Black Watch Asylum Chapter 26

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Black Watch Asylum Chapter 26

“Are we there yet?” Aiden complained. “I’m getting hungry.”

“It’s up ahead, see that restraint there?” Amelia said pointing with her index finger.

Nate and Amelia were walking side by side with Aiden out in front. As soon as Amelia pointed out the restaurant Aiden began walking faster.

“Someone’s really hungry eh?” Nate chuckled.

“Werewolves have voracious appetites.” Amelia commented.

The trio went across the street and entered the restaurant. Nate looked at the small family-style restaurant. The interior of the restaurant was dimmed and candles were lit up everywhere. There were several patrons eating their meals already. They even had waiters who wore uniforms. Nate was reminded of the many restaurants on the outside.

“Man, you people really set this place up.” Nate said as he looked around at the patrons. The patrons consisted of young beautiful people, vampires, and rugged looked people, werewolves. The werewolves were eating food while the vampires sipped from wine glasses filled with red liquid.

A waiter walked over to them. “Can I help you?”

“I got this.” Amelia said while stepping in front of Aiden and Nate. “Table for three.” Amelia said while flashing her extended canines and changing her eyes black.

“I would like nothing more than to accommodate you Madam, but as you can see we’re at maximum occupancy. We’d be more than happy to sell you bottles to go?” The waiter asked.

Nate and Aiden snickered. Amelia glared back at them before looking at the waiter. “You must be new here. Go fetch Morrisio.”

The waiter didn’t dare argue with Amelia, he began walking towards the back office. Nate and Aiden looked at each other, barely holding back laughter. “I thought you had this?” Aiden said.

“You even stepped out in front… how embarrassing!” Nate added.

“Shut up.” Amelia didn’t look back at the two, instead she walked further into the restaurant.

It wasn’t long after a man with a chef’s costume came up to them with an apologetic smile. “Amelia, it’s good to see you here, you rarely visit.” The chef smiled.

“Morrisio.” Amelia said nodding to the chef.

“Unfortunately we can’t accommodate you today, we’re all booked up.” Morissio said apologetically. “You can look for yourself.” The chef pointed at the dining room floor. The werewolves and vampires had filled up every table.

“Don’t wory, I got this.” Aiden said while stepping out in front of Amelia with a flair of his hand.

Nate watched with a wide grin as Aiden went to one of the tables with the rough-looking men and women. “Hey! You gonna make your alpha stand around without a place to eat?”

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“Boss!” The men and women shouted all together.

“Boss, if you want a seat of course it’s yours!” One of the men said while standing up. “What’re you bastards doing still sitting in your chairs, can’t you see the boss is here with his friends? Beat it, all of you!” The man said while shooing away the other werewolves.

The werewolves stood with smiles on their faces. “kiss ass.” They said as they got up. Soon the table was cleared and Aiden sat down.

“Well?” Aiden asked.

“Oh my god!” Nate burst out in laughter. “The little kid showed you up!” He said while jabbing a finger in Amelia’s face.

Amelia tried to pout in anger but soon broke out into a smile. “Get your sausage fingers outta my face.” She swatted Nate’s hand away before walking over to Aiden’s table.

Nate joined them, sitting across from Amelia while giving Aiden a high-five. “Like a boss!” Nate said nodding his head in approval. Aiden beamed at the compliment.

It wasn’t long after a waiter approached their table. “What can I get for you today?” The waiter said in a subservient attitude.

“I’ll take the usual. Get my friends whatever, put it on my tab.” Amelia said.

“I want three burgers, fries, and milkshake.” Aiden said casually. The waiter raised his eyebrow at that but didn’t comment on it.

“Pizza.” Nate said.

The waiter nodded his head before leaving. He returned a few minutes later with a bottle filled with red liquid in one hand, and a wine glass in the other. His face looked a little pale as he put down the items.

“Morissio insisted I check your ID cards.” The waiter said while looking nervous.

“Really?” Amelia said in an annoyed voice.

“Policy mam. We cannot serve regular humans. Only those registered and given approval by lady Anza may dine here.” The waiter said as he looked pointedly at Nate and Aiden.

Nate grew alarmed at that. “If Anza dines here then why’d you bring us?” He whispered to Amelia.

“Relax, Anza’s out of town. Besides, she never steps foot inside this place, can’t stand this side of town. Don’t ask me why.” Amelia pulled out an ID and showed it to the man. “Happy? Now leave us.”

“I-I’m afraid I have to check theirs too.” The waiter said while looking at Nate and Aiden.

Before Amelia could argue Nate held up a hand. “Don’t worry, I got this.” He said as he puffed up his chest.

Aiden guffawed and slapped the table. Amelia rolled her eyes but her lips were curved in a smile. Nate held out an empty hand. “Here’s my ID. Satisfied?”

The waiter nodded his head. “And yours?” He said turning to Aiden.

Aiden and Amelia looked at Nate with surprise on their face. Then Aiden turned to the man and copied Nate’s move, holding up his empty palm.

The waiter looked at Aiden’s empty palm. “Your ID sir.” He repeated.

“Show him the ID in your other hand.” Nate chuckled.

Aiden raised his other hand, confused. Nate manipulated the waiter’s mind.

“Very well, thank you. Your food will be out shortly.” The waiter said as he turned back towards the kitchen.

Aiden had his mouth opened in surprise as he turned to Nate. “How the hell?”

“You like?” Nate grinned. Amelia stared at him silently but didn’t say much.

Nate and Amelia had finished their lunch with Aiden and parted ways for the day. Aiden knew the two wanted some alone time and decided to make up an excuse to leave. It wasn’t long after, Amelia brought Nate to a hotel.

“So you’re really a demon?” Amelia asked, closing the door behind them.

