Black Watch Asylum Chapter 25

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Black Watch Asylum Chapter 25

Jody was in the deep dark recess of the alley. He looked at the mouth of the alley and saw two white skin-heads talking to each other.

“Alright… this might be your comeback… you can do this. It’s either them, or me.” Jody said talking to himself in a low voice. Once his resolve was established he began creeping towards the two men.

“Dammit Razor, you really going to piss when we’re so close to the apartment?” The young white man said to the bald white man.

“Easy Lad, it’s not like we’re in a rush or anything.” Razor responded.

Lad sighed before throwing his hands up in defeat. “Fine, just don’t go too deep into the alley.”

Razor grunted in response. He moved a few steps into the alley and began peeing behind a dumpster. Jody approached, walking on his tip-toes making sure he wasn’t heard. A lance of doubt and pity shot through him but he stifled those emotions. It’s them or me!

As soon as Razor finished pissing, Jody rushed forward and grabbed the man.

“What the fuck?!” Razor shouted as he struggled underneath Jody’s grip. But because of the trials Jody’s been through his body was far stronger than a normal human. He easily manhandled Razor, throwing him on the floor before pulling out a needle.

Suddenly someone struck him from the side. It was Lad who’d run at him full speed and tried to do a flying kick, only Jody’s body barely moved. Lad’s eyes grew wide in fear before he ran over to Razor. “Run man!” He shouted helping Razor up.

Jody moved forward, trapping the two against the wall. “Just don’t struggle, it’ll be easier if you don’t struggle.” Jody pleaded.

“You don’t have to do this bro, please! We’re all in this together, right? C’mon man.” Lad pleaded.

Razor observed Jody carefully before pushing Lad behind him. “It’s useless Lad, he’s the one who’s been abducting people.” Then he turned to Jody, “I ask that you take me, leave Lad alone. He’s just a kid.”

“Razor, no!” Lad said pulling on Razors collar.

Jody looked at the two and felt disgusted with himself. He was a coward, he knew it. He’d been so broken by the trials that he begged and pleaded, anything but this. His wish was granted; the trial administrators had let him go but on one condition; “Bring back more test subjects.”

Jody felt like he was given a ticket out of hell, and it only cost him his humanity. Looking down at the needle in his hand brought back so many dark memories. Capping the needle, he returned it to his pocket before walking away from the two skinheads.

“That’s the fourth person you let go instead of bringing back, fifth if you count the other one.” Jody’s whole body froze when he heard the voice speak. It was a familiar voice, one that brought him many nightmares.

“And here I thought I managed to torture the disobedience out of you. You’re truly disappointing.” The voice sighed as it drew closer to them. Suddenly out of the dark shadows of the alley a young blue-haired man was revealed.

Lad and Razor tried to inch their way out of the situation but the blue-haired man glared at them, freezing them in place. They hoped if they were still enough they wouldn’t draw anger down upon them. Something about the man’s aura brought fear to them, a deep primal fear they couldn’t explain.

“I can’t do it anymore…” Jody said, his voice breaking.

“Does that mean you’re volunteering for the trials?” The blue-haired man asked.

“I’d rather die before going back!” Jody snarled as he got into a defensive posture.

“Tsk, tsk.” The man said clicking his tongue. “We created you… did you think we’d make you stronger than us? Your creators?” The blue-haired man smiled before flashing forward. Suddenly Jody was swept off his feet as the man had him pinned against the wall with one hand.

“We’ll need to conduct further experiments on you… unfortunately you’re at the limit of what the human mind can take. Eventually you’ll be like the other failed experiments. What a shame.”

Tears rolled out of Jody’s eyes. “Just kill me, please.”

“H-how can you do this to your fellow man?” Lad said under his breath, but with their enhanced ears both Jody and the blue-haired man heard him.

“Father is doing this for Humanity!” The blue-haired man snarled in anger, breaking his calm behavior. He let go of Jody as he turned on Lad and Razor. “Everything he does is for the advancement of humans! But does he get any thank you? NO! Instead he gets whining and complaining, first from his own daughter and then from you humans!” The blue-haired man had spittle flying out of his mouth.

Lad and Razor paled in fear. This man is crazy! They both thought to themselves. That realization made them fear for their future.

The man suddenly relaxed. “I apologize for that, how undignified I must’ve appeared just now.” The man smiled at the two. “Rejoice in the knowledge that the discoveries made using your bodies will help usher Man into a new era.”

The blue-haired man stepped forward, making Lad and Razor flinch backwards. Their hearts were beating rapidly; they’ve never felt such overwhelming fear before.

“What’s going on here?” A young voice sounded, breaking the tense atmosphere.

Jody, Lad, Razor, and the blue-haired man all turned towards the speaker. They saw a group of men and women approaching, in the lead stood a young boy about ten-years old. The young boy spoke again, “You freaks causing trouble in my territory?”

The blue-haired man turned his full attention towards the new arrivals. He glared at the young boy. “Don’t involve yourself in these matters.”

“Or what?” The young boy threatened. The young boy’s eyes flashed blue and his arms began to grow bigger as silver fur covered his arms. His hair turned from black to silver and grew longer as well. The young boy grinned at the blue-haired man revealing extended canines that glinted in the dark alley.

The blue-haired man and the young boy stared off for several minutes before the blue-haired man sneered. “Enjoy this win, Mutt, I’ll make sure you regret this.” He said before scrambling up a nearby building and disappearing.

