Black Watch Asylum Chapter 33

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Black Watch Asylum Chapter 33

Tracy drove her Lamborghini with the top down, doing a hundred miles on a sixty mile per hour free-way. She was laughing with glee as her hair was whipped back by the wind. There were several other girls in the car all laughing and giggling.

Suddenly police sirens sounded behind them. Tracy grins and starts driving even faster. Her friends are whooping with joy now, as the thrill of running from the cops gets their heart pumping. Eventually Tracy slows down as she’s exiting the free-way and pulls over.

The cop walks over with his gun drawn, screaming obscenities at Tracy and the people in the vehicle. “Ugh, pigs.” Tracy reached into the glove compartment.

“Don’t you fucking move!” Shouted the cop when he saw the driver head for the glove compartment.

Tracy whips her head to face him. “Do you know who I am?” She said with her nose flaring in anger.

“I don’t give a flying fuck, bitch! Hands in the air!”

The girls in the car were all giggling making Tracy embarrassed and angry the cop didn’t recognize her.

“I’ll handle it.” The girl in the passenger seat flashed a golden identification card.

When the cop saw the card, his skin paled.

“Satisfied?” Tracy spat, the cop nodded his head but didn’t say a word. Tracy looked carefully at his face as if trying to remember it. I’ll get you back for this! She hissed below her breath.

“Such a loser Tracy.” The girl in the passenger seat tittered.

“Yeah Tracy, if we’re late for our game it’s going to be on you.” Another girl from the back row hollered.

Tracy gripped the steering wheel white-knuckled, anger bubbling up from her core. She wanted to desperately tell them off, but that would only lower her prestige. She had to put up a front around these people, especially for the girl in the passenger seat, Morgan. Oh, how she hated Morgan. But all of this was really her parents fault.

I told Mom to hire me a publicist to get my name out there. Fucking bitch refused! Fucker her! She thought to herself. She turned the engine and peeled off leaving the cop staring at their dust, shook from their encounter.

An hour later they arrived at their destination. The tall walls of Black Watch Asylum loomed before them. Tracy and the girls had to park their vehicle a mile away because there was so many people occupying the streets.

Hundreds, maybe even thousands of protesters marched down the streets shouting: “No more Black Watch, shut it down!” News crews were everywhere trying to get ‘the story’.

“Ugh, can you believe these people? Trash.” One of the girls said.

“Like cockroaches.” Morgan added.

“C’mon, let’s get inside before the news crews start pestering us.” Tracy said leading the charge as the girls went through the crowd trying to shoulder their way to the gates of the Asylum.

“Mark, we’re reporting to you live from Black Watch Asylum. Thousands of protesters have showed up today, all with one single goal: Shutting down Black Watch Asylum. There have been dozens of leaked videos for the past month about what really goes on in there…”

Tracy tuned the news anchor out as she approached the tall double-doors of Black Watch Asylum. There was a smaller door beside the main entrance, and twenty feet of open space. Asylum security personnel stood in this area to make sure it remained clear of protestors.

Tracy and her friends showed their golden cards. When the security guards saw those golden cards, they let them through. Tracy and her friends entered Black Watch Asylum. Anticipation for what was approaching began to build.

Will Angel be there? Tracy thought to herself. Her thoughts were disrupted when she entered a room filled with other golden-card-carrying people. There were fifty in total. Tracy and her group looked around until they found what they were looking for.

“That’s them.” She said over her shoulder before walking over with a sultry look on her face. “Hi Angel.” She purred.

Angel was a six-foot tall boy she’s been crushing on. Tracy wasn’t alone in this, in fact, most the girls from her University crushed on him as well.

Angel nodded to her in indifference before observing the rest of the girls with a predatory look on his face. A look that sent chills running through her body, down to her lady bits. She felt herself getting excited.

“Listen up!” A buff looking man said, facing the crowd of golden-card-carrying members. “This is the wild hunt, congratulations on the fifty of you who managed to outbid others to secure these spots. Now it’s time for your reward.”

The man began explaining the rules to Black Watch Asylum. About blue teams and red teams and how each team would have a protected class. Tracy was part of the Blue team, her protected class were black people, and they had to hunt Asians. The flavor of the week were Indians.

Once the explanations finished Tracy and her girls joined up with Angels group of boys. They entered the wild hunt with their weapons and began hunting.

The dark forest at night was lit up by a flaming pillar of fire. In this fire, there were four pillars, each pillar had an Asian prisoner tied to it, burning alive. The prisoners screamed into the night sky, but it was useless, there would be no salvation for them.

“Beautiful isn’t it.” Morgan said from beside her. Manic smile on her face.

Tracy looked over and put on a faint smile. Across the pyre stood Angel with a group of his buddies, all riled up from a night of hunting. They’ve been in Black Watch Asylum for two hours now, but because It was Winter, the days were short, and they had to cut their hunt early even though it was only six o’clock.

The boys wanted to continue hunting but the security guards refused. There have been three security guards assigned to their team, no matter what bribes or threats passed from Tracy and the other’s mouths, the security guards refused to leave. Finally, they left it alone, especially since the security guards didn’t try to hinder them from having fun.

