Black Titan Chapter 22: In Media Res

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Black Titan Chapter 22: In Media Res

[Renya’s POV] [Several Hours Ago]

“So what you’re telling me is that a transcended demon appeared near the rift?”(Renya)

Standing in the alleyway, Renya asked the man clothed in black after hearing his report.

“Yes M’lord.”(???)

“Alright, you are dismissed, send a message to Amitiel for me. Tell him that I’ll be paying a visit soon.”(Renya)

“Will do.”(???)

Nodding his head, the man vanished along with a few others that were hiding in the dark.

Confirming that their presence were indeed gone, Renya was about to leave the area familiar figure caught his attention.

“Oh, Renya!”(Chris)

Outside the alleyway, Chris and the rest of the party made their way towards Renya.

“So what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be heading towards the western entrance?”(Chris)

“Or did you get lost?”(Maria)

She followed up teasingly.

“No, I need to do some ‘preparations’. I’ll be on my way then.”(Renya)

Making an emphasis on the words ‘preparation’. He left the area unhurriedly, causing Chris and the others to be taken aback before they proceeded towards the western entrance.

Walking for a brief moment, Renya reached a secluded area. He then made a quick surveillance of the area before taking out a [Teleport] scroll from his bag. He then poured mana into it causing a bright light to engulfed his and Little White’s figure.

By the time the light became dull, the whole scenery around him completely changed.

The surrounding buildings were then replaced by black pillars with black walls behind them. in the middle of the room stood a pitch black throne. Beside said throne was a beautiful woman that had golden brown hair and a wore white robe.

Seeing Renya appear, the woman walked closer before bowing her head.

“Father, welcome back.”(Charlotte)

“Yeah, I’m back.”(Renya)

Drawing closer, she stroked Little White’s feathers before saying.

“And I see Little White is doing well.”(Charlotte)

Causing Little white to nuzzle her head against Charlotte’s hand.

“Anyways, where’s Amitiel?”(Renya)

Removing her hand from Little White, she replied.

“Follow me please.”(Charlotte)

Smiling sweetly, Charlotte lead Renya to where Amitiel was. Along the way, Charlotte asked Renya a question.



“I’ve received news from Amitiel that you were being rather ‘intimate’ with a certain elf, is it true?”(Charlotte)

Maintaining her sweet smile she asked whilst looking directly into his eyes. Feeling her gaze, Renya felt uncomfortable as cold sweat started dripping from his back.

“Well, I wouldn’t call it intimate. Nothing more than acquaintances.”(Renya)

“Is that so?”(Charlotte)

She said whilst ending her words with a small chuckle.

After a while, the two of them reached an area that was deep within the castle. The walls no longer had the pitch black color but had a tinge of violet in them. As the two went deeper, they soon stopped in their tracks as they were faced with a large. The double door was similar to the one leading to the throne room but was much smaller in scale.

All of a sudden, the doors opened, revealing Amitiel who wore a ‘friendly’ smile on his face. He then proceeded to bow as he welcomed Renya into the room.

“Welcome Lord Renya to my quarters.”(Amitiel)

Walking inside, Charlotte and Amitiel followed after.

“Enough, now about that message you’ve sent me.”(Renya)

The room itself was large and spacious, emanating an ominous feel that caused Little white to be slightly distressed. The size was was around 30×30 meters and the walls were pitch black and apart from the numerous pillars that had violet glowing markings all over it surrounding the room. At the middle stood a large and complicated hexagonal table that had a set of black skulls emitting a violet glow in its eyes at each point.

On the surface of the table were countless runes that had a violet glow and at the middle was a plain looking crystal orb held in place by a few black chains. Surrounding the table were six chairs on each side of the hexagonal table.

As Renya sat down, Amitiel and Charlotte followed after, sitting a chair apart from one another.

