Black Titan Chapter 19: Providing ‘Help’

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Black Titan Chapter 19: Providing ‘Help’

As he headed back to the cathedral, he paused for a moment before he changed his mind. Since he felt that what he just learned could be useful, he decided to return to the [Green Horn Inn] to talk with Amitiel.

Walking inside, he noticed that there were less people from this morning. Passing by, he gave the inn keeper a glance before he went to his room. Inside, he started to call Amitiel after he sat down on a nearby chair with Little White flying on top of the table.


He heard a woman’s voice a few moments after.

“Charlotte? Call over Amitiel, I have something urgent to discuss with him.”(Renya)

“<Wait a moment.>”(Charlotte)

Not a moment after, Amitiel spoke.

“<What do you need of me?>”(Amitiel)

“I just came back from warning the prince, turns out they weren’t prepared for the attack.”(Renya)

“<Oh, well not like I don’t already know about that part, but what did you talk about?>”(Amitiel)

His words contained a hint of disdain towards the prince.

“There was another person there in case you didn’t know.”(Renya)

“<It’s probably the envoy from the [Cynnabel Empire]. Don’t be too surprised, my men knows just about everything that happens in the city.>”(Amitiel)

He says with a hint of pride.

“Yeah, she came for an alliance to fight against the rise of demonic activities in both country’s perspective dark sectors.”(Renya)

“<That’s to be expected, actually it’s not just the demonic activities rising that they’re worried about, there’s hostility between them and the [Scielle kingdom], another country that is in the same continent. There’s a rumor going around saying that the two countries have been at each other’s throats for quite a while now due to an incident that happened decades ago. It seems that they’re getting ready to settle things once and for all.>”(Amitiel)

“I see, then is she trustable?”(Renya)

“<What do you think?>”(Renya)

“So far, she doesn’t seem to be a person who’s with an ill intention. I think I can trust her thus far.”(Renya

“<Alright, do as you see fit M’lord, now back to the topic about your discussion with the prince.>”(Amitiel)

Telling him the details of the prince’s plan, it did not take long for him to finish. Afterwards, Amitiel became quiet as he pondered for a while before he spoke again.

“<I see, carry on and provide your help to him if you can M’lord. Although not the best course of action, it should suffice for now. Besides, if you back down now, Prynn is going to give you a long sermon the moment she finds out that you didn’t provide your help to these weak humans. ”(Amitiel)

He said laughing at the end making Renya sigh.

“Do you know the strength of the enemy we’re facing?”(Renya)

“<Yes, they have around 4,000 soldiers whose levels vary from mid to late 30s, they originally had a total of 20 Necrotic War Beasts but the numbers been reduced to 19 thanks to a certain person.>”(Amitiel)

“Apart from soldiers and war beasts, what else?”(Renya)

“<They also have around 300 mages, around a hundred necromancers, and 4 high demons. Those high demons are most likely acting as generals.>”(Amitiel)

“Do you think this town’s forces are enough to fight against them?”(Renya)

“Frankly, no. The average level of the demons are higher than what a majority of the city’s forces are, even if we include the hunters, it’ll only delay their demise by a few hours at best. Not only that, but if the battle is not finished fast, not that they can finish it fast, those necromancers will take advantage of the piles of corpses that’ll be pilling up in the battle field.

Those mages will also be in a good position since they’ll be coming from the forest, in fact, if they were to strike at night, the chances of their mages being founded and attack is going to be extremely low, especially if they are to move around. In every aspect I look at it, it’s going to be a slaughter, unless a certain man helps them of course.>”(Amitiel)

“It’s gonna be like that?”(Renya)

“<Yes, but please do hold back when the time comes and try not to reveal too much about yourself.>”(Amitiel)

“Why am I the one to do it? Actually can’t you just send Lilith’s forces straight to their base and kill them there?”(Renya)

Hearing his reply made Amitiel laugh.

“<That can’t do, we need to take advantage of this situation in order to spread rumors of a hint of our existence, this will make things much easier for us the future.>”(Amitiel)

“I guess you’re right, but how will I do things? The only way I can see things going is me screwing up one way or another.”(Renya)

“<Of course I am right. Now then, why don’t you have confidence in yourself? You’re a powerful being, in their eyes, you existence is something akin to a gods. Anyways, do you need anything else?>”(Amitiel)

His words gave Renya a bit of courage, they both became silent for a while before Renya spoke.

“None for now.”(Renya)

“<Alright then, I’ll be taking my leave then.>”(Amitiel)

“Take care then.”(Renya)

Taking his leave, Renya went out of the inn after Little White flew to his shoulder. After he left the inn, he went towards the direction of the cathedral.

Along the way, he caught sight of Talia who appeared to be busy talking with a few people in the town square. Since he felt curious as to what they were talking about he decided to take a closer look. However the moment he got closer, a few elven men suddenly came forth to block the way for him. Thankfully, Talia managed to see the commotion caused by him.

“What’s this about?”(Talia)

“Miss, this suspicious looking man came over.”(???)

The elven man pointed at Renya who was behind the rows of elven men. As Talia saw him, he asked the men to let him through, although reluctant, they eventually made way as she mentioned him being an acquaintance of the prince.

“Renya? What are you doing here?”(Talia)

Looking closer, he noticed that she was only around 1.7 meters tall, forcing him to slightly look down on her.

“ I was finished with my task and saw you on the way. I was curious so I decided to drop by.”(Renya)

“is that so?”(Talia)

She said as she gave him a slight smile.

