Black Titan Chapter 21: The Storm

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Black Titan Chapter 21: The Storm

Waking up, Renya woke Little White before taking a quick bath. Walking downstairs, he noticed a large number of hunters who were wearing all of their equipment at the inn’s lobby with a majority of them either preparing themselves or waiting for a friend or companion to finish theirs.

Ignoring his presence, he went outside and headed straight towards the [Green Horn Restaurant] as it was closer to western entrance than the [Ember Tongue]. Making his way there, he discovered a few hunters who had the same idea as the restaurant was crowded with them.

Feeling that he’d be wasting time by waiting, he grabbed a piece of bread that he bought beforehand from his bag. The bread had a light brown color and had a round shape. Sniffing it a few times before tearing it open, he confirmed that it was still fresh enough to eat before nibbling on it and moving it towards Little White’s face for her to bite at times.

Going towards the western entrance, he spent the time eating bread, grabbing another if he finished the current one. As he proceeded, he noticed that the number of hunters he passed by increased the closer he is to the entrance.

Reaching the entrance, he discovered that it was filled to the brim with hunters who have most likely signed up. The western entrance was around 30 meters wide allowing the large numbers of hunters to easily fill the area around it, making it rather hard to go through. The atmosphere of the area was rather gloomy as a majority of hunters only talked in whispers.

Looking at the very end of the sea of hunters, stood Michael on a tall platform that had been built beforehand. He looked at the hunters for a good while before clearing his throat. As the area was already quiet to begin with, his voice was heard by a majority of the hunters, causing them to go silent.

“I would like to thank you all for coming here today. As you all know by now, the city is at the brink of being attacked by an invading demon army. Not only that, but I have sent scouts to their army, only for them to be wiped out if not for the fact that three of them got lucky and managed to get back. Their reports also state that the enemy’s forces are stronger than ours at this moment.”(Michael)

With his voice containing large amounts of power, his words were easily heard by the hunters, causing a large number of them to become dismayed.

Seeing all of their faces change made Michael’s expression to be slightly anxious, but he immediately replaced it with one that was filled to the brim with confidence.

“Although we may seem to be at a disadvantage, we have not lost the fight! We still have forces that can overturn the tide to our favor! The [Cynnabel Empire] has provided us with over a hundred and fifty top grade archers and fifty mages, along with the help of their envoy, Talia, an [Elite Elemental Magus].”(Michael)

He said as Talia slowly walked up the stage while wearing a calm expression, as a roar of cheers came from the hunters who’ve gained their morale.

Talia wore, apart from the same cloak from yesterday, a silver circlet embedded with a golden gem in the middle that complimented her ashen blond colored hair and golden eyes. She held a silver staff that was littered with magic runes and had a ring as large as a coconut at its tip.

As Renya looked at her, he noticed that she too was looking at his direction causing their eyes meet for a brief moment, before Talia looked away.

Michael, who wore a wide grin at the sight of the cheers, spoke.

“Not only that! A former great hunter has joined our forces, further increasing our chances of victory!”(Michael)

“(Hmm? Another trick up his sleeve?)”(Renya)

As he pondered who it was, his question was answered as a tall figure clad in a fierce set of grey colored armor, although it was old and battered, the armor gave an all the more imposing aura because of it. The figure carried an enormous great sword, that was a head taller than him over his shoulder. Stopping where his figure could be seen. Renya immediately realized who this was.

“That old man?!”(Renya)

He said out loud as he was unable to contain his surprise. Fortunately, the people around him didn’t pay attention to him as they were as baffled as he was, for completely different reasons of course.

“Darell the Behemoth has joined our forces!”(Michael)

He said causing the hunters to become intoxicated as they gave out a cheer that was louder than the one they gave to Talia. The hunters who were once dismayed regained their morale as they all chanted his name in unison.

“”””DARELL!!! DARELL!!! DARELL!!!””””

“(They went insane because of him! Is he that big of a figure?!)”(Renya)

As he pondered about Darell’s background, Michael spoke, causing everyone to go silent.

“With this, our chances of winning have been greatly increased! But even so, we must not be careless, as even the simplest mistake will cause our downfall. Preparations will be needed as…..”(Michael)

As Michael said his speech Renya felt a familiar person’s glare. Knowing what it probably meant, he turned around and left for an alleyway that was a good distance away.

As he went deeper into the alleyway, a single shadow suddenly appeared in front of him. The shadow took the form of a man In an instant. The man wore black assassin like clothing and was down on one knee whilst lowering his head.

