Black Titan Chapter 2: Wrong Answers

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Black Titan Chapter 2: Wrong Answers


[An Hour Before The Meeting]

Watching Brutus leave the hall, Renya is left alone

“(He doesn’t feel anything like an NPC I guess they really came to life? But why?)”(Renya)

He stared at the direction where Brutus went remembering his expression; well, assuming his expression. Renya felt like the one responsible for what he came to be.

As he was lost in thought, a sudden thought entered his mind.

“(What the hell am I so troubled about? These NP- no… Children of mine that I’ve been raising, making, and caring for has finally been given life!)”(Renya)

Renya who Originally had almost zero connections from the previous world felt that this was a chance. A chance to be able to truly live the life he yearned for.

“(Even if this was a dream, who cares! If this was a dream I wouldn’t even dare to wake up!)”(Renya)

Feeling e dashed towards the insides of the citadel swiftly traveling down towards the citadel’s basement or the [Heart of the City].

In front of him stood an enormous door, much like the one in the throne room but had a much thicker frame. The door itself had multiple locks and gimmicks but since Renya is [The Lord] of the Citadel he was able to enter with ease.

The room inside was a bit small compared to the others with a large blue colored crystal serving as the only source of light floating above a hole that was 2.5 meters in diameter. The hole was surrounded by a myriad of web like cracks and had multiple thick wires coming out of it.

This crystal was the magic core of [5th Evil God, <The Spatial Calamity, Kolade Mora>].

[Evil Gods] were a series of [God] level bosses that were released in a two year interval and would normally be released along with a massive update in [Alt Online]. These bosses numbered a total of eight, were released in the course of 16 years and would normally require an enormous amount of players and cooperation in order to even beat at least once.

This [5th Evil God, The Spatial Calamity, Kolade Mora] is an [Evil God] that specializes in Spatial magic and was also a boss that Renya grinded along with his friends, meaning Renya obtained a good amount of these [Evil God] magic cores.

A magic core is an item that can either be used in crafting to add attributes to a piece of equipment depending on the type of the magic core, or to replenish the magic energy of an item.

However different from normal magic cores that gets destroyed after use and can be collected from monsters that are lvl 149 below, a magic core that is collected from a lvl 150+ monster will not be destroyed after use, instead will have a certain amount of uses before completely breaking. This rule applies to normal monsters. But what about a [God] level magic core?

These [God] level magic cores are special and that they will not be destroyed after a couple uses and instead will recharge in the span of a day or two before being fully useable again. Using this core as the power source in order to keep his city afloat he found no problem leaving the city as is since the magic core will generate more magic than what the city can use, meaning the city will always stay afloat.

But due to Renya’s paranoia he decided to install another [Evil God] magic core of the same type, directly below the first one that would serve as an emergency power supply for the city.

Looking around the room, Renya stood at the entrance.


He called out, causing a blue colored wisp to fly over, the wisp was circular and was around half a meter’s length in size. It hovered around Renya as if inspecting.

“What brings the lord to this one’s humble abode?(Maya)

The wisp spoke with a young girl’s voice.

Although genderless the wisp race would use a young person’s voice usually a girl’s when talking. This wisp was a special one that it was one of the gifts given to veteran players on the 10th anniversary of [Alt Online] who’ve played since the beginning.

It was special in a sense that it can do what player made NPCs could not. And that is to posses a structure that a player made. Normally a player would make it possess their homes or guild castle, However Renya made other plans, and that is to make it possess the base [Titan City] itself.

Although at first, he thought that it’d be impossible due to the sheer size of it, but he tried to do so nonetheless which resulted in a significant increase in the speed of the construction of [Titan City].

“I need you to do a thorough inspection of the whole city and report any abnormalities to me within four hours from now if possible.”(Renya)

His tone wasn’t filled filled with a sense of urgency nor impatience. But with the airs of a loving father talking to his, daughter?

“By your command. But Lord, four hours is too long, one and a half will do.”(Maya)

Although expressionless her voice carried hints of delight

“I see, then please do.”(Renya)

With a light smile he nodded as he took his leave

Renya left the [Heart of the City] then proceeded outside the citadel taking a stroll in the streets. While taking a stroll, he noticed that the races walking in the street has spontaneously diverged. He could see humans elves dwarves and at times a few demons walking and chatting amongst themselves.

Not only that, but it seems every single person has gained a name and as a household name even.

Seeing this Renya opened up his Status window, showing his character.






[Other World Traveler], [Titan City Lord], [One Who Creates], [God Slayer],…


[Transcended Human]


[Black Flame Sword God],[Flame Sword God],[Blacksmith God],[Supreme Alchemist]….

“([Other World Traveler]?!?! What’s this? This wasn’t here before!)”(Renya)

Quickly inspecting the title in order to gain answers, he was quickly disappointed.

[Other World Traveler]



Walking dejectedly he proceeded on his way.

While admiring the scene the people he was observing looked back and waved their hands. Saying their greetings to which he waved his hand back giving a light nod.

After greeting a few city folks he proceeded towards the [Outer City Folk Housing] while greeting a few more people before reaching his destination.

