Black Titan Chapter 9: Iron Back Bear

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Black Titan Chapter 9: Iron Back Bear

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“Iron Back Bear? Good! This hunt has just gotten a lot more interesting! You’ll serve as a much better target practice compared to these wyverns!”(Renya)

As the bear heard his words of provocation it became infuriated. Although the bear can’t understand English, let alone any form language, it can still understand that Renya was currently provoking it just now.


With a fierce roar the bear began charging Renya.

Seeing this he retreated back into the forest. But not caring at all, the bear charged forward pushing down all the trees that blocked its path with ease.

As he ran, Renya pulled out an arrow from his quiver, nocking it and began pulling the bow string. As he casted [Arcane Shot] a [Low Grade lvl 5] skill the arrow that he was holding became covered in a blueish energy white, as the energy gathered more and more he spun his body around aiming at the bear’s head.

The arrow flew in a straight line leaving a bright streak of blue light that illuminated the somewhat dark forest, heading towards the Iron Back Bear’s forehead.

Sensing an imminent danger the bear tilted it’s massive head to the left, making the arrow gaze the side of the bear’s face before obliterating a good portion of its right shoulder, as wells as parts of its neck.

But instead of cowering in fear it became more enraged charging madly towards Renya. Realizing that the bear’s speed will eventually overtake his, he turned around and began charging at the bear with an arrow that was fully drawn in his hand.

As the distance between them was only a few dozen meters it did not take long before the distance became less than 10 meters. Renya leaped over the bear’s hulking figure shooting the arrow midair, piercing the area where the [Arcane Shot] destroyed causing the bear great amounts of pain as the arrow sunk deep into his flesh tearing through his bones and muscle.

The Iron Back Bear limped in the ground in pain before washing all the pain away with anger. Turning its body around to attack Renya it soon realized that there was another [Arcane Shot] aimed at him. Before it could even react the bolt of light pierced through hit’s forehead instantly killing it.

Although the Iron Back Bear was level 56, Renya was still ten level ahead of it making the fight slightly more difficult.

He went near its body and untied the small bag from his waist, he planned on storing the whole bear cadaver in it. Suddenly, the bag’s mouth opened just enough to fit bear inside swallowing it whole before returning to its original size.

With his hunt almost finished, Little White came back landing on his left shoulder. In her mouth were a total of 5 tails that should belong to a wyvern.

“Good job, with this it should be a total of 16. That Iron Back Bear should’ve eaten two of the wyverns beforehand, well this should be enough.”(Renya)

Returning back to the [Town of Velka], he went straight to the [Hunter’s Guild] to claim his reward.

“You killed 16 of them?”(Receptionist Girl)

“Yeah, here take a look.”(Renya)

He said pulling out 16 tails that were still somewhat bleeding from his bag before handing them over. The girl reacted fast grabbing a metal tray below the desk for the tails to be placed in. She wore gloves and began examining each of the tails before speaking.

“These are wyverns alright.”(Receptionist Girl)

She said with a wry smile.

“Also, I also killed another monster along the way, what do I do with it?”(Renya)

“You can sell it to the guild for money, of course if you manage to kill and collect enough of them you may be able to turn in a quest or two.”(Receptionist Girl)

“I see, well I managed to bring the whole body with me. Is that fine too?”(Renya)

“Yes, actually the guild prefers whole cadavers since we’ll be able to salvage more parts and gain the pelt if it’s body isn’t too damaged.”(Receptionist Girl)

“Do I pull it out here or do you have a room for it?”(Renya)

“Ah! Please follow me.”(Receptionist Girl)

He followed her into another room. The room had rows of tables as well as several people inside with monster in hand for them to sell. She led Renya into a vacant spot asking him to place the body on the table that was around 2 meters in width and was 6 meters in length.

“Are you sure about that?”(Renya)

“Yes please do.”(Receptionist Girl)

“Alright then.”(Renya)

< <<<< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

As he finished his words, the body of an enormous 4 meter tall bear landed on table, almost crushing its support.

“*Eeeeek! An Iron Back Bear!”(Receptionist Girl)

Although he heard her voice, he wasn’t able to see her figure since she was blocked by the enormous body of the bear.

Since the room was rather quiet, her scream resounded in all directions attracting the attention of everyone as well as startling Little White. But as soon as they saw the body of the bear they couldn’t help but tremble.

“Was it such a big deal?”(Renya)

He tilted his head with Little White mimicking him.

“It is! An Iron Back Bear is an extremely powerful monster that would usually require a party of [Rank: A] to subjugate! Not only that, but they usually live deep in the mountain ranges. How the heck did you encounter this one?!?!”(Receptionist Girl)

As soon as the words left her mouth, Renya as if lightning had struck him realized something. Although when Amitiel said that there were much lesser people in the world like them, he misinterpreted it as ‘Lesser people that are level 200’ not ‘Lesser people that are not level 100+”.

He thought that since it was a monster that he randomly encountered whilst hunting that it should be pretty weak.

“I see.”(Renya)

Although his expression is not shown due to the cloth covering half his face, he was making a face that had the words ‘I fucked up’ written all over.

“*Sigh. Well you are level 67, I guess killing a Iron Back Bear is an easy task to you. Please wait a moment, I need to call my boss since I can’t verify nor salvage the body.”(Receptionist Girl)

She said walking out of the room.

“(Shit, I really screwed things up this time.)”(Renya)

In a short while the girl returned with a woman beside her. She had fair skin, a charming face, brown hair that reached shoulder length that curved inwards, her ears were long and pointed upwards signifying that she belong to the elven race, and was wearing the same red colored vest as the girl but with a more professional look to her.


When the sight of the bear caught her eyes she did not panic one bit, even smiling lightly as she greeted him, at times glancing at little white who was on his shoulders.

