Black Watch Asylum Chapter 34

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Black Watch Asylum Chapter 34

Nate tossed the girl’s body to the side, then looked around at the carnage he created. A part of him felt sickened, but another part- a dominating part- felt enlivened by all of it. Lately he’s been feeling different, as if another part of him was waking up.

A cold breeze blew through the area, wafting the metallic smell of blood in his direction. Nate took a deep breath, the blood smell entered his nostrils, down his throat, and settled in his stomach. His body vibrated and he felt a rush of adrenaline as his heart began to beat faster.

He looked up at the sky and saw the moon, full and tinged with red. The moonlight cascading down and lighting up the night sky. The soft wind blew through the trees like whispers, kissing his skin and making  goosebumps rise.

Nate dashed forward then jumped up, pulling the golden spear under him. Fly! He commanded the spear, and controlled it so that it flew up into the night sky.

“We’re almost there, keep up.” Mark said as he navigated through the dark forest.

His charges behind him groaned in annoyance, Mark ignored it. They were all spoiled socialites with no understanding of the way the world worked. Always using their parent’s money and influence to get what they wanted. That’s why they hated Mark so much, someone they deemed as being beneath them was giving them orders.

Mark didn’t care. If it wasn’t for the command they received from Luke and Madam Anza, he would’ve killed these kids for annoying him. It was only the first night of the wild hunt and already they were facing problems.

There were twelve vampires assigned to each group of five humans. Six vampires haven’t reported into the command center. It wasn’t a big deal but Anza decided not to take any chances, she ordered all the teams to meet up at the rendezvous.

“What’s that?!” One of the kids shouted.

Mark looked back in annoyance. He saw one of the socialites, a young man in his late twenties pointing up at the sky. Mark followed his finger and saw a man with demonic red eyes staring down at them.

The man was brown-skinned with a medium build, and curly black hair that made a small afro. His full lips formed into a scowl set against a chiseled face. The man was familiar to Mark, he knew he’d seen him somewhere before but those eyes are what threw him off. He knew if he’d seen them before he’d never forget them. The man’s pupils were shaped like a cat and his iris’ were crimson red.

It felt surreal, this man floating in mid-air and standing on a golden spear with the moon as his backdrop. But those eyes bothered Mark deeply, haunted red eyes that made his hairs stand up straight.

“Run!” He shouted to the group.

Nate saw the group run from him but it didn’t matter. Without much effort, he managed to catch up to the group. The vampire tried to block his way but with the swing of his spear Nate ended his life. The other five players were easily brought down as well.

The vampire looked up at him as he struggled for breath. “W-who’re y-you…demon?!”

Nate looked down at him with an indifferent expression. “No need for name calling.”

The vampire gasped his last breath then went still. A few seconds later the vampires shined red before turning grey. His body suddenly turned to ash, and his form collapsed into an ash pile.

Nate had killed six other vampires and each time their bodies would collapse into a pile of ash. He had no idea why, but he wondered if it had to do with their unnaturally long lives.

“All teams to the rendezvous point. No exceptions.” Anza’s voice came from the radio.

Nate didn’t know where the rendezvous point was but he knew what direction to go. With a burst of speed, he disappeared into the thickets of the dark forest not making a sound as his mental energy enveloped him.

“Is this some kind of joke?!” Anza shouted.

The people around her shrunk back, avoiding her gaze, and hoping she didn’t single them out. She stood in a clearing in the forest with two other vampires and their group of human players. There were ten teams in total and only two had made it to the rendezvous point.

Anza felt a pit in her stomach. She couldn’t afford to screw up again, not with the threat of a hundred years of imprisonment hanging over her. She’d never been imprisoned before but she’s heard of vampires who have, they were never the same after.

She brought out a black radio and clicked the button. “Luke, tell me you have good news?”

After half a minute of silence Anza spoke again: “Luke? Luke, are you there?”

No response.

“Fuck! What the fuck is going on?!” She cursed as spittle went flying.

The other vampires reeled back, surprised at their leader who normally wore a mask of indifference. Getting her to show emotions was as rare as finding a soul mate.

“Maybe it’s nothing.”

Everyone turned to look at the speaker. Anza looked at Amelia and wanted to yell at her. How could this be nothing? But instead she stifled her anger.

“Why do you think that?” Anza said, keeping her voice even.

“What’s the alternative? They’re in a reservation being protected by guards.” Amelia stated flatly.

Anza stared at Amelia trying to read her. Are you lying to me? What are you hiding?

There was a time when Amelia would confide in Anza, but ever since she ordered her to kill Nate, Amelia had put up walls around herself. How did it come to this?

Her thoughts were distracted when she felt immense blood lust aimed in her direction. Anza heart pounded furiously and instincts kicked in. She threw herself to the ground.

Whoosh! Splurt!

Something flew over her so fast she could feel the wind it created, it hadn’t traveled far before she heard it connecting with someone. It sounded as if someone was stabbed with a sword.

Anza immediately transformed to her hybrid state. She got up off the floor and saw one of the two vampires impaled by a golden spear. She looked at the direction it came from and saw Nate staring back at her with a smile on his face.

“Tch,” He clicked his tongue and held his fingers an inch width’s apart. “So close.”

