Black Titan Chapter 18: War Preparations

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Black Titan Chapter 18: War Preparations

Waking up in the morning and putting on his equipment, he left his room together with Little White who flew up on his left shoulder and headed downstairs. Passing by the numerous hunters that were loitering in the lobby, they seem to be talking about numerous rumors. but paying no heed to them he went out of the inn.

Unlike yesterday, there seem to be more people than before. A majority of the increase of the people seem to be hunters who are only wearing a few of their equipment. Seeing this, Renya could guess that the news of the Necrotic War Beast was more terrifying to the hunters than what he thought. Not only that, but the city’s atmosphere which was lively and filled with life, became filled with a hint of dread.

Not only that, but it appears the amount of gazes that were usually attached to him increased by at least two folds. Sighing at this outcome, he went to the [Green Horn Restaurant] as usual to have a meal. Inside, much like back in the inn, was filled with people who were too busy talking about the beast to pay attention to Renya. After being greeted by the waiter, he sat down to order two servings of a light meat dish.

By coincidence, a familiar girl entered. Catching sight of Renya and Little White, she made way to sat down on the empty seat directly across Renya. Her actions attracted quite a lot of attention to the nearby people, but Renya seem to not mind her.

“So what do you want with me Cassie?”(Renya)

As Renya said, the girl who sat in front was Cassie, unlike the other day where she wore a white one piece dress and removed her pigtails to let her brown hair down making them reach her waist.

“Nothing much, I saw you enter so I thought that I should have my breakfast here as well. Do you mind me sitting here?”(Cassie)

She said with a smile, making a few of a nearby hunters who were sitting nearby stunned.

“I see, well knock yourself out, I don’t mind if you sit there.”(Renya)

He said while he leaned back and closed his eyes. Seeing him do so, made her pout while she makes an order for a soup dish before asking him a question.

“You’re quite the rude, not even complimenting my new look.”(Cassie)

She said, making Renya open his eyes before slightly leaning forward.

“Well, I didn’t think you’d want the praise of a person like me. Anyways, it’s good and all but what’s it for?”(Renya)

“I’m trying it out for the prince’s wedding a few days from now.”(Cassie)

“What kind of wedding is it anyways, apart from it being a royal one, do you need an invitation to get in?”(Renya)

“Yeah of course you need one, don’t all weddings do? Well only people who have a relation to the royal family as well as famous ones are getting invitations, and of course I have one since my family is quite famous. You should be getting one soon if I’m not mistaken. ”(Cassie)

Hearing her answer made Renya blush a bit out of embarrassment.

“I see, well why are you wearing it now?”(Renya)

“I’m trying it out, didn’t you hear me the first time?

“Well why do you have to wear it out here in public? Who knows what might happen to a certain girl if she does something like that.”(Renya)

“Bah! Who dares do something like that to me? I have people to protecting me when the time comes.”(Cassie)

Sighing at her ridiculous reply, the waiter came back with their dishes. As Little White flew down from his shoulder to have her meal, Cassie asked a question that she forgot to ask as she was carried away about her talk about the wedding.

“I heard it was your group that encountered that monster everyone’s been talking about.”(Cassie)

She asked while she was blowing on her spoon that soup in it.

“Yeah, we escaped safely if you’re worried.”(Renya)

“Of course I know you got out safely, Maria dropped by my house yesterday and told me.”(Cassie)

“Then why do you need to ask me if you’ve already asked her?”(Renya)

He asked while he was chewing his food.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full. Anyways, she only told me about what happened, how she never really fought it. I just thought that I should ask the person who did.”(Cassie)

“All you need to know is that I managed to fight against it to but some time for Chris and the others and escape in the end.”(Renya)

He said making Cassie pout at his vague answer. Not questioning him further, they finished their meals and went on their way as they went on their own separate ways after a few words of farewell.

Just as he was about to go to where Michael was at, he realized that he had no idea where he was. Narrowing his eyes, he began to head towards the cathedral while he hastened his steps.

Passing by the many streets before the cathedral, he reached the cathedral and unlike before, there seemed to be a lot more people decorating the area. He walked up to a woman who was wearing formal attire and was ordering a few people around.

“Hello, do you know where the prince is?”(Renya)

The woman was surprised upon being asked the question out of nowhere, but she replied in a decisive manner upon seeing Renya’s appearance.

“And who are you?”(???)

“An acquaintance of his.”(Renya)

He said as he pulled out the badge, making her flustered before she deeply bowed and politely replied.

“I’m sorry for my behavior, please forgive me.”(???)

“I don’t mind, since I am dressed suspiciously. About the prince?”(Renya)

Hearing him forgive her made her relieve as she spoke.

