooted into the ground, she didn’t get pushed back by the sheer burst of her attack. The blood retracted from the ground back into her heels and the panel on her back closed back up.

Crule was lost for words. This sort of power was almost at the level of when he first fought Chaos and had to flee. Its power was strong enough to easily wipe out celestial bodies. Their first fight actually resulted in the destruction of several asteroids. If they had fought near Noxia, the planet may have been utterly destroyed.

Brigid stared with glee and amazement.

[Brigid]: This…this is the armor of gods. What have I created…THIS IS AMAZING!

She was jumping with joy.

Chun Qin, Shin, and Kate were staring with their mouth wide open.

[Chun Qin]: I’m starting to feel very insignificant…

[Shin]: No kidding.

[Kate]: Mhm, we really need to catch up with these two kids…

The two men nodded in agreement.


Somewhere out in the middle of nowhere.

[Maximus]: That power surge…I see… But what’s with that couple and lasers? Do they really like lasers that much?

Although Ming’s attack was more like a pressurized beam of blood, its crimson nature make it look like a laser attack anyway. It behaved the same as Crule’s cannon.

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