Black Titan Chapter 4: Spar

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Black Titan Chapter 4: Spar

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“I have finished the task Lord Renya has assigned.”(Lilith)

“Good, take your seat. I’ll need to say a few words, after that you may proceed to tell us your findings.”(Renya)

She bowed and went towards her seat before sitting down like everybody else. After she sat down Renya stood up from his chair, coughing lightly as he began his speech.

“Alright, now that everybody is here I must first thank Lilith for a job well done.”(Renya)

“N-no! It wasn’t that hard of a job, I’ve yet to even give my report, that’s why praise shou-“(Lilith)

“No, I trust that you would’ve done an excellent job nonetheless. Now then, another thing I wanted to talk about is my position.”(Renya)

Cutting her off he proceeded with his speech.

“Although I rule over you all, I must state that I’m no perfect being and that I could make the most obvious mistakes, in that when the time comes where I need your strength, please do lend me it. That is all, Lilith, you may start your report.”(Lilith)

“Yes Lord Renya.”(Lilith)

Standing from her chair, from Renya’s perspective, she opened up her window and immediately a large 3D map of the area around [Titan City] appeared. From just appearance alone Renya could judge it was a radius of 100 kilometers with the city at the midpoint.

The map itself had a detailed look to it when it comes to the terrain. However, a few points were marked with a red as well as yellow dots making them appear to be points of interest.

“My [Assassin Corps] were only able to scout a full 100 kilometers from the city, covering all possible terrain that we could. Our findings include possible threats, landmarks as well places that serve as settlements.”(Lilith)

As she used a meter long stick, that she pulled out of her [Inventory], to point towards one of the yellow dots. The dot appeared to be in one of the bases of the mountains according to the map.

“(So [Inventory] still works. I never really did open mine ever since I came here.)”(Renya)

Continuing her speech.

“This is the nearest landmark we encountered from [Titan City]. It appeared to be a mine however we didn’t enter it as to continue our mission.”(Lilith)

“What did you see from the entrance?”(Renya)

“It appears to be abandoned just recently, although the mine didn’t appear old, when my units used [Demon Eyes] no life could been detected allowing me to reach that conclusion. However it wasn’t the only mine in the area near the city, that’s why I had to mark them with yellow instead of red.”(Lilith)

[Demon Eyes] a [Medium Grade lvl 6] skill that allows a person to detect life by highlighting them with a red glow. The skill doesn’t allowing the user to detect a person if the person has a much higher level or is using a more powerful skill to prevent himself from being seen.

“I see, then explain each one along your report, please continue.”(Renya)

Nodding to his words Lilith continued her report pointing her stick on to a red dot. It was inside one of the dense forests this time.

“The next nearest Land mark is this here. This area appeared to have been a small village of an intelligent group in the past as the structure of the houses were built using advanced methods. But what my units could tell from a distance was that there were signs of battle and it was recent as well, as apart from dried up blood stains in the ground as well as the damage from the battle, the village is still relatively clean. Right now it seems to be occupied by a pack of mountain wolves.”(Lilith)

“Were there any traces of the ones who attacked?”(Renya)

“No, although it’s still somewhat new, the battle must’ve happened a few days ago. The culprits must’ve left the area long ago.”(Lilith)

“I see.”(Renya)

After the first red dot, she went over and explained each and every one of them. A majority of them like the first one were abandoned just recently. Strangely enough there were even some that still had supplies on the outside, indicating that they might’ve been abandoned in a hurry. Looking over the map again, Renya was able to see that a majority of the dots were yellow ones, meaning that this mountain range must’ve been rich in minerals. As to why they were abandoned remains a mystery to Renya and the others.

“The next place is a Town, fortunately this one is inhabited by humans.”(Lilith)

Hearing her words everyone in the room became more vigilant to her words. Especially Renya who seemed to be overjoyed after he heard her words, to the point of not being able to contain his excitement. Some sentinels took noticed this change especially Charlotte whose expression is that of a person whose watching child who had recently gotten a new toy.