“Hello, my name is Elena Breyer. I am the current manager of this guild branch, nice to meet you, and I must say, I have never encountered an owl as adorable as yours. What’s his name?”(Elena)

“The pleasures all mine. It’s a she, and her name is Little White.”(Renya)

Unconsciously he replied in a generic salaryman like manner as if out of nature. But luckily she seemed to have interpreted it as courtesy not minding it all.

“*Ehem. When Gina said someone managed to kill an Iron Back Bear I was expecting something something along the lines of her exaggerating a large mountain grizzly.”(Elena)


She said with a pouted face.

“Alright my bad. Anyways are you sure you want to sell the body here?”(Elena)


“Well you can probably fetch a much higher price if you were to sell it in [Ostwald City]. And with that interspatial bag you’re carrying you won’t need to hire a carriage to bring its body, not only that but placing it inside that bag of yours can somewhat preserve its freshness raising its price even further.”(Elena)

“Well I really don’t care about whether I can make a profit or not, more as I care more about getting rid of this body right now.”(Renya)

“Why so?”(Elena)

“Carrying that thing it my bag takes up a lot of space. This bag ain’t infinite you know.”(Renya)

“*Fufufu. Alright then we’ll buy the whole body for 70 gold and 30 silver, assuming you’ve yet to remove the core.”(Elena)

“It’s still intact.”(Renya)


“Good. We’ll pay immediately after doing a quick inspection which finish around morning tomorrow. For now you can rest for the day, it is getting dark already.”(Elena)

“I’ll leave it in your care then.”(Renya)

He said leaving the guild building. By the time the whole affair was over, the sun has almost set dyeing the sky red. Going back into the inn he requested for the meal that he payed for beforehand to be sent to his room. Not a moment after his meal already arrived.

The meal sent to him was a soup that had vegetables and bits of meat in it along with a few pieces of rye bread. Although the cooking cannot compare to that of the chefs in the [Nocturnal Citadel], the meal was decent and was enough to fill his stomach. After eating and feeding Little White he had an urge to go for a stroll, walking out of the inn he ventured the rest of the town as the streets are lit with the rows of magic lamps.

Even at night the town was still lively, letting Renya enjoy the stroll. Among the adventurers he walked passed he would hear a mention about an Iron Back Bear being killed, causing Renya further distress.

Walking by a familiar street, he caught sight of Lester who was talking with a few people, at times laughing making them seem rather close.

Not wanting to be seen he went back to the inn for a good night’s rest only after reading a portion of Amitiel’s report to better understand this world.


>> >>

Waking up in the morning, Renya went down to eat his meal, bringing it up to his room just like yesterday. After feeding Little White he went to the guild to see if they were done verifying the Iron Back Bear.

“Renya, Little White!”(Gina)

After seeing them come closer she greeted them.

“Is it done?”(Renya)

“Yes, hand me your card for a sec also here’s the reward.”(Gina)

She said handing over a pouch full of coins as she accepted Renya’s card. She placed her hand over it chanting some magic over it, adding a few magic runes to its back. After she finished, she handed the card back while asking a question.

“By the way, do you plan on taking any missions today?”(Gina)

“Yeah, why ask?”(Renya)

“Nothing, so what mission are you going to take this time?”(Gina)

“The wyvern one again I suppose.”(Renya)

“Alright, be careful not to kill another Iron Back Bear again.”(Gina)

After leaving the building he managed to come back around late afternoon with more than 20 wyvern tails. Instead of staying at the inn for dinner he wandered around the town searching for a good place to eat before ending up in a place that Gina recommended.

The restaurant was named [Wisp’s Trail], with such an intriguing name, Renya decided to have a meal here. Entering the restaurant with a white owl perched on his left shoulder, he attracted a lot of attention, some even began discussing about his recent feats of hunting an Iron Back Bear and such.

“Uhm, welcome to [Wisp’s Trail], we hope you enjoy your stay!”(Waiter)

Seeing the boy become flustered by his appearance he just nodded his words before he took seat in a vacant spot, before he picked up the wooden menu on the table picking out his meal.

The restaurant itself had a simple and elegant design giving the place a homely feel. A waiter came up to him with a rather nervous look before asking him about his order.

“Well I guess I’d go with Pork Ribs?”(Renya)

He said looking at the owl at his shoulder. As if understanding his words Little White began to nod his head up and down multiple times.

“A serving for two.”(Renya)

“That’ll be 14 silver…. please.”(Waiter)

The last words of the boy seemed incomprehensible to Renya, but he paid the 14 silver nonetheless. After a while the boy came back with our meals.

Naturally in order to eat Renya had to take his mask off, to which he does. Thankfully the lighting, although it was good, was not enough to reveal all his facial features as he ate making all the onlookers disappointed.

As he ate, Little White who was originally on his shoulder landed on the table eating her share.

While eating, he tried to listen to a few of the conversations going on around them, revealing bits of information to him.

“Damn, my party and I couldn’t find a single wyvern today. What’s up with that?!”(???)

“Well I heard from a friend of mine about this guy who hunted wyvern packs.”(???)

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“Damn it. What’s the next good thing to hunt besides wyverns?”(???)

“Mountain Wolves?”(???)

Losing interest on the conversation between a warrior looking man and an archer he payed attention to another group of people.

“Do you plan on heading to [Ostwald City]? I heard there’s a huge banquet that’s been planned over there.”(???)

“Nah! Traveling there is pretty dangerous, I heard that bandit activities had increased near the borders. Not worth going over there now for a few swigs on wine.”(???)

“Since when were you this reserved? Back then you’d even run around the whole town naked for a few drinks of wine.”(???)

“That’s different!”(???)

After listening to the two people quarrel, they finished their meal and went back to the inn to prepare for tomorrow.

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