Black Titan Chapter 1: Unknown Circumstances

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Black Titan Chapter 1: Unknown Circumstances


He couldn’t help but yell out loud causing his voice to echo in the throne room.

“(What’s going on? Why am I back here?! What happened to the attack?!?!)”(Renya)

As if out of instinct he decided to breathe deeply, only to realize.

“Eh? I can breathe?”(Renya)

[Alt Online], as advanced as it is it did not have the ability to mimic the absolute physical state of the body, and that the best its system can do is to mimic the lip movement of the user, blink every now and then and increase the pace of breathing every time that the player would experience heavy physical activities in game.

“Did they improve the system? No that’s impossible, they wouldn’t be able to improve the system without having a complete shutdown. Then what? *sigh*…… Forget it no use thinking about it now.”(Renya)

After calming down Renya decided to leave the throne room. As he pushed the massive door at the entrance he noticed something strange.

[Bloodlust], a [Low Grade lvl 4] passive skill that melee type classes can learn once they reach a certain level or when they kill a certain amount of mobs.

Usually a skill will be categorized into [Low Grade] which ranges from lvl 1-5, then [Medium Grade], lvl 5-10, then [High Grade] which ranges from lvl 10-15, then finally [God Grade] which classifies lvl 15 and above. Unlike the usual VRMMORPGs or just MMORPGs in general where the higher ones level is the higher the grade of the skill is, in [Alt Online] skills of varying grades can be obtained even at a low level, even a [God Grade] is obtainable.

However, to make things fair the lower the level in comparison the the skill used, the higher the backlash encouraging players to use skills in accordance to their levels.

Although faint he sensed genuine [Bloodlust] emanating from behind the door.

“(A player? No, there shouldn’t be anyone in the city. Then what?)”(Renya)

He completely opened the door and walked forward being vigilant to his surroundings, but to no avail he didn’t see anything other than the guards.

“(That’s strange. Only a player should be able to release that kind of bloodlust. Unless…)”(Renya)

He stared at the four rows of [Nocturnal Citadel Elite Guard] before coming up with a hypothesis.

“(Unless it’s coming from the guards. But I don’t remember remember them ever releasing [Bloodlust]. Even before this maintenance they’d only release it once a hostile entity enters their [Aggro Range])”(Renya)

He pondered for a bit before deciding to check the guards [Settings].


Nocturnal Citadel Elite Guard(s)




[Hot Blooded Warrior(s)] [Those Who Value Honor] [Eternal Guard]


[Transcended Half Dragon Kin]


[Elite Guard], [Dragonic Spear Master], [Dragon Magus Apprentice]


An Elite Guard, part of the [Nocturnal Citadel Guard Corps]. Abandoned in an orphanage, they’ve been picked up by [Brutus Pendragon] during his travels and have been raised in [Titan City] ever since. They have trained in the art of the spear since childhood and sworn their eternal loyalty to the [Titan City Lord], they will sacrifice their lives for the city without hesitation.

“(Their background is a bit more intense from what I remember. And the title [Hot blooded Warrior(s)] should be the cause of the [Bloodlust], but still…)”(Renya)

“M’lord is something bothering you?”(???)

While Renya was In the middle of his thoughts a voice that was filled respect and admiration called out, startling him.

Looking at the person who had just spoken, he discovered a man whose height reached a full 2.3 meters and was wearing a fearsome black full body plate armor, had a build that was slightly bulky, and a face is covered by a full face plate making it impossible to see his facial features.

“N, Nothing I was just lost in my thoughts for a bit. Sorry for the trouble Brutus”(Renya)

He replied nervously as cold sweat poured down from his back.

“No need to apologize, M’lord has by no means caused me any trouble.”(Brutus)

He replied in an enthusiastic manner causing Renya to be startled even further. Mustering up his courage he finally replied after calming himself down.

“I see.”(Renya)

Renya replied with a voice that was calmer than before.

“then M’lord please don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything. Now if M’lord will please excuse me.”(Brutus)

After Brutus left Renya’s confusion escalated another level.

“(Dialogue?!?! Since when did my NPCs have dialogue?)”(Renya)

Brutus, One of Renya’s oldest NPCs. He was made to serve as a guard captain as well as a boss level NPC that will protect the castle in case of intruders, however his time to shine never came as no high leveled player ever bothered to raid the floating city as they would either be too busy building their own bases or are in a friendly relationship with Renya.

