Black Titan: Prologue

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Black Titan: Prologue

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In a room that can only be considered as just passable in terms of living conditions, a frustrated middle-aged man in his early 40s comes into view.

With black hair and looks that can be considered slightly above average along with simple clothing bought from a local store.

“Those bastards, to think that after declining their offer after a couple hundred time they’d finally lose their patience…. Damn, and they’re summoning their whole alliance?! Fuck!”(???)

The man cursed madly like a sailor the more he read the forum thread on his monitor.

Summoning All Guild Members of the [Red Sun Alliance]!

By: Setting_Sun

My fellow guild members! I call upon you all to attack the fortress of a bastard named Renya! He who has offended and humiliated our [Red Sun Alliance] time and time again! I as one of the founders of the alliance cannot stand for this injustice and that we must strike back ten folds! Gather near the entrance of [Green Hallow Plains] before noon, and prepare to attack his fortress.

“Truly shameless! They’ve even placed this call of arms in a public forum? Are those bastards doing this to humiliate me further? Most likely after killing me they must have planned on capturing the city for themselves! Like I’m gonna let that happen!”(???)

As he scrolled downward he read a few of the posts in the forum


-The hell did he do to piss you guys off?


-Bastard dare humiliate us after we invited him to our alliance!


-That’s it? That’s quite unreasonable you know?


-Whose being unreasonable!? That bastard Renya is!

There were more posts below but he decided not to view anymore, afraid that he might faint from too much anger.

With his eyes almost bloodshot, he stood whilst picking up a cellphone beside the monitor, before sending a text message. The man then went around the room, cleaning the whole place before picking up a helmet like object.

It was the year 2578 AD an age where technology has reached a point where VRMMORPGs are made into reality. VRMMORPG being an acronym for “Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game” is a term used for games where a person can play in a virtual reality world by putting on a VR-Drive, a device that connects to the brain via electronic waves letting a person experience Virtual reality.

[Alt Online] is a highly acclaimed VRMMORPG that had dominated the market for years, thanks to its unbelievable creation kit that allows the player to make anything they’ve wanted as long as they had the materials for it. Due to this, even after a few decades of being released the game still manages to gain more and more players each day.

“*Heh* I already sent a text to my boss, those bastards, making me use one of my few LOA (Leave of Absence) that I can barely get once a year, I’m gonna make them pay!”(???)

The [Red Sun Alliance], a famous guild, well known for its ridiculous nature and their arrogance. They rule many small areas all around the world of [Alt Online] as well as an enormous amount of guild members all across [Alt Online]. They are also infamous thanks to the way they demand forced trades where they would reap the benefits and killing them should they refuse.

In the case with Renya, he repeatedly refused their invitation of joining them on multiple occasions, causing a great amount of tension between the two.


Just as he was about to put on the VR-Drive he stopped halfway, picking up the phone that was vibrating in his shorts


“<Renya! Do you have any idea what time it is!?>”(???)

A mans panicked shout answered back, with a voice that should belong to a young adult.

“It’s 11:00 AM, what about it?”(Renya)

Renya replied nonchalantly.

“<What about it? That’s exactly it! If the madam finds out you’re late she’ll cut my salary along with yours you know!>”(???)

“Calm down Luke! I’ve already asked for a LOA, so rest assured.”(Renya)

“<Really!?!? Did she approve of it?>”(Luke)

Replying with a relieved tone, Luke asked immediately.

“Yeah she already did, you can ask her yourself if you want”(Renya)

“<No thank you! I’ll call you if anything comes up, anyways ciao~!>”(Luke)


Continuing where he left off, he puts on the [VR-Drive].

In an instant he was greeted by the login menu of [Alt Online] as a keyboard like hologram appeared. He then began to login in to his account, with the log in ending without problems as he was greeted by the game system’s voice as it loaded.

“<Welcome back To Alt Online! We hope t->”

< <<<< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

A voice rang into his ears as his face had a tinge of impatience.


He said while his character is being loaded into an area that was all too familiar to him.

An enormous room with dark walls that shine due to its smooth surface, black pillars that were made the same way as the walls, a long red carpet that was dyed in crimson, a pitch black colored throne that gave an extremely ominous feel, and ornaments all around that gave the room the impression of majesty.

“Everything looks in order. Seems like they’ve yet to make their move”(Renya)

Renya opened a hologram like window then closed it before looking around a bit admiring the interior of the throne room. As his eyes wandered the room, it landed on a mirror with a beautiful frame out of coincidence.

What he saw was a young man whose height reached around 1.9 meters that a face that looked as if he just reached his late teens, giving him a rather mature look while wearing a simple white polo and a pair of black pants. This was his character as well as what he looked like 23 years ago.

Atop his character were words that read [lvl 200 Renya] and below was his job class, the [Black Flame Sword God],

“Been a while since I looked at myself in the mirror. Heh heh I used to be so handsome back-”

His sentence stopped halfway as he realized that he was just about to make an embarrassing remark

Renya stared at himself for a few moments before proceeding to the massive 4.5 meter tall door at the entrance. He gave it a push only opening it just enough so that he can squeeze through, then swiftly closing it after walking through.