He looked around and saw a few houses and a couple large ranches that housed animal livestock. But instead of the usual chickens and pigs, what were stored were instead monsters.

Inside were Wild Three Horned Pig whose levels ranged from 21-37 and as the name implied was a pig with three horns on its head, the body was around 2 meters in height and was 3 meters in length, in a single ranch it would contain several hundred of these pigs and are fed high quality grain from the farm to ensure growth.

Apart from these pigs there were countless other types of monsters used a food like a White Tailed Cockatrice or a Three Eyed Hell Bull etc etc.

Nearby, he also saw small fields for planting crops laid in a tic tac toe like patterns each square being around 25 square meters with a tamed Elder Treant; an evolved version of the monster Treant which is a tree that had a carved face at the base of the trunk and had a pair of legs and arms. Their levels ranged from 40-46, rooted at the intersections of the fields to increase the growth and yield of the crops.

Renya observed the area before proceeding to a building that was a tad bit larger than the others.

Opening the door, what he saw inside was a 1.7 tall fair skinned woman whose hair color is of bright green and eyes glowed a mystical yellow wearing simple green dress that had a few leaf designs here and there, watering a small flower pot on a nearby window.

This woman was a dryad. A dryad being a nymph, is a race consisting of females only. They have high levels of affinity with nature magic and would live in areas that have high concentration of plants and trees.


He called out to the green haired dryad.

Slyph was made by Renya to manage the food production of the city. Although not a sentinel, her level was still a full 200; the maximum level attainable in [Alt Online]. Despite having a weaker class than the rest of the sentinels, with the help of her Treants she could rival most of the weaker sentinels if given the chance.

“Ah, Lord Renya!”(Sylph)

To which Slyph replies gleefully

“I need you to check the food production and supply of the city. Report to me as soon as you finish.”(Renya)

“Yes! Please excuse me then!”(Slyph)

Seeing her leave Renya took his leave as well. Heading back into the castle he walked leisurely towards the meeting area reaching it around 20 minutes before the appointed time then sitting down on his seat.


[Present Time in the Meeting Room]

“Now then. Although your answers would’ve been correct a few days ago, I’m afraid they’re invalid at the moment.”(Renya)

Saying this a few people in the room had a hint of surprise in their eyes however they chose not to speak as to let Renya finish first.

“First of all I would like everyone to understand that this is no longer the world of [Alt Online]. Before coming here I made a quick survey of the surrounding terrain and realized that apart from the mountain that the city is currently hovering above, all other forms of terrain changed significantly. The previous [Green Hallow Plains] that surrounded the mountain has been replaced by a mountain range that should cover around 12 miles of land, the lower areas also seem to be covered by dense forests.”(Renya)

Hearing this the sentinelss remained calm but listening attentively nonetheless

“Of course I only managed to observe the area below for a brief moment and I’m not entirely confident that that’s all there is to the land below. That’s why I will assign [Assassin Corps] of Lilith to scout the area below.”(Renya)

After speaking he looked over at Lilith’s

“Can you do it?”(Renya)

“I will not disappoint.”(Lilith)

As if she has become a completely different person, her words contained decisiveness and a hint of firmness. Her timid personality vanished the moment a task was given which seemed almost impossible to believe that they she’s the same person as before.

“Good. For now our next move will have to wait, as we do not have sufficient knowledge concerning this new world. Until then this meeting will be postponed.”

The sentinels all nodded to Renya’s command. All were rising before being stopped halfway by Renya

“Also Orloth, Thali, and Borri before you leave I must tell you beforehand that I will be visiting your stations sometime this afternoon.”(Renya)

“””Yes Lord Renya(M’lord, my Lord)””” (Orloth, Thali, Borri)

“Alright! That is all, you may go.”(Renya)

After seeing them all leave the room, being alone Renya let out a sigh of relief

{That went better than what I’ve expected. I guess the bar has been raised for me as [The Lord].}(Renya)

He sulked for a bit, but quickly getting rid of such thought

“(Now then, Thali’s station should be the closest, I’ll visit it after getting something to eat.)”(Renya)

He thought patting his empty stomach while heading towards the citadel’s kitchen.


[In the 2nd Layer Underground Facilities]

A steel door that was around 2 meters tall stood in front of Renya.

This door was the entrance towards Thali’s work station. Calming himself down he knocked the door three times awaiting for a response. The door opened as for the person who opened it, rather than a person, was a doll.

The doll had a height that reached 1.8 meters, a black colored body covered in magic runes, with a small exposed magic core powering it in its right chest. As Renya was observing the doll Thali’s voice quickly entered his ears.

“M’lord please come inside.”(Thali)

Doing so Renya entered the his station inside were countless dolls hanging from the ceiling in one side organized neatly. On another side were larger dolls with different kinds models, all of them having different shades of black as well as missing a magic core in their chest areas.

Renya walking towards a chair and sitting down waited for Thali to finish his work before speaking.

“Now then, the reason I came here today is to assign you to build new models that will help the cause of [Titan City]. One being a flying golem that will serve as a form of scouting unit. This way our units will be able to scout in a much safer way.

