Black Titan Chapter 17: Upcoming War

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Black Titan Chapter 17: Upcoming War

As they walked out of the guild building, they were at a loss on what they should go now.

“looks like we’re going to have to stop hunting for a while.”(Chris)

“Now what do we do?”(Nana)

“Well, my parents own a shop where I can help out in. What about you guys?”(Jennifer)

“Our mom and dad owns a restaurant that me and Maria can help run, and Nana’s sister should have a store as well, which leaves us with Renya…”(Chris)

He said while their gazes shifted to Renya.

“Well, I can easily avoid a Necrotic War Beast so I think I’m gonna keep hunting.”(Renya)

“Are you insane?!?!”(Nana)

She asked with a loud voice, making startling Little White and attracting the glances of a few people passing by, to which she doesn’t mind at all.

“I don’t really have a way to earn money at the moment.(Which is a total lie…)”(Renya)

“Then how about you work at our place for a while? We’re missing a waiter at the moment and maybe you could fill in?”(Chris)

He said with a smile.

“I’d really rather not.”

He said with a wry smile behind his face mask.

“Then at least get a temporary job in the city.”(Chris)

“I don’t think there are any normal jobs that require an archer.”(Renya)


“I think it shouldn’t be all too bad if it’s Renya whose the one hunting.”(Jennifer)

They all looked at her when she said so.

“He’s the most experienced out of all of us and considering his stubborn nature, I think he’ll do it either way, even if we do persuade him.”(Jennifer)

Hearing her words, Nana glanced at Renya before sighing helplessly.

“Fine! I don’t care anymore!”(Nana)

She said while she walked away from the group. Seeing her leave, Maria spoke up.

“I’m going to leave as well, be careful.”(Maria)

She said as she followed Nana, leaving Chris, Jennifer and Renya behind.

“Well I need to go back home and tell our parents about today, watch yourself okay?”(Chris)

“Me too, careful out there.”(Jennifer)

They said as the went on their way, leaving Renya behind.

“Now what?”(Renya)

He asked Little White as he pondering for a moment, he decided to go back in and take another mission. After entering, he picked the hardest mission he could find and went to verify it with the same receptionist.

“You’re.. taking another mission?”(Receptionist Man)

He asked in a trembling voice.

“Is there a problem?”(Renya)

He replied with a monotone expression.

“Didn’t you say that there was a Necrotic War Beast near the city?”(Receptionist Man)

“I never said that I was afraid of it. I’ll just run again when I see it, besides, I got nothing else to earn money from.”(Renya)

Using the same excuse, he managed to somewhat convince the man, allowing him to proceed with the mission.

After hearing a few words of warning, he continued to make his way to the exit and as he was, he noticed that there were a lot less hunters leaving through it, making him realizing that the rumor about the Necrotic War Beast has already spread.

But paying no heed to it, he continued on his way to his destination. As for the mission he picked this time, it was about destroying a kobold village in the outskirts of the city. As the kobold villages were already marked in the map, making this an easy task for Renya since the maps can be purchased for a few coppers in the guild.

As he drew close to the nearest village, he as well as Little White sensed a faint trace of strange energy in the area causing them to twitch slightly. Focusing on the energy again, he was sure that it was demonic energy, making him curious as to why there was such a thing nearby.

The moment he drew closer the kobold village, he felt the demonic energy grow stronger and denser. He looked into the distance and saw what appears to be the kobold camp in an open field, what remains of it that is.

The primitive looking village was completely decimated, leaving nothing but puddles of blood in the area. As he drew closer, he discovered that the blood stains were still fresh, The moment he saw that, he increased his pace, and he quickly reached the village in a brief moment.

“(According to the mission, the only way to get proof that you’ve destroyed the village is by killing the chief and collecting two of its longest canines as well as collecting 10 kobold tails.)”(Renya)

He said as he searched for the kobold chief’s remains which should look like a larger kobold with longer fangs. Unfortunately, he could not find it’s corpse as it was most likely eaten whole like the rest of the kobolds, leaving nothing behind.

Getting somewhat irritated, he decided to go to the next area in a much faster pace. Unfortunately, the village was already destroyed as well, making his irritation grow even further.

After going through village after village, he finally found one that was untouched. The village was positioned inside a forest, making it a bit hard to reach.

Grabbing the bow from his inventory while nocking an arrow in the process, he activated [Eagle Eye] giving him better vision. He climbed a nearby tree to give him a better view of the village.

He discovered that the village was much larger than the previous ones, not only that, but inside the village were a bunch of lizard like humanoid monsters that had light teal colored scales and red colored eyes. Each one of them was around 1.5 meters tall with the kobold chief standing at 2 meters.

“Little White, fly into the air and kill the kobolds without any of them noticing.”(Renya)

She nodded her head as she flew up one of the trees, and scanned for available targets.

Seeing her do so he aimed at the kobold who was standing the furthest from the village, shooting an arrow straight through its head, giving it a swift death as it fell down lifelessly. Since the arrow was somewhat silent, the other kobolds did not notice one of them die.

