Black Watch Asylum Chapter 40

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Black Watch Asylum Chapter 40

An hour before Kiru had arrived at Black Watch Asylum he was at Albacore city, eating in one of the restaurants. The emerald ring on his finger slightly vibrated, and shortly after a voice sounded in his head.

“Come to me, immediately!”

Kiru heard the urgency in the voice transmitted to him so he wasted no time, he threw some bills on the table and ran out of the restaurant.

When he arrived at Mage Tower he saw hundreds of mages running around. Dozens of mages huddled together in groups, other mages were geared up and rushing out the door. All the mages had serious and worried looks on their faces.

Even the clerks standing in front of the elevator were busy. Dozens of phones were ringing one after the other, too fast for them to answer. Most likely, mages from all over the world were calling in. But why?

Before Kiru could find out what was going on, the clerks behind the desk caught his attention. They waved to him and immediately punched in the numbers, revealing the elevator.

“Grandmaster is expecting you.” One of the receptionists said before going back to the phones that were ringing like crazy.

Kiru’s curiosity was peaked. He wondered what all the hubbub was about. Maybe another attack from Talos?

When Kiru stepped off the elevator he was greeted by the Grandmaster’s brooding face. Oh, this can’t be good.

“Kiru,” The Grandmaster waved his hand and a dome-like bubble set around them, sealing the room so nobody could listen in on them. “You will go to the Asylum and bring Nate back, un-harmed.”

“But I thought you said—“

“I know what I said,” The grandmaster cut him off, “Now I’m saying bring Nate here, through the underground passage. Let no one spot him. Go quickly!”

Kiru stood there confused. “If I’m going to do this then I need to know why, I deserve to know that much.”

“There’s no time boy!” The Grandmaster shouted, but when he saw the resolve on Kiru’s face he relented. “Fine! I received a message from Talia…”

Kiru’s heart quaked at the mention of his wife’s name. Ex-wife. Kiru reminded himself. Looking at the Grandmaster’s face he could see the hurt reflected in those ancient wrinkly eyes. The two shared a deep pain when it came to Talia, one that’s dulled over time but has never gone away.

“She says Nate is her son.” The Grandmaster continued.

Kiru’s face screwed up in dis-belief. “That’s impossible!” He shouted. He knew Nate was half-demon so if Talia was Nate’s mother then his father…

“I know this news is something you do not want to hear.” The Grandmaster said in a soft tone, reserved only for his son-in-law. “But we have to bring Nate here. He’s my grandson.”

Kiru shook his head, “Why me? How could you ask me that?” Kiru said, hurt evident in his voice.

“Because your close with the boy, and you can find him before the inquisitors do.”

“What? Why’re the inquisitors interested in Nate?”

“You haven’t heard? A great ripple in the Adunya has been felt in California. The Inquisitors are going there as we speak and they’ll eliminate the source of the ripples if they deem it a threat.”

“I don’t understand. What does this have to do with Nate?”

“He’s causing the ripples man! His demon side must be awakening, get to him and calm him before it’s too late and he’s cast out of this world.”

“Sir, if it’s true and the inquisitors are on their way then it’s too late for me to get there.”

“Not necessarily. All they know is that the ripples originated in California. Eventually they’ll narrow down the location that’s why you have to get their first. I’d go myself but my magic would cause even greater ripples.”

Kiru wanted to say no, to refuse to save the child of the wife that had left him for a demon. It was the worst thing that could happen, and such a demoralizing blow to his self-esteem. But looking at the Grandmaster, his old and wrinkly eyes that were so tired, and sad from the pain of losing his daughter, he knew he couldn’t say no. Besides, a part of him had developed an attachment to Nate.

“I’ll bring him back.” Kiru nodded.

When Kiru arrived, and saw the carnage Nate had wrought, he almost couldn’t believe it. Nate’s demon side had sprouted on so quickly that it had completely changed Nate’s appearance. He’d even slaughtered humans as if they were nothing. The demon blood within Nate was making him more callous.

He thinks he’s on the moral side for God’s sake. Kiru thought to himself.

When Nate mentioned how he was doing this for ‘his’ people, Kiru scoffed aloud.

“Your people? You’re not even human, look at you! Fully demon, not a shred of your humanity remains!” Kiru shouted. “You know what, it doesn’t even matter, you see the lightning storm overhead? That’s not normal lightning, that’s tribulation lightning, and it’s here for you.”

“I told you, demons can’t be on this side of the veil, the Codex Adunya won’t allow it. Now that you’re fully transformed the world of humans will try everything to cast you out. It’s over Nate.”

Blood. More blood. Nate’s insides screamed.

“No, it’s not over.” Nate said as he jumped out of the window, landing on the ground twenty feet away.

Kiru wasn’t far behind, his whole body wreathed in blue lightning. “I won’t let you hurt anyone else.”

The two appeared thirty feet from the entrance of the Asylum where the National guards had taken position. They had their guns trained on a girl who held her head in pain.

Lina watched the prisoners overrun the police as a fresh wave of chaos spilled onto the streets. She wanted to run away, but the investigative journalist within her wanted to move closer. She decided to stay where she was and continue to cover this world-breaking news.

