Black Titan Chapter 3: Finished Task

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Black Titan Chapter 3: Finished Task

After walking for a while he finally reached the [Arcane Fortress]. Up close he could smell a somewhat strange odor, as if the air had some sort of herbal smell. Not only that, but he also felt an invisible pressure around him.

Not wasting any time, he proceeded inside.

Inside the [Arcane Fortress], he could see a corridor that were much smaller compared to those of the [Nocturnal Citadel]’s.

Along the corridor were a variety of races including Elves, Demons, as well as Humans here and there, either exchanging research notes and ingredients or simply having a chat with all of them having levels varying from 27-35. Walking forward he greeted one of them to ask about the whereabouts of Orloth.

But before he could even speak, the Demon had already noticed his presence and proceeded to greet him,

“Greetings, what brings the Lord to the [Arcane Fortress]?”(???)

“I came for Orloth, can you tell me which floor and area he is currently at?”(Renya)

“I believe he should be on the 17th floor in his room.”(???)

“I see, then I’ll be on my way now.”(Renya)

Quickly finding the stairs and walking himself up, he noticed that he was attracting quite a lot of gazes from the people he passed by. Embarrassed, he decided to speed up his pace.

In a short moment he reached the door leading towards Orloth’s room, knocking three times then waiting for someone to open the door.

After a short while, the door opened revealing an girl with short red hair and bright red eyes with a shocked expression on her face. She was around 1.2 meters tall and wore a thick brown apron on top of her red clothes.

“Mr. Orloth! Come quickly, Lord Renya is at the door!”(???)

“Lemi calm down, there’s no need for that. I came here to talk to him and would naturally come inside to do so. No use bringing Orloth to the door if I’m just gonna come inside”(Renya)

“Y,yes Lord.”(Lemi)

The girl called Lemi seeming a bit unsatisfied at Renya’s reply, pouted then guided him in. She, like Sylph, is lvl 200 NPC despite not being a Sentinel herself. Although she has a human appearance she is a type demon that can morph its appearance into whatever it wishes, She was created alongside Orloth to serve as an assistant in making magic items or high level potions.

Walking further into the room, the sight of Orloth sitting on his desk can be seen, however after seeing Renya he stood up gracefully showing his high level of elegance. To his side were a few tall book shelves crammed with a large number of books each. On another were countless test tubes as well as scrolls, each of them having a unique glow as well as being arranged neatly. The room itself was quite large compared to the corridor as well as being well ventilated as quite a few of the windows are open.

“Lord Renya.”(Orloth)

“Sit down, no need for such formal greetings.”(Renya)

Although sudden Orloth sat down the same manner he stood up. After that he sat down Renya followed after and sat down as well. Sitting face to face the atmosphere was somewhat tense, causing the nearby Lemi to grow even more nervous.

“*Ahem, Now the reason for my visit is that I have a few tasks for you.”(Renya)

“Naturally, I have no complaints against this. I will always follow any command the Lord will give me.”(Orloth)

His voice brimmed with sincerity as he spoke giving Renya a sense or reassurance.

“Good, Then what I need you to do is to make me is a set of health as well as mana potions that are suitable for a person who is level 60 around a hundred of each, next is 10 scrolls of [Revive], then craft me an interspatial bag, one with around 10×10 meters in size, Also a magic item that can allow long distance communication, around Altinea Continent wide. Those items are what “I” need at the moment.”(Renya)

[Revive], a [High Grade lvl 13] skill that allows a person to revive another. This skill at first may sound powerful but it has many restrictions, for example if the level of your target is higher than yours, the mana consumption will be higher as well, there is also the effect of backlash applied afterwards.