“Where’s Orloth and the others?”(Renya)

“Orloth and Prynn are busy conducting a few experiments of their own about this new world. As for the others, Borri is still managing a few things in the [Inner Crafting Stations]. Lilith is out on a task I’ve assigned her. Brutus and Laura are out in the mountain range doing a patrol of the surrounding area. Thali is performing some maintenance on the golems. And Khali, the most carefree of them, is currently lazing about and is counting his wealth.”(Amitiel)

“I see… Then, about the message you’ve sent me.”(Renya)

“Yes, the transcended demon we’ve spotted in the Nether Rift. Apparently this said demon is a high ranking officer in this world’s nether realm. What we’ve also found out is that the [Altinea Continent]’s Nether Rift has a vast similarity to this world’s.”(Amitiel)

“Similar how?”(Renya)

“Their appearance and properties are the exact same apart from the fact that it connects two different planes. I would’ve thought that this was a Nether Rift from the [Altinea Continent], if not for that fact.”(Amitiel)

“Then have you discovered anything that links this world and the [Altinea Continent]?”(Renya)

“No, not at the moment, the human archives we’ve visited only dates back to the last thousand years or so. But we may be able to if we are to view a few of the elven archives of this world. Since elves have one of the longest life spans, they should know a thing or two.”(Amitiel)

“Which reminds me Father. Wasn’t that elf ‘acquaintance’ of yours an envoy of the [Cynnabel Empire]?”(Charlotte)

“Yes, why ask?”(Renya)

Narrowing her eyes into crescents, she gave him a smile before saying.

“Oh nothing.”(Charlotte)

Seeing this made Renya roll his eyes gave a light cough Amitiel before speaking again.

“*Cough* Back on topic, the demons have started making a move. They seemed to have received news of your recent actions. They’re likely to attack tonight as well.”(Amitiel)

“That’s when I come in, correct?”(Renya)

“Yes, now what I wish for you to do is to make things as, ‘flashy’, as possible. You need to give them an overbearing feeling of awe, one that will give them a lasting impression on you.”(Amitiel)

Making a few gestures with his hands, he made his whole sentence seem like a joke. But Renya was fortunately able to understand what this meant.

“Then tell me, how is this going to help in the future?”(Renya)

“It’ll make negotiations with the parties of this world much easier. Now then, I have asked Borri to prepare the [Black Iron Furnace] beforehand. I believe that you need a new set of armor to be crafted. It doesn’t necessarily need to be better than your [Nidhogg] or even the [Draco Catulus], it doesn’t even need to be an [Ancient grade] set as well. It only needs to be something that leaves a deep impression on them.”(Amitiel)

“Something that leaves a deep impression on them? Wouldn’t [Nidhogg] work just fine?”(Renya)

“No, we need to keep that and [Devourer] as a trump card. I suggest that you head there now while the sun is still up.”(Amitiel)

“Then I’ll do just that.”(Renya)

Standing up, he faced Charlotte before.

“Charlotte, can you take care of Little White for me for the time being?”(Renya)

“I don’t mind, come here Little White”(Charlotte)

Gesturing her to come closer, Little White happily flew towards her, perching on her left shoulder before leaning her head on hers. Seeing her satisfied look, Renya left as he went straight towards the [Inner Crafting Station].

As he was about to leave the castle, a sudden thought entered his mind. He opened a window of what appeared to be his [Inventory] as he started manipulating it.

Not long after, a faint white light shimmered over his body. changing his previous hunter attire into his original equipment which consisted of a white polo, black pants and shoes.

“(So I could still do something like this?)”(Renya)

Feeling satisfied, he continued on his way towards Borri. In the distance. The sight of the [Black Iron Furnace]’s chimney could be seen emitting a strange black smoke that had a mystical appearance.

As he proceeded, he noticed a subtle change in the atmosphere of the city. Although it still maintained its bustling liveliness, the city became more peaceful than before. As he pondered about it, he realized that he’s already reached the entrance of the [Inner Crafting Station].

Just like before, the whole area was dyed red from the heat the furnace emanated. With the [Black Iron Furnace] being actually used, the rest of the workers apart from Borri and Renya left.

In front of the [Black Iron Furnace] was Borri, wearing his usual attire but wielded an enormous hammer on his left hand. Seeing Renya enter, he mounted the large hammer on his back before coming to greet him.

“Lord Renya! It has been a while.”(Borri)

“Yes, it has been. Now, my blacksmithing skills have gotten rather rusty, I want you to take the lead in this one.”(Renya)

Nodding his head in a way similar to a chicken’s head he said.

“Of course! Of course! I don’t mind at all! Now I believe we should use some highly reflective material, Crystal Sylver and Moon Essence should do the trick.”(Borri)

Nodding at his words, Renya pulled out a few silver like ore that emanated a faint silver glow and an aquamarine colored material that shared the same glow as its color and looked to be in an almost liquefied state, from his [Inventory].

