Black Titan Chapter 24: Questions

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Black Titan Chapter 24: Questions

“Who dares?!”(Transcended Demon)

“(Shit, focus Renya! Act overbearing!)… *Hmph*”(Renya)

looking over the crowd below, his eyes met with Talia’s for a brief moment before glancing towards the transcended demon.

The demon revealed a troubled expression, almost as if he’s struggling on whether or not he should attack. Seeing this made him sneer a bit, but his expression was hidden by the faceplate.

“*Che* Attack him!”(Transcended Demon)

Following his commands, a barrage of spells and arrows flew towards Renya at high speeds. But Renya did not panic, in fact Renya started to sneer at transcended demon.

“(This guy…)”(Renya)

Calmly waving his sword that still had the [Divine Cleansing Flame] on, a large wall of blue flames appeared in front of him. The flames devoured all of their attacks, leaving not leaving a single one behind.

“Is that all?”(Renya)

He said in a mocking tone, causing the transcended demon to be infuriated.

“*Tch* Don’t underestimate me!”(Transcended Demon)

Enraged at the Renya’s provocation, the transcended demon became enraged as a large pair of black wings grew from his back. With a single flap, his body was propelled a couple hundred meters into the air, flying straight into Renya.

“(This guy doesn’t know when to give up.)”(Renya)

Feeling slightly irritated, he sent the transcended demon crashing down in an instant with a single flick of his hand.


An inhumane roar escaped his mouth as his rage became endless. The demon then leapt towards Renya persistently. But just like before, the demon was sent crashing down into the middle of the field.

“(This guy really doesn’t know when to give up.) Are you done? Then I believe that it is my turn.”(Renya)

Using the skill [Flash], a [Medium Grade lvl 6] movement skill, Renya’s figure vanished.

Renya then reappeared in front of the transcended demon. Tightening his grip on [Silver Fang], he then sent a stab directly into the demon’s heart.

“GAAAAHH!!!”(Transcended Demon)

All a sudden, the demon’s body became engulfed in blue flame and much like all the previous demons, not a single speck of ash remained.

“(Now that that’s over.)”(Renya)

He then started to make way towards the forest where the rest of the demons stood. He gave them a quick glance, sending shivers uncontrollably down their spines. Seeing them be like this gave Renya a bit of adrenaline, causing him to speak in an amused manner.

“Now then, surrender immediately and I’ll make sure that your deaths are as painless as possible. Or, perhaps run as to make things more interesting?”(Renya)

Not being able to withstand the pressure Renya gave out, the Demons fled in all directions. Seeing this, a shadow appeared in front of him.

“Lilith, I’ll leave the rest to you.”(Renya)

He said whilst speaking in a miniscule voice, the shadow then disappeared after Renya finished his sentence.

Remembering the other’s existence, Renya then turned his head, looking straight at them whilst decreasing the strength of his aura. Using [Flash], he disappeared from his original spot, only to reappear on top of the barricade.

“Consider this a lending hand from me.”(Renya)

He spoke completely in his character as an overbearing person, rendering all of them to be speechless.

“M-may I ask you a question.”(???)

In the midst of the silence a woman spoke, it was Talia. Hearing her speak caused Renya to be slightly surprised, but he continued playing his role and said.

“Go ahead.”(Renya)

“Are you perhaps a friend of Renya?”(Talia)


Speechless, her question made Renya speechless, which in turn caused him to be amused at her assumptions. She, however, looked even more nervous at his silence.


He swiftly used a [Teleport] scroll, leaving before anyone could even react. A moment later, Renya found himself at the [Inner Crafting Station], wearing his full set of armor and still somewhat amused.

Changing his attire to his casual one. Borri, who was nearby, noticed a change in his expression.

“Lord Renya, is there a problem?”(Borri)

Renya then waved him off as he said.

“No, you’re over thinking things.”(Renya)

“I see?”(Borri)

Changing his attire into his hunter’s, he glanced at Little White who was sleeping on a nearby lamppost.

“Little White, come.”(Renya)

Abruptly waking up, her eyes were half closed as she tried to search where Renya’s voice came from. She looked around a bit before landing her gaze upon Renya before she flew down and rested on his shoulder, even leaning her little head on Renya’s.

Caressing her head for a bit, Renya shifted his gaze to Borri’s.

“Borri, tell Amitiel that I’ll be going back to [Ostwald City] as a hunter and have him to prepare a few more [Teleport] scrolls for me. I’m running low on them.”(Renya)

“Will do. Take care then!”(Borri)

Nodding to his words, he activated his [Limiter] before using another [Teleport] scroll.

Going back into one of the previous alleyway, he quickly realized that there might be people around but quickly heaving a sigh of relief as the alleyway was deserted.

Walking out of it, he caught sight of the hunters who were teturning from the western gate.

“(Well this is…)”(Renya)

He was speechless yet again as a majority hunters were expressionless with a few of them still shaking with fear.

Walking back into the entrance, he saw Darell, Michael, Talia, and a few others he doesn’t recognize. They appear to be discussing something when Talia caught sight of Renya and fixed her stare onto him. After the rest of them noticed her fixed stare, they too focused their attention unto Renya.

Reaching a conversable distance, Talia immediately asked him a question.

“Was it your doing?”(Talia)

She asked in a hurried manner, but Renya appeared to be unfazed. Even Little White, who understood the situation, tilted her head cutely in response to play along.

“What is?”(Renya)

Discovering it to be amusing to tease her, he replied with a slight sneer.

“Are you really going to do this?”(Talia)

“Do what?”(Renya)

“Answer this seriously, are you really related to the silver armored man?”(Michael)

Michael was the one who asked this time whilst wearing a face that wasn’t going to take another one of Renya’s vague answers.

