Black Titan Chapter 25: Wedding Reception

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Black Titan Chapter 25: Wedding Reception

“In a few days? Shouldn’t traveling from the [Notus Empire] towards the [Ostwald City] take a few weeks? Don’t tell me they’ve never heard news of the upcoming attack?”(Renya)

“Actually, they did. They were a few days of travel away from this city, but they made a temporary stop on a nearby town. They said their next moves depends on how things go.”(Talia)

“Is that so? Well I have other things to take care of, So I’ll take an early leave.”(Renya)

“Alright, take care out there.”(Talia)

“Same goes for you.”(Renya)

Standing up, Little White flapped her wings and flew towards Renya’s shoulder. Leaving the restaurant, he head straight towards the [Green Horn Inn], and into his room.

Feeling mentally tired he swapped out his clothing for his more casual ones before he went to sleep. Not minding the men hiding in a shadow that were supposed to give him a report.

While Renya slept soundly, the shadows never left the room. Which made Little White anxious. But eventually, Little White fell asleep near Renya’s bed after a while.


*Knock Knock*

“Sir Renya? Are you inside?”(???)

Waking up to the sound of a woman’s voice. Renya reluctantly parts with the soft bed to greet the person outside.

“I’m coming, no need to be so loud in the morning.”(Renya)

Opening the door, the person outside was a woman who wore a red vest on top of formal attire. With Renya wearing his casual attire, her face face was dyed with a faint color of red as she stuttered.

“S-sir Renya.”(???)

Seeing the opposite party made him yawn before straightening his slightly hunched posture.

“What is it?”(Renya)

“I was sent by Prince Michael in order to hand you this invitation.”(???)

Handing him a sealed letter, Renya accepted it as he said.

“Oh? So he finally decided to send me one. Well give him my thanks, I have a few things to take care off so I won’t be able to do it myself.”(Renya)

“Will do! Also, due to all the recent events, the date of the wedding written in the invitation is not concrete. we’ll send another letter to notify you of the absolute date!”(???)

Taking a bow, she left in a hurry, leaving Renya alone in the quiet corridor. Closing the door, he sat down on the bed as he opened the letter.

Reading its contents, he discovered that the wedding is to take place inside the cathedral, and the date appeared to be today.

“Lord Renya.”(???)

All of a sudden, a shadow appeared. From the shadow appeared the figure of a man wearing a black assassin like clothing who kneeled with on knee on the ground whilst bowing his head.

“You fell asleep immediately after entering the room, so I never had the chance to give you my report.”(???)

“Sorry about that.”

“No need to apologize M’lord.”

Standing up, he pulled out a bag from what appeared to be his [Inventory].

“Sir Amitiel assigned me to give you this bag. Inside are a total of 100 [Teleport] scrolls which should last you a while.”(???)

Accepting the bag, Renya transferred all of its contents into his [Inventory].

“What else did he have you do?”(Renya)

“He needs you to head back to [Titan City], although he’s not asking you to hurry. He said that you should still head back as soon you can.”(???)

“Alright then, I’ll head back in a bit.”(Renya)

Putting on his hunter’s attire, he called over the half-awake little White over to his shoulder before heading towards the inn keeper’s desk downstairs. As he neared, the inn keeper noticed him started to get nervous.

“What can I do for you sir?”(Inn keeper)

“Well, I’ll be gone for a bit and if there’s a letter that’s for ‘Renya’, hold on to it for a while. I’ll pick it up when I do return, and also, here’s a gold coin for the trouble.”(Renya)

Tossing him a gold coin, he made way to leave the inn. As he did, a shadow visible to only him followed after, leading the way as if to guide him somewhere. Naturally trusting him, Renya followed after and was led towards an empty alleyway.

“Lord Renya, this area should be safe.”(???)

“Thanks, I’ll be off then.”(Renya)

Giving Renya a salute by placing his right hand over his left chest, he watched as his figure became engulfed in a white light, eventually disappearing.


[Titan City]

Inside a dark room, Amitiel stood together with Lilith. In front of them was one of the high demons they’ve managed to capture.

The high demon was bound using a milky white chain which had golden runes etched into. Apart from her head, her whole body was wrapped in the white chain. Not only that, but Lilith had a dark ominous looking dagger secured near her neck.

“So, your level isn’t bad, we’d get some use of you, perhaps even get you to ascend?”(Amitiel)

“I will never betray her majesty!”(High Demoness)

As the demoness shouted so, Lilith brought the dagger closer to her neck, scaring the high demoness.

“*Hmph* Do you realized that I alone can easily crush your entire realm if I wished to? Let along my lord?”(Amitiel)

“Your lord?!”(High Demoness)

“You’ve met him before. The man in silver that killed that transcended demon of yours.”(Amitiel)

Hearing the words ‘man in silver’ the demoness immediately to shiver uncontrollably, causing Amitiel to smile from ear to ear.

“Oh? It appears that you’ve developed a form of trauma because of him. But keep in mind, I can be a much more terrifying demon than him.”(Amitiel)

He said as he slowly increased the power of his aura with each word. After a few seconds- no, after half a second of being affected by Amitiel’s aura, the high demoness gave in, eventually pledging her loyalty towards [Titan City].