She pointed the meter long stick onto one of the edges of the map. Instead of the dense trees, the area the village was in was a vast plain. The trees seem to become less dense as it got closer to it.

“The Town is not alone, as there are a few villages near it. There were also a large number of buildings in it, each being different from another. However there is something strange going on in this town, the amount of people there were rather few even for a town, although not noticeable at first, it faintly reeks of blood.”(Lilith)

Hearing her words, Renyas face turned grave. As he was about to speak she continued where she left off.

“Not only that but in the next few villages, the smell of blood grew stronger.”(Lilith)

She said as she pointed towards another pair of red dots.

< <<<< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“Thankfully one of my unit discovered another village. This one is normal compared to the rest, due to the fact that its placed at much further area away from the town and villages.”(Lilith)

She finished her words as she stored the stick, bowing down and taking a seat signaling that she’s finished the report. After she sat down the room became silent, all eyes focused on Renya while he has his closed.

“Amitiel, I’m gonna need your assistance in this manner. Considering that you’re the leader of our intelligence unit.”(Renya)

“Of course, of course.”(Amitiel)

Hearing this he grinned then replied while nodding repeatedly.

“Good. Now then, what we need to do right now is to gather information. Amitiel assemble your best men to infiltrate all of the Town and villages that Lilith has discovered to gather intel. Also, head to the town that had lesser abnormalities yourself, try to squeeze out as much information as you can about this world without causing harm to anyone. If its unavoidable you can use [Hypnotism] on those you feel the need to, but remember to wipe their memories about it afterwards.”(Renya)

“Is it really necessary to use [Hypnotism] against innocent people?”(Prynn)

[Hypnotism] a [Medium Grade lvl 7] skill that as the name implies, hypnotizes a target. However much like [Revive], the higher the level difference the higher the mana consumption, plus the skill needs a constant supply of mana in order to maintain. Afterwards if one does not use a mind wipe type skill they will remember all the things that happened while [Hypnotism] was active.

“I believe Lord Renya’s choice of letting me use [Hypnotism] is the right one. As far as I know Lilith’s units has yet to enter the town and villages and has only observed from afar, am I correct?”(Amitiel)

“Yes, although infiltrating the town and villages would be easy, I wanted to hear Lord Renya’s opinion before making any rash decisions.”(Lilith)

Maintaining her decisive demeanor she answered Amitiel’s questions.

Hearing this, Renya felt that this Lilith has really done a good job and wanted to pet her head. Restraining himself he decided to listen more to their opinions.

“Then this means we don’t know whether or not the people are good or not.”(Amitiel)

“But still…”(Prynn)

Seeing her troubled about the matter Renya decided to calm her down.

“Prynn, just as Amitiel said we don’t know the circumstances of the town and village. We can only gather more information about it, only then will we be able to see whether or not we’ll be able to help.”(Renya)

“I understand.”(Prynn)

Although reluctant, she decided to quiet down after Renya Convinced her. Even without Prynn voicing out her opinion, Renya still would’ve planned to help the town and village nonetheless, as by doing so it will allow them to increase their intimacy with them making gathering information much easier. Basically killing two birds with one stone.


“Now then, as I’ve said I plan on helping the town, any objections?”(Renya)

After he spoke the room went silent, however the mood was not heavy. With this Renya was satisfied seeing that they were willing to provide help.

“Good, now then this should be the end of our meeting. We’ll have another one as soon as Amitiel’s units finished gathering information. Also before you leave, Brutus.”(Renya)

“Yes M’Lord?”(Brutus)

He replied with a confused, but curious, wondering what Renya has in store for him.

“Come with me to the [Inner Military Division]. I want to have a spar with you.”(Renya)

Hearing his words Brutus’ blood can’t help but boil in excitement. Even some of the sentinels after hearing this can’t help but look forward to this spar.


Regaining his composure, he replied with a smile, however thanks to his face plate no one could see his expression.

Ending the meeting they all went outside following Renya and Brutus with an exception to Amitiel, Borri, Khali and Thali, since they had task to do at the moment.


