Black Titan Chapter 14: Small Reveal

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Black Titan Chapter 14: Small Reveal

Walking back to the inn, he noticed that there seemed to be a lot more people entering compared to those exiting. Making his way to the counter, he had to wait in line for a short time before he could ask for a room.

But due to his rather shady appearance, a few people in line began focusing their attention to him as well as the white owl on his shoulder. Noticing their stares, Little White turned her head a full 180° to look at the people who were staring at her. This caused a few people to be startled, with a few females finding her action to be cute.

Finally reaching the inn keeper’s desk, he seemed to be a calm man who didn’t seem fazed by Renya’s appearance.

“So how much for a night?”(Renya)

“I’m guessing you’re not from around here. It’s two silver a night, an extra silver and 50 copper if you want meals, but if you’re part of the [Hunter’s Guild] you get a discount of 20 coppers. We also provide services for repairing equipment, for a price of course.”(Inn Keeper)

He said in a calm voice as he sized up Renya’s equipment.

“5 days, no meals.”(Renya)

He said as he handed 9 silvers along with his [Hunter’s Guild] card. Just like before, he didn’t seem to be surprised with his rank and just handed him his key while giving him directions.

“Here’s your key, your room should be in the third floor.”(Inn Keeper)

Accepting the key with a nod Renya began making his way to his room. On the way, he noticed that a few of the hunters he passed by weren’t wearing a majority of their equipment and appeared to be heading down stairs to have their meals.

Reaching his room, Renya entered it with the key he was provided with. Upon going inside, he noticed that compared to the previous inn he was in, this was a lot better. The room was bigger, it had no windows however and much like the previous inn, there was a table and two chairs as well as a small chest to store items. There was also a bath room, but it was rather small, enough for a single person to bathe in as there was a small tub can be refiled by a magic tool.

Feeling that it’s been a while since he last took a proper bath, Renya went inside after removing his equipment, seeing him strip made Little White somewhat shy as she flew across the other side of the room, looking away from Renya.

After his bath, Renya equipped some normal clothes he had prepared for beforehand. Finally sitting on the bed, he found that it was a lot softer too, but didn’t pay too much attention to it as he grabbed the small stone from his bag and began pouring mana into it.

Not long after a sudden voice entered his mind.

“<Lord Renya? To what do I owe this honor?>”(???)

He said in a humorous manner.

“Enough of your nonsense Amitiel, where’s Charlotte? Actually never mind, I need to ask you a few questions.”(Renya)

“<Heh, to think that Charlotte was your favorite, well she is your daughter.>”(Amitiel)

“*Ahem*. Amitiel.”(Renya)

“<Of course. Please ask away Lord Renya.>”(Amitiel)

“I’m assuming your men has already gathered a lot of information by now.”(Renya)

“<Indeed they have, we have successfully infiltrated a majority of the nearby cities and towns, we have a proper grasp on the current situation of the continent. As for the other two continents however, we’ve only managed to gather enough to get a general overview on them.>”(Amitiel)

“Good. Then do you have any information concerning the second prince of the [Aelynn Empire]?”(Renya)

“<Now this is a bit sudden. Did you run into him in your travels? Actually I have received news from one of my units that you recently entered [Ostwald City].>”(Amitiel)

“Yeah, he gave me the [Aelynn Empire]’s badge or something. He said it as a token of friendship.”(Renya)

“<I see, you’ve just recently entered the country and a few ‘powerful’ people have already got their eye on you, to what level did you limit yourself again?>” (Amitiel)

He said giving a sarcastic emphasis on the word ‘powerful’.

“67, apparently it’s still pretty high.”(Renya)

“<Of course it is, once a person reaches level 40 in this world, the difficulty of leveling up increases as well. I found records stating that the most powerful existences in this world have only reached around level 120 as far as legends go.>”(Amitiel)

“Then who’s the person with the highest level in the continent?”(Renya)

“<The highest we’ve come across is 84, it’s some old hunter nicknamed ‘Darell the Behemoth’ although I doubt that he’s as strong as the rumors make him out to be. I believe there should be people who are more powerful than him, since he’s just the most well-known as he’s a registered hunter. There are bound to be people hiding all over the continent who’re stronger.>”(Amiriel)

He said in a bored manner as if they didn’t sound all that amusing to him.

“I’ll keep that in mind. Now back to Michael.”(Renya)

“<Ahh yes, Michael. He’s the second prince that is to be married to the [Notus Empire]’s princess as his older brother will be the one to inherit the country’s throne, he’s known to be quite crafty with his schemes and quite capable in handling political affairs.>”(Amitiel)

“I think I can tell that after my encounter with him. Give me more specific details about him.”(Renya)

“<He’s also well-known for his ability to manipulate people, He’s done quite a lot of impressive feats for the [Aelynn Empire] even for a prince. He’s around 27 years old this year and his recorded level is 53 although it hasn’t been updated for while I think it should still be close to that number.>”(Amitiel)

“What are your impressions of him?”(Renya)

“<He’s good enough, although people seem to exaggerate saying that he’s the most capable person in the royal family, his feats could easily be done by an amateur in all honesty. Plus the people seem to trust the guy, well he’s not the type to plot malicious things so you can provide your help when the time comes and gain favor from him. It’ll make moving around the continent much easier with him backing you.>”(Amitiel)

“Alright, I’ll take your word for it. Also, how many units do you have stationed in [Ostwald City]?”(Renya)

“<One that’s level 150 and several others that are around 90+. Don’t worry, I’ll have them report to you in case that they find something that is in need of your attention.>”

“Then tell me how’s [Titan City] doing at the moment.”(Renya)

“<Not too bad, we’re ready for war and as for the smaller golems you’ve had built, as of now there are around 120+ of them, we’ll stop making them once they reach 150 as making too much of them deplete our resources.