When she first arrived on the scene she didn’t think much of it. But now, she could see this was her ticket to bigger and better things. If the world doesn’t end first. She shivered as that realization hit her. The zombies approaching reminded her of every zombie movie she’d watched in the past. This was always how it started.

Beep! Beep, Beep, Beep!

Dozens of trucks rumbled down the street and pulled up to the Asylum forming a parallel wall ten feet away from the opening of the gates. Men in soldier uniform exited the vehicles with rifles in hand, and lined up in front of the vehicles.

“Mow them all down! We don’t let the virus spread past here!” One of the soldiers shouted. The soldiers released a hail of bullets upon anything that tried to exit the gates.

The prisoners screamed at the sudden intense firepower coming from the other side. Dozens fell to the ground. A lot of prisoners decided to take a chance within the prison, turning away from the gates. Some zombies split off from the main group to give chase but the main pack remained fixed on the people beyond the gates.

Lina paled at the brutality of it. Human beings were being shot to death, no matter whether or not they were zombies. Better safe than sorry. She knew from every zombie movie she watched, once zombies spread into general population it would spread the virus like wildfire. From what the soldiers were doing, she knew they were operating under the same thoughts.

Now the national guard concentrated their fire on the zombies, mowing them down like wheat. When the ringing of bullets finally ceased its endless clamor, hundreds of corpses lay upon the ground. There were a few zombies still alive but unlike every T.V. show where they continued towards death no matter what, these zombies turned away from the danger of the National guard.

Lina shivered at their intelligence. She couldn’t believe the things that were happening. Looking back at the gates she saw two people still running towards the gates.

The National Guard took aim, this time using words to deter the escapees: “Turn back or we will shoot!” They shouted.

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Elli gasped in pain, holding a hand to her dis-located shoulder. Andrea had been altered into a monster that far surpassed her in strength, speed, and combat. She was no match for it and was barely holding on.

When she heard the loud boom come from the gates of Black Watch, she felt an up-surge of hope. She turned away from Andrea and began running for the gates. If she ever wanted to escape her father’s grasp, she would have to make a break for the gates.

Andrea followed close behind, striking out at Elli any chance she got. This spurred Elli to run even faster. When the gates were in sight she saw hundreds of people running towards the exit, followed by hundreds of zombies.

A part of her realized if those zombies ever got out, and that disease spread, it would bring about the end of the world.

Andrea clawed at her back bringing her attention back to her imminent situation. She zig-zagged to try and dodge Andrea’s strikes while heading for the gates.

The sound of bullets being fired rang across the sky. Prisoners in the front line fell to the bullets but it wasn’t enough. Between being eaten by zombies and making a break for freedom, many prisoners chose the latter option. Even if it meant possibly getting shot. It was a better choice than certain death in the jaws of zombies. Being eaten and then coming back as one of them was a horrible fate.

Eventually the police officers were overrun and the chaos of the Asylum wasn’t contained within the tall black gates anymore, it spilled out into the streets. Elli picked up the speed.

Trucks pulled up in front of the gates and National guardsman took up their positions. They fired on the prisoners and zombies alike mowing them all down. The gunfire was so concentrated that the prisoners didn’t have the heart to charge for freedom, choosing to turn away from the gates and hide in the Asylum.

Elli headed straight for the gates, ignoring the soldiers who aimed their guns at her.

“Turn back or we will shoot!” They shouted. But Elli didn’t turn back, she couldn’t, not with Andrea on her tail.


Lina watched as the two continued on running at a speed that surpassed human. It was only when the two neared the gates Lina made a shocking discovery.

“That’s Andrea Truman, the President’s daughter!” Lina shouted. Her scream pierced through the chaos and found the ears of the National guard who paused in their tracks.

The soldiers were unsure of what to do. They all turned to look at a man with decorated symbols, presumably the leader. He gave a signal, and the men lowered their weapons.

The two exited the gates, the one running in the lead suddenly stopped as she found herself blocked by the trucks of the National guard, their pointed weapons had her frozen in her tracks as well.

“Have you finally given up this foolish attempt at escape?” Andrea sneered.

Lina looked at the camera man who looked back at her, both were shocked at what they were hearing. Everyone knew the President’s daughter was suffering from the Infernal Strain, it had made headline news weeks ago.

They expected to hear news of her passing any day now, but it never came. Many wondered what was the hold up since there was no cure for the Infernal Strain. Yet here she was, running faster than the fastest athlete.

“You’re finished.” The woman in lead laughed as she turned back to Andrea, holding her wounded arm with one hand. “You’ve exposed father’s secret, what do you think he’ll do to you now?”

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The woman then ran towards the National Guards who raised their rifle in defense. She leapt over them like a gazelle, jumping ten feet in the air and easily bypassing their blockade. Once the girl landed she dashed for the alleyways and disappeared amongst the newly assembled on-lookers.

Andrea stood there unsure of what to do when suddenly pain shot through her head. The pain was so intense she put both hands on her head and tried to soothe it. “My name is Jody! My name is Jody!” They heard her yell.

One of the decorated guardsmen stepped forward. “Mam, are you all right?”

Andrea snapped her head up and looked to the side. Thirty feet away stood two people, one of whom she recognized. “NATE!!!” She roared, charging in his direction.

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