[In The Inner Military Division]

On the field there stood two figures. On one side is Brutus wearing his Fearsome set of armor, on the other is Renya, Wearing his personal set of armor. Unlike Brutus’s set, his set not only has jet black pieces but has platinum pieces as well giving the set a sense of elegance.

However what’s the most eye catching part of this set is the fact that the helmet has a long tail like attachment to its head, almost looking like a spine with a black double edged blade at its tip. The tail like appendage was made in a way that it allowed the person wearing the armor to move it as he pleased at the cost of mana.

This piece armor was made by Renya by applying his puppet making skills to the armor. The result was this armor that he appropriately named [Draco Catulus].

“So, how does M’lord want to fight?”(Brutus)

He said waving his massive spear around as if it was light as a feather. The said spear in his hands was a [Ancient Grade] weapon named after world serpent [Jormungand].


Much like skills items also have grades, from weakest to strong there are [Common], [Uncommon], [Rare], [Mythical], [Legendary], then finally [Ancient]. Items in [Alt Online] like the skills, don’t have a level restriction meaning a low level player can easily wield an [Ancient Grade] weapon. However like the skills these items too have restrictions. For example if a low leveled player used a [Ancient Grade] weapon them he might not be able to wield all of its power, in some cases even causing backlash if the weapon itself had restrictions.

“Let’s see, How about we fight with pure techniques? Without the assistance of active skills of course.”(Renya)

“Fair enough”(Brutus)

He answered back as he glanced around him. To the side of the field were the sentinels that decided to watch the spar, behind them were numerous soldiers that came with the same thing in mind.

“Now then should we begin?”(Renya)

He asked in an almost joking manner, to which Brutus nods to. In the middle of the side of the field stood Charlotte acting as a referee, she raised her hand then quickly swung it downward signaling the start of the spar.


With a fierce kick to the ground, Brutus propelled himself forward with inhumane speed. Seeing this Renya narrowed his eyes letting mana flow through his helmet’s tail behind him.

>> >>

With a yell he thrusted his spear forward only to be blocked by the helmet’s tail. Both forces struggled, but as they were stuck in a deadlock neither of them could move one bit. Seeing this they both jumped backwards creating some distance between them.

“(So the feeling is the same as before.)”(Renya)

Smiling fiercely behind his face plate, he produced two identical jet black long swords garnished with platinum ornaments from his [Inventory], both of them were single edged, looking almost like a saber, these two identical blades grades, although only [Legendary], can match most of the lower end [Ancient Grade] weapons.

However due to the fact that they are not Renya’s preferred weapon he decided not to name them, as their purpose was only to improve his proficiency in a wide range of weapons. Brutus seeing these weapons appear smiled widely as his blood boiled even further.

As soon as he tightened his grip on the swords he kicked the ground in a similar fashion as Brutus but produced even greater speeds compared to him. In a mere flash he was already in front of him slashing both swords downward. Despite his large body Brutus was able to dodge by hairs breadth, before proceeding to stab [Jormungand] towards Renya’s side.

But as [Jormungand] was about to hit the tail blocked it, due to the force and the fact that Renya didn’t have a proper foothold he was knocked back. Using his hands, almost like a spring, he sprung back upright holding both swords in a stance with the tail of his helmet slithering in the air behind him as if getting ready to strike.

Brutus in a similar position readied his stance, anticipating Renya’s next move.

Silence filled the field, the two locked gazes as the tension between the two grew thicker. Finally as if losing his patience, Brutus dashed forward with the tip of [Jormungand] at the front dashing with unbelievable speeds to the point where a fierce wind would blow with each of his steps. In a similar fashion Renya dashed forward wanting a head on collision with him.


With an explosive boom the whole field shook as the two’s weapons clashed against one another. Renya swung his swords with each cut being blocked by either the [Jormungand]’s blade or its unbelievably hard handle. The same could be said for Brutus as when each strike he made was about to land, Renya’s Helmet’s tail would block as if it had a mind of it’s own. This exchange of blows lasted for a while before Renya managed to parry one of Brutus’s attack making an opening.

