Black Titan Chapter 8: Hunter’s Guild

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Black Titan Chapter 8: Hunter’s Guild

Inside the dense forest near the [Town of Velka] was a hooded man wearing a dark blue colored mantle with a white owl perched on his left shoulder. He walked in a relaxed manner, fully immersed in the nature all around him.

“The forests in this world cannot be compared to the ones back in the [Altinea Continent] let alone earth, don’t you agree Little White?”(Renya)

He said talking to the white owl on his shoulder. The owl replied with a nod, as if understanding what he just said.

“We should be reaching the [Town of Velka} soon.”(Renya)

He did not increase his pace, instead he slowed down a bit to enjoy the scenery more. But feeling that he was getting nearer he pulled up the cloth mask to cover the lower half of his face.

After a few minutes he caught sight of the [Town of Velka], heading towards it. It did not take long for him to reach the entrance. Unlike last time where they were questioned by the town guards, he was welcomed with a smile this time.

“This town is pretty laid back, considering the fact that all of its citizens were just hypnotized the other day.”(Renya)

He murmured to himself as he entered the town. After asking a few of the townspeople he learned of the location of the [Hunter’s Guild] branch. Before he went there he noticed that the town has recovered rather quickly, making the town regain its lively atmosphere.

Making his way towards the [Hunter’s Guild] he came across a few people who were wearing adventurer like equipment signifying that he was getting close.

But due to the equipment he was wearing as well as the white owl perched on his shoulder he attracted quite a lot of stares, but as Renya has gotten used to the glances back in [Titan City] he easily endured as he proceeded on his way.

After walking in the town for a bit he finally reached his destination. The [Hunter’s Guild] building stood out from the rest of the buildings in the street as its height reached 40 meters totaling 5 floors its width was a full 30 meters making it a rather large building. Even for a branch building it was still pretty big, showing just how massive it’s influence is.

Walking towards the entrance he saw a sign reading “Hunter’s Guild”

“(This place is pretty big, I guess being a hunter is a pretty popular choice in this world.)”(Renya)

Entering the building he attracted everyone’s gaze thanks to his suspicious appearance and the white owl on his shoulder. Making his way to the rows of receptionists counters he went to the one where there weren’t any people waiting in line.

As he rang the desk bell, a girl with brown colored hair around the age of 16-17 came out from a room behind the counter. But became surprised upon seeing the owl on his shoulder.

“Welcome to th- Wah! Such a pretty owl!”(???)


“Ah! Sorry about that. Welcome to the [Hunter’s Guild] how can I be of service?”(Receptionist Girl)

She said while sending a couple glances to Little White.

“Is it possible to join the [Hunter’s Guild]?”(Renya)

“Join? Are you not a hunter of the guild?”(Receptionist Girl)

The girl asked doubtingly as she stared at him from top to bottom, unable to see why this person who is wearing impressive looking equipment is not part of the guild.

“No, I came from a distant land where guilds like this don’t exist. I just recently entered this country and heard about this place, I thought joining as it may aid me in my journey.”(Renya)

“I see.”(Receptionist Girl)

She said believing his half-baked lie. Although the part about him coming from a distant land was true, the other part about the [Altinea Continent] being devoid of guilds was an absolute lie as it was overflowing with them.

“Then please wait a moment as I get the documents for joining the guild.”(Receptionist Girl)

She went back to the room where she was just in to get the documents before returning with a piece of paper in as well as a crystal orb in her hands.

“Please fill the registration form, also please be reminded that you don’t need to write down the level as the guild has its own way of determining it.”(Receptionist Girl)

She said handing Renya the piece of paper in her hands.

Fortunately The words were in English allowing him to fill them with ease. The form itself only asked the general information of the person such as name, gender, age, class, and level although there were parts where it was optional, Renya understood as to why it was. He filled the form as follows:



Gender (Optional):


Age (Optional):



[Elite Arcane Archer], [Thief Apprentice]


As to why his age was 19, he still maintained the same appearance from [Alt Online] and decided to refrain from writing down 43 which is his actual age.

He handed back the from to the girl, although shocked she brought up the crystal orb on the counter, asking Renya to put his hand on it.

Soon enough the orb glowed a faint blue color as the girl recorded something making a surprised face as she did.

“The level has been verified, it’s surprisingly high I must say, and when you wrote down [Arcane Archer] you weren’t kidding.”(Receptionist Girl)

She said with a shocked expression as she showed me the level part of my registration form.

“(Is it pretty high?)”(Renya)



As to why it was 67, before Renya began his journey he used a skill called [Limit]. As the name suggests it is a skill that limits a player’s skills and abilities.

The skill was given to players who achieved level 200, allowing them to raise the level of the classes they wanted to try out. Not only that it also allowed them to play with their friends who had a much lower level than them, allowing them to play without ruining the fun of fighting monsters.

The limit Renya placed on himself made it so that he will only get the appropriate skill level for an archer at level 67, apart from that the two classes [Elite Arcane Archer] as wells as [Thief Apprentice] were at its actual level even though the [Limit] skill allows one to decrease their class grade.

