Black Titan Chapter 15: Grey Wolves

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Black Titan Chapter 15: Grey Wolves

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After Renya and his party members finished verifying the mission, they went to a nearby store to purchase a few supplies before heading out.

Inside, a bald middle aged man with a fearsome beard wearing a brown apron on top of his plain clothing was sitting behind the counter. Seeing them enter, he recognized Chris and the others.

“Chris? I haven’t seen you lot in a while.”(Bald Man with a Fearsome Beard)

Hearing him speak, Chris spoke as he made his way to his counter.

“Yes it’s been a while Tobei. We just came back from Velka recently and came here to get a few supplies for hunting.”(Chris)

“I see Nana has grown taller over the last few days.”(Tobei)

He said as he spotted Nana walk in.

“What are you talking about!?!? I’ve always been this tall!”(Nana)

She replied pouted.

“Ah Jennifer, calm as ever.”(Tobei)

“Good to see you Tobei.”(Jennifer)

She replied with a faint smile.

“And Maria, as lovely as ever.”(Tobei)

Maria smiled as she heard him.

“By the way who’s he?”(Tobei)

He asked being startled slightly while looking at Renya and Little white who had just entered the store. Fortunately Chris didn’t manage to see what just happened and proceeded to introduce Renya.

“Ah, he’s a new party member, we met during an escort mission. Hey introduce yourself.”(Chris)

“Pleasure to meet you I’m Renya.”(Renya)

“Tobei, and no need for formalities, makes things easier to be honest.”(Tobei)

“I see.”(Renya)

He nodded lightly. After seeing his Reply, Tobei turned his head to Chris and asked a question.

“So what kind of supplies are you needing?”(Tobei)

“The usual please.”(Chris)


He said as he went back to a room behind the counter. Not long after, he came back with two large bag in hand, placing It on top of the counter.

“Here you go. It’s a silver and 30 copper.”(Tobei)


He said handing over the payment.

“Is that all?”(Tobei)

“Yeah, we should get going. See you Tobei.”(Chris)

He said handing Renya a bag then carrying the other over his shoulder.

“Careful out there.”(Tobei)

He sent them off with a wave.

Walking outside, Renya asked a few questions while they head towards one of the exits of the city.

“You’re a regular of his?”(Renya)

“Yeah, we usually go to his store before we go out hunting.”(Chris)

“You know his level?”(Renya)

“No, I never really asked him.”(Chris)

“I see.(It’s better to not tell them for now.)”(Renya)

During the time that Renya and Tobei met, Renya tried to see his level based on his aura. Unknowingly Tobei did the same thing making the two of them startled for two different reasons. For Renya, he became surprised at the fact that Tobei’s appeared to be in the late 50s. As for Tobei however, he became startled at the fact that he couldn’t tell his level no matter how hard he tried.

“Was he an hunter at one point?”(Renya)

He asked, making Chris ponder for a bit before giving an answer.

“Now that you mention it he did say something about being injured in his old profession this one time when he asked him about himself.”(Chris)

“Is that so?”(Renya)

Before they realized it, they managed to reach the nearest exit. After talking with the city guards, Jennifer led the way as they exited the city and started heading towards a nearby forest.

After a short while, they managed to reach the outskirts of the forest. Compared to the ones in the [Town of Velka], the trees are much shorter, even so, they still manage to block out a good amount of light making it darker the deeper you go inside as the trees gets denser as well.

“This should be enough.”(Renya)

They stopped as they heard Renya spoke making Jennifer doubt him.

“What do you mean?”(Jennifer)

“This is your first time hunting Grey Wolves right?”(Renya)

“No, we already encountered them a few times already.”(Jennifer)

“Really? When and where?”(Renya)

“When we were still hunting in this city, we took on a goblin subjugation mission and encountered them along the way.”(Chris)

“The area you encountered them should have been in a forest like this right?”(Renya)

“Yes, the place we encountered it was similar to this one, how did you know?”(Jennifer)

“I used to hunt these types of wolves a couple years back. They don’t live deep in forests like this one since if they go any deeper, they won’t be able to hunt for food as there will be stronger monsters that can easily kill them. So we should start roaming areas like this where there are large amounts of weak monsters.”(Renya)

“Are you sure?”(Jennifer)

“Well as far as I know at least. I don’t know if my knowledge applies to these Grey Wolves.”(Renya)

“Well, as far as our knowledge goes on Grey Wolves, we should trust Renya since he’s hunted them before.”(Chris)

“We don’t really have a choice do we?”(Nana)

She said while Maria nodded.

“Why does it sound as if listening to me is the most dreadful thing in the world?”(Renya)

“Why can’t we just use Little White to search for the wolves?”(Nana)

“She can’t search for them that way, the trees are too low and if she flies too high, the trees will end up blocking her line of sight.”(Renya)

“Can’t she just fly under the trees and fly back to us if she sees them?”(Nana)


With that, their party began visiting areas like the ones Renya mentioned while Little White searched for Grey Wolves. It did not take long for them to encounter an enemy.


He said while raising his hand to signal everyone to stop. With this they all quieted down, activating [Eagle Eye] he began observing the enemy.

Around 30 meters in front of them stood a pack of Grey Wolves numbering around 15. They appeared to be in a middle of a hunt as they are on the move, surveying their surroundings. Thankfully, the light seems to be a bit too dim to notice Renya and the others giving them an opportunity.

