Black Watch Asylum Book 2: Chapter 8

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Black Watch Asylum Book 2: Chapter 8

Idris looked at Aiden. The boy had brilliant purple webs of lightning surrounded his body. He turned to the angels standing across from him and saw the pensive look on their faces. They were worried about the power now radiating from Aiden.

Idris smiled. He dashed forward. By the time the angels saw him coming he was already within arm’s reach. Before they could try anything, he took the one on the right, wrapped him in a bear hug and ran towards the window.

The room exploded into a flurry of movement but Idris was already through the window and staring down at the street seventy feet below. The angel squirmed in his grasp. Light began to shine from within the angel, blinding Idris, but he closed his eyes and kept a firm grip on the angel.

Ten feet above ground Idris threw the angel and focused on the asphalt on the street. The angel sprouted wings and tried to catch himself before hitting the ground, but to his surprise the ground rushed up to meet him. A pillar of black earth rose out of the ground slamming into his stomach knocking the breath out of him.

Idris landed on the angel’s back, hard, and rode the angel back down as the pillar returned to the street. The sound of glass shattering drew his attention back to where he fell from. He saw the second angel tossed out of the building with a streak of purple lightning rushing after him.

He realized the purple lightning was Aiden’s form. The angel righted himself in mid-air and turned towards Idris. The angel saw him standing on his fellow angel and grew enraged. He met Idris’ eyes with a look that promised death. Idris just smiled sweetly, enraging the angel even further.

With the angel beneath his feet out of the fight he didn’t have to worry about Mendel’s leverage. The angels were powerful, but they were often done in by their arrogance.

They believed themselves as gods among men. Idris had dealt with plenty angels during his service to the Council. He wasn’t impressed.

Glancing down at the angel beneath his feet he considered snuffing out his life. An angel on this side of the world was a violation of the Codex Adunya, it would be within his rights to kill him. But then he had another idea.

He focused on the earth deep below his feet. After several minutes of searching he found what he was looking for. Slowly he willed it towards the surface. Several fist-sized rocks flew out of the ground. These rocks were pure onyx stones.

After reshaping the physiology of the stone into shackles, he placed them on the angel. The angel stirred as the shackles were placed on him. Idris then moved the earth around the angel to part. The earth swallowed the angel before hardening, leaving only his head above surface. With this, the angel was out of the fight. He turned his attention back to the fight going on above.

Aiden saw the bald mage move. His body tensed, ready to defend himself but the man went straight towards one of the angels before jumping out the window. The second angel’s body flared as light enveloped his body.

The angel turned towards Idris, forgetting about Aiden standing at his back. When he remembered the threat, and turned back to Aiden, it was too late. Aiden’s super-charged body collided with the angel, blasting him out of the room.

The angel’s body formed wings and he tried to catch himself in mid-air. Aiden sped off towards him. With his body enveloped by lightning, he felt fast, and powerful. The spear in his hand felt like it was alive and thirsting for action.

The angel managed to right himself. He glanced down below and saw the condition his brethren was in. He saw the human mage flash him a grin as he stood upon his fallen brother. The angel couldn’t contain his anger any longer.

Aiden was about to strike the angel with the spear when the angel suddenly produced a golden sword that erupted with white fire. In his other hand, he produced a golden shield. His wings shook and the angel disappeared.

He appeared behind Aiden, slashing at him. Aiden was out of the reach of the angel’s blade, so he didn’t fall for the feint. But as the blade swept past him, a gold crescent of light erupted out of the blade and sped towards him faster than his eyes could follow. The crescent impacted with his body, blasting him out of the sky and into a building down below.

Get out of the sky! Ubel shouted from within Aiden. Trying to fight an angel in the air will be your undoing!

The spear rushed out from Aiden’s grip and moved behind his body, slowing his fall. Thanks Nate.

Although Nate’s spirit was with him he felt like the man was distracted. Nate?

Sorry. Nate replied. I’ve provided you with my spear but I can’t help you with this fight.

What’s going on? Aiden replied as he grabbed the spear behind him and fell towards the ground. The angel was speeding towards him.

Those soldiers are headed my way. I’ll leave my spirit with you but I cannot manipulate the spear, you’ll just have to use it as best you can. It’s a good weapon, even without my manipulation.

Aiden remembered Nate’s shriveled up body. He realized the man wouldn’t be able to do much in his condition. If Mendell and his soldiers caught him, they could use him against Aiden.

As if Nate could hear him, he responded. Don’t worry about me, I still have my telekinetic abilities, remember? Take care of yourself Aiden, I’ll take care of things on my end.

As he landed on the ground, he felt a wave of relief flood through him. As long as Nate wasn’t captured, they couldn’t use him as leverage.

The angel was speeding towards him like a comet, it’s wings were tucked in and it blazed a trail through the sky leaving behind golden after-images. Aiden squeezed the spear in his hand and felt the spirit energy flood his body, with it he met the angel’s charge.

Sword and spear collided, the forces behind both weapons pushed at each other so vigorously that the air seemed to shatter. Both entities were thrown backwards from the collision.