‘That amount should be enough for a full set of armor. Now the design should be extravagant as Amitiel have said. Not only that, but we’ve only until the time that the sun is up.”(Borri)

He said as he dismounted the hammer on his back, swinging it downward as it caused a miniature tremor to run through the area. Shockingly, the strike did not even leave a single scratch on the floor.

Borri then threw the hammer towards Renya. Renya managed to just catch it causing him to fumble a few times. Stretching his neck, he released the [Limiter] that was restraining him as he brandished the hammer a few times before nodding towards Borri.

Grabbing the materials that Renya has produced, Borri placed them inside the Black Iron Furnace to prepare them.

After he did so, the two of them began forging the pieces. The process has lasted a total of four hours. With Renya doing the hammering and Borri the one adjusting the angle of the piece to be struck.

One might think that what Renya has said from before to be false since the two of them don’t appear to be making any mistakes at all. Even Renya himself became surprised that he managed to keep up with Borri. Despite the fact that he’s only mastered the in-game system, not actual forging.

Throughout the entire process, Renya felt information about certain things flow into his head. Like where to strike this time after striking that, how much strength he should use in this specific strike, what angle he should strike this etc etc, allowing him to easily forge the pieces.

Before long, the two of them have managed to complete all the pieces. Each revealing a smooth surface despite being in an unpolished and unquenched state.

Wiping his his forehead, Borri spoke.

“Lord Renya, I thought you’ve said that you were rusty? Actually, what I should be saying is, ‘As expected of Lord Renya’ hohohohohoho!”(Borri)

Making a hearty laugh, he patted Renya’s back a few dozen times.

Looking at Renya now, His White polo remained white and clean, the same goes for his pants and shoes, but the same could not be said for his hair.

His hair was messy and his forehead was covered in sweat since his body was too close to the furnace, revealing a rather disheveled look that added a bit to his charm.

“No need to praise me so much, we still have a lot of work to do.”(Renya)

“Yes, yes. I’ll go prepare the oil for the heat treatment.”(Borri)

Walking towards his quarters, he came back out whilst carrying a large metal barrel under his arms. Pulling out a large quenching tank. He started pouring the contents of the barrel into the tank.

Looking at it closely, one could’ve easily mistaken the liquid to be water due to its crystal clear appearance. But if one were to observe the liquid further, they’d discover that the liquid had the same consistency as well as have the faint scent of oil.

“This is Holy Oil?”(Renya)

“Yes, I thought that this will give it a more divine-esque feel.”(Borri)

Filling the tank half way through. The two of them began quenching the pieces that were finished being heat treated by the [Black Iron Furnace]. They then begin checking their conditions for any warps or faults in the pieces.

Finding all the pieces to have been successfully quenched, they proceeded to polish the pieces. With the two of them working on the pieces on a grind wheel, the pieces were all polished in no time.

“*Hahh* We’re done, all we need to do now is to add the finishing touches.”(Borri)

Placing the last of the pieces on top of a table that moved into the area beforehand. Borri exhaled a sigh of relief. Seeing this made Renya wipe the sweat that formed on his forehead.

“But we still need to assemble the pieces.”(Renya)

Not speaking any further, Borri nodded his head as he proceeded towards his quarters and took out a sturdy mannequin made of metal. He mounted the mannequin in front of the table as the two of them began assembling the armor. A brief moment passed as the armor became fully assembled. Feeling satisfied, the two of them looked at one another and nodded their heads at the same time in approval.

Being swept away in the mood, Renya smiled as he said.

“Last touches?”(Renya)

“Yes, let’s not waste any more time.”(Borri)

With that, the two of them began engraving details onto the armor. The two of them worked together and at times observed the whole piece to see any areas that could be worked on.

After an hour or so of engraving, the whole set was finally finished. Walking forward, Borri started engraving a symbol of a cross onto the center of the chest piece. After he finished doing so, the whole set started glowing an immense radiance.

“It’s done already?”(???)

Turning their heads, the figure of Charlotte along with Little White who was perched on her shoulder appeared. As she walked closer, the radiance emanating from the armor slowly dimmed down.

“I think so, Borri what grade is it?”(Renya)

Placing his hand on the surface of the armor, he said.

“It’s an [Ancient Grade]! A fine work I must say! Hohohoho!”(Borri)

“That’s great. Father, Amitiel asked you to head over.”(Charlotte)

“*Sigh* Then Borri, I’ll leave the enchantments of the armor to you.”(Renya)

“With pleasure!”(Borri)

Seeing him have no objections, Renya followed Charlotte towards Amitiel.

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