Nate sat down on the queen-sized bed. “Half-demon.” He shrugged.

“Explains a lot.”

Nate noticed the frown on Amelia’s face, he grabbed her hand and pulled her over. “I’m still me.”

She smiled faintly and sat down on his lap. “So what does that mean for your family, the ones who were killed?”

“I really didn’t do it.” Nate said, afraid she somehow thought because he was a demon he could do such a thing.

“Relax, I know you didn’t. What I meant to say was… it can’t be a coincidence, right? A demon attacks your family, months later you find out you are a half-demon?”

“I don’t know.” A part of him felt like it was related. That somehow demons found out he was half-demon and killed his family to try to get to him.

“Hey, let’s just forget that okay? Anza will be back in a few days. I want to enjoy these few days we have together.” Amelia smiled.

“Why go back to her? Why not just stay here, you’re obviously not happy there?”

“Right now, she thinks you’re dead. If I don’t show up she’ll get suspicious and come down here and investigate.”

“Let her come.” Nate said as he leaned back, pulling Amelia down on top of him.

“Let’s not talk about Anza anymore.” Amelia said as she bent down, her lip met his in a long sweet kiss.

“I love you.” She whispered between a pause in their kiss. Looking down at his chocolate skin, his brilliant white smile, and dark-brown eyes that masked the pain of watching a demon slaughter his whole family, she realized deep down that she really did love him.

“I love you too.” Nate whispered back.

The two began ripping each other’s clothes off. Amelia gasped when Nate entered her. Her fangs extended, and when Nate nodded his head, she buried her fangs into his neck. The taste of Nate’s blood to her tongue was like mana from the heavens.

Every muscle in her body tightened, her thighs quivered as tingles spread throughout. She felt herself grow light-headed as she continued drinking his blood. It was like a haze had fallen over her, a warm wet blanket that made her feel warm and comfortable. Bliss.

Why does his blood taste so good? Is it because we’ve been through the same trauma? Maybe it’s because of the blend of human and demon blood? Or is it because I love him? Amelia could barely think of the answers as her head roiled in pleasure.

Her head rolled back, her eyes met Nate’s dark brown eyes. A pang of fear shot through her when she saw his eyes. His pupil was elongated like a cat’s eye. The iris was crimson red, as if a lake of fire burned in his eye.

“I love you.” He whispered. His bright smile was like a lance of light, piercing through the dark clouds of her heart, chasing away her fear.

“I love you.” She said as she molded herself into his body.

Nate walked down the street feeling like a new man. He’d spent the past week with Amelia, each day he felt his affection for her grow. He knew when she left he’d miss her greatly, but she’d promised to visit whenever she got the chance.

I can’t get too comfortable in this prison though; I must bring it down. Nate reminded himself. No matter how likeable his prison was, it was still a prison.

Suddenly he felt something trying to worm into his brain. Using his mental energy Nate found threads of energy trying to dig into his head, mental energy that didn’t belong to him.

Alarmed he followed the threads back to its owner. Across the street he saw the owner of the threads. The woman was horribly disfigured. Blisters and boils covered her whole face. As soon as Nate saw her he knew what she was, especially when her head began to inflate and deflate with every breath.

“It’s you.” Nate whispered. His mind blanked out.

The thing smiled, showing yellow decaying teeth. “Hate to disrupt your little honeymoon with your leach.” The thing said in a warbled voice. It walked out of the shadows of the alley and made its way towards Nate.

“It’s one thing to fuck such disgusting creatures, but to let it drink from you? If only your father could see you now. The shame you bring to your race.” The demon sneered.

Nate’s nose flared in anger. With a burst of mental energy, he cut the threads trying to invade his mind. Immediately it was as if an illusion was shattered. The demon’s skin was light-purple, it had horns coming out of its temples, and a curvaceous body.  She was breath-takingly beautiful.

With a start Nate noticed his thoughts were being influenced. The woman had invaded his mind as soon as her real appearance became visible. With a grunt of effort, he pulled the invading threads out and cut them off.

“Not bad.” The woman chuckled, and then she was gone.

Nate felt something collide with his stomach one minute, the next he was flying into an alley. He crashed on the floor, rolling over several times. Before the woman could attack again Nate was up with a golden spear in hand.

“Oh? The God’s Javelin… impressive. Although it seems you haven’t completely mastered it.” The demon sneered before disappearing from view.

Nate saw her flying towards him at super-human speed, he thrust the golden spear, aiming for her torso. The demon deflected the javelin, although as soon as she made contact her skin began to burn. With her other hand, she struck out at Nate.

“Impetus!” Nate’s surroundings burst with violent wind that threw the demon back. He dashed forward intending to impale the woman with his spear.

The spear went through her mid-section. Before he could celebrate, her whole body disappeared in a burst of black smoke. Nate turned to the side as the demon erupted from a building’s shadow. He aimed another thrust at her but before the spear could connect he felt four other figures appear next to him.

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His heart palpitated. The spear made the demon collapse into shadows but there were four other clones of hers attacking at the same time. A kick in the back sent his body crashing into a wall. The bricks broke as his body made an impression on the wall.

“You even use magic like a human,” The woman spat in Nate’s direction, “I can’t tell you how much you disappoint me.”

“Who the fuck are you!” Nate roared, he jumped up off the floor, but before he could attack the woman jumped backwards, into the shadows.

“One day you’ll find out, that’s if that hybrid puppy doesn’t kill you first. With the power you have now, you barely stand up to her.” The demon’s voice faded as she disappeared.

Nate grit his teeth in anger. “Three more threads. I master three more threads and this Javelin will be complete. Then I’ll find you and make you pay for all that you’ve done!” Nate shouted, even though the woman was already long gone.

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