Aiden dug the spear into the ground and slid to a halt. The angel flapped his wings and used the momentum to rocket upwards. His whole form burst with golden fire, blinding Aiden for a minute. When he opened his eyes again he saw the angel was now wearing golden armor with runes all over.

Although the armor looked too heavy for the angel to be flying around in, it didn’t look affected at all. It sped towards him again, this time, the pressure coming from the angel was intense.

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“Fuck it.” Aiden cursed. He focused on his spirit. The image of a werewolf appeared behind him and super-imposed on his body. He channeled the spirit of the wolf, that combined with Nate’s spirit made him feel invincible. It felt like every cell in his body was buzzing with energy.

The angel slowed when it saw the new condition Aiden was in. He stopped in his tracks then flew upward. Aiden tried to leap at the angel when it stopped, but it was just out of reach, he fell back down towards earth as the Angel flew high into the sky.

“You scared?!” Aiden sneered.

The angel flashed with a golden light and when it re-appeared the golden armor was gone, as well as the sword and shield.

Aiden felt victorious when he saw that the angel had given up. But the smile quickly left his face when he saw another weapon appear in the angel’s hands. A pale golden javelin materialized in his hands. Without pause the angel threw the javelin at him at a speed to fast to track with his eyes.

On instinct Aiden leapt out of the way. The spear hit the ground so hard it buried itself four feet deep. He looked up towards the angel and saw he had two more spears in hand. He threw one after the other.

Aiden managed to dodge the first, but the second spear impacted with his shoulder, the force of the spear made his body spin before crashing on the ground.

“Coward!” He shouted as he leapt up to his feet.

“Need some help?” He heard a familiar voice behind him. Aiden turned and saw the bald mage grinning at his plight. He was close enough to watch the battle, but for enough that it wouldn’t involve him.

“I don’t need anything from you!” He spat before turning back to the angel.

A shadow fell upon him, blocking out the sun. His heart leapt to his throat when he saw what the angel had waiting for him. The sky was covered in golden javelins. The angel had his arms spread wide as his wings continued to vibrate, keeping him hovering in mid-air.

The angel looked down at Aiden with a smile bordering on a sneer. “I will make you all pay.” He spoke in a gentle voice that seemed to come from everywhere. With a wave of his hand the spears moved as one, speeding towards Aiden.

Aiden focused inward as he channeled more of the spirit of the wolf. He took that energy and merged it with the spirit energy provided by Nate. The two condensed into his right hand, he moved that energy towards the spear. As the energy moved down his arm, he felt the veins in his arms throb. His skin split open as rivulets of blood trailed down his arm, but he grit his teeth and focused.

The spear shook as the power of two forces converged on it, but thankfully it held. The curtain of javelins were barely twenty feet away when Aiden waved the spear in a half-circle. The power of two forces exploded out of the spear like a current of river water as a thick silver beam of energy flew out. That silver beam of energy was infused with purple lightning that spider-webbed all over, adding power to it.

The beam of energy and the curtain of javelins met in mid-air. The javelins were powerful and indestructible by normal standards, but the beam of energy was pure spirit energy. Energy channeled from the wolf and energy channeled from Nate’s spirit. It moved through the javelins, shattering them into tiny pieces.

When the sky was clear of the golden javelins, the beam of energy was still alive, although it had diminished severely. The angel’s eyes grew wide with fear as the beam of energy continued upward, heading straight for him.

He tried to conjure up his armor from before, but it was useless. He had spent too much of his power. Fleeing was his next option, but before he could get far the line of energy wrapped around him like a tentacle. The angel screamed in agonizing pain when the beam of energy wrapped around him several times over, confining and constricting him.

He fell out of the sky screaming as the beam of energy contracted around his wings, seizing his ability to fly. Before the falling angel could impact the ground, his screams were silenced as the beam of energy cut into his skin and severed him into a dozen pieces. The angels remains fell to the floor, like it was raining blood.

Aiden fell to one knee. He was exhausted, but the angel was dead. He couldn’t believe at how powerful it was. If he didn’t have Nate’s spirit channeling through him, he probably would’ve lost.

The sound of clapping drew his attention backward. He just now remembered the bald mage was still there. He struggled to his feet, using Nate’s spear as a crutch, then turned towards the mage with a glare.

The mage walked towards him with a smile as he continued to clap. “Impressive. Truly. The level of integration between you and your spirit is astonishing. Of course, without that borrowed spirit energy from the half-demon you would’ve died to that angel. Still, you’ve done pretty well for yourself.”

Aiden just glared at the man. He wasn’t sure he could take him on. The man had dealt with the other angel so fast, and managed to capture it rather than killing it.

A trickle of fluid flew up from his throat, making him cough it out. The fluid splattered on the ground beside him. It was blood.

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“You’ve won your fight, now you need to let go of both spirits.” Idris said casually as he pointed to the blood. “Channeling that much spirit energy is too much for your body to bear. It will tear itself apart if you don’t let go.”

Aiden glared at the man but remained silent. His right arm was covered in blood from where his skin split when he moved the energy down his arm.

He’s telling the truth. He heard Ubel say. Your vessel cannot take much more of this.

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