Black Titan Chapter 11: Bandit Attack

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Black Titan Chapter 11: Bandit Attack


With a sudden voice waking him up, he almost fell down from the branch he slept on. He looked down at the person who called him and saw Chris and company.

Noticing that he woke up Chris spoke again.

“It’s almost time for departure, you should eat your breakfast at least.”(Chris)

“Really? What time is it?”(Renya)

“It’s early morning, we’ll depart when everyone is ready. Just eat your meal and get ready so we can depart early.”(Nana)

Renya jumped down from the branch, after landing Little White flew over to her usual spot on his shoulder. Walking over to the fire, he grabbed a clean nearby bowl and spoon. Pouring some of the porridge into his bowl, he began his meal along with Little White.

“You’re quite the heavy sleeper you know that?”(Chris)

He said as they walked closer and sat around the fire.

“Am I?”(Renya)

“I mean, only after we started yelling at did you wake up.”(Chris)

“You’re quite careless out here, even when you sleep you shouldn’t let your guard down. Who knows when a sudden attack might happen, well I guess with your level you’re not really worried about attacks, but you should still be careful.”(Jennifer)

“My bad.”(Renya)

He replied while eating.

“Really careless aren’t you? *Sigh*. We picked up quite the troublesome companion.”(Jennifer)

“Well I guess as long as he can get the job done I’m fine with his ridiculous attitude.”(Nana)

“We’re the ones who invited him to join us in the first place. Besides I think Renya should already know about the dangers of this world with his level and all, in fact he should know about it more than anyone else here.”(Chris)

“Well you’re half right. I just recently arrived in this continent so I don’t know much about this place.”(Renya)

“Really? Then where did you come from?”(Nana)

“Best if I don’t tell you.(You wouldn’t even believe me if I told you that I came from another world.)”(Renya)

Somewhat pouting from his reply Nana spoke.

“Just finish your meal so we can reach [Ostwald City] faster!”(Nana)

After a while, he finished his meal and began making preparations. The escort mission resumed with us guarding the rear caravan.

Much Like yesterday, he sent Little White on rounds to survey the area around them. Their journey remained uneventful with the occasional attack from low leveled monsters.

After a few days of getting along with Chris and the others, they arrived at a tall grass plain with a few trees here and there.

The peaceful journey ended as Little White finally found some suspicious activity a few kilometers ahead of them. Flying back to Renya she made a loud cry to signal that something is wrong. Her sudden behavior made Chris and the rest of them somewhat surprised.

“What is it?”(Renya)

After asking, Little White began making body gestures. Unable to understand what she is doing he opened a window to the side.

Little White has discovered large amounts of suspicious humanoid activity ahead.

Threat level: Extremely Low

Distance away: 3.7 Kilometers

“Where are they?”(Renya)

Little White looked at the direction where the carriages forward.

“What did she say?”(Chris)

“Some activities up ahead, around four kilometers ahead of the caravan.”(Renya)

“Are you sure?”(Jennifer)

“Pretty sure.”(Renya)

As he was about to run to the front to warn the others a sudden voice stopped him.

“What do you mean?”(???)

The carriage’s driver spoke after hearing their conversation, not long after a few of the hunters began coming over to listen.

“She discovered suspicious activity around four kilometers ahead.”(Renya)

He said looking at Little White who had a somewhat triumphant look.

“Bandits?”(Male Hunter)

“I’m not certain, but it most likely is.”(Renya)

“I’m gonna warn the others, you should ready your weapons in case they attack.”(Renya)

After speaking Renya darted towards the front most carriage.

“Where’s Charles?”(Renya)

“What do you need him for?”(???)

A tall hunter wielding a two short swords replied.

“There’s activity ahead, most likely bandits.”(Renya)

Hearing his words the tall hunter ran to the frontal carriage where Charles is in. He returned a moment later, asking Renya to come with him to Charles.

“How can you be sure?”(Charles)

“She seen it.”(Renya)

He said pointing at the white owl.

“That owl? Well I’ve seen her fly over us a couple times already, I’ll trust your report. Even if there are no bandits it wouldn’t matter, better safe than sorry.”(Charles)

After hearing his report Charles began making commands to prepare for the battle ahead. Not long after, a few people wearing hunter like clothing walked towards us.

“Are you travelers heading to [Ostwald City]?”(???)

One of the suspicious hunters spoke.

“Yes, why ask?”(Charles)

“Are you perhaps merchants?”(???)

“Why does it matter to you?”(Charles)

Unbeknownst to Charles, a several dozen figures began stealthily moving across the tall grasses. The instant Renya noticed something wrong he opened his [Demon Eyes], allowing him to see the figures all around them.

All of the sudden, Renya pulled out his bow nocking an arrow and shooting at the suspicious hunter’s kneecap making the arrow pierce all the way through with its tip protruding out his leg causing him to fall down. With this Little White flew into the sky and prepared for an attack.

Although surprised at Renya’s sudden actions, Charles seen through the bandit’s act and began issuing commands to prepare for a battle.

Not wasting his time, Renya shot another arrow towards the other bandit’s kneecap disabling both of the bandits. After the arrow hit he began nocking another arrow to aim at one of the nearest bandits in the tall grass.

With [Demon Eyes] highlighting the bandits, shooting at them became much easier. He shot arrow after arrow decreasing their numbers but unfortunately he was only one man, the numbers of the bandits must’ve exceeded 50+ and by the time he disabled five of them, the bandits already surrounded them and began their attack.

Charging forward, some of the stronger hunters managed to fend them off, but the weaker hunters began having trouble fending off two at the same time. After using [Inspect] on everyone he realized that the bandit’s levels were slightly higher than theirs. Thankfully Little White assisted everyone by providing support via sneak attacks.

