Black Titan Chapter 12: Ostwald City

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Black Titan Chapter 12: Ostwald City

Just like that, their journey was coming to an end after traveling for another few days. Apart from the first encounter with the bandits, nothing much happened other than a few attacks by low leveled monsters and thanks to Little White’s constant watch on their surroundings, their journey became all the more safe.

It was around early morning when they were about to catch sight of [Ostwald City] when a sudden group of people wearing identical sets of full plate armor greeted them. The armor they wore was made with a somewhat reflective material giving it a grandeur shine. Since Renya and company were assigned to the back, they weren’t able to hear what they were talking about.

“The army?”(Renya)

“They should belong to the [Aelynn Empire], look at their insignia.”(Jennifer)

She said pointing at one of the knights, Renya, Little White, as well as Chris and the two girls looked at the direction she was pointing at.

By using [Eagle Eye], he managed to observe the insignia in greater detail. It was the side portrait of a golden dragon on circular decorative badge. The dragon had short horns and appeared to be a Golden Scaled Dragon, a level 130 dragon monster.

As to how Renya recognized it immediately was because it was a dragon that he and his friends would frequently hunt due to its scales which sold for a large sum allowing him to fund [Titan City]’s construction.

The moment he realized what it was, he let out an awkward chuckle causing Chris and company to look at him with a confused glare, to which he smiled wryly to.

“*Ahem*. I’m guessing this is because of the marriage or something that should be happening a week from now.”(Renya)

“They don’t want any incidents happening during the marriage, of course their gonna start increasing the security of the city.”(Chris)

“Well I guess it’s understandable. Actually I never asked why you guys wanted to come here in the first place.”(Renya)

“Well, my family lives here, the same for the rest of them actually.”(Chris)

“I see.”(Renya)

Throughout the mission, Renya would chat with Chris and the others every now and then, increasing their intimacy even if it was just a little bit. He discovered that they are good childhood friends that became hunters to either support their families or simply because they enjoyed such a life. Of course, their conversations usually consisted about them asking Renya for a bit of advice to which he naturally gives, they are party members after all.

“So what will you do after you arrive in the city?”(Nana)

“Of course I’m gonna have to find an Inn. Can’t be sleeping in the streets now can I?”(Renya)

“No not that kinda stuff! As in what are you going to do apart from temporarily settling in?”(Nana)

“Well I guess I’m gonna accept a few more missi-.”(Renya)

“Wait for us if you’re going to hunt! Just go around the city and tour around it. Actually I think Maria has nothing to do since Chris can just visit their homes in her place.”(Nana)

She said turning her head to the quiet Maria.

“I know! Why don’t you show Renya around the city Maria?”(Nana)

“I don’t mind.”(Maria)

“Good! Then Maria will guide Renya around the City while we visit our families.”(Nana)

“Are you really okay with this Maria?”(Chris)

He said walking up to Maria.

“I don’t mind as long as he doesn’t mind it too.”(Maria)

She said turning her small head to Renya.

“Well, it’s better than having nothing to do all day. Why not?”(Renya)

“Then its settled!”(Nana)

Before they realized it, the knights has already reached their carriage and asked the carriage driver to allow them to inspect its contents, to which the driver allowed them to.

The knights then proceeded to ask Renya and the other hunters to back away politely as they began their inspection. Fortunately they asked nicely making Renya and the rest willing to. Opening the entrance, they began thoroughly searching all the carriages nooks and crannies

They finished their search, returning everything to the way they were before leaving to join the rest of the knights in the frontal carriage. However, just before they left, one of the stronger knights sent a second glance to Renya, to which he reacts to by remaining calm, not flinching one bit giving the knight a surprise, making him smile behind his face plate.

“Do you know each other?”(Jennifer)

She asked as she noticed the small exchange between the two.