“Lord Renya.”(???)

He said in a respectful tone.


“I have a message from Sir Amitiel.”(???)

“Is that so? Are there people nearby?

“No M’lord, We have just surveyed the area and have a few men preventing people from entering through the use of illusions.”(???)

“Good, then tell me the contents.”(Renya)

Nodding his head, the man began to convey Renya the message.


[Talia’s POV]

I sat inside a large tent, that was being used as a base of operations, arranging a few documents. Since Michael expected the army to come from the west, he had set up a few of these tents on the western side of the city.

After Michael finished informing the hunters on what we’re up against, as well as giving them a brief summary on what he plans to do, I was made to manage the organization and listing of the hunters who are participating. Fortunately, things went down better than what I originally expected.

As to why I am doing this, we’re a bit short handed at the time as we need to get this done today to make preparations much easier.

But I wonder why did he leave? I searched the crowd of hunters from the platform at the time only to see him leave after the introduction of Darell. As I was pondering as to why he was not here, a voice called out to me.

“Miss Talia, how are things on your end?”(???)

Turning my head around, I saw Michael who showed a slightly tired expression. Understandable since dealing with that many people would tire me as well.

“Things are proceeding smoothly, we’ve had no problems so far with hunters.”(Talia)

“That’s good.”(Michael)

He said whilst he sat down on a nearby chair.

“Have you seen him? Knowing his personality, he should’ve at least said hello, or maybe even help us list all the hunter’s that are participating.”(Michael)

He heaved a long sigh as he leaned his entire body on the back of the chair. Seeing him like this allowed me to see another side of this prince.

“I did see him amongst the crowd of hunters. But he left midway after you introduced Darell.”(Talia)

“Is that so?”(???)

A voice that should belong to an old man echoed in the tent. Standing at the tent’s entrance was Darell. I must say, his presence is quite the overwhelming one as the air inside the room completely changed the moment he entered. Although I am strong enough to do the same, I don’t.

“Yes, I believe you two know each other from yesterday?”(Talia)


“Indeed! Ahahahahaha! I’m sorry, you we’re also there and I’ve forgotten to introduce myself to you as I didn’t recognize you at the time.”(Darell)

Darell doesn’t seem like a bad person. Although I’ve only been introduced to him this morning, he gives the impression of a good uncle and from what Michael told me at the time, he came to him at around midnight yesterday, he apparently came out with the sole intention of helping us fend off the demon army. Thinking so, I replied with a smile.

“It’s fine.”(Talia)

“Still, that Renya kid is something else.”(Darell)

Hearing him mention his name made the two of us listen.

“What do you mean Mister Darell?”(Talia)

“He’s the youngest person I’ve seen reach that level. And his equipment is not something that even the best blacksmiths I know can make.”(Darell)

His impression is the same as mine, even that mantle of his could easily surpass mine in terms of quality alone. After Darell said so, Michael let out a sigh before voicing out his thoughts as well.

“*Sigh* And apart from being a hunter, he’s someone whose existence appeared out of thin air. He also never gave out any surnames making it rather hard to connect him to any lineages in both the [Notus] and [Aelynn] Empires.”(Michael)

“*Hehe* So he had something like that going on.”(Darell)

Since were on the topic about Renya, I decided to voice out my thoughts as well.

“And that owl. He claims that it’s a White Frost Owl, but it’s feathers are much whiter and have a more silvery look. White Frost Owls tend to live in cold regions as far as I know, meaning he shouldn’t be a person from this continent.”(Talia)

“*Ahem* Let’s not pry in too deep. We might discover things that we aren’t supposed to. He’s not an evil person and that’s all we need to know.”(Michael)

““Agreed.””(Darell and Talia)

We said in unison since what he said makes sense. I feel that the place he talked about is a truly terrifying place if it is able to produce a man like him, but I just can’t help but feel curious.

“Then I’ll take my leave, me and Darell still have a few more things to take care of, tell me when Renya comes by.”(Michael)

“Will do.”(Talia)

Hearing my reply, he turned around and left the tent along with Darell. With them out of the way, I continue with my task of arranging the documents given to me and after a while of Arranging the Documents, I finally finished several hours later as I put them all inside an envelope before placing it on top of Michael’s desk.

Going outside the tent, the sky already has a tint of orange in it. Finishing my work load took way longer than what I’ve expected.

