Black Watch Asylum Chapter 28

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Black Watch Asylum Chapter 28

Michael Truman paced up and down the hospital hallway. The clicks as his heel met the linoleum floor reverberated in the quiet hall of the one-story hospital. It was a private hospital, one reserved for only the rich and influential.

Some might call him a hypocrite for coming to a hospital for the rich, when his whole campaign ran on equality amongst the social classes, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t afford to care. Not today.

“Mr. President,” A man wearing a white lab coat over purple scrubs came out of the room with a gaggle of doctors behind him.

Michael gulped, he feared the worst. The grim expression on the doctors’ faces didn’t alleviate his suspicions. “Yes?” He said in a weak voice.

He felt a warm hand slip into his, squeezing it firmly in support. Michael looked over and saw his wife standing by his side, a part of him felt a little relieved, like he could handle anything with her there.

“Sir each doctor here has examined your daughter thoroughly, we’ve poured over the medical books and spent hours researching. I regret to inform you that your daughter is suffering from the Infernal Strain.”

“Oh!” His wife cried out.

Michael turned and wrapped her in his arms, it was his turn to comfort her. “Stay strong.” He whispered to her.

“Is there anything we can do?” Michael said, looking at the doctors with a hope-filled expression.

“I’m sorry sir, there’s no known cure for the Infernal Strain.”

Michael closed his eyes. He tried to remain strong, but he couldn’t help the single tear that rolled down his cheek. “Can we see her?”

“Of course.” The doctors led the distraught parents into the room and closed the door behind them.

In the middle of the room there was a hospital bed with plastic sheets hanging from the ceiling, a curtain that separated the patient from them. Michael walked over and saw a petite girl with her mother’s Auburn hair, and father’s green eyes, curled up in the fetal position. The girl moaned in pain. Her skin was normally tanned, but now it was pale, blistering with red pus-filled boils.

Why me?! Michael felt like screaming. The Infernal Strain had become something of a medical phenomenon these past few years. A disease that seemingly came out of nowhere. Nobody knew what it was or why some people became infected. But the symptoms were all the same. The patient would suffer from a burn so deep that it felt as if they were dipped into the lakes of hell. No one’s ever survived the disease, and each afflicted patient would suffer in agony until the moment of their death.

Michael saw his little girl writhing on the bed in pain. He felt so hurt, so useless. Why couldn’t he take the pain away? Wasn’t that his duty as the father?

“Mr. President?”

Michael looked over at the door and saw one of his security guards. “Sorry to disturb you sir but there’s someone outside who says he can help.”

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Michael saw the hope that filled his wife’s eyes. He cursed the security guard for instilling such false hope. “Send him in then.” He said gruffly.

“Of course sir.” The man said before pressing a finger to the device on his ear. “Send him in.”

Michael went out into the lobby with his wife. The door swung open and a tall white man with grey hair walked in. This man was at least seven-feet tall, with a monocle over one eye and wore a pin-striped suit.

“It’s a pleasure to meet your Mr. President.” The man said in a German accent.

Michael shook the man’s hand. “The pleasure is all mine, Mr.–?”

“Doctor Mendell.” The man smiled.

Immediately the guards all around drew their weapons from their holsters. “Back away from the president!” They shouted as they closed in on him.

The doctor raised his hands up showing he meant no harm. Michael retreated backwards into the safety of his security detail. His wife looked at him with a confused expression. “Go stay with our daughter.”

Once his wife was in the room and the doctor was in hand-cuffs, Michael felt safe enough to approach. “You realize you’re on every wanted list in the world? You have some nerve showing your face in public. Heinrich Mendell.”

The doctor smiled at the President. “You’re new to your presidency, so I’ll forgive this misunderstanding.”

One of the guards punched Mendell in the mouth. “You threaten the President again and I’ll blow your brains out!”

If Mendell felt pain from the punch to his mouth, he didn’t show it. Instead he gave the man an erie stare, one that seemed to promise death. “You’ll regret that.”

Before the guard could respond the President’s personal phone rang. Michael picked up his phone and looked at the screen. His face paled as he read the name on the caller ID.


“Michael, we’ve sent you Dr. Mendell as a gift, to help you with your daughter’s situation. He will be by shortly, make sure his every need is met.” The woman on the voice said in a disinterested voice, showing know respect for Michael’s status as the President.

“Of course.” Michael replied, but the other end of the phone had already hung up.

Michael looked over at Dr. Mendell who sneered down at security detail surrounding him. With a jerk of his shoulders he broke the cuffs binding his wrists.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” Michael shouted at the security guards who were about to shoot. “He’s untouchable from now on, you hear me?” Michael then turned to Dr. Mendell, “Forgive me Doctor Mendell, I didn’t know who you were.”

Dr. Mendell smiled. Then he turned to a security guard, the one who’d punched him in the face. With a blur of motion the security guard was suddenly launched into the air, colliding with the hospital wall. “I told you you’d regret that.”

