Black Watch Asylum Book 2: Chapter 7

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Black watch Asylum Book 2: Chapter 7

The woman was interrupted by the other doctors who were curious to know what was going on. She didn’t reveal that Nate spoke to her in her mind. That brought a smile to Nate, although he didn’t care if they knew about his powers. It was only a matter of time before they realized who he was.

Then again, it has been ten years. Maybe they’ve forgotten what I did? A part of him felt like he should feel sick for the carnage he wrought that day, but surprisingly he didn’t. He felt bad he had to kill innocent people, but the act of killing didn’t bother him.

The only thing he truly regretted was the fact that experiments were happening right beneath his feet, and he knew nothing about them. If he had a chance to go back, he’d focus his efforts there, and make sure not even one of those bastard scientists survived.

His attention was brought back to the fore when the doctor stood up. He turned to the woman and gave her a questioning look.

“You need to rest. Tomorrow we’ll begin therapy to help you get your body back into shape.” She said aloud. Then as one, the scientist left the room as they continued to discuss Nate’s condition.

The soldiers in grey and black camouflage were still in the room, guarding him. Nate thought about escaping, but he didn’t think it was prudent to do so now. His body was weak, even though his mind was strong.

Ten years ago, when Nate had his soul shattered, to keep his soul together he had to use his mental energy. It expended a lot of effort to keep his soul together, and when he ran out of energy and his brain started to hurt, he pushed through the pain.

There were several times he felt his brain would explode from the pressure, but it was worth the risk. To let go meant his soul would leave his body, and he would die. Eventually he learned to alternate his brain. He’d use one side of his brain to keep his soul together, and when it grew too tired he’d use the other side.

Using this alternating method, he was able to keep his soul contained. In this state, time held no meaning, but eventually there came a time where he no longer had to contain his spirit within his body. That’s when he let go, and the darkness started. He thought maybe something had gone wrong, that he’d died anyways despite all his efforts. Now that he knew he was in a coma he felt relieved to be alive again.

Nate closed his eyes and laid back so the soldiers would think he was asleep. He projected his mental energy outward and gathered it into an ethereal form and left the room. Using his projected conscience, Nate roamed through the halls of the hospital. He was on the fifth floor, the intensive care ward. There were eight floors in total. The first six were used to treat patients.

Nate floated up to the seventh floor. There were large offices and conference rooms on this floor. Strangely the whole floor was empty, even though the first six floors were bursting with activity there was not a single soul to be seen on the seventh floor. There was only one conference room that showed any sign of life. Nate drifted over to that room.

“Where is he?!”

Mendell calmly looked at the bald man sitting across from him. He intertwined his fingers and smiled. “Where is who, and is that anyway to start a conversation?”

“I’m not here to mince words, mortal.” He snarled.

Several Guardians who stood behind Mendell bristled, but Mendell held up a hand, waving them off. These were his elite Guardians, and although they were powerful, he didn’t want a fight. Not against the White Council.

“Even though you have no right to come in here and demand things, I’m willing to show the White Council a little respect. Something you’ve failed to show me.” Mendell waved his hand.

A Guardian moved towards the door on Mendell’s signal, he knocked on the door. “Bring him in.”

The door opened and two Guardians walked in, dragging in Aiden. Aiden was covered in mud and blood; his white hair was caked with filth. His hands were in metal cuffs with glowing sigils on them, and the gag in his mouth radiated with the same magic. The Guardians dragged him in and dropped him on the floor.

He grunted in discomfort as his chest hit the ground. The Guardians didn’t bother with him after, they walked back to their place beside Mendell.

Aiden finally worked himself to a sitting position. He took in both sides of the room. On his left were the Guardians who lined up against the wall. He saw Zerker, the man he’d fought standing amongst them. His head throbbed when he thought back to the events that brought him here.

There was a long table in front of the Guardians. Mendell and two other men in crisp suits sat there. Aiden recognized Mendell, he’d been on the news enough times to know that the man meant serious business. The other two beside Mendell he didn’t know.

On his right sitting on the table were seven men and two women. Aiden’s eyes widened in surprise when he recognized Kiru sitting amongst them. He gave him a questioning look but Kiru just shook his head then glanced at the bald man.

The bald man sat in the middle, and had the aura of a leader. Aiden turned towards him just as the man looked at him. The bald man’s face turned into the ugliest snarl Aiden had ever seen.

“What is this?” He hissed as he turned back to Mendel.

“This is the prisoner we captured.”

The bald man slammed a fist on the table, nearly shattering it. He looked as if he was about to explode in anger, but the man held it in. He took a deep breath, exhaling the anger and spoke in a calm voice.

“If I had it my way, I’d wipe out your entire organization with my bare hands, by myself. Abominations, the lot of ya! Lucky for you the Grandmaster thinks it best to leave you to your own devices. With that being said, there is a limit to my patience. Where is the boy?”

“We know you have Nathaniel Walker.” Kiru added, drawing an annoyed glance from the bald man.

“So what?” Mendell didn’t bother refuting their claims, he was done being amiable. “Nathan and this,” Mendel turned towards Aiden who stared up at him from where he sat on the floor, “boy, have caused nothing but mayhem. You think we’ll just hand them over to you?”

“I don’t give a shit about this one!” The bald man shouted as he pointed a thick finger at Aiden. “Keep him for all I care.”