“What do you mean?”(Chris)

“No, from his aura I can tell that he should at least be level 50+.”(Rena)

“I see, you better not make trouble then. He should have a high position in the army if he’s reached that level.”(Jennifer)

“I know.”(Renya)

After the knights finished their inspection, they allowed them to proceed to the city. At the entrance, they were greeted by a few guards welcoming them to the city.

As one would expect of a city that is having such a joyous occasion, the overall atmosphere was lively. Every street they pass would have a few people either drinking or talking happily. Not only that, but [Ostwald City] itself is a beautiful city, increasing this sort of atmosphere. As contrast to [Titan City]’s beautiful structures that give a fantasy like feel, [Ostwald City] gave a more formal and European look.

They went around the city before stopping at a specific shop. When the carriages stop, Charles gathered every hunter that participated the escort and began giving them their pay. Surprisingly, the pay they received was higher than what they were promised which was 2 gold and 10 silver, although not much, but an increase of 40 silver making it 2 gold and 50 silver made all of the hunters happy. After the distributions they left satisfied.

Just like what they’ve planned earlier, Chris, Jennifer, and Nana all left to see their families, leaving Renya and Maria alone together.

“Now what would you like to see first?”(Maria)

“The [Hunter’s Guild] please.”(Renya)

“Alright follow me.”(Maria)

They walked around the city, but due to Little White’s appearance, they’ve attracted quite a lot of attention, especially children’s. Every now and then a child would start pointing happily at Little White, but would find it hard to approach due to Renya’s appearance.

Along the way a girl approached Maria and Renya.


Said a cute looking girl around 15 years old who had brown hair along with pigtails. She wore a red blouse and a black knee long skirt.


She responded happily in contrast to her usually quiet demeanor.

“How have you been! I haven’t seen you in the city for quite a long time.”(Cassie)

“I’m doing fine, I was with my brother in the [Town of Velka] hunting.”(Maria)

“I see, whose he? Ah! What a cute owl! What’s his name?”(Cassie)

“It’s a she, he’s Renya and the owl is Little White. We met in the [Town of Velka] and he’s also my party’s archer, he’s pretty strong too.”(Maria)

After her introduction Renya waved as a greeting.

“I see! Why are you two all alone by the way?”(Cassie)

“Well, It’s been decided that I will be the one to show him around the city since I had free time and all.”(Maria)

“I see. Hey, mind if I tag along?”(Cassie)

“I don’t mind but I don’t know about him.”(Maria)

She said looking at Renya.

“I don’t really mind, as long as you can show me a majority of the city its fine with me.”(Renya)

They continued their way to the city’s [Hunter’s Guild], only taking them a few minutes before they reached it since it was surprisingly close.

The building, unlike the one in the [Town of Velka], was much larger, standing in at least around 50 meters and was around 40 meters in width.

Entering the building, they were greeted with a large amount of stares, fortunately it was lesser compared to the one in the previous building as a majority of them were too busy minding their own business.

They walked up to the long table counter that had multiple receptionists on standby with most of them dealing with hunters. He rang the desk bell to signal the receptionist.

“You’re not going to accept a mission are you?”(Maria)

“What do you mean?”(Cassie)

“Before joining us, he actually hunts alone. His reason for joining our party was pretty simple. He said that hunting alone is quite boring so he said ‘Why not?’.”(Maria)

“Quite the interesting guy. *hehe*”(Cassie)

“Anyways, are you going to accept a mission?”(Maria)

“I won’t, I just wanna take a look at the available mission, that’s all.”(Renya)

All of the sudden a middle aged man with brown hair greeted them. Although he was surprised with Little White, he quickly regained his composure.

“Welcome to the [Hunter’s Guild] How may I help you?”(???)

“I’d like to see the available missions for [Rank: B] hunters.”(Renya)

“Please show me your card or identification to verify your rank.”(Receptionist Man)

Hearing his words Renya grabbed the card from his bag and passed it to the man. While all of this was happening, Cassie and Maria began chatting amongst themselves.