Looking around, I caught sight of hunters, soldiers as well as a few civilians here and there working together to build a barricade facing the forest. The barricade was around 3 meters tall and was almost complete, only missing a few planks of wood in some gaps. I then tried to search for Michael but a familiar figure entered my field of view.


The figure of Maria who was running towards me wearing a clean set of robes while waving her hand along with his brother Chris, who wore plate armor walked towards me while carrying a few bags behinds him. Behind them were two girls, one tall and one was rather short with the two carrying a few planks of wood each. I called out to them as they neared me.

“Maria, Chris, and these are?”(Talia)

“Ah, you haven’t met them before. Well this is Nana”(Maria)

She said whilst pointing her index finger to the short girl who appeared to be wearing thief like armor.

“and this is Jennifer.”(Maria)

She said, pointing at the taller one who was wearing leather armor this time.

“Pleasure to meet you.”(Nana and Jennifer)

The two of them bowed at the same time in front of me. How polite. I too gave the two of them a slight bow, causing them to be slightly flustered.

“Likewise. So are you also here to help?”(Talia)

“Yes, we were surprised to know that you were the envoy of the [Cynnabel Empire].”(Maria)

“Me too, although I can slightly understand why you didn’t tell us yesterday.”(Chris)

“I’m sorry about that. Talking with you guys would’ve been a lot harder if I were to say that I’m the envoy of the [Cynnabel Empire] right from the start.”(Talia)

I ended my words with a bright smile as to calm them down.

“It’s fine.”(Chris)

“Oh right, did you by chance come across Renya?”(Talia)

“Renya? Well we did a few hours ago.”(Chris)

“Is that so? Where is he now?”(Talia)

“I don’t know. He never said where he was going.”(Chris)

“Then did he say anything to you?”(Talia)

“He said that he needed to do something, he was pretty vague with his answer when we asked him. He said something about preparations.”(Chris)

“And he left like that?”(Talia)

“Yes, he also didn’t appear to be in a hurry at the time.”(Maria)

Really that guy is just so irresponsible at times.

“*Sigh* So are you here to help set up the barriers?”(Talia)

“Yes, we were assigned to help carry the materials over.”(Chris)

“I see, then have you seen Michael?”(Talia)

“The prince? We last saw him around the western entrance. Darell was also with him, they were talking with a few people.”(Maria)

“I see, then I won’t bother you further.”(Talia)

“It’s fine.”(Chris)

Giving them a slight bow, I headed for the entrance. But sadly, I was only able to spot Darell who was busy talking with other hunters. As I came into his field of vision, he seemed to have politely asked the hunters who he was talking with to leave as he made his way towards me.

“Miss Talia, I assume that you are done with the work you’ve been assigned.”(Darell)

He said with a smile. It feels as if he treats me like a person whose younger than him, even though I’m sure that I should at least be a decade or two older than him. Getting these thoughts out of my head, I ask him about Michael.

“Yes, have you seen Michael?”(Talia)

“Michael? He left a while ago together with a few acquaintances. He said that he’ll be back in a while.”(Darell)

“I see.”(Talia)

As I was about to leave, I turned my head only to see a glimpse of a hooded man wearing a dark blue mantle with a white blur over his left shoulder.

Was that Renya?

Thinking so, I tried to look over at the direction where I originally spotted him, and to my surprise, it was him. He didn’t appear to be in a hurry as he slowly made his way towards us.

Ugh… Is he really going to take his time walking towards us?

I underestimated him, he really did take his time walking towards us.

“Where have you been?”(Talia)

“Me? Nothing much really, I only took care of a few things.”(Renya)

He’s acting suspicious, best to keep my eye on him for now.

“Is that so?”(Talia)

As I was trying to question him further, Darelll stopped me.

“*Ahem* Mister Renya.”(Darell)

“Darell, so you were ‘that’ Darell.”(Renya)

He said it as if he already knew who ‘Darell the Behemoth’ was. I guess he did his own research which was quite surprising.