Tracy felt a hand slipping into hers. She looked over and saw Morgana smiling at her. “Let’s play ring around the Rosie.” She chuckled.

“ugh, how old are you?” Tracy responded.

“You want me to put in a good word with Angel? You play. Now.”

Before Tracy could respond Morgan took her hands and began skipping. “Ring around the Rosie, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down.” Morgan sang in a sing-song voice.

The group of boys and girls laughed. Feeling encouraged, Tracy joined in on the second-verse. The two began skipping around the fire, as the smell of burn meat filled the air, and the silenced screams of prisoners faded into the night sky as the players watched two girls skip around the burning pillar.

The two girls finally collapsed to the floor and began pawing at each other, putting on a show for Angel and the boys as they began pawing at each-other. The boys whooped in encouragement.

Suddenly one of the boy’s shouted: “You hear that?!”

The whole group began to quiet down, curious to hear what the boy heard. Eager at the possibility of having another victim to add to their pyre. Tracy and Morgan stood up, and everyone stared off into the dark forest, trying to spot any signs of prisoners.

That’s when Tracy heard it. It was a whistling sound that seemed to vibrate the air. “It’s getting louder?” She said questioningly.

She looked over at Morgan who shrugged her shoulders but suddenly Morgan was gone. There was a squelching sound loud enough to hear over the crackling fire and then a ‘thunk’ sound as something crashed into the earth.

Tracy was dumbfounded, Morgan was just before her and now she was gone. She looked to her right and saw Morgan lying on the floor, eyes wide open in surprise. Jutting out from her stomach was a golden spear eight feet tall.

“What the hell?”

The spear suddenly moved. It dislodged from Morgan’s body and floated in mid-air, dripping with crimson red blood that glimmered from the fire.

The spear leveled itself becoming parallel to the ground, then it disappeared. Another ‘thunk’ sounded, this time it was Angel who was pinned to a tree, spear jutting out of his mid-section. All of this transpired within seconds. People stood around dumbfounded.

Suddenly a scream broke the spell, and people began yelling and screaming. Tracy’s knees went weak. She felt like throwing up as a weight settled in her stomach.

“Get back!” One of the security guards shouted, eyes pure black with fangs hanging out like vampires. Tracy was too shocked to comprehend what was going on.

The vampires tried to calm everyone down but the boys and girls ran in different directions. It was useless. The golden spear was faster than anyone could track with their eyes. One by one it speared through the people around her.

Tracy believed the only reason she was spared was because she didn’t try running. Not that she could. Her legs felt like Jell-O, too weak to carry her body. The only thing keeping her from curling up and crying for her parents was the fact it would lower her prestige amongst these people.

These people are dying, who gives a fuck what they think. Only now did she realize how stupid she was for caring what these people thought of her. Living her life according to their standards, trying to fit in. Only she realized it too late. She knew surviving today would be a miracle.

The players continued scrambling but now there was another figure who dashed around too fast for the eye to see. One minute he was cutting a player open in half, the next minute he was running them through with the golden spear.

The vampires tried to stop him but they were mowed down like the rest. Time moved slow. What felt like ten minutes really transpired within the breadth of a minute. Soon, everyone was dead except for her.

The fire continued to blaze but now it reflected another scene. There were dead bodies leaking fresh blood all around the camp. A black man with a golden spear stood there beside the fire, staring at her with fiery cat-like eyes.

A demon… first vampires and now a demon. She thought as her mind finally caught up with her. I must be in hell.

The man looked at her face and suddenly Tracy realized she knew this man. She remembered his name plastered all over the media when his story broke. “Nate Walker.”

“You know my name?” Nate said, walking over towards her, golden spear dripping with blood.

“Please, spare me.” She begged as she prostrated before him, forehead to the ground.

“A little hypocritical don’t you think? You killed these prisoners but you beg me to spare you?”

“It wasn’t me! It was them!” Tracy pointed at the dead bodies around her, hoping to shift the blame.

“They forced you to pay millions to come with them? To hunt defenseless prisoners down like animals?!” Nate snarled, his eyes looking even more demonic.

Tracy changed the topic. “I can give you something you want.”

“Oh really? And what is that?”

“I bet you’ve never been with a real woman before, have you? You let me go and I’ll fuck your brains out.” She said in a sultry voice, hoping to entice him.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Tracy saw Nate’s face turn contemplative. Hope sprung from within. Standing up she wiped the tears from her face and tried to appear sexy. She walked over to him, biting her bright red lips. “I’ll give you a night to remember.” She whispered in a sexy voice.

Nate smirked. Tracy smiled. Suddenly she felt something enter her mid-section. Look down in shock she saw the golden spear protruding from her stomach. With her hands, she reached up and touched it, the spear burned her hands as she touched it. She looked up at Nate confused.

“You’re worthless.” He said in a warbly voice, as if he was channeling the voice of Satan.

Tracy’s body was slowly raised above the floor as Nate lifted her into the air. He stopped when she was eye-level with him. She saw the hate and anger portrayed behind those fiery demonic eyes. As her vision began to fade, she wondered if she was going to hell.

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