Black Titan Chapter 13: Second Prince

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Black Titan Chapter 13: Second Prince

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“Hello, I believe we’ve met before.”(Knight)

The handsome man with short blonde hair said after he arrived a few meters before Renya. His words contained a hint of charm in it, making Renya feel uncomfortable.

“From before yes.”(Renya)

He replied as the two locked gazes. As Cassie and Maria realized what was going on, they became stupefied as they recognized who the knight was.

““The prince!””(Cassie and Maria)

They shouted at the same time but quickly quieted down.

Their reactions startled Renya when he heard the word ‘prince’, thankfully he was covering half his face, making him look as if he was maintaining his somewhat calm demeanor.

“Prince? So you were the prince, I’m assuming you’re of the [Aelynn Empire] due to the insignia on your armor.”(Renya)

“You are correct, but I believe you’re not from around here?”(Prince)

“Indeed, actually I’ve just recently entered the continent.”(Renya)

“No wonder you don’t recognize me, I believe we’ve yet to introduce ourselves?”(Michael)

“Then I guess I should introduce myself first. I am Renya, a hunter and this is Little White.”(Renya)

He said looking at the white owl who had a cautious look on his left shoulder before returning his stare back onto the prince.

“I’m Michael, the second prince of the [Aelynn Empire]. It is a pleasure to meet you both.”(Michael)

He smiled at the owl and ended his introduction with a slight bow, causing the surrounding spectators to be quite surprised.

“Then what does the prince want with a lowly hunter like me?”(Renya)

He asked with a fierce glare.

“I wouldn’t think of you as a lowly hunter. The fact that your level should be around mine, if not higher would be enough to tell me that you’re no ordinary man.”(Michael)

“You’re flattering me.”(Renya)

Unconsciously Renya felt that the prince was a man who was easy to get along with, however he still felt that this prince had hidden intentions, making it hard for him to trust him. They are strangers to one another after all.

“*Ahem*. No need to be so cautious, I don’t have any ill intentions towards you. Actually why don’t we continue this talk in somewhere more private? That is if you have the time for it of course.”(Michael)

“I don’t mind, as long as they are allowed to follow, they are my guides to the city after all.”(Renya)

“I see no harm in doing so, please follow me.”(Michael)

He said as he guided Renya and the two girls inside the cathedral. After a while, they’ve arrived in a private room.

Going inside, they saw a few maids on standby as well as two sofas facing each other with a coffee table that had some snacks on it in the middle, the room was well lit and had a royal feel to it. After they entered, Michael had them sit on one of the sofas while he sat on the other side.

“Now that we’re somewhere private, may I ask as to why the prince would be interested in me? I don’t remember ever doing anything to catch your attention. Besides, what is the country’s prince doing inspecting carriages of all things.”(Renya)

He said as he crossed his arms in his chest with a fierce look in his eyes which caused some of the maids nearby to be displeased with his attitude, fortunately the prince appeared to not mind his behavior and said his reply.

“Straightforward aren’t you? Actually, just your existence alone is enough to draw me in. Any person who reached level 50+ is either a well-known man, or a powerful figure in both countries. But then there’s you. As for the carriages, I can’t let anything bad happen to my wedding now can I?”(Michael)

“True, but I’m guessing that you want to convince me to your join your country’s force.”(Renya)

< < Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Maintaining his demeanor, he made a somewhat rude remark causing the nearby maids to become even more infuriated. After hearing his, Michael let out an amusing laugh.

“Assuming things now aren’t we? Well I won’t lie to say I never had such intentions, but having surplus strength is always good however I did not invite you over for such things. Since you just recently came to the [Helia Continent], your fame should not be that high. But I doubt things will stay that way so I wanted to hopefully build a good relationship as early as I can.”(Michael)

“Oh? I feel that you’re not telling me all that there is to it. Besides you barely even know me I doubt inviting me to join your forces would be a good move.”(Renya)

He replied in a questioning tone, making Michael smile revealing his clean white teeth.

“Indeed, one of the reasons I’m doing this is because the help of an individual like you in the near future is going to be quite priceless. As for why I’m not doubting you is because you seem to be a good man like myself. ”(Michael)

“Good man, on what basis?”(Renya)

“That owl on shoulder is quite the obedient fellow, and I’m not seeing any signs of him being on a slave contract meaning you legitimately tamed her, and the two girls you are with are people I’m quite familiar with.”(Michael)

He said looking at Little White then glancing over to the two girls, Little White tilted her head giving a confused look while the two girls who remained silent before Renya replied.

“It’s a she, and I see your point. But is that all there is to it?”(Renya)

“I’m sorry for my mistake. *Ahem*. Actually I have an intuition that you’re not the type of man to do something that you’ll regret. Is that enough to clear your doubts?”(Michael)

“For now, back to what you’ve said about the near future. Does it have something to do with the increase of the demonic activities happening in the Western Region?”(Renya)

“Yes, it’s also the reason why we’re having the alliance now, and my marriage to the princess of the [Notus Empire] is one of the many things we have to do in order to solidify the cooperation of both countries. I’m surprised you see that far into my intentions, I can appreciate a smart man like you. So what do you say?”(Michael)

“I don’t mind it if it’s this much, besides, since I’m staying in this continent for a while, it’s affairs will eventually find its way to get me involved one way or another.”(Renya)

“Good! Then please accept this as a token of our friendship.”(Michael)

He said as he threw a badge that had the [Aelynn Empire]’s insignia carved onto it. It had a strange luster to it that made it shine like a mirror.

“This is?”(Renya)

He said looking at the badge he just caught.