And even if they did they’re usually lower leveled players and would be taken down by either the high level mobs below the city or by the swarm of titan city soldiers or elementals should they manage to enter the city, making it hard to progress.

As to why Renya didn’t want to call him over to fight against the [Red Sun Alliance], the answer is simple. Brutus is wearing extremely high leveled equipment that Renya had lying around. Sending Brutus over to fight a horde of high level players would be the same as sending a fat juicy pig over to tigers, the same could be said if he were to send any of his other sentinels.

“(The name plate on top of his head seemed to disappear too, even the one on top of the guards disappeared as well. Then…..)”(Renya)

He dashed through the hallway turning right and ending up on the same balcony as before. Using his [Eagle Eye], a [Medium Grade lvl 6] skill that increases the field of vision by 3 folds, he inspected the city. From the streets below to the walls from afar, he saw something that made him smile a broad grin.

It had life. The city had life. No longer was it NPCs walking in a set pattern, walking with the same unmoving face. It was filled with NPCs… no “people” who would greet someone they know when they see them, who would walk in their own individual paces. For the first time Renya felt that the city felt organic, but as joy swelled in his heart a sudden thought entered his mind.

“(Is this still [Alt Online]? Have I traveled into the world of-)”(Renya)

An immense amount of fear struck him at this moment.

“THE ATTACK!!!”(Renya)

Screaming to the top of his lungs, even causing some of the nearby elite guards to tremble slightly . He opened his map but to his surprise, the map, other than [Titan City], was empty. He even observed the direction where [Red Sun Alliance] should be attacking from, but nothing.

He began opening his friends list to see if anyone is there, but to his horror, find that it was completely empty. All his friends that he met and played with for a long time were gone.

He was shocked, shocked speechless due to the fact that the only time this would happen is when a person’s account would get banned or deleted.

“(What happened to everyone?!?!)”(Renya)

The more Renya thought, the more his headache grew. Giving up on the problem he rested his body weight on to the railings, cooling his head for a few minutes. After mustering up his courage, he then went back inside and called Brutus.

“Yes M’lord you called for me?”(Brutus)

“Yeah, I need you to gather the rest of the nine sentinels into the meeting room an hour form now.”(Renya)

Mentioning the word sentinels, the nearby elite guards trembled yet again due to many reasons. One is that the sentinel is a group of high level NPCs that Renya made with his blood, sweat, and tears. Although not the same amount of time it took to make the city, he still made them with the same love and care as well.

Each of them could help him in many ways, either acting as a healer, ranged assist or even a tank whenever he needs them whenever he goes out hunting. Not only that but they can also be tasked to make certain items since each one of them can be considered as a high level player if converted into one.

“I will not disappoint M’lord, please excuse me.”

Although scared and nervous, Renya knows that this is the best course of action to take right now, which is to gather all sentinels into the meeting room to understand how much they’ve changed compared to their lifeless selves. This way he can also ask for their advice on how their future actions will go as well.


[In Front of the Meeting Room]

In the front of the door a group of people are waiting

“So how much time do we have till the one hour is up?”(???)

Asked a beautiful girl with golden brown hair, blue eyes, wearing an elegant white hooded robe decorated with golden rims and had a height that reached around 1.7 meters.

“A few more minutes Charlotte, and it seems everybody has gathered.”(Brutus)

He replied calmly to the woman named Charlotte before sending his glace across the room. What he saw a small group of people with varying races, numbering 10 including himself.

“The time is up, we should be making our entrance”(Brutus)

After speaking, Brutus opened the door leading everyone in the group inside.

Inside was a large room that was around 30 meters in diameter with its surrounding having a similar design to the throne room that Renya was previously in, however the ceiling in this one was higher.

In the middle of the room was large round table that had a total of 12 seats around it, each with a number engraved in the front and behind, the seats looked similar to a throne with all the seats looking identical apart from one that was an actual throne.