Speaking of [Class Grade] the grades of each class is as follows from weakest to strongest, [<Class Name>], [<Class Name> Apprentice], [Elite <Class Name>], [Supreme <Class Name>], and [<Class Name> God/Celestial], however there are cases were the class would have a different wording such as [Arch Magus] [Arch Bishop] etc etc.

“Alright, now that you have filled the form you can pay the fee of 2 silver coins to create a [Hunter’s Guild] card, this fee is optional as we can provide you other forms of verification for free. However it is highly recommended that you pay for one since it will not only serve as a verification but it will also allow you entrance through the country borders as well as give you a discount in some places.”(Receptionist Girl)

“(It’s surprisingly convenient, being a hunter and all.)”(Renya)

She said with a smile. Hearing her words Renya touched the interspatial bag that was attached to his waist, grabbing a handful of silver coins.

Naturally he came prepared as he bought money along with him, the amount he bought was enough to buy two [Ancient Grade] weapons from the market back in the [Altinea Continent] meaning that it was quite a lot. As to why he used this instead of his [Inventory], he judged that it would not be too suspicious if he did so.

Handing the money over, he was then asked to wait for a bit as she prepares the card. The wait was only for a short while as she came back with a card made of silver. The silver plate was blank on one side and had magic runes on the other, signifying that it was a magic item.

She then began to engrave the card with words before casting a skill on it.

“This card will serve as a form of identification as it contains information like your name and rank. Please try not to lose it as you’ll have to pay another 2 silvers when you do.”(Receptionist Girl)

As she gave him the card the girl began to explain what the ranks are. The ranks from her explanation were divided into ranks: SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, and F, with F being the lowest and SSS being the highest. She pointed out that due to his level he’s been assigned to [Rank: B] allowing him to accept missions of the same rank and below. After the explanation he asked her the average levels that one would normally have to which she replied.

“Well people around your rank should all be at least level 35+. Actually each rank is not really decided by what level one has but the skill they have as well as the contributions they make. For example, I heard there was this [Rank: S] hunter that was only level 41. But don’t worry about these things for now, I doubt you’ll stay in [Rank: B] for long with a level as high as yours.”(Receptionist Girl)

“Many thanks, will I be able to accept a mission right away?”(Renya)

“Yes, go over to the mission board over there and pick a mission of your choice but please keep in mind of its rank. After doing so bring the paper back here for verification.”(Receptionist Girl)

She said pointing over to the large board that was divided into six parts, each of them having a sign on top signifying the required rank of the mission.

“Will do.”(Renya)

Finishing his registration, he stored the card into his bag and went over to the board for [Rank: B] missions. He skimmed through them attempting to find an escort mission that will go from here to [Ostwald City]. Unfortunately he found none, only managing to find missions for either subjugating monster nests that are near the area, or missions that require you to collect materials from strong monsters.

Being disappointed he went back to the counter of the girl to ask a few questions.

“Where can I find escort missions that go from here to [Ostwald City]?”(Renya)

“[Ostwald City]? You’re in luck! There’s someone who requested a mission that has you escorting a merchant carriage just this morning.”(Receptionist Girl)

“Can you please show me the Request?”(Renya)

“No problem.”(Receptionist Girl)

After saying so she went back into the room then came back with a piece of paper in her hands.

“Here you go.”(Receptionist Girl)

She said handing him the piece of paper in her hands. Renya accepted it reading its contents.

A merchant seemed to be hiring hunters [Rank: C] and above to escort his carriages from the [Town of Velka] to [Ostwald City]. The time limit for the registration of the mission is due tomorrow as the merchant is leaving two days from now in the eastern entrance of town. The request itself will last for 2-3 weeks depending on the events that happen during the duration of the mission, the rewards are 2 gold and 10 silver.

Although minimal the paper had all the necessary information making judgement rather easy. After pondering for a while he decided to accept the request.

“Great! As the request said please go to the eastern entrance of the town two days from now.”(Receptionist Girl)

She said writing something down.

“Alright, also can you recommend me an inn to stay for the night? As well as directions on how to get there?”(Renya)

“No problem!”(Receptionist Girl)

After being given directions Renya went out of the guild after saying his thanks. Coincidentally it was the same inn that Lester led them to the other day. Thankfully there was a different inn keeper this time, allowing him to avoid suspicion.

Walking to the counter where the innkeeper was at he asked him about the prices for lodging. The inn keeper became surprised after seeing Renya’s and Little white’s appearance but quickly regained his composure before Renya reached his counter.

“How much for two nights?”(Renya)

“With or without meals?”(Inn keeper)

“With meals.”(Renya)

“Its 60 copper a night, so its 1 silver 20 copper.”(Inn Keeper)


He said as he grabbed the amount from his bag. Much like in the [Altinea Continent] the conversion rate is 100 copper = 1 silver, 100 silver = 1 gold.

After handing him the money he guided him to a room and gave him the key to it. Renya did not stay as it was still to early for him to sleep.

Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

After looking around the room he discovered that it wasn’t half bad, the room had all the basic necessities such as a bed, table, and a chair. The room had a window where one could look out of, the bed and the pillows were soft and comfortable, the same as the room he slept in the other day when he came with Amitiel and the others.