“Since you’re here, can I ask you a few questions?”(Talia)

“I don’t mind.”(Renya)

“What’s your current level?”(Talia)

“Shouldn’t you already know?”(Renya)

He asked while he wore a grin behind his face mask.

“As far as I know, it should be in the late 60s, correct?”(Talia)

She asked, to which Renya answered to by giving a light nod.

“Then I assume that you should be in the early 80s.”(Renya)

“Yes, I’m surprised you were able to guess right. Can you tell as to why? Or do you perhaps own the skill [Clairvoyance]?”(Talia)

“No I don’t (I actually do), it’s just that I am used to seeing people of your level.”(Renya)

“Oh? Can you tell me what kind of place would have a large number of people?”(Talia)

She asked with a hint of curiosity in her golden eyes.

“I’m afraid not.”(Renya)

He said, making her slightly pout.

“I understand. Then can I ask about that owl of yours?”(Talia)

“Little White?”(Renya)

“Yes, she’s quite interesting, in that she doesn’t appears to be an ordinary White Frost Owl. Her level is higher than what it seems actually.”(Talia)

She asked as she stared at Little White and as if feeling the glare, she looked back.

“You’re correct, she is a special kind, I won’t tell you her level though.”(Renya)

“I see. Well I was actually just finishing up managing the reinforcements. Why don’t we both head to back?”(Talia)

She asked with a smile.

“ I don’t mind.”(Renya)

With that, the two of them headed towards the cathedral. Along the way, a few males became distracted by Talia, but quickly start cursing the moment they see Renya who was walking besides her. She doesn’t seem to mind the stares, the same could be said to Renya.

Along the way, Renya sees a familiar face.

A girl with light brown hair tied to a pony tail wearing an apron on top of her waitress outfit can be seen sweeping the front of a restaurant. The restaurant had the words [Ember Tongue] placed on top of it in a large sign.

As they drew closer, the girl saw Renya waving her hand as a greeting. Seeing this Renya quickly recognized the girl despite the slight difference in appearance and waved back.


He said as Maria came closer. However, she stopped half way with her mouth slightly agape the moment she saw Talia’s figure standing next to Renya. Seeing her reaction made Talia make a lovely chuckle, different from her usual one. Hearing her voice made Maria’s surprise to grow even further.


Coughing lightly to pull her back into reality, after she regained her composure she started asking Renya questions.

“Who is she?!?!”{Maria)

“An acquaintance.”(Renya)

“That’s quite rude, our relationship should at least be friends by now.”(Talia)

“I don’t think exchanging a few words after meeting in a single day is enough to be called friends.”(Renya)

He retorted back making her slightly pout. Afterwards, Maria asked a question.

“I see, what brings you to our restaurant by the way?”(Maria)

Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“We were just passing by coincidence, I didn’t even know where your restaurant is.”(Renya)

“Do you want to come in? I can guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth!”(Maria)

She enthusiastically asked Talia who was beside Renya, making her smile in the process.

“I’ll drop by later since we need to be somewhere right now.”(Talia)

She declined politely.

“I see, well I won’t take much of your time then, take care.”(Maria)

She said to her with a slight bow before she went back to sweeping the front of the shop. Seeing her go, Renya and Talia went on their way. While they headed for the cathedral, Talia asked Renya a few questions along the way.

“Who was that girl? Was she your lover? No that seems unlikely…”(Talia)

She asked while putting a finger to her chin, tapping it a few times.

“Of course she’s not, she’s a friend, as well as a part of a party I joined.”(Renya)

“Really? I can tell you right now, the level gap between you two is extremely high.”(Talia)

She said while exaggerating things by spreading her arms in a lovely manner, causing Renya to silently stare at her while the two of them walked. Seeing his response, she continued.

“What I mean is, I think it’s quite disadvantageous to both sides of the party if there’s such a large level gap, unless the rest of your party members are around the same level as you or higher, I doubt things will work out well. In fact, I think that by doing so, you’ll be hindering their growth.”(Talia)

After a moment of brief silence, he spoke.

“I see your point.”(Renya)

He said as he became lost in thought, seeing him do so, Talia remained quiet as to not disturb him. He realized that being in Chris’s party will make them unconsciously rely on him by knowing his high level will save them when the time comes. Although it won’t affect them much right now, when the time comes that that Renya has to leave, their party won’t be able to cope with dangerous situations. Thus hindering their growth as hunters.

Making a mental note about the realization, the two managed to reach the cathedral. On the open area outside, Michael could be seen talking with a few people that are dressed in formal attire.

As we got close, Michael sees us and stopped talking to the people as he made way to us.

“Took you long enough.”(Michael)

He said while he glanced at Renya.

“I got the job done, quit complaining. What else do you need for?”(Renya)

“Nothing much, just show up tomorrow morning at the western gate.”(Michael)

Hearing him say so, he quickly went his own way.

“I have also finished my part, I have assigned a few people to guide them to you when they finish coming over.”(Talia)

“Thank you Miss Talia. I’ll send a few people over if I ever need you on something.”(Michael)

“Will do.”(Talia)

She then gave him a light bow before following after Renya.

Seeing the two leave, Michael can only heave a sigh of helplessness as he went back to talk with the people he was talking with from before.

After a while, Talia managed to catch up, surprising Renya.

“What are you doing?”(Renya)

“I’m guessing that you’re heading back to the girl form before.”(Talia)

“And your basis?”(Renya)

He said while his eyes looked at hers while the two walked.

“You looked hungry.”(Talia)

With that, the two of them headed over to [Ember Tongue].

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