Next would be smaller battle golems, ones that around 15 meters tall. These golems will serve as cannon fodder since we can’t really afford to lose any of our [Black Titan Golem]. Yes, although we can always make another in the case it does get defeated and that we have enough materials to make couple hundred more of them. But we can’t reveal them as they will serve as out trump card in the case war breaks loose or in case that we get attacked by enemy forces.”(Renya)

Such insight naturally came from his years of experience in the world of business. Having worked as an assistant manager, he had gained experience from working under his manager. As such he will consider all factors when it comes making a decision no matter how small or insignificant it is.

Although knowledge and common sense from earth cannot be applied here, his intuition and wisdom thanks to it should be sufficient enough to manage.

When it’s not enough he can always ask for help from one of his “children”.

“These will not be all, and that I’ll ask you you to build more models in the future. but for now I need you to work with your men and your brother Borri’s to build a couple dozens of these models. Of course the need for them right now is not that urgent but even so, build with efficiency.”(Renya)

“Then M’Lord do you have a blueprint that I could work off, or do I have to make my own? Of course I would be more than honored to be able on of your designs.”(Thali)

He asked with eyes filled with anticipation.

“No these golems will be of your design, and of course I’ll be expecting great things”(Renya)

Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Renya ending his sentence with a smile that was brimmed with expectations. But Thali being the golem/puppet maniac that he is, is elated after hearing this.

“Then I shall not disappoint M’lord.”

Renya seeing this is felt satisfied and stood up.

“Right, then I shall take my leave, no need to see me off.”(Renya)

Thali nodded before he sat down on his desk to start drawing the blueprints. Walking himself out he walked out the underground facilities and out towards the [Inner Crafting Stations] there he looked around before spotting a human blacksmith. He walked towards him greeting him to which he gives a bow filled with respect to which Renya waves his hand asking him to stand.

“Where’s Borri at the moment?”(Renya)

“Lord Renya, Master Borri is near the [Black Iron Furnace]”(???)

“I see. Well then carry on your work”(Renya)

Leaving with a smile, he walked onwards to the [Black Iron Furnace]. Near it was the figure of Borri talking with a few of the human and dwarven blacksmiths. Around them are multiple humans and dwarves working together to craft weapons and armors, doing so in a fluid like manner, working together as if by nature. Truly a sight to behold.

Seeing this Renya was all the more satisfied and admired it for a while before coming back to his senses, calling on to Borri.


Hearing this Borri raised his head towards my direction. Seeing my face he raised a hearty laugh.

“Lord Renya!”(Borri)

“Am I interrupting something?”(Renya)

He asked with a polite tone

“No! Of course not! Having you here is an honor for everyone!”(Borri)

After saying so Borri laughed loudly.

“I see. Now then, about our previous talk if you could.”(Renya)

Borri immediately lead Renya to his station, opening the small door for him. Once inside he looked around seeing a bunch of weapons hanged from the walls and desks and sometimes a set of armor arranged neatly could be seen, all of them showing a unique aura each.

One must know that Renya is an absolute neat freak and that he will arrange each of the sentinels rooms to be neat if not clean. This trait of him is quite well known amongst his friends and co workers

After walking and having having a chat with Borri as they sat down.

“Now then, the reason I came here today is to give you a few tasks. Although they are simple ones I hope that you will not neglect them and work on them diligently.”(Renya)

He asked Borri with a serious tone. To which Borri smiled to then answering.

“Of course, I handle all my tasks seriously no matter how small Lord Renya!”(Borri)

He said proudly then grinning widely.

“Good, then what I need you to do is to make me a set for a level 50 archer. One that focuses on magic and agility. Also include a piece that will cover the mouth in it as well.”(Renya)

“And what might the Lord need for these items?”(Borri)

He asked in a curious tone. Not being disrespectful in anyway.

“For now I have yet to decide, but depending on the report Lilith gives we will find out, in the future I will definitely have a use for it…. I hope”(Renya)

The last words of his sentence being mumbles making Borri unable to understand it. But seeing his Lord in such a way he did not ask any more questions

“Also, have your men help your brother Thali in the work I gave him. For now that is all.”(Renya)

“Oh? is this a part of his tasks? Never mind, I’ll gladly send my men over!”(Borri)

“Good, now then I’ll be heading towards Orloth’s if you need me. No need to see me off.”(Renya)

He walked out of the workshop towards the outside.

“(Lastly Orloth’s place. Should be at the [Outer Crafting Stations] The [Arcane Fortress]. More of a research lab than a fortress if I remembered it…)”

Making his way towards the Arcane Fortress He passed by many blacksmiths, all of them busy with work in either training their skills or working on a build assigned for them. His walk paused as he saw his destination, A large circular building almost looking like a colosseum Reaching a full 20 stories in height and around 100 meters in diameters.

The building had an almost mysterious feel to it. If the [Alt Online] Version of this building was put to the side of it for a comparison, even if it is the same building, almost anyone would say that they’re two completely different buildings.

“(Every things severely different compared from the time when it was still a game.)”(Renya)

After letting out a sigh of amazement he continued on his way.

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