“Hmmm. These items are within the range of my ability, the potions I have a few already prepared beforehand, same goes for the [Revive] scrolls as well. It’s the magic item is what I lack however it can be made in a day by one of my workers. But what would M’lord need for these items?”(Orloth)

“As of now their uses will remain undecided until Lilith comes back with her report. Now then for the other task. What I need right now is to make healing items for our units. Right now we are in foreign territory, who knows when someone would get injured, and we can’t really afford to lose someone right now.”(Renya)

“I see, well I will inform my men as soon as I can.”(Orloth)

“Good, now that I’ve got that out of the way I will take my leave.”(Renya)

“Then Lord Renya allo-“(Lemi)

“No need I’ll walk myself out.”(Renya)

Cutting her off she became even more unsatisfied, but calmed down nonetheless. After walking out Renya headed towards [Nocturnal Citadel] as he is lost in deep thought.

“*sigh… (No news of Lilith yet….Well I’ve just ordered her to scout a few hours ago, of course there’s not going to be news. Damn this foreign territory situation is such a pain…..)”(Renya)

Calming down he decided to increase his pace letting him reach the [Nocturnal Citadel] faster. By the time he was at the entrance the sky was already tinted red from the sun set, reminding him of the [Red Sun Alliance].

“(What did happen to those guys? Are they somewhere in this world as well? Hopefully not….”(Renya)

Getting rid of that thought he entered the citadel and headed towards his room. By the time he reached it it had already become night showing just absurdly massive the citadel is. Quickly sitting down near his desk, he slowly digested all of the events that happened today.

“(No use worrying about the future. Better sleep for the da-)”(Renya)


As he was lost in thought he heard a sudden voice disrupting his thoughts.

“Charlotte, what are you doing in my room?”(Renya)

“I just wanted to talk for a bit.”(Charlotte)

She spoke in a playful manner, to which Renya didn’t seem to mind.

“Alright, I’m all ears.”(Renya)

“Then father, what are you going to do with the equipment you made Borri and Orloth make?”(Charlotte)

Hearing this Renya’s face froze.

“What do you mean?”(Renya)

Naturally asking Thali, Borri and Orloth, three craftsmen, to do some work would arouse suspicion from the rest of the sentinels. However thanks to his position being their creator, no one would dare raise any suspicions towards him, no one other than Charlotte that is.

“Well, you’ll only go to Thali when you want something built and that would only apply to golems, which will most likely be used as scouting units since you don’t want to lose any men so that would be understandable. But you went to Borri and Orloth as well which you’ll only do whenever you need some equipment for yourself, or in some occasions for one of the sentinels.”(Charlotte)

“Alright I admit it was equipment that I made them prepare.”(Renya)

Charlotte revealing an ecstatic expression, as if she had gotten a perfect score on a test by chance, proceeded to ask another question.

“Then do you plan on going out there once Lilith comes back?”(Charlotte)

Hearing this Renya sat there silently, his gaze locked onto Charlotte, who had a worrisome look, with a troublesome expression. After a moment of silence he spoke in a reluctant manner.

“Yes…. Are you mad?”(Renya)

He answered back, as if understanding her current emotions. The situation right now can be compared to a father and daughter who spent years together always being there for each other, only for the daughter to find that her father is leaving in the middle of a crisis due to his own selfish reasons.

Although Renya felt he was a bit misunderstood since he never planned on leaving the moment Lilith returns, he understood that their thoughts were similar to his in that they too can feel anxious and afraid so he decided to imply that he was.

“No, I’m not.”(Charlotte)

She replied in calm manner, without a hint of anger in her words.

“I can understand if father plans on going on another adventure here in this world.”(Charlotte)

She continued her words ending it with a faint smile.

“Even back then you’d always go on multiple trips outside the city. You always had an unrestrained spirit, it’s only natural you’d want to explore this new world.”(Charlotte)

Hearing this momentarily stunned Renya. Causing him to become silent.