“(Like my room from before. Well I guess this room isn’t so bad.)”

Finishing his inspection of the room he went back into the [Hunter’s Guild] building to take up a mission he can do here since he felt that it would be boring to wait in his room waiting for two days. Walking inside he yet again attracted the gazes of many but they all looked away realizing it was him again.

Walking up to the same girl as before.

“Hello again!”(Receptionist Girl)

“Yeah I came to take up a monster subjugation mission.”(Renya)

“Over there at the mission board, there should plenty for you to choose from.”(Receptionist Girl)

Walking over to the board again deciding to pick the ones that would give him the most money, although he wasn’t short on it, he decided to take them anyways since they could possibly raise his rank faster.

“(I guess this mission should do.)”(Renya)

The mission he picked up was about hunting down wyverns, naturally he had to hunt down 5 before he could turn them in for a reward. Just like back in the [Altinea Continent] wyverns are considered as the weaker cousin of dragons, as such they are smaller in comparison as well as only having two legs instead of four.

However even the weakest wyvern is enough to kill a party of level 15 humans as their level are usually in the mid 30s. As such they require a party of lvl 30s in order to subjugate the safely. Not only that, they have a tendency to work in groups making them all the more difficult to hunt.

The request gives out the reward of 7 gold coins and require you to bring back their tails for confirmation. You can also sell the materials you get from them to the guild giving you a price a decent price.

Seeing Renya pick this request the girl became surprised, but remembering that he was level 67 she did not say much allowing Renya to take on the mission after a quick warning.

After learning the general location of the wyverns he set out to hunt a couple of them since it was still early afternoon. Exiting the town and back into the mountain range he activated [Eagle Eye] giving his irises a blue glow before using [Wind Sprint] a [Low Grade level 3] skill that increases movement speed and agility.

He glanced at Little White who was perched on his shoulder and said whilst petting her head.

“Search for a group of wyverns for me.”(Renya)

To which she nods happily before flying off into the sky.

He started running after her general direction and after a short period of running through the dense forest he sees the foot of the mountain range.

According to what the receptionist girl told Renya they should be around the edges of the mountain range. Not long after Little white flew above him as he ran, looking at her figure she acted as if she was telling him to follow her to which Renya does willingly.

Following Little White’s speed was not a hard task for Renya thanks to [Wind Sprint]. In just a short while they neared an area that was filled with wyverns. The wyvern’s number totaled 13, each one of them should at least have a wingspan of 6 meters and have a length of 5 meters.

Renya took out his bow, grabbing an arrow from his quiver that had been stocked with arrows beforehand.

Holding his bow horizontally and nocking an arrow then drawing it back, he prepared to shoot an arrow. He aimed at the wyvern that was nearby aiming at its left shoulder. He released the bow string hitting the shoulder of the wyvern disabling its ability to fly.

Without waiting for the wyverns to react he shot another arrow at the second nearest wyvern, hitting it in the same spot then moving unto the next, but by the time he aimed at the third the wyvern, the rest of the wyverns in the area realized what was going on and started to attack.

Seeing this Renya began to move running to the right into an area with a lot of trees to serve as his cover. With the wyverns being unable to pursue him by flying they landed on the ground dashing towards Renya with intense speeds.

Not giving them a chance he nocked another arrow whilst running, turning his body around then aiming at the wyvern who was running the fastest, disabling it by shooting its knee caps causing it to writhe in pain on the ground.

Such reflexes came from decades of playing [Alt Online] as well as the fact that this body is not that of an ordinary human, but a transcended one making movements of this level an easy task.

Spinning his body he continued to run while disabling one wyvern after another. The other wyverns seeing their numbers dwindle started to hesitate on whether or not they should continue the pursuit, only after when there were two left did they start to retreat.

But unfortunately for them Renya was not willing to let go of such excellent moving targets.

He ran in pursuit disabling both of them before he decided to start killing them. He went to the nearest one unsheathing a short sword from his waist.

The short sword was rather simple, being completely black, having a half meter long double edge blade that was only had half a fingers width as well a simple handle without any design on the guard and pommel. Although the sword was made with a black colored metal it had a blueish shine to it making it look rather mysterious.

The short sword was a [Mythical Grade] weapon named [Lunar Edge]. It was a weapon that he made in his earlier years when he was still leveling up his blacksmith class while building [Titan City].

Brandishing the sword he began to kill the wyverns, cutting their tails then storing them inside his bag. Although the wyverns struggled using all their might, they were no match for a [Mythical Grade] weapon, and with a wound that disabled a fraction of their movement, killing them became all the more easier.

As Renya began to walk to the last couple wyverns he discovered that there was another monster nearby, already feasting on the disabled wyverns. The monster’s back as it ate was covered in a metallic like carapace with its fur being somewhat gray in color. The monster sensed Renya’s presence and turned around. The monster was a bear with a height that reached 4 meters.

“Iron back bear? Good! This hunt has just gotten a lot more interesting!”(Renya)

He said wearing a fierce smile behind his cloth mask.

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