“Oh, him? You could say that.”(Renya)

Ending his words with a ‘He he’, a few of the nearby hunters doubted his words as they sent him a sneer.

“*Heh* I find it hard to believe your words.”(???)

One of the hunters that Renya did not recognized replied. His mocking expression did not last long as Michael and Talia sent a fierce glare into his direction, making him take a step back.

“Might I remind you that the whole reason that we even knew about the attack is because of him?”(Michael)

Hearing his words, the previous sneering expressions contained a hint of shame in them.

“Anyways, how did things go, from the condition of the field I can say that it went well.”(Renya)

“Yes, that acquaintance of yours killed an entire horde of demons that could’ve destroyed the city in a single sweep. Not only that but he also managed to kill a transcended demon with ease.”(Michael)

“So he did something like that? ‘As expected’ I suppose.”(Renya)

He said in an uninterested manner, even giving a flat emphasis on the words ‘As expected’. Naturally these words of his gave birth to a few suspicions in the listeners hearts, especially Talia’s.

“So what are you to do now?”(Renya)

“I suppose I’ll have to make a report to the capital.”(Michael)

“Ah, I see. Then I won’t be bothering you any further.”(Renya)

Turning around, he set out to a nearby restaurant. Although he and Borri drank quite a lot, alcohol did not fill his stomach. Unexpectedly, he heard the sound of a single pair of footsteps coming from behind him.


“I want answers, so why don’t I take you to a nearby restaurant?”(Talia)

She said with a sweet smile, causing Renya to feel his facial muscles stiffen as to how stubborn Talia is being. He heaved a sigh of defeat as he eventually said yes to her offer.

Walking together for a while, Talia maintained her silence as she led the way to a ‘nearby’ restaurant. A few moments later, they arrived at what appeared to be a remote area with little to no pedestrians.

Nearby was what appeared to be a simple looking restaurant, it had no specific styles nor did it have any eye-catching names. The sign outside simply said [Restaurant].

Dragging him inside, the chairs and tables were arranged in a way that each table would be somewhat private as small wooden wall would divide each section of them.

Picking a nearby table for two people, the two of them, with Talia taking the lead, sat down. She then picked up one of the paper menu that was folded on top of the table.

Doing the same, Renya picked up the remaining menu as he started to choose his own meal.

A waiter came by to ask our meals before leaving after listing them down. Like always, Renya picked two servings of a dish with a lot of meat, while Talia picked one that had a balance of vegetables and meat.

Silence, throughout the entire time, apart from ordering, Talia did not utter a single word to Renya. After a period of silence, their meals arrived, only then did she finally speak.

“I’m surprised you didn’t ask much questions so far.”(Talia)

“I’m surprised you didn’t ask a lot of them.”(Renya)

“Oh? Do you take me to be a curious woman?”(Talia)

“Actually I do.”(Renya)

Hearing him made her pout a bit before eating for a short while. Little White flew down from his shoulder as she began eating her meal, Renya soon followed after.

“This is the second time we’ve had a meal with you asking me questions. Why can’t we have a normal meal for once?”(Renya)

“When I get my answers, I’ll maybe consider doing so.”(Talia)

Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

The two of them then continued eating before they finished all of their meals. Only then did Talia ask him a question.

“Tell me, what is your relations to that man?”(Talia)

“Let’s just say he owes me a few things.”(Renya)

“Did he come from that place you’ve mentioned?”(Talia)

“Where else would he come from?”(Renya)

“Why save this city?”(Talia)

“He felt like it.”(Renya)

Being slightly infuriated with his answer, she said.

“Felt like it?! You mean to tell me that he saved the lives of countless people because he felt like it?”(Talia)

“Well, what else reason could there be?”(Renya)

“He owed you something didn’t he?”(Talia)

“Yes, but I didn’t have to use it in order to have him help the city.”(Renya)

“*Sigh* The only thing your answers do is give birth to even more questions.”(Talia)

She said whilst leaning her head on her right hand with a slightly defeated expression.

“Well you can keep asking me if you want. Whether I answer your questions is a whole other matter.”(Renya)

“Then at least tell me this, are there others beings of similar power to him?”(Talia)

Looking as if he gave it some thought, Renya answered.

“Of course there are. That place is filled with beings that are much stronger than you and me combined.”(Renya)

“Then how were you able to survive in such an environment?”(Talia)

“I was born in it, naturally I adapted to such a place, forging me into the man that I am today.”(Renya)

He said whilst make a few silly hand gestures.

“I’m surprised you’ve managed to survive in a place filled with terrifying beings like him. Oh right, since you’re quite close to him, can you tell me his level? I’m pretty sure it should be around 150s”(Talia)

“150s? You’re thinking is far too naïve. He’s already level 200.”(Renya)


She shouted out loud, causing the few customers to look at their direction. Quickly apologizing to the onlookers, she sat back down with a red face.

“Are you sure he wasn’t aren’t lying?”(Talia)

“I’ve meet a few people who are at least around level 150 and their auras are nowhere near his level.”(Renya)

“I-I see.”(Talia)

“Why so surprised?”(Renya)

“Nothing, I just feel lucky to have managed to live through this day.”(Talia)

“Oh? Looks like a transcended demon isn’t something you guys can fight against.”(Renya)

“Of course not! I just feel glad that this whole ordeal is over.”(Talia)

Heaving a sigh of relief, she leaned her body back as she relaxed herself.

“By the way, are you going to attend Michael’s wedding?”(Talia)

“Wedding? Oh, right. I don’t know, he hasn’t given me an invitation yet.”(Renya)

“I see, you should expect to see it tomorrow or so.”(Talia)

“Why so certain?”(Renya)

“Because the [Notus Empire]’s princess will be arriving in a few days.”(Talia)

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