“(So I was like that in their eyes. I guess I did go around the Altinea Continent on many occasions back then. They seem to remember parts of what happened back in [Alt Online] as well.)”(Renya)

“I’m sorry about that.”(Renya)

“No, it’s alright. Father was not at fault, I only wanted to hear your thoughts. Well its already late, you should go to sleep now.”(Charlotte)

She bowed her head then left with a satisfied expression, somewhat calming Renya down. He sat there unmoving for a while before he stood up glancing around him then walking towards the balcony of his room. He leaned his body on the railing the observed the scene below. What he saw was the streets of [Titan City] lit up by the street lamps that were powered by city’s magic core. The scene was quite peaceful with people walking along the streets, at times a couple or two walking alongside each other looking at the different restaurants and stores.

He spent a good amount of time observing the scene below before he went to sleep.


“So it wasn’t a dream…”(Renya)

He murmured as he woke up from his sleep. Standing up he stretched his body a bit before walking out of his room. There he saw a few guards making their rounds, seeing Renya they greeted him then continued their duties.

However just as he was about to visit Maya his stomach released a fierce roar that echoed throughout the corridor. Secretly glad that no one was around he headed towards the kitchen for breakfast.

Along the way he encountered a few of the maids and butlers that he didn’t get a chance to see yesterday. They bowed and greeted him as he walked by making him rather embarrassed.

Arriving towards the kitchen he sat down on a chair that was near one of the tables, then asked a nearby maid to make him breakfast.

As the maid left another silhouette entered the room. She had hair gradiating form silver to black wore a black long sleeve clothing with silver armor on top, it was none other than Laura.

“Fath- I mean, M’lord.”(Laura)

“Its fine to call me father. Actually I’d feel much more comfortable if you do.”(Renya)

Although Renya feels embarrassed to be called father by her, he would feel even more embarrassed if she called him Lord. Unknowingly he has already accepted her as his daughter in his heart, making his treatment towards her similar to how a father treats his daughter.

“Then father.”(Laura)


“Would you mind if it if I were to eat with you?”(Laura)

She asked in a somewhat embarrassed tone

“Of course not. Actually there are things that I’d like to talk with you about.”(Renya)

Hearing this she sat on the chair directly opposite to Renya’s and asked another nearby maid to get her some breakfast. Seeing her settle down he began to ask her opinions about the city’s situation, and or how should their next action play out. Naturally they talked as the food arrived then eating as they talked.

“The situation for us right now is unfavorable, in that we lack information about the current world. Father’s action about sending Lilith’s group to scout was the best choice we could’ve made at the moment. However it isn’t all perfect as there’s a chance where they might encounter an enemy that is stronger than them. But considering that they’re quite experienced when it comes to these kinds of things, they should do fine.”(Laura)

Hearing this Renya nodded to her words then continued to voice out his own thoughts.

“Then after affirming the current situation of the area around us, we should search for civilizations or act accordingly if an unexpected factor ever emerges correct?”(Renya)

“Yes, however a village is more preferred than a city, since a village should be easier to ask around in, as well as the fact that a city, although has a lot more information, would be filled with more dangers.”(Laura)

Making an agreeing nod he began to eat the rest of his food but was quickly stopped due to the continuation of Laura’s words

“However, we still don’t know as to whether this world’s civilizations reach a point where it could communicate, let alone building cities.”(Laura)

Finally finishing her words she began to work on her meal as well. While the both of them ate, Renya thought to himself.

“(She’s right. We’ve yet to know whether or not our enemies pose a threat to us at all. I guess I was really hasty when I assigned all those tasks yesterday. Well, better safe than sorry.)”(Renya)

Finishing their meals both stood up and after a few words of parting, went on their way. Renya walked down the citadel, going down for a period of time before reaching the basement. Sliding the door open, he went inside the room.


“Yes, Lord Renya?”(Maya)

Hearing his voice she flew to the front of Renya after a quick reply.

“Why didn’t you come by to report to me?”(Renya)

“Well…. I couldn’t find the right moment to.”(Maya)

“What about the numerous times when I was just walking?”(Renya)

“The lord seemed to be lost in thought. I wouldn’t dare disturb you.”(Maya)

“The time I was eating?”(Renya)

“I still wasn’t done inspecting the city.”(Maya)

Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“But I specifically said to report to me after inspecting….”(Renya)

“But you said if possible…..”(Maya)

They stood there unmoving, eyes locked trying to find words to contradict each other. Renya, just wanting the report of the city, finally gave in.

