Black Titan Chapter 7: Little White

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Black Titan Chapter 7: Little White

In the middle of the night Renya stood in the balcony of his room leaning his body against the railings. His eyes were that of a person who was looking off into the distance, lost in thought.

“(I never really did have the talent to command others, the best I did in the past was assign a group office workers in separate groups to finish in time, but even in that I never really took direct command of them. And besides, what I’m commanding aren’t a bunch of office workers, but a group powerful beings, each has their own needs and would not be satisfied with what an ordinary office worker would.)”(Renya)

Although Renya is a man who has gained multiple kinds of experiences throughout his 40 year life, talent was not something one could get from experience. Although he would always do his best when the time comes, his job would always result in being just passable when it comes to the job of leading others.

“(I Guess leaving the future plans to Amitiel and the others is good enough for now. Not like I can come up with plans that could rival theirs.)”(Renya)

Although he thought of things that way he still had a lingering feeling of fear, fear that something bad might happen while he’s not around. But remembering that he can return any time he pleases with [Teleport], this fear was somewhat eased.

[Teleport] much like the name implies is a [Low Grade lv 5] skill and as the name implies, allows the person to teleport to a designated location at the cost of mana.

Feeling that today was too taxing on his mind, he decided to go to sleep.


[Noon The Next Day]

Just finishing up their spar Brutus and Renya stood face to face. As both of them wore their suits of armor with Brutus in his 3 meter dragon form holding [Jormungand] and Renya holding a different weapon this time, the weapon was a curved blade as long as 2 meters and seemed to have been made with a white colored metal as well as having engravings giving it a beautiful finish. The hilt was made with the same metal as the blade as well as having the same design giving the sword an overall feel of “purity”.

But unlike like the previous two swords that Renya pulled out last time, the blade had a proper name, [Silver Fang]. Although not one of his preferred weapons, it was still a weapon that reached [Ancient Grade] making Renya name it.

The two of them faced off as the spar was coming to a close. Considering that this may be the last spar they’ll have for a while as Renya will be leaving soon, they went all out pushing their abilities to the limit, without using skills of course.

With a fierce vigor, Renya dashed forward holding [Silver Fang] with both hands getting ready to deliver a swift cut the moment he gets close enough. Seeing this Brutus also prepared to charge forward using [Jormungand].


With a deafening blast the two weapons clashed one last time as they are locked in place attempting to get an advantage against each other. Wanting to win this fight Brutus started to flap his wings to push Renya back, but learning his lesson from all the previous spars, he lead [Jormungand] downward while jumping making it pierce the ground where Renya once stood on became cracked in a spider web like fashion with [Jormungand] in the middle of it.

With [Jormunand] in the ground he used this chance, he struck Brutus with all his might turning [Silver Fang] into a white flash of light. Just as it was about to hit, his enormous tail swept upwards facing Renya’s strike head on.


With Brutus having the highest defense among all sentinels, he felt confident that he should be able to block an attack of this level. Needless to say he was correct as the two forces faced off creating another deafening sound.

His face of triumph only lasted for a brief moment as he felt Renya’s presence disappear. He quickly sent his glance all around the field, but his face turned grim as he couldn’t spot him at all.

Suddenly he felt a sudden danger above him making him turn his head to face it, but he was far too late, he’s already been hit by a downward slash sending him back 4 meters. Unlike last time, no cut could be seen on his armor, not even a scratch. But Brutus felt defeated nonetheless.

“How about we call it a day, Brutus?”(Renya)

“*Sigh, Alright, you must be busy making preparations for your departure so I won’t bother you any further.”(Brutus)

He said ending his words with a faint smile. Seeing this, Renya stored [Silver Fang] back into his inventory and proceeded to Orloth’s room to pick up the items he requested after saying his goodbye to Brutus.

In just a few minutes he’s already reached the front of his door. Knocking three times, it did not take long for someone to open the door. As the door opened to his surprise it was Orloth.

“Where’s Lemi?”(Renya)

“I sent her to get the items you’ve had me prepare since I felt that you should be coming sometime this noon. Please, come inside while you wait.”(Orloth)

Accepting his offer he went inside. Having a chat as they walked towards his desk before sitting down.

“So the reason you’ve made me create all those items was for that.”(Orloth)

“You could say that.”(Renya)

“Right, then I’ll be sure to take care of things while you’re gone.”(Orloth)

He replied calmly making Renya reassured.

“Then please do.”(Renya)

As their conversation was just about to end it was interrupted the sound of the door opening.

“Orloth! I’ve come back with items.”(???)

Soon the figure of lemi could be seen walking towards them but upon seeing Renya she stopped on the spot and bowed deeply.

“Lord Renya!”(Lemi)

“Lemi you may stand, no need for such formalities every time we meet.”(Renya)


“The items Lemi?”(Orloth)

“Ah! They’re inside the bag.”(Lemi)

She replied showing a small bag around the size a pouch in her hands before placing it on the desk between Orloth and Renya before leaving the room.

“Here are the items you requested me to have prepared. I hope they are of use to you.”(Orloth)

He said before passing the bag to Renya. He checked the inside of the bag to check its contents, what he saw inside were 10 scrolls of [Revive], 20 scrolls of [Teleport], potions for healing as well as mana each in a set of a hundred and then some, and a small stone the size of a toddlers fist engraved in magic runes. Including the bag which should be the interspatial bag were all the items Renya requested a few days ago.