After he began shooting the kobolds, Little White started her attack as well, as she would swoop down and claw out their throats before flying back up before any of the kobolds noticed. Thankfully, the area was dim as the trees blocked a majority of the light, although not enough to hide Little Whites figure, since she was fast with her attacks it made it hard to see her.

Killing kobold after kobold, they managed to successfully kill a majority of them before they finally noticed it. They started to panic as they didn’t know where the attack was coming from as Renya and Little White were well hidden by the trees.

Seeing them react this way, Renya and Little White continued their hunt as they decreased their number until the only one remaining was the kobold chief. Watching his people die, one after another made the kobold chief terrified and knowing that he was the only one left, he started running away. But unfortunately for it, Renya had already shot an arrow through it, giving it a swift death.

Dropping down from the tree, he went over to the Kobold Chief to collect its canines as Little White flew to his side landing on his left shoulder, gathering kobold tails along the way. After doing so he decided to head back as it was already getting dark since he spent all his time searching for a nest.

Returning to the city, the sun had already set as Renya visited the [Hunter’s Guild] to complete the mission. After going inside, he noticed that the overall atmosphere of the guild was gloomy. Walking to the counter he asked the man from before about the situation.

“Out of the ten people the guild sent, only three returned.”(Receptionist Man)

His answered as his voice contained a hint of dread.

“Then they encountered the Necrotic War Beast?”(Renya)

“Yes… four of them….”(Receptionist Man)

“I see, *sigh*”(Renya)

As he heaved a deep sigh, he completed his mission, granting hem 7 silver and 50 copper. After he received the reward, he went to the {Green Horn Restaurant] to grab something to eat. After Renya and Little White ate they returned back to the [Green Horn Inn], walking straight to his room as he took a bath then sat on the bed. Little White flew to Renya’s side as she felt something strange.

All of the sudden, two figures appeared in the room, a man and woman who were wearing assassin like equipment. They both kneeled the moment they saw Renya as they spoke.

“”Greetings Lord Renya.””(Man and Woman)

The said at the same time. Seeing them both did not surprise Renya as much as it did to Little White because he already sensed their aura beforehand.

Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“Stand, I’m assuming that Amitiel has some news for me?”(Renya)

They stood up then they both nodded.

“Should I call him myself or will you explain it to me?”(Renya)

“Sir Amitiel asked us to have you call him.”(Man)

“I see, you may go.”(Renya)

Hearing his words, the two people vanished into thin air. Seeing them leave, Renya grabbed the stone from his bag and activated it. Not long after, a man’s voice could be heard.

“<Lord Renya, I’ve been expecting you.>”(Amitiel)

Even though he could not see him, Renya could tell that he was smiling at the moment.

“Tell me what you discovered in the western region.”(Renya)

“<Then I shall start from the beginning. The western region does indeed have a Nether Rift in it, not an natural one but a demon made one. Most likely made by the the residents of the Netherworld themselves. The rift is large enough to fit a couple Demonic War Beasts meaning they came with the full intent of causing war with both countries. Not only that, but they’ve also released a majority of Their Necrotic War Beasts to scout the area. As to why they did that, I can only theorize that it’s a way to inflict fear into the city.>”(Amitiel)

“Did they discover the fact that I killed one of them?”(Renya)

“<They know, not only that, but they’ve even sent four Necrotic War Beasts to hunt down the killer. I also heard news that a group of men from the city’s [Hunter’s Guild] were attacked, quite the pitiful bunch. You don’t need to feel too depressed, they died but the news about the Necrotic War Beast existence will save a lot more lives.>”(Amitiel)

He said in a comforting tone. But such words were not enough to calm Renya down, he felt responsible for the deaths of the men.

“I see.”(Renya)

He replied with a weak voice, making Amitiel click his tongue.

“<*Tsk*, you are too easily affected by the lives of trivial beings M’lord. Think about things this way, even if you had not killed the Necrotic War Beast, they still would’ve sent the other four as they would think that you became heavily injured, resulting in even more damage, killing even more people. It’s either that or the other.>”(Amitiel)

He maintained his comforting tone as he waited for Renya to calm down. After thinking for a moment, he decided let Amitiel continue.


“<*Ahem*. They appear to be gathering their forces as they set up a temporary base near the area. They are almost ready for war it seems, they’re just waiting for the right time to attack.>”(Amitiel)

“I see, then should I warn the prince?”(Renya)

“<Warn the prince directly, he’s the only one who’ll believe your words. If he asks about where you acquired this information, just tell him that it came from a few of your friends.>”(Amitiel)

“Will do, [Titan City] should be near the western border right?”(Renya)

“<Yes, we have placed the city deep into a wide mountain range, they shouldn’t be able to see the city, not only that but we also do patrols to make sure.>”(Amitiel)

“Good, is that all?”(Renya)

“<Yes, I wish you a good night.>”(Amitiel)

He said as Renya ended the call. Deciding that he should rest, he went to sleep.

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