“Yes, I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself properly at that time.”(Darell)

“It’s fine. Anyways, what are you guys doing here? I expected you to be organizing some documents somewhere.”(Renya)

“Well, I was, but I have already finished. Then what about you Mister Darell?”(Talia)

“Me? I was giving some advice to a few of the [Rank: A] hunters that have joined the mission. Even If I’m already retired as hunter, my ties with the [Hunter’s Guild] still run deep. Consider it my considerations for my juniors.”(Darell)

“So you’re already retired? It’s no wonder why you’re working at that store.”(Renya)

“Yes, It’s the best I can do for them. That’s also one of the reasons why I’ve made such a big deal out of that one incident.”(Darell)

“I see. Then what rank did you reach?”(Renya)

“At my prime. I was able to reach the rank of [SSS]. But now? I’m barely even considered a [Rank: SS]. Why don’t we continue this conversation in somewhere more private?”(Darell)

“We should, what about you?”(Talia)

“I don’t mind.”(Renya)

Saying so, Darell guided us into one one of the nearby tents. Inside were a few chairs and tables, I believe this is the place where Darell and Michael discussed things earlier.

“Then what do you think of the chances of us winning now?”(Talia)

I asked him after we were all seated. He leaned his body back before speaking.

“The same as before, low.”(Renya)


The two of us became stunned after hearing his words.

Low? You’re joking right?

“Was that a joke Renya?”(Talia)

“No, I’m serious.”(Renya)

His eye’s aren’t lying…


Immediately standing up, he asked with a slightly angered tone mixed with hints of slight dread. Renya however, calmly looked at him in the eyes.

“I received another piece of information. They have around 10 or more Necrotic War Beasts as well as a High Demon or two.”(Renya)

Silence. We couldn’t utter a single word after hearing this piece of news.

“Yes, a High Demon. From what my source says, the high demon’s level should at least be around the later 80s. So unless you two can deal with them along with a pack of Necrotic War Beasts ravaging the city our chances are low.”(Renya)

“Who is this source of yours? Since he’s strong enough to be able to acquire this information, he should be strong enough to-”(Darell)

“Fight against them? Don’t be ridiculous, he’s only good at gathering information. Besides, he’s already left the continent.”(Renya)

“I-I see.”(Darell)

No, I refuse to believe that we have no chances.

“Then is there anything you or anyone of us can do to increase the chances of winning?”(Talia)


He murmured as he closed his eyes for a brief moment.

“I don’t know, but I’ll do something about it.”(Renya)

He said whilst standing up from his chair, walking out of the tent leaving us behind. He said that he’ll do something about it? But what… No, we can’t just sit around and do nothing, we still don’t know whether or not he can actually help. We need to do something ourselves.

Standing up from my chair after a brief moment, I made my way to the entrance of the tent. But to my surprise Michael came inside.

“Is something wrong Miss Talia?”(Michael)

“Yes, did you seen Renya just now?”(Talia)

“Renya? Has he finally decided to give me a visit?”(Michael)

“Did you not see him?”(Talia)

“No? I didn’t see him on my way here.”(Michael)

“But he had just left?”(Talia)


Feeling that his sudden disappearance was strange, Michael decided to change topics since it’ll only be a wild goose chase if we pursued this topic further.

“*Ahem* Tell me about the things you talked about. It could be useful if they had something to do with the demon army.”(Michael)

“Will do…”(Talia)

I turned around and looked at Darell, his face is quite serious, as if he was in deep thought. Walking back, Michael spoke, causing me to stop midway.

“Is there something wrong? You two look as if you’ve seen a ghost.”(Michael)

He said whilst he smiled and chuckled softly. But his smile did not last long.

We quickly told him about the information Renya had given us. Let’s just say that he wasn’t all too pleased with the information that he’d just received.

Calming himself down, he called over a few people, presumably his men and asked us to stay behind to come up with a few strategists and counter measures. Our planning did not take long but as it was already late when we started, the sun has set as the full moon hung over the sky.

Looking at the torch lit barricade, I was amazed at the level of efficiency the workers had. But I guess telling them that the enemy could attack at any time had a great effect on them.

Taking a closer look, It seems that there are people atop the barricade who were carefully watching for any movements in the forest. They’ve also been made to make camps within the barricade with the full intention of sleeping here as to be prepared for the attack at any moment.

It’s already night, I should return to make my report for the higher-ups.


Someone’s used the horn?!

Turning my head, I could see numerous pairs of glowing red eyes coming from the forest. They must’ve realized that we’re starting to prepare and decided that nighttime was a good time to attack.

Making my way to find Michael, he had already left to start making commands.

“Quickly! Gather all the hunters and prepare for battle!”(Michael)

With a slightly panicked voice he calmly made swift commands. I should call my men as well and just as I was about to go towards them, a sudden voice called out to me.

“Miss Talia, I have gathered all the rangers, they are ready to move on your command.”(???)