“It’s a badge that signifies that your related to the royal family in one way or another. And don’t even think about giving it to someone else, its magic will latch on to the mana of next person that touches it that isn’t part of the royal family. Meaning it will only reveal that unique luster as long as you hold it, the moment another touches it, it’ll lose that luster. Don’t worry, if you touch it again it will return its original luster since your mana is already embedded into it.”(Michael)

“I assume this is something that will grant me special privilege in both countries.”(Renya)

“It also serves as a way for me to contact you, in case I do need your help.”(Michael)

“I see, then we should get going. It’s getting pretty late.”(Renya)

He said while he stored the badge into his bag

“I won’t bother you further. Show them the way out Hilda.”(Michael)

He said as a woman wearing a maid’s outfit came over, she had black hair tied into a bun with a few strands somewhat loose. She bowed and showed them the way out of the cathedral.

The moment they got out, Cassie and Maria started bombarding Renya with questions.

“Why did you accept his offer? I know he’s the prince and all but still.”(Maria)

“Well, he didn’t seem all that bad. Besides the badge he gave could come in handy in the future.”(Renya)

“You seemed pretty calm when talking to the prince, have you dealt with that kind of situation before?”(Cassie)

“More or less. (But I don’t think corporate bosses count as royalty.)”(Renya)

“You also got that badge.”(Cassie)

“Is it such a big deal? A lot of people should have this kind of thing if he can just give this to a person he just met in a single day.”(Renya)

“Of course not! That badge is only given to either well-known or powerful people who are associated with the [Aelynn Empire]’s royal family, why did he want give you one anyways? I know he mentioned something about your level, tell me!”(Cassie)

She said hurriedly, with a hint of envy on her expression which made Renya silent.

“It’s 67, calm down Cassie.”(Maria)

“Huh? Isn’t he just [Rank: B]?”(Cassie)

She asked doubtingly, as if refusing to believe the words that came out of Maria’s mouth.

“It’s true, I just registered a few weeks ago. Anyways, the sun is already setting can you show me a good inn?”(Renya)

“Alright follow me, I happen to know a good one.”(Cassie)

After speaking she guided the rest of them to an inn called [Green Horn Inn]. Walking to the entrance, Renya discovered that there were a lot of people, mostly hunters, going in and out of the inn. As for the Inn itself, it had a western feel making it stand out from all the European styled buildings.

“Is this an inn for hunters?”(Renya)

“You can call it that, I mean, a majority of their customers are hunters and due to the discount if you’re form the [Hunter’s Guild], their services focus on aiding hunters mostly but of course there are the occasional merchants but they’re somewhat rare.”(Cassie)

“Why do you sound as if you know a lot about the place?”(Renya)

“Well my family does own the place, along with the rest of the places we visited, excluding the cathedral of course.”(Cassie)

She said revealing a mischievous smile which made Renya glance at Maria who was acting as if she had nothing to do with it.

“Fine, I’ll stay in this place. By the way do you want me to escort you two back? It’s already so late after all.”(Renya)

“Why don’t you just escort us to a good restaurant to have dinner? Watching your ridiculous exploits really made me hungry.”(Cassie)

“I don’t mind, I’m also getting pretty hungry, what do you say Maria?”(Renya)

He said looking over at Maria who gave a slight nod saying.

“I’m fine with it.”(Maria)

“Then It’s settled, follow me I know a good place nearby.”(Cassie)

Her mischievous smile returned as she began guiding them to a restaurant.

Now that the sun has set and the city has turned the street lamps on, Little White stood out more than ever since her white feathers gave a faint gleam making a few people stare at her feathers.

Much like what Cassie said, the restaurant really was nearby as they arrived there after a single turn down the street. Looking at the restaurant from the outside, it had a completely different feel from the previous one. It had a western feel to it much like the [Green Horn Inn] did.

Upon closer inspection Renya discovered that the restaurant’s name was [Green Horn Restaurant].

“I can tell that your family also owns this place.”(Renya)

“Yes, c’mon inside I’m starving!”(Cassie)

She said dragging both of them inside causing Little White who was on Renya’s shoulder to be disheveled. With their sudden entrance, the waiter waiting outside for customers became startled but regained his composure when he saw Cassie.

“Welcome to the [Green Horn Restaurant]. Please enjoy your stay.”(Waiter)

After the waiter greeted them, Cassie continued dragging them onto the nearby empty table. Not even waiting for Renya and Maria, Cassie began calling over a waitress then placed an order immediately after she arrived making Renya and Maria to make an order.

“Two servings of your recommended meat dish.”(Renya)

“I’ll have what she’s having.”(Cassie)

Hearing their orders, she left the table, leaving the two people somewhat upset on not being able to place a proper order. As it was too quiet, Renya began to ask Cassie a question.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“So what is your family, Cassie?”(Renya)

“My family? Well my dad is supposedly an entrepreneur who owns a lot of businesses, stores and restaurants. My mother is a secretary who helps my dad in his job and my older brothers and sister inherited a few of the business and stores my dad owns lessening his burden.”(Cassie)

“Then what about you?”(Renya)

“Well I’m not old enough to inherit one of dad’s business and I’m still learning.”(Cassie)

“You seem pretty carefree with a family like that.”(Renya)

“You could say that.”(Cassie)

After finished their chat, they waited a few more minutes before their meal arrived. As usual Little White flew down from his shoulder and began devouring her meal. They only had a small exchange of words throughout the meal before it ended.

Paying for their meals, Maria reminded Renya to be in the [Hunter’s Guild] early in the morning. To which Renya nods to returning back to the [Green Horn Inn].

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