Using this he used all his might to kick his large chest to push him backwards. After doing so he again backed up to create some distance between them once more. He waited as Brutus slowly stood up before speaking.

“Your skill improved since the last time Brutus. Did your agility increase?”(Renya)

Hearing his words, Brutus laughed a hearty one before replying to Renya’s words.

“As much as I enjoy the praise father, it is you whom should be praised. If not for the fact that you’re not using your beloved sword, I would’ve already lost the second the match started.”(Brutus)

Hearing Brutus call him father signified that he had dropped honorifics to express his respect for another warrior like him. Seeing this Renya’s heart warmed making him want to fight more seriously.

“Good! Then how about we go for another round?”(Renya)

Brutus smiled, readying his stance signaling his agreement. Naturally Renya followed after and readied his stance as well. Not long after the spar began yet again.

With Renya taking the aggressive role this time, he dashed forward leaving an after image before appearing again behind Brutus. Seeing this Brutus stabbed [Jormungand] to the ground propelling himself upward managing to dodge his strike.

In mid-air, Brutus would’ve been vulnerable to attacks as he won’t be able to move away to dodge, that was the case if he was human. After a few popping noises two dragon like wings grew from his back allowing him to land quickly.

After landing Brutus used his wings to propel him towards Renya, then swinging [Jormungand] downwards forcing Renya to block with his two swords.

As they were locked in place another set of popping noises came from Brutus. This time a long tail covered in black scales, with its tip covered in spikes came out from behind him, slithering around as if trying to get used to it’s movement, before long it struck forward, attacking Renya’s side but was quickly blocked by the tail of his helmet. The two tails clashed, with each clash causing a deafening boom.

The clash of the tails occurred while both Renya and Brutus were still locked in place , unable to gain the advantage against one another at the moment.

As the Clash between the two lasted longer, Brutus’s strength proved superior to Renya as he slowly pushed him back. Only a moment later did Brutus spread out his wings as if getting ready to fly, before he swung them downwards producing a gale of wind pushing Renya even further.

Unable to contest Brutus’s strength, Renya guided his spear away from him, making it hit the ground below. After doing so he retreated backwards before kicking the ground creating a great distance between them.


Just as Renya was about to plan his next move, [Jormungand] flew towards him forcing him to dodge. However as he did, out of nowhere Brutus lunged his recently produced claws towards him forcing Renya to the corner even further.

If one were to look at Brutus’s appearance right now, one would without a doubt call him a dragon-kin. Renya unable to hold out against Brutus’s fierce waves of attack, dashed as far away as possible creating an even greater distance between the two.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

He calmed his breathing before speaking again.

“I must admit, I can’t beat you using mediocre means.”(Renya)

He said as he stored the two swords in his hands back into his inventory before he produced a different weapon, a sheathed blade.

The blade unlike the previous swords had a completely different appearance, in that its whole body was made in a extremely dark material. Then he unsheathed it. The blades color, was as if looking into the abyss, any light that shone on it would not reflect back in any way at all, almost as if devouring it.

The feeling it induced even seeped out to the surrounding people, the sentinels included. Even Brutus, who was relatively far away, felt it.

“It seems that father finally became serious. To think that he’d pull out [Devourer]. I really bit off more than what I can chew.”(Brutus)

Although his words are that of regret, the tone of which he said them says otherwise.

[Devourer] is a blade that one could say, was a weapon that Renya poured as much work as he did on [Titan City]. Although its cost was not as high as [Titan City], the amount of research Renya did to produce this specific kind of metal, as well as the time it took to sharpen the blade to satisfaction, could be more or less the same. Naturally this weapon reached [Ancient Grade], even when compared to other [Ancient Grade] weapons this one would more or less top most of them.

“Now then, should we dance one last time before we end this spar?”(Renya)

As if getting swept away by the mood, he spoke like a man whose blood has boiled to the point of being unable to contain itself, wanting to battle. But to the sentinels eyes, he’s like a child that has gotten his hands again on a favorite toy that was taken away from him for months.

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