Re’loth, a trusted assistant provided to me by my older sister. He seems to take care of almost everything for me. He seems like a nice person, just a bit strict at times.

Bah! Not the time to be thinking of such things.

“Thank you, have them follow the plan we’ve made before hand.”(Talia)

“Will do.”(Re’Loth)

Leaving after giving my commands, I head towards Michael who was almost finished equipping his armor. Glancing at the forest, their movements seemed to have stopped, as if they were waiting for something.

“Michael, how are the preparations?”(Talia)

“Everyone’s just about ready. How’s your rangers?”(Michael)

“Good as well, they should be in position by now.”(Talia)

“I see, then what are they doing?”(Michael)

He said whilst he glanced over at the forest where inside were countless glowing red eyes that are as still as a rock.

“Those demons, they look as if they’re waiting for something. It can’t be the High demons can’t it?”(Michael)

“It’s likely that they are.”(Talia)


He clicking his tongue, looking as if he’s still maintaining his calm, but I can tell that he’s about as nervous as one can get. He’s not the only one, I feel that my back become drenched in cold sweat as I await the demon’s next move.

As the hunters and soldiers stood at their assigned positions behind the barricades, they await the enemy to make their move.

A long time passes, the demons have yet to make their move, each passing moment feels like an eternity.

Why?! What are they waiting for? And where is he? I haven’t seen him show his face this entire time!

All of the sudden, the air became filled with thick miasma, enough to suffocate a weak person to death as what we’ve been waiting for arrived.

Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

A figure slowly made its way out of the forest, covered in thick, visible black miasma, it was the first demon to actually leave the forest.

The demon had dark grey skin, along with a set of black horns that curve backwards, he wore a pitch black robe in a way where his upper body is bare exposing a few pitch black tattoos covering his chest and limbs with his lower half wearing a set of long tassets made of dark metal that was placed on top of his robes.

Behind him were the figures of four other grey skinned humanoid figures, each with their own set of black horns that curved backwards.

“Humans and elves.”(???)

The topless demon spoke, causing tremors to run amok the whole area. His voice contained a hint of his aura that even I don’t think I can rival.

“Surrender your city, and we’ll consider sparing a few of you. We’ll give you a brief moment to think this over.”(???)

“What do you plan on doing?”(Talia)

“Not surrendering of course, I’d rather kill myself than to let innocents die for me.”(Michael)

“Good, then we need to stall them for a bit while we come up with a way to deal with that demon.”(Talia)

“What’s the point? Do you even know what our chances of winning are?”(Darell)

“The same as what Renya said, low. That demon out there, even I don’t think we can beat it with all three of us working together.”(Talia)

“Then what if Renya were to help? Didn’t he say something about seeing what he can do? I’m starting to think that he ran away.”(Michael)

“No, I don’t believe that he’s that kind of person.”(Talia)

“Why trust his words so much?”(Darell)

“It’s a gut feeling of mine. I don’t think he’s the kind of person to leave just like that.”(Talia)

He sighed upon hearing my reply.

“Then let’s just hope that this gut feeling of yours is correct.”(Darell)

Closing his eyes and calming down his breathing, Michael walked forward and leapt on top of the barricade we’ve made.

“I am Michael, the second prince of the [Aelynn Empire]!”(Michael)

He shouted loud enough for the demons across the field to hear. The topless demon laughed for a brief moment before speaking.

“I am Serrié a [Transcended Demon]. Then tell us your decision? Would you like your life to be spared at the cost of everyone else’s?”(Serrié)

Everyone became silent after hearing the demon’s declaration. Those who understood what a transcended being is turned pale as they realized that they’re up against one of them. Even I understood what they are, a being that reached the peak of their being as they transcended into a much more powerful form.

Silence, the surrounding soldier and hunters became silent as they anxiously awaited Michael’s decision. He stood there silently for a while.


He gave out a proud laugh after a while. He spoke as he continued his words.

“Do you really think that lowly of me?”(Michael)

He said whilst wearing a wide grin on his face as he dropped down and return to the spot where he was before.

“As pleasing as the offer sounds, I refuse. I don’t plan on sacrificing an large amounts of lives for my pitiful one.”(Michael)

“Is that so?”(Serrié)

He said as he gave out a small laugh that echoed throughout the area, allowing us to hear it.

“Then you shall die along with everyone else here. Begin the assault.”(Serrié)

“Shit. Prepare for the attack!”(Michael)

The earth shook as seven Necrotic War Beasts charged along with several hundred demons. Their seemingly unstoppable charge caused a few of the hunters and soldiers to lose their morale.

