Black Watch Asylum Chapter 1

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Black Watch Asylum Chapter 1

Nate mashed his eyelids together as an intense pain shot through his brain. He rolled over onto his side and threw up the contents in his stomach. The sour taste of vomit was still lingering in his mouth when the sounds of sirens grew in the distance.

He continued lying on the pavement as the cars squealed to a stop somewhere nearby. There was shouting all around him but all he could focus on was the intense pain in his head. He was lying flat on his back staring up at the night sky.

There were flames flickering out from an apartment building on the top floor. The windows up there were broken. The glass pieces from the window lie all around him and embedded in his clothes. Finally someone came to him and asked him questions but the voice sounded like he was underwater. After a few more tries the EMT picked him up and with the help of his partner shifted him onto a stretcher.

His head throbbed again as the EMT’s jostled him around. He wanted to throw up again but his head was fixed firmly in place. “Lie still sir.” He heard the EMT shout at him.

Nate continued to struggle urgently trying to break free from the restraints but it was too late. A fountain of vomit erupted out of his mouth going straight into the air and landing back on his face and all over his clothes. “He’s going into shock!” The EMT yelled as he was lowered to the ground. The last thing Nate remembered was looking back at the burning apartment on the top floor.

When Nate next awoke he was in a white room with bright lights. He looked around through squinty eyes. He was in some sort of hospital room lying down on a bed. A nurse hovered around nearby. He tried to call out to her but his throat was too parched. He then tried to reach out to her but his arm suddenly stopped. There were handcuffs around his wrist.

The metal must’ve alerted the nurse because she suddenly stood up straight and backed away in fright. Nate looked at her perplexed as to what caused her fear. The nurse abandoned the rest of her duties and quickly exited the room before he could even ask a question.

Shortly after two serious-looking men in suits entered his hospital room, one tall and the other short and bulky. They approached his bedside looking down at him grimly.

“W-water…” Nate managed to croak.

The tall man poured him a glass and picked it up bringing it near him. Nate was about to thank the man when he suddenly felt his head being jerked back as a torrent of water entered his mouth.

Cough. Cough. Gasp. The water entered his throat making him choke on it.

“What the hell?!” Nate exclaimed when he gained control of his faculties.

“I’m going to ask you something and then you’re going to answer me with the truth, you understand? Any deviation and I’ll put you in a world of hurt, you sick son of a bitch.” The other man in the suit spoke in a low threatening voice.

The tall man was gripping Nate by the hair forcing him to look at his interrogator. The bright lights made it hard to see the man’s features clearly.

“Why’d you do it?”

“Do what?”


Nate’s head jerked to the side as the short man in suit slapped him hard on the cheek. “WHY DID YOU DO IT?!”

The door opened. The sound of high heels clicking on the linoleum floor resounded in the quiet room. “What do you think you’re doing?!” A female voice sounded.

The two men stepped away from Nate and looked at the woman in a respectful manner. “We were just questioning-“

“Bullshit! That was an interrogation. The boy’s seventeen years old and you pull some shit like that? I should pull your shield!” The woman hissed.

The two men remained quiet as she finally appeared in Nate’s field of view. The woman was mature, in her late fifties, but looked just as professional as the other two men. She walked up to the bed and looked down at Nate with a face full of disdain and contempt.

“We have a set of laws for a reason. Even pieces of shit like this get representation. The case is already won, you pull some shit like interrogation and the Judge will throw it out, is that what you want?” The woman looked at the two men beside Nate. The men shook their head solemnly.

“Good. Leave.”

The woman stayed behind as the two men left. Once they were gone she looked down at Nate staring right into his eyes. Her grin seemed impossibly long as her eyelids drew together. Nate felt his heart rate speed up. The woman suddenly brought her face to his ears. “You thought we’d let you go?” A warbled voice sounded.

Nate screamed. He pulled away from the woman as hard as he could but his hand was still handcuffed to the bed. “Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!” He screamed. Something slithered out from his brain and down his arm. Suddenly his body jerked forward as the cuffs on his wrist broke.

Dropping to the floor he curled under the hospital bed yelling “Leave me alone!” over and over again. The nurses found him their under the bed curled into the fetal position. They injected something into his veins and the world fell into darkness.

