Black Titan Chapter 6: Gathering Information

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Black Titan Chapter 6: Gathering Information

Renya, Charlotte and Prynn followed Amitiel’s lead towards the center of the town. Upon reaching the area they were shocked to find an enormous amount of people lying unconscious on the ground around the town square.

“Amitiel, if these people were here in the town square, then what was that demon doing down there in the basement?”(Renya)

“Simple, he used up a majority of his mana, therefore he needed a secluded area to rest in order to regain it. After doing so he will most likely begin the sacrificing ritual.”(Amitiel)

“Does he not know that leaving a large number of people here is a dead giveaway, indicating that something is wrong in the town?”(Charlotte)

“Of course he does. The moment people find out about it they’ll look for him, leading them right to his trap. After that if he can’t use [Hypnotism] on the victims, he’ll kill them, if not maybe he’ll do something worse.”(Amitiel)

“Isn’t he afraid that people like us might come after him?”(Renya)

“Of course he is. The room we purified him in was filled with a large amounts of magic runes to make people unable to detect it. Too bad it’s no use for [Devil Eyes].”(Amitiel)

[Devil Eyes] a [High Grade lvl 10], much like its weaker version [Demon Eyes], is a skill that allows a person to detect life by highlighting them with a red glow, however its restrictions are more extreme as not only does it have an improved range, but as well as gives a short description on the desired target, much like [Inspect].

Just like the name states [Inspect] is a skill that shows information on a desired object. Since It is a skill that anyone will have immediately after starting the game it doesn’t have a specific skill grade. The skill has no restriction other than being unable to see information on objects depending on level difference.

“What was that demon’s name anyways?”(Charlotte)

“It’s included in the report that’s being written right now. Just read it when we return.”(Amitiel)

Hearing his vague response, Charlotte felt the need to purify this “[Transcended Demon]” in front of her.

“Shouldn’t we be helping these people right now?”(Prynn)

“She’s right. Charlotte cast a [Mass Purify] on everyone here. This should help them awaken as well as remove any of the remaining demonic energy lingering in their bodies.”(Renya)

[Mass Purify] is a [Medium Grade lvl 8] skill and as the name suggests is a larger and more mana consuming version of [Purify].

“Alright give me a sec.”(Charlotte)

She replied fixing her robes a bit before pulling out a staff out of her [Inventory]. The staff had a pure white handle reaching 1.8 meter in length not including the tip. Speaking of the tip, the tip itself has a large aquamarine colored crystal orb with golden magic runes floating inside. Not only that but the Orb had a pair of white wings wrapping around it.

This is an [Ancient Grade] staff called [Eir] named after the goddess of healing Eir.

Holding [Eir] with both hands, she held it high above her head and started to cast [Mass Purify]. After that an intense light shone over the whole town square, covering everyone who was lying down on the floor.

After a few brief moments, there were signs of people waking up. After a few people stood up and looked at their surrounding their eyes laid upon the figure of Charlotte holding [Eir] in her hands. Realizing this Renya became panicked.

“Charlotte! Hide your staff quickly before any more of them see you!”(Renya)

“Ah! My bad.”(Charlotte)

Realizing her mistake she quickly stored [Eir] back inside her [Inventory]. But doing so was in vain as the people who saw her with the staff became even more surprised when she stored it inside her [Inventory]. Suddenly a middle aged man wearing clothes that looked more expensive compared to the clothes of everyone else walked towards us, watching his steps as to not step on any of the people who are still unconscious.

“Are you the ones who freed us from the demon’s control?”(???)

“Yes, may I ask who you are?”(Renya)

“I am Lester Wynnsmith the current deputy mayor of our [Town of Velka]. I would first like to thank you for saving us from the demon. If possible may ask the name of our saviors?”(Lester)

“I’m Renya, this is Prynn, Amitiel and Charlotte.”(Renya)

After telling them their names Lester proceeded to bow a sincere bow, showing his gratitude even further.

“If there is anything dear savior would like please don’t hesitate to ask!”(Lester)

“Well can we continue this conversation inside? We’re attracting quite a lot of eyes from the crowd.”(Amitiel)

“But first please help these people!”(Prynn)

“Yes, I know.”(Lester)

After calling over some people to help, Lester lead Renya’s group to a much larger building compared to the one where the demon was in. He lead them inside a room that had 2 sofas opposite to each other and a coffee table between them insisting them to take a seat.

After taking a seat Lester asked them if they wanted some refreshments to which Charlotte happily agreed to asking for some honey tea. As she began to enjoy the drink, he asked Renya a question, assuming he was the leader of the group, about their selves to which Renya replied to saying that they were travelers and that they have gotten severely lost.

“I see, although it is unfortunate for you to get lost, It was very fortunate for us that you came across this town.”(Lester)

Realizing his words he continued hurriedly.

“Not that I am happy about the fact that you got lost! I’m thankful tha-“(Lester)

“I understand your point no need to be so flustered.”(Renya)

Cutting him off Renya spoke ending his words with an understanding smile which made Lester’s face flush red out of embarrassment.