“[Rank: B]!?!? How on earth did you get someone like him to join your party? Isn’t your party [Rank: D]? ”(Cassie)

“Of course not! We managed to rank up to [Rank: C] a few weeks ago.”(Maria)

“But still, he’s still a rank higher than you guys.”(Maria)

“I already explained why he joined us!”(Maria)

“(She surprisingly acts childish in front of friends. I guess that’s the kind of girl she is.)”(Renya)

He thought as he listened to their conversation while he waits.

“It’s been confirmed, please head over to the mission board to view the missions available to your rank.”(Receptionist Man)

He said pointing over to the right where a huge board can be seen. After giving it a quick overview, they left after giving the receptionist a goodbye.

After leaving the building Maria finally spoke.

“Where do you want to go now?”(Maria)


As he was about to finish his words his stomach let out a loud growl, signaling his current hunger.

Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“A good restaurant it is.”(Maria)

Hearing her words, Little White became overjoyed since she was quite sick of eating low quality rations and wanted good quality food.

Just like what Maria said, they went over to a good restaurant that was recommended by Cassie. The restaurant was named [White Dove]. The inside had a white color scheme, making the restaurant look clean.

“What a cute owl! *Ahem*. Welcome to the [White Dove]! Cassie! How are you today?”(Waitress)

“I’m doing fine.”(Cassie)

She replied in a friendly manner.

“(No wonder she recommended this place.)”(Renya)

As Renya thought to himself they were guided to a table. Taking a seat, Renya noticed that a majority of the customers were females and that the males were usually here together with a female friend or lover. Since Renya came to this restaurant with such an adorable owl, he became the topic of conversation to a few of the people there.

Picking up the menu, he began looking through the foods that would interest him.

“Renya, why are you even wearing that face mask?”(Cassie)

“For convenience.”(Renya)

“Convenience how?”(Cassie)

“I don’t have to explain everything to you do I?”(Renya)


While they were having a small chat, a waitress came over to get their orders. While Cassie and Maria picked two soup dishes, Renya picked two servings of a dish that had a lot of meat.

After they finished ordering, Little White flew from his left shoulder to the top of the table.

“Little White seems pretty smart for an owl. Are you a [Monster Tamer] by chance?”(Cassie)

“What do you mean?”(Renya)

“I mean, she looks as if she can understand human language, plus she’s pretty obedient, for a monster that’s not on a slave contract.”(Cassie)

“Well that’s true. I guess it has something to do with the fact that we’ve been together for such a long time.”(Renya)

“How did you meet?”(Cassie)


Their meals arrived as Renya began retelling the story of how the two of them met. They then continued showing Renya around the town after they finished their meals.

“What else do you want to see?”(Maria)

“What about that huge church like building over there?”(Renya)

He said pointing at one of the massive structures that pokes out despite all the buildings in the area.

“That’s the Cathedral of the [Church of Lux]. It’s where the marriage between the two country prince and princess is taking place.”(Cassie)

“Let’s go there! I’ve also been wanting to see the cathedral for a while.”(Maria)

“([Church of Lux]? Why does it sound so familiar?)”(Renya)

As Renya was lost in thought, he was suddenly dragged by Cassie and Maria towards the cathedral. Not long after, The three of them managed to arrive at the cathedral.

The cathedral itself is massive, even bigger than the [Hunter’s Guild]’s building and much like all of the city’s structure, its color consists of almost entirely white giving it an elegant look. Around the entrance of the cathedral stood a number of people.

In the crowd of people, Renya spots a familiar figure and the figure does so as well. It was the knight from this morning

They lock gaze ignoring everyone else around them as the knight slowly made his way towards Renya, ignoring the man he was just talking to.

“Hello, I believe we’ve met before.”(Knight)

He said as he removed the helmet he’s wearing, revealing a handsome young man. He had short blonde hair and wore a charismatic smile that would be hard to hate.

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