On that chair sat Renya with a leaned back posture and a face with a slight smile and was calm as water

“My sentinels, sit down in accordance to your number.”(Renya)

After he spoke the sentinels who stood at the entrance to proceeded to do as Renya ordered. After a few seconds everyone was seated. But for some reason the seat on the right of Renya is empty to which a few of them found troubling

Renya noticing this naturally chuckled.


Called an elf who was 1.94 meters tall and had a handsome face, sharp blue eyes, long blonde colored hair, fair white skin, a slim body, and wore a white robe over his clean set of fine clothes along with a thin pair of glasses.

“Yes Orloth?”(Renya)

“Why is the seat to your left empty?”(Orloth)

“The seat is for the 11th sentinel, it’s only natural that some of you don’t know who she is. But I believe Thali should know her whereabouts.”(Renya)

He said looking at 1.6 meters tall dwarf that had a slim figure, was bald with a strange magic formation tattooed to his forehead, had a long black beard, eyes that had small black pupils that were hard to see, was dressed with a thick black robe and had a pair of black goggles rimmed with magic runes hanging from his neck.

“Indeed, She is currently tasked by Lord Renya to run a short errand and is unfortunately unable to join the meeting.”(Thali)

To his words the sentinels who had their doubts eased, allowing Renya to finally begin the meeting.

“*Ahem* This should be the first time we’ve ever used this room, as we never really had a use for a meeting as no noteworthy problems emerged since the city’s founding.”(Renya)

They all nodded in agreement to Renya’s words

“But, things have changed I believe everyone has realized this? No?”(Renya)

At Renya’s question some of the sentinels could only look and glance at each other with puzzled looks.

“I see. Then in order to better enlighten everyone I will to ask all of you a question.”(Renya)

After a few moments of silence Renya spoke again.

“Then I would like to ask you, what is the world we live in? Laura?”(Renya)

“The [Altinea Continent], a beautiful at the same time cruel place. Where the strong survive and the weak perish.” (Laura)

A woman with hair that gradiate from silver to black, had gold colored eyes, wore a black long sleeve clothing that had a beautiful set of silver armor on top, answered Renya’s question in a swift manner to which he found it fearful at first, before he nodded back.


“My answer is basically same as my sister Laura, the [Altinea Continent], a beautiful place and wonderful place! But I must say this is quite the strange question father, normally I would be the one asking these kinds of questions.”(Charlotte)

She said in a joking manner ending it with a smile to which most of the sentinel let out a small laugh to.

To her joke Renya’s face showed a wry smile.

“(So their Descriptions affected their way of thought.)”(Renya)

He opened her settings in order to make sure his hypothesis was correct.


Charlotte Eastwood




[2nd Sentinel of Titan City], [Lovely Lady with a burning Temper], [Saint],
[Captain of the Elite Healers]


[Transcended Human]


[Divine Healer], [Arch Magus], [Supreme Alchemist]


At birth, her mother died during labor and with her father dead from a previous war, she was taken in by her aunt. Since then she had dreamed of becoming someone who will help all those in need so that no one will suffer the same faith as her. However her peaceful days ended as her village was attacked by bandits, leading to the deaths of a majority of the villagers, including her aunt.
With her aunt killed, and her village destroyed. Charlotte became homeless as her life became a living hell as she struggled for survival in the forest. She spent her days searching for food and running away from monsters until she came across the [Titan City Lord] who took her in. She was raised along with Laura and Brutus by the Lord within the city walls, due to this she came to see the City Lord as her own father and would always call him so. She learned healing magic and reached its peak at a young age as well as having learned other forms of magic to a high level. She enjoys reading and learning and spent most of her childhood in the citadel’s library learning magic. She would also, at times, Learn alchemy from Orloth. She is also assigned to lead as well as teach a group of elite healers


She is someone who is loving and caring, and has a very teaseful and playful side that people can’t come to hate. She loves children very much and would always visit the orphanage whenever she can.

After reading her descriptions he discovered that the option to change her settings has been removed meaning her attitude to him as his “Daughter” will not change. However for some reason he himself didn’t find it all too uncomfortable, in fact he even found it somewhat pleasant. Remembering that this Description was something he made on a whim, back when he was around his early 30s, he made a small chuckle.

After reading her descriptions for a bit he calmed himself down then proceeded to ask another sentinel the question.