“Now we hope that you can help us by providing a few bits of information.”(Renya)

“I will do my best. But before that may I ask a question?”(Lester)

“You may.”(Renya)

“Was there a possibility that the mayor was possessed by a demon?”(Lester)

“No, usually when one purifies a possessed person the purification will only affect the demon itself not affecting the victim. But when we purified the mayor his body disintegrated to dust signifying that he was an authentic demon.”(Amitiel)

He replied coldly.

“I see, then you can ask your questions”(Lester)

“Thank you, first of all I would like to ask about the mines we came across on our way here and as why they were abandoned.”(Renya)

“The mines were rich in minerals which became our main source of income as well as a specialty product of the Town as well as the few villages nearby. As to why they were abandoned, the demon hypnotized the workers into leaving for the sacrifice.”(Lester)

Amitiel behind Renya, who acted as if he was someone who already knew, continued to remain silent as he was hoping that there might be new information that comes out from this conversation.

“If I may ask, what is your current job and level?”(Renya)

“There’s no harm in telling, I have the job called [Apprentice Strategist] as well as the job [Warrior] and I am currently level 24.”(Lester)

“I see. (His level is similar to the town mayors of [Alt Online] This world shouldn’t be too different to it logic wise.)”(Renya)

Although he could’ve just used [Inspect] on the mayor, he felt that it was rude and that Lester is a good man deciding against it. Although Renya has changed in a lot of aspects, his morals still stand firm and that he still believes in a Confucianism like ideals.

As he reached a temporary conclusion he asked another question.

“Then can you tell me how this whole mess started in the first place?”(Renya)

Closing his eyes he thought for a good while and after a brief moment he finally spoke.

“A few days ago the mayor wanted to go over to the two nearest villages to have a chat with a few friends of his. We didn’t think much of it as he would occasionally do this every now and then, even at times having these friends of his come over to having a drinking session that usually lasted until dawn.

He didn’t come back for a few days which was a normal occurrence whenever he did these drinking sessions. After a few days we finally heard news of him as he returned here. However he had a different feel to him, although vague it was definitely demonic energy. Before I knew it he had already hypnotized half the town, including me.”(Lester)

“He must’ve planned this for a long time I suppose.”(Renya)

Although reluctant he gave a nod to Renya’s words, with a hint of depression on his face he replied.

“Yes he must’ve.”(Lester)

“Then can you tell me about your relationship with him?”(Renya)

As he heard these words he felt all the more depressed.

“He was a good friend of mine. We’ve known each other for a long time, even saving my life a couple times. Strangely enough he doesn’t invite me whenever he has these drinking sessions, claiming that I should manage the town for him while he’s gone, of course as the deputy mayor I have no choice but to do so.”(Lester)

“(No wonder.) I see, I’ll ask a few more questions, after that can you guide us to an inn to stay for the night?”(Renya)

“No problems.”(Lester)

After calling over one of his helpers he continued to ask the questions.

Gathering all the information they needed, they’ve discovered a few more things. After showing him gold coins that came from the [Altinea Continent], Renya asked if they could be used in trade in the [Helia Continent]. Surprisingly he discovered that these gold coins were made by an ancient empire and are still circulating up to this day. But after showing him the silver and copper coins of the [Altinea Continent] he became absolutely sure of it as he even grabbed a few coins from his pocket showing the same silver as well copper coins mixed in with a few other coins with the same sizes but different design.

Learning this Renya became more relieved as the economic power of [Titan City] still remains and that trade will be possible. But when he asked about the empire that made these coins Lester became unable to answer as he lacks the knowledge concerning it as he only heard it from a talk with a friend.

Other than that they also discovered that the nearest city here belongs to the [Aelynn Empire], it is also the city where a banquet will be held for the engagement of the two countries. The city is named [Ostwald City] and it would take a few weeks to reach on horse carriage and around a week and a half on horseback.

Before we were guided to the inn Lester asked a few questions.

“Are you people perhaps part of the [Hunter’s Guild]?”(Lester)

“[Hunter’s Guild]?”(Charlotte)

“You’re not? I could’ve sworn that you were.”(Lester)

“Tell us about this [Hunter’s Guild].”(Renya)

After giving them a brief explanation they finally left for the inn.

Based on what he told them, they found out that there exists different types of guilds in this world. The [Hunter’s Guild], as the name implies is a guild that specializes in hunting monsters and doing jobs that have a relation to monsters, like escort missions, subjugations, and generally hunting. He also told them that each of the guilds would have a branch in major cities and at times even in small towns like this for example. Thankfully Lester had a patient temperament allowing them to ask as much as they wanted.

By the time they reached the inn it was already dark. They gathered in one of the rooms as per Renya’s request.

“Now what?”(Amitiel)

“We discuss our next actions.”(Renya)

He said glancing at everyone in the room.

“Tomorrow we pretend to set off for [Ostwald City] then we loop around back to [Titan City] when they lose sight of us. When we return we gather all sentinels and decide our future plans and objectives. Making our trip here we should have gained enough general information..”(Renya)

“What about the town and villages?”(Prynn)

“They can handle themselves. I’ve used inspect on most of them before, they have decent levels for normal civilians.”(Amitiel)

“Then do you know the origins of that demon?”(Charlotte)

“It’s in the report, besides he’s not that important to be taken note of.”(Amitiel)

He replied nonchalantly which gave Charlotte another reason to purify him.