Removing her bindings, the demoness was immediately sent to work as she was made to give them all that she knows about the nether world and this world in general. She wasn’t the only one as the demons who were captured, the intelligent ones that is, were tasked with a similar task.

Although they were confused as to why, they were given a simple answer by Amitiel.

“We came here, to your world, without any prior knowledge about it. But that doesn’t mean we came here powerless.”(Amitiel)

Hearing his words, the demons would immediately started giving as much information they can.

In the throne room, Amitiel, together with Brutus, Charlotte, Laura, and Lilith were lined up side by side as they waited.

After a while, a bright light entered their vision, and out from that light came Renya together with Little White.

Bowing their heads, they said in unison.

“”””Welcome back Lord Renya(Father, M’lord).””””(Amitiel, Brutus, Charlotte, Laura, and Lilith)

Nodding his head, Renya waved his hand to signal them to stop bowing.

“How are things on your end? I’ll stay here for a few days, but I still need to attend the marriage of that prince.’(Renya)

“Oh? It seems that the prince has finally decided to invite you.”(Amitiel)

“*Ahem* Amitiel, I need you to-“(Renya)

“Yes, yes, call you should the time of the wedding be close.”(Amitiel)

“Yeah, right… So Brutus, Laura, and Lilith, it has been a while.”(Renya)

“So it has, father.”(Laura)

“It’s been a while M’lord.”(Brutus)

“Y-yes! It has been a while…”(Lilith)

“How have you two been?”(Renya)

He said as he glanced at Brutus and Laura.

“We’ve spent most of our time patrolling the mountain ranges below. Thus far our work has been quite boring as no worthy opponent has appeared.”(Laura)

“I see, then take care still.”(Renya)

““Will do.””(Laura and Brutus)

Bowing their heads, the two of them left as they still have to continue their duties.


“Lord Renya!”(Lilith)

With a surprised tone, she said.

“Keep up the good work.”(Renya)

Almost as if pitying her, he patted her shoulder to which she bows her head and said.

“Yes, M-m’lord.”(Lilith)

“*Ahem* Now then Lord Renya, we have a few things to discuss…”(Amitiel)

With that, the two of them, together with Charlotte and Lilith, left the room.


After staying in [Titan City] for a few days, Renya has discovered that Amitiel has managed to successfully infiltrate, with the help of Lilith, all of the major cities in not just the [Helia Continent], but as well as a few cities in the two remaining continents, [Sylvia Continent] and [Avium Continent].

Receiving this news made Renya surprised at how quickly Amitiel works. Giving him a few words of thanks, Amitiel became pleased.

The longer Renya stayed, the more changes he’s noticed. The originally busy [Inner Military division] became silent in the afternoons as they’d be out, training themselves to increase their levels. By the time Renya returned, the overall level of the [Nocturnal Citadel Soldiers] increased by 5 levels or more.

Not just that, but it appeared that the crafting stations have started increasing their skill levels as well. And since the armaments they’re producing are no longer being sold, the stock on them became plentiful.

In a short while, an entire week had passed without much events. Renya spent the days talking with a few of the sentinels, and at times helping out in a few things.

In his room, stood Renya who was wearing his casual attire and was looking over the city through his balcony and on his head sat Little White.

*Knock knock knock.*

“Lord Renya, the time of the wedding has been decided, it will happen in three day’s time.”(???)

Standing in place, he did not open the door, but instead yelled out his answer.

“Then I’ll take my leave, tell the others of my departure.”(Renya)

Once the figure behind the door left, Renya replaced his clothing with his hunter’s attire before his figure became covered in a bright light.

His view changed from the previously luxurious bedroom, to a rather average one. Seeing the change, he exited the room as he went downstairs. After the inn keeper seen his arrival, he immediately walked forward and greeted him. He then proceeded to hand Renya a letter with a familiar seal before going back to his counter.

Already knowing its contents, he went outside.

“Now to get some formal clothes…”(Renya)

As a previous assistant manager, he understood that events like these require proper attire. Feeling that his hunter’s equipment wouldn’t work, he decided to go around and search for a store that sells them.

Although he could’ve gotten some in [Titan City], he felt that wearing clothes like those would be too extravagant and he’d become too suspicious.

Whilst strolling around the city, a familiar figure entered his view.

“Oh? Renya?(???)

Cassie and Maria. The two of them wore casual clothing as they drew closer to Renya.

“Where have you been? We haven’t seen you in days!”(Maria)

“Me? I was busy with a few things.”(Renya)

Rolling her eyes, Cassie glanced at the letter in his hands as she said.

“So, you finally received your invitation? And I suppose that you don’t have a single type of ‘formal’ clothes now do you?”

With a hint of slight embarrassments, he said.

“Yes, I don’t.”(Renya)

“Good! We happen to be buying some formal clothes as well!”(Cassie)

With that, the three of them went around selecting a few clothes before settling on a few.


[The Night of the Wedding Reception]

The wedding went smoothly as there were no interruptions that came from the onlookers. Speaking of the wedding, the princess was a rather beautiful woman, she had silver hair and purple eyes that carried an air of royalty in them. Paired together with Michael, the two can be considered as ‘prefect’ for one another.