As Renya turned around he saw four long rows of black armored men standing in a wide hallway that had the same design as the previous room, each of them had a set of transparent words hovering above their heads that read as [lvl 130 Nocturnal Citadel Elite Guard].

All of them wearing similar black colored armor with the same insignia of a dragon head at the right chest symbolizing that they are a single NPC unit.

After sending a second glance at the guards Renya ran to the end of the hall before turning to the right.

He ended up on a balcony with black colored railings with each rail having a chiseled design of a dragon. He went forward before opening a few windows.

As he did, he paused midway as he glanced at the city behind the somewhat transparent window before muttering.

“This city… As lifeless as always… Never mind that, the attack!”(Renya)

Renya let out a voice of complaint that expressed his helplessness before getting rid of that thought as he focused on the window in front of him.

[Titan City], an enormous player made floating city built on top of a large mountain range that mostly consisted of monster that are in the late 90s.

The city is filled with NPCs that Renya either create or bought with real money. It was this city which took him 18 years to build that he took so much pride in. It was such a grand structure that even a few of the [Game Master]s admired it. However it was also one of the reasons that the [Red Sun Alliance] has their eyes on it.

The city itself had a diameter of 15 Kilometers with 300m tall black walls surrounding, it is divided into 3 areas along with an underground section, each with an inner layer and outer layer.


The [Inner/Outer City Folk housing]


Where most of the [Titan City Folk] live. The area consists of a large amount of housing with buildings that become progressively taller the closer it is to the [Nocturnal Citadel] as well as a few number of stores, restaurants, and inns here and there.


Where food production and storage takes place. The area has a total of 3 large farms that automatically plant and store crops all year round, a functioning lake that connects to the city’s main river system and a large ranch that serve as housing for mounts, pets and the likes.

The [Inner/Outer Crafting Stations]


The area contains a large number of forges and warehouses, it is also where dwarves reside and where items such as armor and weapons are developed. In the middle of this area is where the [Black Iron Furnace] can be found.


The area Consists of an enormous circular building which is where potions and magic items are manufactured and stored and a small field for testing out the items. This area is also where clothing as well as food crafted items is made.

The [Inner/Outer Military Division]


The area is filled with a large number of identical square houses where the NPCs that belong to the city’s army reside, it also has a medium sized field where soldier can perform Morning drills and the likes. This is also where the [Abyssal Prison] can be found.


Where Soldier training takes place, The area Consists of a large rectangular building and a vast open field for the purpose of either simulating sorties and skirmishes, or testing out the golems.

The [1st/2nd Layer Underground Facilities]

1st Layer

Where dark elves and other demon races reside. This is also where the assassin corps is stationed.

2nd Layer

Where the majority of the [Black Golems] and a few other types of golems are stored. The whole 2nd layer also serves main body of [Titan] once it is released.


And at the center of the City is [Nocturnal Citadel], the area that Renya is currently in. [Nocturnal Citadel] is considered as one of the largest buildings built by players in the server excluding [Titan City] itself.

With structures that induce an awe inspiring feeling and a design straight out of fantasy, any player would find it hard not to admire on just how truly grand the citadel looks. And it’s all thanks to the help of a professional architect (that Renya hired).

“It’s been a month since I could log in to play, who would’ve thought that my next one would be because some god damn alliance wants to take over my city?”(Renya)

As he laughed at his own remark, he jumped down from the balcony, free falling for a while and landing on the roof of the lower citadel, causing a small bang, then jumping down again before finally reaching the street below.

What entered his view was a street lined with Tall buildings whose height reached around 100+ meters that had a similar design to [Nocturnal Citadel] although white instead of black.

The street was filled with villager like NPCs of varying races, each with a face that was not too beautiful and was only above average wearing clean clothing that can be considered simple but elegant. Each of them had words above their heads that read [Titan City Folk] with level varying from 15-30.

They all walked on the street as if they had some work to do making the street look busy and lively, but truthfully they were all designed to give the illusion that the city was filled with life.

This was the flaw [Titan City] had, it was lifeless.

Even with all the NPCs it had, in the end it would never be able to replicate what an actual city in the real world was like. This was the only thing that Renya would forever Regret and would be unable to do.

He ran down the street, at times, sending a quick glance at the passing city folk before arriving at one of the gates that lead into the [Inner Crafting Stations].

He went in through the gate not requiring any sort of pass since he was basically the Lord of this city, running down the street for a few moments before the smell of burning coal trickled his nose.

>> >>

What he saw was an area with an enormous black furnace under a massively tall black colored chimney in the middle. The whole area was dyed red from the intense heat that the black furnace gave out

Around the black furnace were many humans, dwarves and sometimes elves, whose levels varied from 20-35 can be seen working together to craft weapons and armors. However, even with all the action taking place. It felt all too artificial and lifeless to Renya.

like the previous [Inner City Folk Housing] area, it was designed like this with the same reason in mind and that the only difference is that this area is one of the main sources of income as the weapons and armors are sold to other cities.