Seeing this, Renya began using [Multi Shot] a [Low Grade lvl 3] skill. All of the sudden his bow had 4 illusionary arrows appear around his currently nocked arrow, as he shot the arrow the rest of the illusionary arrows followed after branching of to their own individual targets.

In the distance, Chris and the girls began fighting the bandits that made it to the rear carriage. Lucky for them, the amount of bandits attack them are significantly less compared to the frontal carriage. With Chris as the vanguard and Nana and Jennifer attacking every time they see an opportunity, their group was doing fine even without Renya’s help.

While Renya and the rest fend off the bandits, Charles hid inside his carriage, not wanting to be attacked. All of the sudden a fireball flew directly at Renya, dodging by twisting his body, using as minimal movements as possible he shouted while the fire ball hit one of the wagons causing a small fire.

“They have mages!”(Renya)

With the sudden news, the rest of the hunters became even more vigilant with some of their mages casting water magic to extinguish the fires. With his priorities changing from disabling bandits to stopping the mages, he began rushing to where the fireball came from.

Seeing Renya charge to the mages, the bandits nearby ran towards Renya blocking his way causing him to stop. With a bandit brandishing his sword then slashing downward, he parried the attack using the upper limb of his bow. He grabbed an arrow from his quiver then stabbed it deep into his left thigh.

Not waiting for Renya to react, the rest of the bandits began attacking him. Skillfully using his bow as if it was a sword, he parried their attacks as they came using every opportunity to pull out an arrow then stabbing it in their thighs and at times kneecaps avoiding their vitals.

In a short while, Renya managed to subdue a total of 7 bandits before he began charging again to the mages. Seeing his pursuit the mages changed their target from the carriages to Renya.

With fireballs and other kinds of spells flying at him, his task became all the more difficult. Nonetheless, he still managed to just barely dodge all the spells. Not a moment after, he arrived where the Mages are firing their magic. As he arrived he discovered that they numbered around 10+ making him irritated.

Not wasting time, he dashed to the nearest mage sending his knee into his stomach causing him to fall to the ground convulsing before fainting. Seeing this scene, the mages in the vicinity momentarily stopped their barrage of spells before aiming directly at Renya without caring about the mage he just took down nearby.

With spells flying at him, he kicked the ground sending his body forward to the next mage doing the same as before. Unfortunately, unlike before where he could anticipate their barrage of spells since he can see them for a good period of time before they hit, he wasn’t able to dodge all of the spells this time since they’re at such a close range giving less time to react.

Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.


Getting hit by a fire ball, his body got pushed back, making him clench his teeth in pain as well as take two steps backwards before rushing towards another mage.

He said as he sent a punch to a nearby mage’s face, making the mage hit the others behind him.

Unlike in [Alt Online] where you can adjust the amount of pain you experience, realty is a whole lot different. Although this type of pain should be unbearable to someone like Renya, he manages to bear with it since he had his pain sensors in [Alt Online] set to a high level in order to make him dodge better back when he was still a beginner years ago.

After spending a good amount of time beating the mages, he finally managed to subdue all of them. Tying them up he ran back to the carriages to see the situation.

Surprisingly the hunters back near the carriages managed to do fine. After fending the bandits off for a while, the last remaining few finally retreated leaving a large number of either unconscious or dead bandits.

Although the amount of injuries were large, there were none who actually died making a good conclusion to the fight.

Heading back while dragging the mages, Charles and the tall hunter greeted him with Little White who has finished her job landing on his left shoulder.

“I see you’ve been busy.”(Charles)

“Not enough to make me sweat.”(Renya)

He said as he placed the tied up mages near where the rest of the bandits were.

“I must say, your contributions are significantly more than the rest of the people here. And for that I think I should increase your pay, won’t you agree?”(Charles)

“I’m gonna have to decline on that offer. By the way, what are you gonna do with them?”(Renya)

He said as he pointed at the unconscious bandits behind him.

“Well, although we could take them with us and claim a bounty on them, that will take up space on our already limited carriage. Besides, bringing them with us will cause more trouble than leaving them here, we don’t even know if their bounty is worth all the trouble. So what we’ll do is take all their valuables and weapons, then leave them here.”(Charles)

“Fair enough.”(Renya)

He said as he left for the rear carriage.


His sudden words made Renya stop in his tracks.

“I noticed that most of the people you’ve attacked are still alive. I mean, if you positions were reversed, I doubt they’ll let you live, why so?”(Charles)

“Whether they live or die, is not something for me to decide after meeting them once. However, if they still persist on killing me after I gave them a chance, then death is the only thing that will await them.”(Renya)


After their brief exchange, Renya went back to the rear carriage.

“Oh! You’re actually pretty good! I guess we didn’t make the wrong decision having you in our team, and I have to thank Little White for her help.”(Chris)

He said with a joyful expression. Little White had a triumphant look while Renya looked at them and saw that they only had light injuries with Maria having been unscathed.

“Of course he is. Anyone whose managed to reach such a level would atleast be this competent.”(Jennifer)

She said with a hint of disdain.

“I don’t know if that was a compliment or an insult. Anyways you should go rest.”(Renya)

“Will do after we finish cleaning up the aftermath of the battle.”(Chris)

He said as he looted a nearby bandit’s belongings. When he did, Nana and the two girls began collecting all the valuables, storing them in their bags. As for Renya however, he doesn’t have interest on such cheap items.

Having nothing to do he decided to drag the rest of bandits onto one spot to clear out the road. After a while they finally finished, allowing them to continue their journey after resting for a while. Although there were a lot of injuries, they were mostly flesh wounds allowing them to walk.

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