Anza’s normally ice cold features slowly changed as her face contorted into a snarl, her nostrils flared and her eyes stared daggers at Nate. Her lips quivered in anger as veins bulged around her throat and forehead. Her hands curled as her claws extended.

“I’m going to tear you to pieces.” Her voice rumbled like an earthquake.

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Suddenly she jumped to the side as the golden spear soared past her, impaling the last vampire. Now Anza and Amelia were the only two vampires remaining. The group of human players ran away.

Nate stood forty yards away. With a single dash, Anza was before him swinging her claws in a vicious arc that would’ve cut a tree in half. Nate dashed backward to avoid it, then thrust his spear forward with the full weight of his body. Anza deflected the spear with her hands.

She tried to grab the spear, but her hands began to sizzle. Nate pulled the spear to the rear while stepping backwards then swung the spear at Anza’s legs. She jumped over the spear and tried to close the distance but Nate wouldn’t allow it. Every time she rushed in he would thrust or sweep the spear.

Anza was surprised, she was a hybrid between a werewolf and vampire, a legacy. Legacies were known for their speed, yet Nate managed to keep her at bay. She was faster, but his use of the spear kept her from getting in close. Every time she tried to close in she would be met with the tip of the spear.

Nate’s mind began to focus. He knew Anza was powerful, and her wicked claws made him feel as if he were in mortal danger. But the advantage lie with his mind, he had better reflexes due to the rigorous training he’d put his brain through. Because of this he could keep calm and handle her speed.

The two fought for what seemed like hours but was less than ten minutes. As fatigue began to settle in both sides began increasing risks to try and score a point.

Anza dashed forward keeping her head low. When Nate thrust with his spear she turned her body to the side. The spear slashed her ribs, but she absorbed the blow finally entering close range. She swung her fist upward, jabbing his stomach.

Nate’s body curled around her punch, his body was lifted off the ground but Anza didn’t let him get too far. With her claws outstretched she swiped at his face. Nate tried to take a breath but no air was getting through. Looking up he saw Anza’s serrated claws sweeping towards him.

He dashed forward while letting go of his spear. Up! He commanded as Anza’s wrist connected with his temple. Dizziness overwhelmed him but he’d managed to avoid the fatal swipe to his head. Down!

Anza was slightly disappointed her claws didn’t take off Nate’s face. But when Nate dashed forward she was excited, she would demolish him in close combat.

She grabbed him by the head and thrust her knee upward to his face. She felt his nose break against her knee, he stumbled backwards a few steps before falling to the floor. He tried to scramble up but Anza rushed in. Suddenly her body was jerked downward as something pierced through her shoulder.

Looking down she saw the golden spear protruding from her shoulder. It had her pinned down to the ground. She’d completely forgotten about the spear. The pain in her shoulder was negligible, but the spear itself was burning her insides. With a grunt of effort, she grabbed the spear and dislodged it from her shoulder and threw it to the side.

She got up just as Nate picked himself up off the floor gasping for air. His face was a bloody mess and his nose was bent out of shape.

“Did you really think you could kill me with only this much ability?” Anza sneered.

Nate straightened himself just as Anza flashed towards him. Nate ducked, hoping to avoid the punch he knew was coming but with his head lowered he saw Anza’s face. She was ducking as low as he was with a grin on her face.

Suddenly she straightened and sent out a kick that connected with his chest, Nate went flying like a soccer ball. He felt his ribs break and his head swam in pain. Come! He commanded the spear.

Anza flew after Nate, ready to slash him apart in mid-air when suddenly the spear flew towards her back. She was already in the air and it was too late for her to avoid it. The spear entered her lower back and burst through her stomach before flying towards Nate.

The two landed on the ground thirty yards from each other. Nate was on his knees, spear pressed upon the ground he tried to raise himself to stand on his feet. A cough tightened his whole torso pressing upon his broken ribs. Blood came spewing out.

Anza was on her feet but her hand was over her stomach, blood streamed its way past her hands and dripped to the ground. There was a pool of blood where she stood. She looked over and saw Amelia standing off to the side, shock written across her face.

You knew he was alive you bitch! Just watch what I do to you. Anza cursed.

Amelia felt a heated gaze aimed her way. She looked over and saw Anza staring at her with a vicious look. Amelia had been too shocked to involve herself in the beginning, but now she knew even if she did get involved, she knew she would lose.

Her vampirism granted her speed and super-human strength but compared to Anza and Nate’s levels, she was still lacking. Those two were like blurs. Her only advantage lie in her shamanistic powers but that would take time to conjure.

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Nate looked at Anza with a grin plastered on his face. For the first time, Anza noticed his eyes were the same color as the blood that was pooled beneath her. She had a suspicion that’s where his new-found strength was coming from, that and the magical artifact he held in his hands. She had no clue where he’d gotten such a powerful magical weapon.

“You think you’ve won? The marks you’ve scored on me thus far have been based on pure luck and trickery.” The veins on Anza’s body began to bulge, hundreds of veins were visible on her skin. Her form began to change as bones cracked. Her form elongated and her muscles bulged prominently.

She looked up and saw the worried look on Nate’s face. She smiled before her whole form disappeared.

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