“Fine, it was my fault, can you just give the report?”(Renya)

“Alright then.”(Maya)

As if winning a battle she replied enthusiastically. As to why she didn’t want to report to him earlier, remains a mystery to Renya.

“Right now the core is currently stable, however it seems to be generating magic energy in a bit of a slower pace than before. Fortunately it’s only a tad bit slower, it has no problems keeping the city afloat, and even in the case when it does gain insufficient energy the secondary core can provide power.”(Maya)

“Then what about the situation of the City itself?”(Renya)

“Everything is doing fine, no noteworthy changes.”(Maya)

“I see, well report back to me in case anything changes. Don’t hesitate this time, I don’t want anything bad happening to my city. Also if you feel that it’s a minor problem then report to Thali, he’s usually the one managing the city for me.”(Renya)


“Good, I’ll be taking my leave now.”(Renya)

Exiting the room he went outside citadel in order to visit Sylph in the [Outer City Folk Housing]. He hasten his steps, not paying mind to scenery around him, making him seem like almost like a blur due how fast he’s traveling. It didn’t take long for him to arrive in front of the house Sylph was in, knocking three times the sound of footsteps could be heard behind the door.

The door opened revealing the figure of Sylph behind it. However instead of usual, neatly dressed and well-kept Sylph, she had a disheveled appearance. Even a few spots of dirt on her dress causing Renya to be taken aback.

“Lord Renya!”(Sylph)

“What happened to you?(Renya)

He asked with a worried expression.

”Well it happened like this, after checking the food production of the city I headed towards the storage rooms to see the food supply. However I lost count multiple times and by the time I finished it was already night time. I went back to my room to sleep. It was actually Lord Renya’s knock that woke me up just now.”

“Sorry about all the trouble.”(Renya)

Bowing deeply he felt guilty for what has happened to Sylph.

“It’s fine, although I was tired, it was nothing a good nap can’t fix!”(Sylph)

“That’s good to hear and please don’t over work yourself. You can just give me a brief explanation on the food supply and production?”(Renya)

“It won’t have any trouble providing for us for a couple decades. *Fwaaaaaa~*. I’m gonna go sleep now.”(Sylph)

Seeing her yawn he felt that he shouldn’t bother her further. After nodding to her report he decided to leave and head back to the [Inner City Folk Housing].

“Well take a bath first, I’ll take my leave.”(Renya)

Unlike before, he slowly walked back to the citadel. Considering that fact that He can’t think of anything to do right now other than to wait for Lilith, he took his time touring his city to observe it. Needless to say he felt good inside seeing the lively interactions here and there, feeling he can never get tired watching this scene play out.

Strolling around, at times buying a few sweets to enjoy for himself, immersing himself in the cities atmosphere. After spending a good amount of time he finally decided to head back into the citadel.

As he walked through the entrance he was greeted by Brutus who seemed rather anxious to tell him something. He dashed with haste towards Renya the moment he saw him.

“What’s wrong?”(Renya)

“Lord Renya! Lilith has returned!”(Brutus)

“Is she and her team fine?”

“Yes, they’ve returned without injuries.”(Brutus)

“Good, call the rest of sentinels. We continue the meeting at noon.”(Renya)

Bowing deeply Brutus left after receiving his orders. Seeing this Renya opened his clock to look at the time, as he did a window appeared in front of him showing the time, 11:47, after closing the window he headed towards the meeting room.


[In The Meeting Room]

“Everyone but Lilith has Arrived.”(Renya)

Everyone else in the room nodded

“Lord Renya She should be arriving so-”(Brutus)

Before he could finish his Sentence the door slid open, revealing Lilith’s figure. Bowing after entering the room.

“I have finished the task Lord Renya has assigned.”(Lilith)

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