“Then Brutus?”(Renya)

“The answer is the same as my sisters, The [Altinea Continent], it is where strong warriors strive for the highest point! Where many different races train and grow strong! Reaching the peak of strength and power! Wher-”(Brutus)

“That’s enough I understand your point.”(Renya)

With Renya cutting off he realized that he was making a scene then turned red from embarrassment, but due to the fact he was wearing a face plate no one was able to see his this. Afterwards Renya glanced at another sentinel.

The one he called this time was 1.5 meters tall chubby dwarf that had short brown hair, a short brown goatee, wore a light brown vest on top of a red buttoned shirt, a white pair of pants and a small monocle on the right eye.


“The [Altinea Continent]! A land where I can make many many riches of course!”(Khali)

His sentence ended with a chuckle, as Renya proceeded to call another sentinel.


“The Altinea Continent, where craftsmen like you and I can perfect their skills.”(Thali)

“(Was that a reference to my crafting level? No it should be similar to the case of Charlotte.)”(Renya)

His doubts lasted for a bit before deciding to ask another.


He stared at the 1.65 meters tall fairy that had short platinum colored hair, gold colored eyes and wore long pure white dress that drapes on the floor which has an open back that exposes her silver colored almost transparent wings.

“Uhm, the [Altinea Continent]! Where fairies roam free and unhindered!”(Prynn)

Her answer almost sounded like an advertisement which made Renya roll his eyes a bit.
To which most sentinels took note of before he asked another one.

“*Ahem*… Then Orloth?”

“The [Altinea Continent] a land where ingredients grow plentiful.”(Orloth)


A 1.97 meters tall handsome man and had a slightly dark skin color with ashen colored short hair, a pair of thick black horns protruding from his forehead, red glowing eyes, and wore a black intricate sleeveless shirt which expose his multiple magic rune tattoos for both arms, a pair of black pants that go loose near the knees, and a set of black plated boots.

“The [Altinea Continent] of course. Where fools and idiots kill and betray each other for the stupidest of reasons.”(Amitiel)

“Right…. (This guy….)“(Renya)

Renya’s words were spoken with a hint of disdain, to which Amitiel seem to not mind, instead smiling broadly revealing his sharp canines. The two locked gazes for a while before Renya glanced away asking another sentinel.


Renya asked as he looked at the 1.89 meters tall dark elf that had silver colored hair which a prepared to be tied into a ponytail, long ears that drooped downwards, dark colored skin, a beautiful face with violet eyes with her mouth covered by a black fabric. She wore a long sleeve shirt with a hooded vest and other assassin like clothing.

“Ah yes, uhm Its The [Altinea Continent], a place where the string devour the weak! No! Wait uhm I believe….. No, that’s not right……..”(Lilith)

As the woman named Lilith mumbles to herself, disregarding the fact that they are in a meeting, the other sentinels watched, not minding the current Lilith, as if it is something that they are used to.

“That’s enough Lilith, I understand your words.”(Renya)

Renya spoke with a calm smile not minding her behavior in order to calm her down.

“S-sorry Lord Renya.”(Lilith)

She answered with teary eyes.

Seeing this, Renya gave a light nod before looking at the last sentinel seated at the seat before the one on his right.

What sat there was a 1.4 meters tall dwarf that had a Long brown braided beard, a long brown ponytail. He wore a white shirt with a brown vest over it, a Dark brown pair of pants, a sturdy pair of boots, and a thick brown apron hanging down his waist dangling with multiple types of hammers from it.

“And last but not the least, Borri.”(Renya)

“Hohoho, the same as everyone! The [Altinea Continent], my opinion about it is the same as my brother Thali of course.”(Borri)

The dwarf Replied merrily even laughing loudly at the end of his answer.

Renya nodded to his simple comment, before becoming silent.

“(I see, so they are exactly how I made them to be. A little stranger, but what I had in mind at the time of making them. However, they’re wrong about one thing that’s for sure.)”(Renya)

Seeing this Renya felt ecstatic inside, but decided to hide it for now as he maintained his calm atmosphere. He sent his gaze around the room before closing them for a bit, opening them again after a few moments.

“Now that I have heard your answers, I would like to point out something first… You’re all wrong.”(Renya)

Saying this, the air of the room changed as everyone changed their previously calm looks into more serious ones.

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