Aiden felt his anger boil. The Guardians had been dogging him everywhere he went for the past ten years, and now that they’ve finally caught him they were willing to let him go just like that. He was no fool, he knew the only reason the Guardians were even considering releasing him was because they had found something more valuable.

“Idris, we can’t leave Aiden,” Kiru began.

Aiden felt his spirit rise. Kiru had his back.

“Nathan wouldn’t want us to leave him here.” Kiru finished.

Aiden’s spirit plummeted. Did you expect any different? Ubel said to Aiden.

“I don’t give a shit!” Idris shouted. “You hand us Nate, right now, or I swear you’ll regret it.”

Mendell shook his head. “You can have this one, even though he’s caused us a lot of damage. That’s the extent to which I will show you face. Nathan will remain with us.”

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Although it wasn’t fair, Aiden hated Nate at that moment. These two entities were willing to go to war over Nate, yet he was just trash nobody cared about. The only one who defended him, Kiru, had only done so on behalf of Nathan. He was a nobody.

The two sides continued to argue until the bald man named Idris abruptly stood up, causing the chair he was sitting on to fall backward. The Guardians on the left stepped forward as a unit, ready to defend Mendell.

“I’m done talking.” Idris’ eyes glowed brown and the whole building began to shake. The pressure in the room rose, bearing down on the occupants within, making it hard to stand up straight.

“I’m disappointed. I thought Mages would be more level-headed. As an inquisitor, I expected more from you.” Mendell said casually as he stood. The two men by his side stood as well, their eyes glowing blue. Suddenly, the pressure in the room decreased. It was still there, but something else was now suppressing it.

Idris glared at the two men standing beside Mendell. “Angels?” He spat. “You’re violating the Codex Adunya by being here!”

The angels didn’t respond, they stared at Idris with a bored expression, almost daring him to do something. Aiden glanced at the bald man and saw the man grit his teeth in anger.

Mendell smiled. “I’m sure you’re a very powerful mage, being an inquisitor and all, but I’m certain you cannot handle two angels by yourself.”

Although Mendell was confident of his creations, the Guardians, he knew they stood no chance against an Inquisitor. Against a mage, maybe, but Inquisitor mages were too powerful for the Guardians to face. Even if they ganged up on him.

The tension in the room grew. The two sides glared at each other, ready to rip into each other’s throats. Nobody made a move. It seemed like the stalemate would go on forever until something crashed through the window.

Even with Aiden’s quick reaction, he could barely spot the streak of purple that flew towards him. He didn’t have time to jump out of the way as something impacted with his hands.

“Fuck!” he shouted as his body jerked to the side. Instinctively he tried to throw his hands out to catch himself, forgetting they were handcuffed behind his back, but surprisingly his hands weren’t restricted. He threw out his hands, cushioning his fall.

From his wrist were two handcuffs that were etched with magical symbols, but the magic that restricted him was gone when the link between the handcuffs was broken. He easily ripped the remaining pieces off before jumping to his feet to undue the gag around his mouth.

Although it too was enchanted, his serrated claws were enough to pry the thing off. Finally, he looked to his right at the thing that flew through the window and freed him. It was a violet spear that had streaks of purple lightning cackling throughout its body.

Aiden’s eyes widened in surprise as he realized where the spear came from. He glanced at the other figures in the room and saw the same expression on their faces.

The spear rose and began to levitate towards Aiden who opened his hand and accepted the spear. The purple lightning that covered the spear didn’t hurt him in the least bit. Suddenly he felt a presence flow through the staff and tried to move up his arm, but the presence was blocked by Ubel.

Nate’s spirit is trying to merge with yours. Ubel said.

What?! What do you mean he’s trying to merge with me? Is he dead?

His spirit has surpassed the point of being restricted to his body. Ubel answered calmly.

Why’s he trying to merge with me?

I assume he’s trying to add to your power. If he tries anything else I can block him. But, it’s up to you. Do you want to let him in?

Aiden thought about it briefly before giving Ubel his consent. He didn’t know what changed, in the past ten years Nate has not responded to any of his efforts to try and wake him. Now all of a sudden, his spear shows up containing his spirit. Aiden didn’t know what to think.

The presence flowed up his arm as soon as Ubel allowed Nate’s spirit passage. Aiden felt his body tingle as this new force merged with his body. The hair on his arms rose as purple lightning cackled throughout his body. It was like touching a live wire, tremendous power flowed through his body.

Aiden rose from where he was on the floor and saw the changed looks on the people in the room. Before they regarded him as trash, something neither side wanted. Now they looked at him with awe, and a tinge of fear. Mendell himself looked giddy with excitement, and the man named Idris looked speculative.

Heya Aiden. Man, have you grown! A familiar voice sounded in his head.

Aiden’s eyes grew distracted as he focused inward. Nate?!

The one and only. Nate chuckled.


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Aiden could feel Nate shake his head. I don’t know, but let’s not focus on me right now. You got bigger fish to fry.

Aiden turned back to the two parties in the room. Idris still had intense aura radiating out of his body and the two angels were shining brightly with blue eyes and a pressure that suppressed Idris’ aura. He didn’t know how he’d face both parties, but he realized he wasn’t too worried. Now that Nate was back he felt like he could take on the world.

His white locks were floating upward purple lightning coursed through him. Aiden grinned, flashing his canines “Who wants to go first?”

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