Such a thing should be natural since a city this enormous would require a large sum of gold in order to maintain its functionality; that would be the case to an actual city, however to a city where its citizens doesn’t require food at all nor do they have any luxurious demands, all the gold made is transferred directly to the city’s treasury saved up for future uses. Even now, Renya never found any use for the excess amount of gold.

“This area is doing fine, everything is still intact. I wonder how much gold is in the treasury by now.”(Renya)

As he pondered a bit a large silhouette appears out of the corners of his eyes.

[lvl 80 Dark Earth Golem] a 3 meter tall golem like golem that patrols the city as Renya commanded it, however since nothing bad ever happens within [Titan City] they become unnecessary and are only there for aesthetics and in order to give the city a feel of security, so Renya believes.

“These golems are still working too huh. Good these guys can also serve as soldiers in the battle later.”(Renya)

Renya said in a doubting tone as the golem walked past the area in a slow paced manner before proceeding towards the direction of the [Inner City Folk Housing] area as he glanced at the direction which the golem walked towards before opening a window and tinkering with it a bit while he was brisk walked down another street with a few [City Folk] here and there.

He then closed the window before he started running again for good while before reaching another gate, like the previous one he didn’t need a pass and was able to go through with no problems.

The area was filled with numerous square shaped houses as well as a few [lvl 60 Nocturnal Citadel Soldier] patrolling the area. Near the houses was a small field around the size of a football field with a few soldiers sparring here and there.

In the middle of the area was a tall tower standing on top of a large square shaped building surrounded by surrounded tall walls with spiked tops as well as slightly smaller towers.

“Without a doubt this the [Inner Military Division]. The [Abyssal Prison] appears to be doing fine, too bad its empty……for now.“(Renya)

After pondering a bit he decided to open the in game menu to look at the time


His face Turned grim as he realized that more than half an hour passed since the time he logged in and that it was currently 11:34 AM, meaning he only had a quarter of an hour time before the [Red Sun Alliance] begins their attack.

Only after looking around a bit Renya decided to rush back into [Nocturnal Citadel] and straight into the throne room, Ignoring everything as he ran.

Opening the massive door he slowed down his pace of walking, as he started to walk slower and slower as he started opening windows upon windows

After what seemed to be an eternity walking towards the throne, Renya sat down Closing his eyes.

“The time is nigh.“(Renya)

He said with a fierce tone as he opened the game menu to look at the in-game clock. The holographic clock read 11:47 AM, the attack begins at 12:00 AM

“All my friends are gone for the day. My luck I guess.”(Renya)

Renya glanced at the clock a second time, this time it read 11:51 AM. He stood up, using the authority as the City Lord he teleported to the top of one of the walls of the city.

As he was looking over at the horizon, the scene horrified him.

“Are you kidding with me?!“(Renya)

Unable to hide his surprise as he saw the absurd amount of people who came to attack. Hundreds of thousands of small dots appear in the horizon, majority of them on the ground, the rest in the air with all of them marching towards his city.

By this time he would be sweating buckets however, the game had limits and he is prevented from doing so.

Calming himself down he looked behind him. A vast amount of NPC soldiers mixed with a few golems here and there, numbering a little over 200,000. Behind them were a group of elves carrying bows and dark elves holding daggers wearing assassin like equipment, both of them numbering 50,000 including his [Titan Golems] should he take them out, he would have a force totaling 250,300.

However even with this amount, they were still messily arranged as they were made to go here in a hurry. Not only that, he had a feeling that his forces may not last long as their levels were significantly lower than the enemies.

The in-game clock reached 11:54, the [Red Sun Alliance] had reached a point where they can see Renya.


A man wearing a blazing set of red armor as well as a blazing cloak behind him while riding a red dragon in the very front released a soul shaking shout.

“Setting_Sun you bastard! You dare attack my city all because I won’t join you?!?! You sure are a sore loser for your age.”(Renya)

He mocked him from the top of his wall with the same volume, causing Setting_Sun to panic for a brief moment before regaining his confidence again shouting back in rebuttal.

“Heh. Mock me all you want! In the end of the day I’ll be the one having the last laugh! After we’re done with you, your city will belong to the [Red Sun Alliance]!”(Setting_Sun)

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“Belong to your mother! I’ll destroy this city the moment you set foot in it!”(Renya)

“Enough chit chat. BEGIN THE ATTACK!!!”(Setting _Sun)

Renya with a grim expression readied his forces. However something unexpected happened.

Emergency System Maintenance!

Please remain logged in throughout the maintenance.

Everything froze, he became unable to move as well as everyone else.

“Huh!? There wasn’t an announcement, about this! Well it is an emergency… But what for?”(Renya)

As He was mumbling to himself, a bright light obstructed his eyes, unable to see anything his heart was filled with fear as he doesn’t know what’s going on. Suddenly the light vanished.

However his position no longer the same as before. Where he was now was inside the throne room in the [Nocturnal Citadel].


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