“Of course they will. Thanks for the hard work, I’ll be on my way then. By the way my departure should be tomorrow morning.”(Renya)

Hearing his words Orloth nodded. After storing the bag in his [Inventory] he headed towards Thali’s room. He was greeted by the same doll as before he entered the room. Inside were a few spherical wooden sometimes metal objects covered in magic runes and circles they were all of different sizes but a majority of them were around the size of a basketball. Deeper inside sat Thali tinkering with one of the spherical objects.

“Lord Renya. What brings you here today?”(Thali)

“I’m here to check on your progress.”(Renya)

“I see, well please have a look.”(Thali)

Coming closer, he stared at the sphere in Thali’s hands. The sphere had different parts upon closer inspection giving it some movement, and after using [Inspect] he discovered that it had the ability to hover as well as use the skill [Stealth], a [Low Grade lvl 4] skill that allows the person to go invisible for a certain period of time. The sphere also had a round glass like piece, Renya assumed it must be the lens that allows the user to see through them.

“You’re already done?”(Renya)

“Almost, it needs few more changes actually, like its size and the amount of mana it consumes after activation.”(Thali)

“I see, then let the other sentinels know about it after you complete it. Also, Have you completed the smaller battle golems?(Renya)

“Yes, they should be under construction in the [2nd Layer Underground Facilities] at the moment.”(Thali)

“I see, then I’ll take my leave, my departure should be tomorrow morning.”(Renya)

In the same way as Orloth, Thali nodded. Renya left the room heading towards outside to stroll around the city one last time before his departure tomorrow.

As he was just about to go outside a figure suddenly joined him.

“Taking one last walk around the city before leaving father?”(Charlotte)

“Yes, do you wish to join me?”(Renya)

“I don’t have anything better to do so why not?”(Charlotte)

Joined by her they took a stroll around the city, compared to the other times where he would do this Renya felt that this one is special since he was joined together by Charlotte. At times they would hold a conversation about the future and what would happen by then making the stroll all the more enjoyable.

To Renya this became a special memory as this was one of the first times he’s spent this much time with one of his ‘children”. Being so he became prepared for his new journey ahead of him.

Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

With the sun having set they’ve decided to return back to the [Nocturnal Citadel]. They had dinner along with Brutus and Laura making the atmosphere lively around them. With this Renya went up to his room to rest for the day.


[Morning The Next Day]

Wearing the equipment he had Borri prepare for him, Renya stood facing of a gate that had a height of at least 50 meters, these were one of the gates that lead to the outside of the city. Behind him stood all of the sentinels, excluding the 11th.

“This is it I guess.”(Renya)

He said turning around to face the sentinels.

“Indeed. You don’t need to worry about us, all you need to do is enjoy your adventure. But don’t forget to use the communication device every now and then okay?”(Charlotte)

She said ending her words with a bright smile.

“That’s right, we’ll be sure to bring honor to the city while you’re gone.”(Laura)

She said with a proud look on her face, although a bit of tears on edges of her eyes. Luckily no one seemed to have noticed since a majority of them were in the same circumstances.

“Well maybe this time we’ll be able to see Lord Renya bring back a wife or two.”(Amitiel)

He said Jokingly to ease up the mood to which the rest of them laughed to, excluding Renya of course. Amitiel laughed along the other sentinels before he continued his words.

“By the way Lord Renya, what are we to do with Little White?”(Amitiel)

“Little White?”(Renya)

Slapping his forehead he finally remembered who they were talking about. Quickly opening a window he played around with the screen before he finally closed it. Once he closed it, he looked over to the direction of the [Nocturnal Citadel] where a white dot could be seen traveling with unimaginable speeds. The white dot in a matter of seconds quickly transformed into an owl with bright golden eyes and beautiful white feathers.

This was Little White. She was the first pet that Renya managed to obtain back when [Alt Online] was still in its early stages. Back when he originally obtained her, Renya became overjoyed about the occasion then proceeded to brag about her to his friends in College. Since she was his first pet he naturally took good care of her, even refusing to get other pets since he felt that he only needed Little White.

However as his level became higher and higher and as [Titan City] became closer to completion, he had almost forgotten about her in the passage of times. Feeling bad for her he released her into the city letting her do as she pleased the moment it was finished. Now that he has seen her again he can’t help but feel happy now that they’ve been reunited again after a long time.

As Little White reached Renya she flapped her wings several times before landing on his left shoulder. Naturally after Renya called her she felt that she can finally be reunited with her master even rubbing her small little head against Renya’s cheeks.

“I’ll take her along, since traveling alone can be pretty lonely.”(Renya)

He said petting Little White’s head to which she happily receives.

“Well then I’ll be taking my leave, so farewell for now.”(Renya)

He said somewhat reluctantly but looked away quickly as to not let the sentinels see his face. After the gate opened he walked through it realizing that they were still floating in the air, with the gate behind him closing rather quickly he was forced to jump down to the dense forests below making Little White fly around in the air for a while.

After landing he surveyed his surroundings before fixing his clothing that got disheveled due to the fall. Not long after Little White has already landed on his left shoulder.

“Now then Little White, should we begin our journey?”(Renya)

He turned his head to look at Little white who was nodding her little head. Being satisfied at her reply he set off to explore this new world.

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