“Enough Amitiel, we’ve got time and I also want to hear about his origins.”(Renya)

“*Che*. Alright I’ll speak. The demon’s name is Bach Guilar, he’s a demon from the [Nether Realm] that got dragged all the way here a couple decades ago, most likely due to summoning ritual. He’s probably killed the ritual initiator regaining full control of his body and by doing so he received the backlash for breaking the contract and was severely injured. He found this town, lived in it for a while then decided to use all its people for a sacrifice ritual to increase his strength.”(Amitiel)

“And your basis for all this?”(Prynn)

She asked doubtingly.

“As I was restraining him I caught a glimpse of a contract mark on the back of his head.”(Amitiel)

“Then his level and class?”(Renya)

“He was level 56. He had two Classes, one is the [Black Mage], the other is [Elite Illusionist]. Anymore questions?”(Amitiel)

“No, get some rest tomorrow we leave for [Titan City] as planned.”(Renya)

Seeing everyone nod he left for his room to sleep.


Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

The next day as planned they left stating that they were leaving for [Ostwald City]. Being their benifactor they didn’t have any suspicions as they bid their farewells. After arriving in [Titan City] they called all the sentinels for a third meeting.

As all of the sentinels arrived they sat in their respected seats and waited for Renya to begin. In a short while after all of them gathered he spoke.

“I’m sure all of you have read Amitiel’s full report.”(Renya)

All of the sentinels but Prynn and Charlotte nodded.

“Then we’ll have a much easier time discussing our future actions and objectives.”(Renya)

He said glancing at everyone before speaking again.

“First of all we still need to find more information about this world in general, such as magic, history and the likes. Even if we already got some information from the town it’s still lacking. Naturally I don’t like keeping secrets from you all so I’ll be blunt. I want to travel around this new world.”(Renya)

Hearing his words all the sentinels did not speak but revealed a smile.

“Lord Renya.”(Brutus)

He said returning back to his formal way of addressing Renya.

“Yes Brutus?”(Renya)

“I want to speak on behalf of all the sentinels.”(Brutus)

He said standing up and glancing at the rest sentinels, as if waiting for their affirmation. In a while all of them nodded with Brutus receiving their affirmation.

“Then Father, I would like to let you know that we can manage [Titan City] even without you present. Actually we’ve already had this happen even when we were still in the [Altinea Continent] when you left for a long time.”(Brutus)

Hearing his words Renya can’t help but get embarrassed.

“Not only that, but I believe that you deserve a long vacation. After all you’ve been managing, building and improving this city for thousands of years without a proper break.”(Amitiel)

Hearing his words Renya became shocked, but before he could question him further another person spoke.

“Yes, I believe Lord Renya should be allowed to travel this new world. We can manage on our own.”(Lilith)

She said with her timid voice.

“She’s right you know father. Besides there’s that magic device for communication that you made Orloth make so we can always contact you when the time comes, plus you can take a [Teleport] scroll with you so that you can always return here when we need you, or whenever you want.”(Charlotte)

“(She has a point I guess.)”(Renya)

“Actually I feel that Khali’s ability to handle the city’s affairs and economy is far better than father’s, not only that but sister Laura’s and Brutus’s ability to command the army as well as Amitiel’s and Orloth’s wisdom is better than father’s.”(Charlotte)

After hearing those words his face became complicated. Only after a while did he sigh and spoke again.

“Alright I see your point. You can handle things far better without me.”(Renya)

He said dejectedly.

“No I’m not saying that father is not needed. After all, without father none of us would be here in the first place, taking care of the city while you’re away is the least we can do.”(Charlotte)

She ended it with a smile calming Renya down.

“Alright, I’ll take you up on that offer. I’ll leave in a few days, but make sure you’re all doing something progressive, don’t just sit in this mountain range just because you can.”(Renya)

“Don’t worry, I’ve already made a plan in mind. But please do tell me what you originally planned for [Titan City].”(Amitiel)

“Alright, originally I planned on keeping our existence a secret. Only when we’ve managed to get a proper grasp on the world did I plan on revealing the city and if possible I wanted to avoid getting caught up in war, as well as other country struggles.”(Renya)

“Almost the same as what I had in mind, so don’t worry about a thing.”(Amitiel)

He said ending his words with a smile, making Renya worried.

“Alright then, Khali.”(Renya)

“Yes M’lord?”(Khali)

“I’ll leave the city in your hands.”(Renya)

“I’ll make sure it to increase its fortune by the time you get back.”(Khali)

“Then I’ll assign the leaders for the times that I’m gone. The ones in charge and has the authority to issue out an order, with the consent of all sentinels of course, will be Amitiel and Orloth. For the ones who’ll take full command of my armies when I’m gone will be Brutus and Laura. As for the rest of the sentinels, please take care of [Titan City] while I’m Gone. ”(Renya)

Finishing His words they all nodded their heads. Seeing this he felt relieved knowing that [Titan City] is in the hands of people who are “Slightly” more capable than him.

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