“Should we attack?”(Chris)

“We could take them, their numbers should be enough for us to handle.”(Jennifer)

“We should.”(Renya)

He said while he grabbed an arrow and nocked it, he then aimed at the wolves, waiting for Chris’s signal.

“Wait for us to close in before you shoot.”(Chris)

He said quietly. Hearing his words Renya gave a nod, the rest of them who were using melee weapons began closing in on the wolves.

As they were only a few meters from the wolves, Renya shot the arrow, hitting the furthest wolf. While he did so, Chris and the others began their assault on the wolves.

With Chris acting as a vanguard, he managed to attract most of the wolves allowing Nana and Jennifer to attack the wolves safely. While they were doing so, Renya, instead of killing all of the wolves at once, only shot the wolves that they were about to attack their blind spots in order to let them gain experience.

In a short while, the number of wolves has already decreased to around 7. As they were gaining the upper hand against the wolves, a few of them started howling attracting the nearby Grey Wolves as well as the other monsters nearby. Not long after, another pack of Grey Wolves appeared with their number being around 9, not only that but a few Forest Bears that were around level 25+ as well.

Seeing that they were being outnumbered, Chris and the others began to slowly retreat back to Renya as they tried their best to fend off the absurd number of monsters using their respective skills to do as much damage as possible. Luckily, the wolves would also attack the Forest Bears shifting their targets from Chris to the Grey Wolves.

No longer acting defensively, Renya began nocking then shooting an arrow one after another effectively reducing the number of monsters in the area. After a while of fighting, Chris and the others managed to get close enough to Renya to talk.

“What are the chances of another pack of wolves showing up?”(Chris)

He said while he bashed an attacking wolf with his shield.

“At most, the Grey Wolves will call for reinforcements once, if they still can’t kill the enemy, they’ll retreat.”(Renya)

He answered as he shot a Forest Bear in the head, killing it instantly.

As time went on, Chris and the two girls would occasionally get cut by the wolf’s and bear’s constant attack. Thankfully, Maria would heal him before those injuries could cause them any harm performance wise.


Just as they were about to finish off the bears and wolves, a sudden screech was heard throughout the forest.

In the distance, a white dot can be seen. In just a few moments, the white dot became an extremely terrified white owl. When Renya saw her, he became confused as to why she was so frightened only to find out later.


Behind her, trees started falling down rapidly, as if there was something bulldozing them down. Suddenly, an intense aura of death filled the whole forest, making everyone who was fighting too terrified to move.


A sudden monstrous scream filled the area causing further distress to Chris and the girls. Then, in the distance, a large silhouette appeared, charging behind Little white on all fours. As it got closer it’s features became more visible. An enormous grotesque bull like figure that stood at around 7 meters, mangled heaps of rotten flesh and bones bundled together for a body, a large bull’s skull for a head, 7 sets of thick black horns that go all the way to the spine, and red glowing eyes that can make one collapse with intense fear.

“Necrotic War beast! We need to leave now!”(Renya)

Even without Renya warning them, they would’ve ran either way as they can tell that they are not a match for a Necrotic War Beast since it’s level is usually in the late 60s. As they ran, Little White kept flying over them as if trying to guard them from the beast. Fortunately, the war beast slowed down as it began attacking the previous Grey Wolves and Forest Bears.

“I’ll handle this. Just keep running!”(Renya)

“What! You can’t do thi-“(Jennifer)

Before she could even finish her words, Renya has already began running back to face the Necrotic War Beast to face it head on. While he did so, Little white flew alongside him as if wanting to help.

“Stay with them. I can handle this on my own.”(Renya)

Although reluctant, she understood as she flew back to Chris and the others.

As he drew close to the Necrotic War Beast, he activated [Wind Sprint] to give him a speed advantage. Arriving close to the Necrotic War Beast, he discovered that it had finished killing all the monsters in the area they were previously in, leaving behind a bloody puddle, filled with scraps of flesh and bone. The Beast stood in the middle of the puddle before he sensed Renya’s presence making it charge forward, knocking down the nearby trees as he attacked Renya.

Not waiting for the beast to arrive he pulled out an arrow and began activating [Arcane Shot] as he retreated backwards creating some distance between the two. Not long after, the [Arcane Shot] was finally ready as he aimed towards the center of the beast and shot the arrow.

As the arrow reached the beast, it suddenly used it’s horns to block the attack, needless to say, it actually repelled the attack as the arrow bounced and shot a nearby tree instead.

“*Tsk*(This is more troublesome than what I originally thought it would be).”(Renya)

Whilst Running, he began to activate another skill called [Arcane Multi Shot] a [Medium Grade lvl 7] skill. All of a sudden, six illusionary [Arcane Shot]s began forming around the first arrow. He spun his body and shot the beast with the skill. As the arrows flew, the beast became troubled but pushed forward nonetheless, blocking a many [Arcane Shot]s it can with its horns.

Fortunately, four out of the seven arrows hit the bull drastically slowing it down. Renya then used [Shadow Walk] a [Low Grade lvl 3] skill that turns the user invisible for a few minutes to vanish from the beast’s line of sight, the rushing behind it with the help of [Wind Sprint].


With his disappearance the Necrotic War Beast let out a more beastly howl than the first. With this, Renya became affected as his [Shadow Walk] became dispelled revealing his figure that was almost behind the Beast. Contrary to its large appearance, the Necrotic War Beast twisted it’s body and began charging at Renya again.


He cursed as he began retreating again.

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