“Please wait a moment.”(???)

She said while she gave a few orders before going inside the cathedral. After a short while of waiting, he sat down on a nearby bench and waited for her to return. Not long after, she came back with a person with her, it was Hilda.

“Mister Renya, please follow me.”(Hilda)

She gave a slight bow as she said so, hearing her, Renya replied with a nod before she followed after.

Knocking three times before they were given permission to enter. Renya entered first as Hilda followed after. Much like the first time, it appeared that it was the same room as before.

However, there was a different person with him this time who was sitting across Michael. It was a beautiful elven woman with golden irises who looked to be around 18-19 years old, she had fair skin as well as ashen blonde colored hair tied into a side ponytail. She wore a clean white elven robe on top of her equipment. Not only that, but it there appears to be two more elves standing at her side.

The two of them lock gazes releasing their auras as if trying to test each other out, only for Renya’s weakened aura to be defeated by her. Feeling her aura overpower his, he guessed that her level should at least be in the early 80s. Despite his face being hidden behind his face mask, she can tell his current expression just by looking at his eyes.

Feeling satisfied by her win, the edges of her mouth curved slightly upward. Seeing this made Renya feel that she was quite childish despite her level, making him chuckle. Her smile remained and glanced at Little White as Renya did so, Michael who sitting across the elven woman spoke.

“It appears an exchange between you two happened while I wasn’t aware of it.”(Michael)

Hearing him speak, the elven woman chuckled a bit before speaking.

“It wasn’t much but it appears that you know this person?”(Elven Woman)

Michael smiled as he replied.

“Yes, we met a few days back. It also appears that his party was the one who reported the sighting of the Necrotic War Beast.”(Michael)

“Is that so? What’s your name?”(Elven Woman)

“I believe you should introduce themselves first.”(Renya)

“Alright then, I don’t see why not. I am Talia Haeves, an envoy of the [Cynnabel Empire], a pleasure to meet you.”(Talia)

She said while she stood up from the sofa.

“Renya, a hunter, and likewise.”(Renya)

He said as he shifted his gaze from her to Michael. Seeing this, he gave a light nod before looking at Talia.

“Miss Talia, do you mind it if Renya is to sit next to you? We appear to be lacking chairs at the moment.”(Michael)

He said making Talia chuckle for a bit before replying.

“I don’t mind at all.”(Talia)

“Then don’t mind if I do.”(Renya)

He said while taking a seat in the same sofa with a bit of a distance between them, Little White who felt that her presence was not needed, flew into Renya’s lap, lying down and took a nap. Seeing them act so casual made one of the elves displeased with the other one not minding at all.

“Quite a carefree owl you have there. What’s her name?”(Talia)

She asked while she observed the sleeping owl.

“Little White.”(Renya)

“*Ahem* Now then, before we continue our talk, I would like to ask you why you dropped by today?”(Michael)

He asked Renya who was leaning his back onto the sofa.

“Nothing much, apart from the demonic army that’s gathering in the western regio-“(Renya)

“Demonic army?”(Talia)

She said with a surprised expression cutting him off.

“I received a certain news that the rumors about a Nether Rift in the western region is indeed authentic. I stopped by to give you a heads up.”(Renya)

Hearing this news made Michael’s expression turn serious, he then asked another question.

“And what made you sure that the news is authentic?”(Michael)

“I believe that the Necrotic War Beast’s appearance in the nearby forests is enough to tell you what’s going on. Or perhaps you believed that it was only coincidence that the Necrotic War Beast appeared?”(Renya)

Hearing his words made him heave a deep sigh.

“No, I believe you. It’s just that it’s a problem that I didn’t want to deal with right now.”(Michael)

“I’m surprised that you didn’t foresee something like this.”(Renya)

“I’m not a perfect man. I originally expected them to attack in a few weeks from now.”(Michael)

He said with a bit of dismay before he spoke.

“Can you tell me the specifics as well as how they were able to gather this fast?”(Michael)

“Well, there’s the fact that the Necrotic War Beast appearing is not a coincidence. They’re most likely there for scouting, not only that but with four of them appearing in the nearby forests, it’s likely that they’re gonna attack [Ostwald City] first. As to why they were able to summon their forces this fast, it’s because the Nether Rift is quite large.”(Renya)

“I see, what are the possible time of their attack?”(Michael)

“I can’t tell, but they’re almost finished gathering their forces. They can attack anytime they want if they want to.”(Renya)

Hearing his words, the room went silent for a while. Suddenly Talia who was keeping silent all this time spoke.

“Then shouldn’t we begin preparing for the attack? The [Cynnabel Empire] will send as much reinforcements you need through teleportation so they can arrive instantly.”(Talia)

He gave a nod to her then said.