Inside the cathedral, the whole area was cleared of the long benches and were replaced with chairs and tables. The whole area looked extravagant, as one would expect from the wedding reception of royalty. In the middle was a long table that was filled with fine food and delicacies.

Of to one of the sides, stood a beautifully dressed Talia. She wore a caramel white colored dress that matched the color of her hair, a few accessories, and light makeup as her hair was braided into a side tail.

To her side was Cassie, Maria. As to how Maria got in, she was good friends with Cassie so she decided to bring her along. They chatted amongst themselves as they waited.

“So, which one are you going to dance with?”(Cassie)

She asked with a slightly devilish smile.

“I don’t know, maybe that guy over there?”(Maria)

Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“Ooh! He’s the son of a well-known travelling merchant. You have fine taste Maria!”(Cassie)

As they chatted, they noticed that Talia didn’t appear to show much interest. Cassie then decided to tease her a bit.

“Miss Talia, are you perhaps waiting for Renya?”(Cassie)

“What are you talking about?!”(Talia)

Seeing her this flustered, her devilish smile grew even further, causing Maria to give a wry smile. During the time that Renya left, these three have managed to get closer as they would spend the days chatting and going around town.

Naturally they’ve discovered that her interest in Renya was surprisingly high compared to the rest of them. Even going as far as asking them what he was like when he was around them, out of pure curiosity of course.

As their group chatted amongst themselves, waltz music started, and almost as if on cue, a group of well-dressed handsome men went forward and flocked Talia with their requests to have a dance.

Maria and Cassie who were off to the side had almost been ignored as only a few boys their age came by for a dance. To which they gladly accepted.

Talia however, became distressed at the amount of people who wanted to have a dance.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eyes, she spotted a familiar figure dressed in a black formal attire. Getting an idea, she quickly announced.

“I’m severely sorry, but I already have a partner.”(Talia)

As a smile curved into her lips, the surrounding men became bewitched as some even swallowed down their saliva. They watched as her figure walk forward, wondering in their hearts as to who was the lucky bastard.

To their surprise, she walked towards a man who was dressed in a black twin tailcoat and under it was a dark grey colored vest on top of a white long sleeved buttoned shirt, the man also wore black pants and shoes.

“Isn’t that right Renya?”(Talia)

She said as she linked arms with Renya.

Without his hood or face mask, his face could easily be seen.

He had his hair slightly combed back as a few strands were a bit messy and his somewhat sharp eyes were shown.

He then decided to play along as he decided to pull Talia closer to him.

“Yes, that is correct.”(Renya)

Wearing a rather arrogant smirk on his face he faced Talia first before moving his glance towards the men. Being so close to one another, Talia slightly blushed.

Seeing her reactions made a few of the men furious but they did not do anything else as they remembered that this was the prince’s wedding reception.

“Now then Talia, how about we have a little dance?”(Renya)

“Dance? You? I didn’t even know you knew the definition of it.”(Talia)

Rolling his eyes, he let go of her arms as he placed his right hand on her hip and held her left hand with his other. Seeing him so proactive made Talia’s blush to grow redder, but not wanting to lose face, she went on the offense as she started leading the dance.

Sadly, her attempts were futile as Renya managed to be a step ahead of her as he’s been taught how waltz a few days ago by Charlotte in preparations for this event. The two of them struggled as they danced, wanting to get an advantage over the other.

Without them realizing it, their dance had become the main focus of the ball room as the others even stopped dancing as they made space for theirs.

The two’s dance to other’s point of view was an extremely refined and pleasing one to watch. But to the two of them, their dance had been nothing but struggle to gain dominance.

As their dance became more and more intense, the song reached a finale, forcing the dance to stop. Afterwards, a wave of claps was heard as the onlookers applauded them for the dance. Getting washed along the mood, the two decided to bow as they went outside, not arm in arm of course.

As the two of them reached a rather empty area, the two sat on a nearby bench as Talia said.

“So, you could dance after all.”(Talia)

“What do you take me for?”(Renya)

“My bad, I just found it surprising, that’s all.”(Talia)

“I see.”(Renya)

“Where have you been by the way? I didn’t see you in the ball room the whole time.”(Talia)

“I was having a nice chat with the newly wed pair.”(Renya)

“Then, what do you plan on doing now? I reckon the only reason you’re still here is because of this wedding, now that’s it over, where do you plan on going next?”(Talia)

Hearing her question, Renya leaned on the bench before answering.

“I suppose the [Notus Empire]’s looking interesting, I guess there?.”(Renya)

“Is that so? Then I’ll give you this then.”(Talia)

Throwing an object towards Renya, he caught it only to discover that it was a badge of sorts.

The badge was an oval shaped silver plate that had a tree embedded into it along with a few gems to its rim.

“This is?”(Renya)

“Should you ever reach the [Cynnabel Empire], show this badge to any individual and you’ll know where to find me.”(Talia)


“Don’t mention it.”(Talia)

“Then I won’t.”(Renya)

Ending his words with a small laugh, the night eventually ended.

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