The city itself is proceeding normally, after moving closer to the western region and securing a safe spot, all of the citizens have been made aware of our current situation, thankfully they don’t seem to mind the sudden changes and those who wish to go outside are fine with waiting before they can safely go out on their own.>”(Amitiel)

“Well it’s understandable that staying in the city all your life can get boring, but I doubt that it’ll be that easy to get a proper foothold for the city in this world in such a short time.”(Renya)

“<Yes and as for the number of people who wish to travel this world, it’s not that many although it’s still important to note their desires. Other than that, not much else has changed. Although I have plans in the near future for expanding our intelligence network to the other two continents, it will take some time to do so.>”(Amitiel)

“Well, you can tell me about the two continents in the future, it’s time for me to go.”(Renya)

After a few words of goodbye, Renya turned off the item and stored it back into his bag. He placed the bag to the side and lied down on the bed while Little White flew on the empty side of the bed and began to sleep as well.


Morning the next day, Renya woke up and wore all his equipment and along with Little White, went to the [Green Horn Restaurant] to have their breakfast. After doing so they went straight to the town’s [Hunter’s Guild].

Entering the guild, the amount of people inside were much less compared to yesterday. Considering that it was still early in the morning, Renya picked an empty table and sat down to wait for Chris and the others.

While waiting, Renya and Little White looked around the building, observing all the hunters that interest them. As far as levels go, he could guess without using [Inspect] on them. Renya could tell that their levels were usually around the mid and upper 30s and at times, early 40s. When he looked at their equipment however, he found them to be made in mostly refined iron at times steel.

Before he knew it, Chris and the other’s silhouette appeared in the building. They looked around for a bit before spotting Renya on one of the tables and began walking towards him.

“So how did you like [Ostwald City]?”(Chris)

He asked with a wide grin.

“It’s a nice city I guess.”(Renya)

He answered while still sitting.

“You guess? That’s quite rude.”(Nana)

She said while pouting.

“We’ll it’s a good city, nothing more nothing less, certainly better than a few cities I know.”(Renya)

“What are they like?”(Nana)

“Horrible, in a level where you could die if you take a wrong step.”(Renya)

“I’m not even going to ask where that city is.”(Nana)

“Anyways, Why don’t we pick a mission first?”(Jennifer)

“Alright then, should we go with an easy [Rank: B] mission? We should be able to handle that kind of difficulty.”(Renya)

“We can’t pick [Rank: B] missions since our party is only at [Rank: C] and I doubt we’ll be able to take a mission of that level as a whole.”(Jennifer)

“*Sigh*. Then we should at least pick one of the more difficult mission to increase our rank faster.”(Renya)

“I don’t mind as long as it’s not too dangerous, what about you girls?”(Chris)

When asked, Maria and Nana gave a light nod.

“Alright then it’s decided. I’ll go and pick out the mission, wait here for a while.”(Jennifer)

After speaking, she went over to the mission board to pick out a mission. While they wait, Renya called Maria over to a place where Nana and Chris can’t hear.


Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.


“Have you told them about what happened yesterday?”(Renya)

“No, not yet.”(Maria)

She answered whilst shaking her head.

“Well we should tell them as early as we can.”(Renya)


“In case there comes a situation where we might need it. Better to explain things early than to wait till the last second. Besides, we’re party members aren’t we?”(Renya)

“Alright then.”(Maria)

After finishing their small talk, They both returned to where Chris and Nana are seated.

“What was that about?”(Chris)

He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I’ll explain later when Jennifer gets ba-“(Renya)

“What’s this about?”(Jennifer)

Jennifer returned carrying a piece of paper as Renya was about to finish his words.

“Actually, we ran into the second prince yesterday, turns out he was the level 50+ knight we came across during the inspection.”(Renya)

“I see, then what happened after you met?”(Jennifer)

“He invited us over to have a little talk. Turns out he wanted my cooperation in the near future, in exchange, he gave me the [Aelynn Empire]’s royal medal.”(Renya)

“*Ugh* Being near you is mentally draining.”(Nana)

She groaned in complain.

“Well, I don’t think having the medal is such a bad thing, it might actually be of use to you in the future.”(Jennifer)

“I agree with Jen, although pulling it out carelessly might be a bad idea, I think you can handle owning it.”(Chris)

“Alright now that you know about the medal’s existence, we should verify the mission Jennifer picked and be on our way.”(Renya)

He said looking at Jennifer who was still holding onto a piece of paper.

“This is the mission I picked.”(Jennifer)

She placed the piece of paper on the table allowing us to all see it.

“Grey Wolves?”(Renya)

“Yeah, they’re wolves that usually lives in the nearby forests. As far as I know, their levels usually range from mid to late 20s. I think we should be able to handle this much.”(Jennifer)

“I see, (How nostalgic, these Grey Wolves)”(Renya)

Seeing his expression that was looking off into the distance, Chris dragged him by the arm to verify the mission and begin their first hunt as a party.

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