“My thanks Miss Talia, we should start preparing. The wedding can wait I suppose.”(Michael)

Michael said looking down before he spoke again facing the two of them.

“Then how should we prepare for the attack?”(Michael)

He faced the two of them as he spoke. Renya who was returning the stare spoke.

“Do you not have strategists of your own? And why am I even part of this meeting?”(Renya)

“As of this moment, the only people we have who has sufficient knowledge is me, and a couple others who aren’t here at the moment. As to why they’re so few, we originally didn’t expect for such an event to happen. Also, you were the one who gave us this news in the first place, of course you’re going to help.”(Michael)

“Not like I have a choice do I? Then shouldn’t you call them over?”(Renya)

“I can’t, besides, they won’t be able to help much as I am a much better strategist than them.”(Michael)

He said with a jeer.

“Quite cocky despite being a prince.”(Renya)

Hearing his words of disdain made Hilda, who was nearby, infuriated. Talia made a light chuckle then spoke.

“Then I shall do my best to help.”(Talia)

Seeing her do so, Renya decided to help a little bit as well.

“I’m not really a professional strategist, I don’t even have the job [Strategist] and as far as tactics go, the best I can do is provide you with a few advice.”(Renya)

Naturally, Renya whose played [Alt Online] would understand a lot of strategies applied by the different guilds who goes on war against each other, there are even times when the guilds would use tactics straight from the ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ and at times would even apply ridiculous tactics that would either result in a glorious victory or a crushing defeat. These guild wars compose of two or more sides fighting against each other for either territory or grudges.

Since there were quite a lot of these wars, they were usually recorded then uploaded online in forums, Renya would watch them frequently just for the heck of it, not only that but he has also joined several wars in the past as his friends would drag him into it despite the fact that he belongs to a neutral faction.

“I understand. Then shall we begin? Although you are here, I only need to hear your opinions as much as possible but please give your suggestions as well.”(Michael)

Talia nodded at his words, while Renya just listened as if lost in thought.

“Then the first thing we should be doing is to-“(Michael)

“Hold on, before that I just need to ask you something on my mind.”(Renya)

Renya cut him off with a question that he suddenly thought of.

“And that is?”(Michael)

“What is an envoy of the [Cynnabel Empire] doing here?”(Renya)

He asked as he looked Talia right in the eyes. Since it was his first time hearing the name of the country, he naturally took note of it and was able to memorize the name. After pondering for a moment, Talia spoke returning the stare.

“I see, we came here today to discuss about the demonic activities happening in the western Region, we came here to hopefully help with the problem.”(Talia)

“Then why didn’t you just go straight to the king and tell him that?”(Renya)

Wanting to find out more, he asked immediately after she finished.

“Well, as much as we wanted to, the king is too ill to answer us and Michael’s brother is out of the question as he currently not in the country right now.”(Talia)

“(The king of the country is Ill? I’ll need to ask Amitiel about that later….) Then what about the [Notus empire]?”(Renya)

“There’s a different envoy of ours there right now. Are you satisfied?”(Talia)

She asked with a slight smile.

“Not quite, I also want to know why the [Cynnabel Empire] wants to form an alliance with both countries. ”(Renya)

Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“Shouldn’t it be obvious? The [Helia Continent] is not the only place to have an increase of demonic activities in it’s dark sectors.”(Talia)

“(So this continent isn’t the only one receiving these attacks.) Alright, that’s all I wanted to know.”(Renya)

“I get the feeling that you are very ignorant of the world.”(Michael)

He said as he gave Renya a look of pity making Renya annoyed.

“Alright, then I plan on submitting a mission in the [Hunter’s Guild] to have hunters help out in fighting against the attack. Renya, can you submit the mission on my behalf? I’m going to be busy gathering and assigning all the soldiers and militias I can in the meantime.”(Michael)

“*Sigh* Alright, I have nothing better to do other than do missions at the moment. Well tell me the mission’s specific details.”(Renya)

“Have them gathered by tomorrow morning at the western entrance, it’s still early right now and you should tell them to urge the hunters to join the pay will be 3 gold and 50 silver and limit the mission to [Rank: C] and above. You can use my name if you have to and it’s fine if you let Evans tell the hunters about the current situation, makes it all the more easier to announce to the normal citizens. Report back to me after you do so.”(Michael)

After he finished, Renya gave him a nod to confirm that he heard him.