Biting my lips, I prepared to cast a large scale spell to hinder their movements.

But just as I was begin my chant, a blue flash swept across the field at unbelievable speeds leaving an extremely deep crevice as it did, killing all the Demonic War Beasts along with a couple hundred demons. If not for the fact that I had my eyes focused on the field as well as the fact that my vision is a lot better compared to others, I would’ve completely missed it.

Just as I was about to exclaim my surprise, the entire field shook as the area where that flash travelled became engulfed in bright blue flames, not even leaving a single speck of ashes behind as it completely devoured all the demons who were caught in it.


Reacting much later than me, Michael shouted as he became baffled at the scene that unfolded in front of him.

“Who dares?!”(Serrié)

His voice contained a hint of fear, without a doubt, out of everyone here, he must the one whose received the biggest shock.


Just as I was beginning to calm down, a soul shattering voice resounded throughout the area. Turning my head to search for its source, I easily found it.

High in the sky, a figure clad in a breath taking set of armor appeared hovering over thin air. The armor was without a doubt the most beautiful set that I’ve seen in my life and it doesn’t appear to be made of silver, but some form of highly reflective alloy. But what caught my eye the most was the pair of glowing blue eyes that were akin to a flame behind the helmet. The eyes moved for a brief moment, making me feel as if our eyes met for a brief moment.

Eh? Why did our eyes perhaps meet? No, that’d be impossible. Regaining my composure, I observed his weapon.

On his hand was a curved silver blade that appeared to be much longer than him and on its tips danced a bright blue flame that made me realize that he was the one who killed the demons. Serrié probably realized this as well as his angered voice shouted out.

“*Che* Attack him!”(Serrié)

Following his commands, a barrage of spells and arrows flew towards the figure at high speeds. But the figure did not panic, in fact, I’m starting to think that he might be sneering at Serrié.

Just as the Arrows and spells were about to hit, the figure slowly dragged his sword, making a full sweep, causing a wall made of blue flames appear in front of him. The flames devoured the attacks leaving nothing behind as the attacks finally stopped.

“Is that all?”(???)

With a clear voice that belonged to a male, he mocked Serrié.

“*Tch* Don’t underestimate me!”(Serrié)

Enraged at the figures provocation, Serrié grunted as a large pair of black wings grew from his back. With a single flap, his body was propelled a couple hundred meters into the air, flying straight into the figure.

But almost as if he was swatting down a fly, he sent Serrié crashing down in an instant with a single flick of his hand.


An inhumane roar escaped his mouth as his rage became endless. Almost as if like an animal, Serrié flew his battered body back to the figure, only to be swatted back down directly into the middle of the whole field.

“Are you done? Then I believe that it is my turn.”(???)

His figure vanished after muttering those words.


Looking around the whole area, his figure appeared where Serrié crashed down. He tightened his grip on his blade before stabbing it straight into Serrié’s heart.


All of the sudden, Serrié’s body became engulfed in blue flame and much like all the previous demons, not a single speck of ash remained.

Silence. The entire field was filled with fear and silence. Seeing a monstrous demon like Serrié die like a dog planted fear into the heart of everyone that witnessed it.

He stood in the middle of the field as the four demons that came with Serrié dare not move from their positions. After a brief moment, he started to walk slowly towards the forest where the demons stood.

“Now then, surrender immediately and I’ll make sure that your deaths are as painless as possible or perhaps run as to make things more interesting?”(???)

The figure spoke in an amused manner as he gave the demons an option.

Not being able to withstand the pressure the figure gave out, the Demons fled in all directions including the high demons, causing the figure to laugh a bit before murmuring a few words that were too soft for me to hear.

The figure then turned its head, looking straight at us. He did not emit the pressure he had from before as he only silently looked at us. Suddenly, his figure vanished, only to appear on top of the barricade.

“Consider this a lending hand from me.”(???)

He spoke as if we owe him our lives, causing all of us to silent, but he’s not that far from the truth. All of the sudden, my body started moving on its own, as if trying to satisfy my curiosity.

“M-may I ask you a question.”(Talia)

What am I doing!?

“Go ahead.”(???)

“Are you perhaps a friend of Renya?”(Talia)


Oh no. Is he angry? I think he’s angry. What do I do?!


And just like that, he disappeared as his body became engulfed in a bright light.


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