“Boss, should we go after him?” A burly man addressed the young boy.

“Nah, you lot would probably lose to him anyways.” The young boy said as his form reverted to the form of a normal human boy.

Suddenly the boy’s face turned up in the air as he began sniffing. “I know that smell!” The boy said excitedly, his face lit up as if he was a kid un-wrapping gifts on Christmas. “Nate’s finally out of the sewers!” The boy yipped before dashing towards the mouth of the alley with a speed too fast for normal humans to follow.

“Did he just say Nate?” Lad, Razor, and Jody thought as the image of the black youth, Nate Walker, appeared in their minds. “Nah, can’t be the same Nate.” They thought as they shook away the image.

Nate walked out of the apartment after a good night’s sleep. He had no direction in mind as he headed out but it wasn’t long before he stopped dead in his tracks. Across the street he saw someone staring at him.

“Amelia?” he said aloud.

Amelia walked across the street and smiled at Nate before enveloping him in a hug. Nate was a little conflicted, knowing Amelia was on Anza’s team. But he remembered how she didn’t interfere during the battle between him and Charlie. He quit hesitating and returned Amelia’s hug.

“Everything alright?” Nate said softly after a minute. Amelia hadn’t let him go and continued hugging him as if he would disappear if she didn’t hold onto him.

“I just want to be with you.” She mumbled into his chest.

“Then just leave Anza and be with me.” Nate said while resting his cheek on top of her head.

“It’s not so simple.” She said, finally letting him go. Her hands were still around his waist but her torso leaned back as she looked up at him. “Anza’s mother raised me like a child. I raised Anza myself. I can’t just walk away from my family so easily Nate.”

“That’s unfortunate because I won’t rest till this dam place is destroyed.” Nate said resolutely.

Amelia rolled her eyes. “Why don’t you just leave? I can get you out of this prison with enough money to retire anywhere, comfortably. You’ll never want for anything.”

“I can’t.” Nate said looking away from her pleading eyes.

“Why can’t you?! Do you realize what kind of odds you’re up against? Anza is a hybrid, even that mage who was at the Master level couldn’t take her down. What hope do you have?”

Nate went silent. Amelia reached up, taking Nate’s jaw in her hand she turned him to meet her eyes. “You’ll die if you go against her.”

“Well I can’t just leave!”

“Why?!” Amelia shouted. “Don’t be a fucking hero Nate, I don’t want to see you end up dead. If you want to take up a cause, then there’s plenty of causes out there. Furthermore, the odds will be better than what you face here!”

“I’m not trying to be a hero. But if I leave…” Nate shook his head. “I’d feel like the biggest piece of shit, a coward too afraid to fight back. You don’t understand what it’s like being a prisoner here. To be hunted during the Wild Hunt. To stay indoors as werewolves roam the streets. This place might be a safe haven for you and your kind, but it’s hell for prisoners like us.”

“No, not like you. You’re innocent, but all those other prisoners have done some horrible shit to end up in here. That’s one of the requirements we have with the Humans, we only take the worst of the worst.”

“That’s bullshit Amelia, with all the connections Anza has I doubt she has trouble filling this place with prisoners, whether they’re the worst or not. Not to mention that there are kids in the asylum, innocent kids who’ve never seen the outside world, forced to grow up in this hell-hole!” Nate’s anger was growing as he thought about Aiden and all the horrible things he was put through.

Nate glared down at Amelia. “Don’t ask me to leave, because I won’t. Not until I tear this place to bits.”

Amelia sighed as she pushed Nate away gently. “I swear you’re as stubborn as an ass.”

Nate calmed down as Amelia dropped the subject. Looking at her figure from behind Nate couldn’t help himself. “I like your ass too.” He smiled while slapping her pillow-soft ass.

Amelia mean-mugged him while holding up a fist as if she would punch him. Nate chuckled before wrapping an arm over her shoulder. “I’m serious Nate, Anza is powerful. You won’t beat her with your current ability.”

“You let me worry about Anza.” Nate didn’t want to ask Amelia to get involved. He knew she was stuck between a rock and a hard place when it came to loyalty. If Nate was in her position he’d find it difficult to just drop his family and run away with his lover. It wouldn’t be fair to ask that of her. He knew sooner or later she’d have to make a choice, until then he decided he’d enjoy her company.

“How’d you break out of your collar anyways? You had me worried sick.”

“Ah, it was a horrifying experience. I almost died.” Nate chuckled. Before he could begin the story, he saw a blur running towards at super-human speed.

“Naaaaate!” The blur yelled.

Nate broke out into a wide grin as the blur jumped up, tackling him to the ground. Nate used mental energy to cushion the impact with the concrete.

“Uph! Damn Aiden, I think you broke my ribs!” Nate laughed as he returned Aiden’s hug.

“I’m so glad you’re finally out of that damn sewer! I have so much to tell you! I… what’s that smell?” Aiden immediately looked at Nate. “You smell like a sewer Nate!”

“What?!” Nate’s mouth dropped in surprise. “I took a thorough shower after leaving the sewer, I should smell fresh to death!” Nate said looking at Amelia.

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Amelia shrugged. “I didn’t want to say anything but… lord have mercy.” Amelia said while plugging her nose with two fingers. Aiden burst out laughing.

Nate sighed. “Lemme go take another shower real quick, then we’ll grab something to eat, yeah?” He said looking at both Amelia and Aiden.

Amelia nodded. “I know just the place.”

“King Burger?” Aiden said looking up hopefully.

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