“Then Talia, I’m going to count on you to send as much reinforcements you can. Come back to talk with me once you’ve finished gathering them.”(Michael)

“Will do.”(Talia)

“Then what tactic are you gonna apply when the enemy attacks?”(Renya)

“I’ll need to send a scout to get an over view on the enemies forces, either way we’ll wait for them until they reach the open plains then attack. We don’t have that much of an advantage in the forest. Any suggestions?”(Michael)

“I don’t think the enemy plans on just attacking from outside. Knowing that the rift is bigger than usual, they must’ve planned on this attack beforehand and they should a few people who’ve infiltrated the city. There was a case in the [Town of Velka] a few weeks ago about a demon infiltrating the town.”(Talia)

“You know about that incident?”(Renya)

“I keep track of all the incidents that involve demons. I also heard that there was a powerful priest who helped defeat the demon. They call her was a saint since they saw her hold an incredible looking staff in her hands, or so the rumors say. Any ways, if that woman is still here I’d say our chances of winning would increase.”(Talia)

“Well too bad she’s not. Then should we start searching for demons in the city?”(Michael)

“We should.”(Talia)

“*Sigh* I’m really not cut out for this kind of thing.”(Renya)

He said while muttering to himself since he couldn’t find an opportunity to help out due to the fact that the two were a lot more experienced in this field than him. In a short while, their short meeting ended with temporary plans that could easily change should something unexpected happen. Although Renya can’t say that it was the best plan there is, it was good enough since the amount of time they have to plan was a bit limited. After they ended, Renya woke Little White up and was the first person to walk out, leaving the two people behind.

“So what do you think of him?”(Michael)

He asked while looking at Talia.

“I can’t say much I’ve only just met him recently but I can say that he’s a decisive man. He did not care about the fact that I’m another country’s envoy, nor did he care about your position as a prince.”(Talia)

“Is that so? I just think of him as a very ignorant man.”(Michael)

He said as he left the room laughing.


Outside the cathedral, he did not waste time and began heading towards the [Hunter’s Guild]. It did not take long since he had memorized a few of the streets. Reaching the building, he entered and saw that there were a lot more people than yesterday.

Being slightly confused since it should be the opposite, he went to the man from before and asked him a question.

“What’s with the sudden increase of hunters?”(Renya)

“It’s because there’s a request to hunt down the Necrotic War Beast. The reward is 120 gold, and if they managed to kill it cleanly, it increases to 150.”(Receptionist Man)

“Anyways, I need to talk to Evans, actually you need to tell him that this is a request from the second prince.”(Renya)

He pulled out the badge to make things much easier. Naturally, the moment he saw the badge, he did ask any more questions as he ran to the guilds upper floors to report to Evans. Since he pulled out such and eye catching badge and the fact that Renya, a man who had an owl perched on his shoulder, was quite the well-known figure around the city, made the people who saw it curious as they began talking amongst themselves.

Not long after, the man came back and guided Renya towards Evans’s room. Inside, sat Evans as he asked him to sit down on the chair in front of him. Seeing him, Evans was quite troubled by his sudden appearance and with him telling him that it was a request from the prince made him all the more troubled.

“What’s this about?”(Evans)

“An urgent request by the second prince.”(Renya)

He said in a monotone voice, as if it wasn’t that important, but Evans could tell otherwise.

“Quickly tell me.”(Evans)

He said while using a calm tone.

“It’s a request to gather as many hunters to fight an upcoming attack. The prince told me to have them gathered at the western entrance. The reward is 3 gold and 50 silver, he also said to limit the request to people who are [Rank: C] and above.”(Renya)

“An upcoming attack? Is it perhaps from the western region?”(Evans)

He asked as his gaze turned from troubled in to a serious one in mere seconds.

“Yes, there’s an army that could attack at any moment, that’s why the prince told me to urge the hunters to join.”(Renya)

He said with a straight face behind his face mask, making Evans realize that he’s being serious.

“I see, I’ll announce it right away.”(Evans)

He said as he went out from the room, with Renya and Little white following after him. They reached the lobby of the building where a majority of the hunters became silent the moment they saw Evans and Renya appear. They could tell that something bad happened just from Evans’s expression.

Since it was already so silent, announcing the request became all the more easier.

“I am Evans, the current guild manager of this branch. I would like to announce an urgent request for all [Rank: C] and above hunters, by the second prince. The request is to gather at the western gate tomorrow to prepare for an upcoming battle against an invading demon army. The reward is set at 3 gold and 50 silvers, the guild will also increase your reward depending on your achievements, that is all.”(Evans)

After finishing his speech, he requested his men to make a notice in front of the guild for all hunters to see. Hearing the request, the hunters became extremely noisy as they started talking amongst themselves, some were excited, some afraid, and some just didn’t care at all.

Renya who finished his task decided to go and back and report back to the prince.

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