“AHHH!!!!” The security guard fell to the floor and began wailing. The look on his face showed he was in excrutiating pain.

I don’t understand. Even if the punch to the chest hurt, he shouldn’t be screaming like that. Michael knew the people on his security detail were hard-core and well disciplined.

The answer came to him when he saw the security guard convulse. His mouth began to foam and black veins spread throughout his whole body. For a full minute the security guard’s whole body shook vigorously, his eyes bulging out of their sockets. When the man finally went still, in death, Michael sighed in relief.

“Hands behind your back!” The guards shouted.

“NO!” Michael shouted cutting them off.

The guards looked at him as if he’d lost it. He didn’t blame them. A month ago, before he won his presidency, he would’ve reacted the same way they had. But now he knew, the people who truly rule the world can do as they please. The phone call he received was from one of these people, and they specifically gave Mendell clearance. Therefore, even he, the President, could do nothing but watch when his own security guard was killed in brutal fashion.

Mendell began walking forward, ignoring the stares. “Your daughter will be healed by me, but I will not be doing that here. I want her brought to this address. Once your daughter is in my care you will not be able to see her until she is healed, is that clear?” Mendell said as he handed the President a piece of paper.

Michael nodded his head. He didn’t have much choice in the matter. Even though he was the President he was just a figurehead.

Mendell strolled out of the hospital, the security guards scrambling to get out of his way. Michael felt a faint flicker of hope within his chest. He didn’t trust this Mendell, but if he could help his daughter with an incurable disease then what choice did he have but to have faith?

Anza walked into the dining room inside her mansion. The dining room table was already filled with vampires, fifteen of her closest trustees. Some of the werewolves’ party would argue she was favoring vampires over-much, she didn’t care. It was much easier to control the level-headed vampires, rather than try to get through to the hard-headed werewolves. All they wanted to do was eat, shit, and run wild.

A frown came over Anza’s face as she noticed Amelia was gone. “Where is Amelia?” She said to the other vampires.

The other vampires all shrugged.

“Here! I’m here!” Amelia shouted as she barged into the dining room. “Sorry I’m late.” She said as she took her seat beside Luke.

Anza looked at Amelia carefully. Ever since she ordered her to kill Nate she’s been moping around but now she looked happy. Anza was only gone for a week. Did she already find a replacement? No, somethings definitely up.

Anza loved Amelia like an older sister, but when it came to family or the Founding, she would choose the Founding every time. It wasn’t that she was cold-hearted, Anza knew ever her own mother would choose the Founding over her. This was simply the way of things. As much as Anza loved Amelia, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill Amelia if she was ordered to by the Founding.

“As you know, the grand opening of the Wild Hunt will take place within a month. I’ve made my rounds on the apology tour and have spent a whole month reassuring the humans there’s nothing to fear. Next month we’ll have a small group of players. Instead of our normal group of one-hundred players, we’ll only have fifty. I want each player group accompanied by a vampire. I will also be in the Wilderness overlooking the whole three days.

Everyone here will participate. Luke, I want you to remain here, in charge of communication. If anything happens, I want to be aware of it right away. Amelia, you will be with me. Any question?”

One of the vampires raised their hands. With a nod from Anza, the vampire spoke. “Charlie blooded a lot of vampires. They’ve been getting antsy ever since his sentencing.”

Anza rolled her eyes. “What good are you to me if you can’t handle a couple new bloods?”

“They’re not normal new bloods Anza. I don’t know what Charlie did, or how he did it, but the vampires are mutated. They’re much stronger then new bloods should be, and they’re thirstier. They drain their victims dry every time, leaving a trail of bodies. It’s becoming a real problem.”

Anza sighed. She glanced over at Luke who had his head down, not meeting anyone’s eyes. “Luke, Charlie is your child. Take care of his children.”

“Yes Madam Greywall.” Luke replied.

Anza sighed. It had been decades since Luke referred to her as Madam Greywall. First Amelia and now Luke. She wished she could return to a time when it was care-free. Where all she had to do was over-look this Asylum, make sure money rolled in and the young ones had a place to play. How did it get like this?

An image flickered in her mind of Nate Walker. A brief feeling of satisfaction crossed her face. At least that thorn has been eradicated. I just wish I could’ve taken care of him myself.

“That will be all.” Anza dismissed the group. The vampires all walked off in pairs chatting and laughing. She felt a little jealous as she watched everyone around her with such happy relationships. Looking over at Amelia she saw the vampire was in a rush somewhere.

“Amelia.” Anza called.

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“What can I do for you Anza?”

Anza felt a little awkward. She used to feel so close with Amelia, always hanging out with her. But now it was like there was walls between them. “N-nothing.” Anza replied.

Amelia nodded her head and walked away. As Anza watched her closest friend leave the dining room she felt immeasurable loneliness well up from within.

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