The two men in suits left the hospital after being tossed out by their Captain. With nothing else to do they got into their car and went back to the precinct. They both knew they wouldn’t get much sleep, not after witnessing what happened back at the burning apartment.

When they entered the office they were met with a bunch of stares. The whole special crimes unit looked up at them from their desks silently. When nothing came forth from the two men one of the men sitting at the desk stood up.

“Don’t leave us hanging Jake, tell us what happened?”

Jake was the taller of the two men, shaved head and brown eyes. He remained quiet. The man then looked to Jake’s partner. “Steve?”

Steve was built like a pit bull, short but with bulging muscles squeezed into a tight suit. Steve was usually the darker of the two, always make crude jokes but even he was speechless at a time like this. The two partners quietly went over to their desk and sat down. They felt the eyes of the whole department on them as they walked through the room.

They all remained silent until the sound of the TV being turned on cut through the room. Like a flock of birds, they turned as one fixing their eyes onto the TV screen.

“We now go to Chris Andrews who’s live at the scene. Chris?”

The image on the screen changed to a downtown street that was filled with spectators and police. The news anchor holding the mike looked at the camera with a sad expression before speaking.

“You know John I’m standing out here on twelfth street and there are hundreds of civilians lining up the streets trying to take a glimpse at what happened. The incident took place three hours ago and police are still questioning the occupants of the building but we’ve managed to speak to some of the ones who’ve been released. Not all of them were able to form coherent words, and I don’t blame them. We managed to find one young man who is willing and able to speak about what happened. We want to take a moment to warn viewers that what you’re about to hear may be upsetting. Viewer discretion is advised.”

The camera turned to focus onto another man who was staring vacantly into space. “Matt, can you repeat to us what you said earlier.” The news anchor urged the young man.

Matt finally looked at the camera but his eyes seemed to be un-focused. He was silent for a while before speaking. “I live on the top floor three doors down from… I was just opening the door to my apartment when I heard t-the… the screams. At first I thought it was just some stupid prank y’know? Friday the thirteenth, play horror movies and mess with people. But when I saw the blood pour out from underneath the door, that’s when I knew something was wrong. I rushed into my apartment and called the cops then went for my licensed gun. I couldn’t even hold the thing straight because of how bad my hands were shaking…

Screams kept coming from that room but now more residents on the top floor were becoming aware of something going on. When the fire broke out that’s when people started to run downstairs. I left my room then and passed by the apartment door only now it was slightly ajar. I-I… I just couldn’t help myself you know? I had to look in. B-but when I did…”

Tears began flowing down from Matt’s face. The news anchor put a hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay son, take your time.”

“W-when I pushed open the door all I saw was red! Red everywhere, on the floor on the walls on the drapes. The worse part about it was their was a severed arm right by the door, the arm was looked like that of a child… she still had a teddy bear in her hand for god’s sake! How?! How can anyone…?” The man was hysterical now. The news anchor wrapped him in a hug as the man broke down sobbing.

The TV was suddenly turned off by Jake. He looked back at the rest of the department with a face full of anger. “We’re gonna get this son of a bitch.”

“Stand where we tell you to stand. If you don’t comply you’ll be shot. When we walk you into the courthouse, don’t falter or try to run. If you do, you will be shot. Do not speak to any of the people out there, if you do you will be shot. Do I make myself clear?” Jake snarled at Nate.

Nate nodded his head. Jake glared at him as if he still had more to say. Or maybe he just wanted to stare angrily, Nate didn’t know. He complied amiably and did as he was told.

“It’s go time.”

The squad car they were in pulled to a halt. Nate looked out the window and up at the courthouse. There were stairs leading up to the courthouse and a mob of people between the car and the courthouse. They were all shouting and yelling at him.

The door was opened and several security types grouped up around him placing him in the middle. The screams magnified. The mob was like an ocean and their little group was like a boat trying to paddle its way through.

Something wet landed on his face. Nate closed his eyes hoping it was water but the slimy texture told him something different. More liquids flew in his direction. The security around him tried breaking it up but they were outnumbered, or maybe they didn’t care about the abuse he was receiving.

He bore it all. By the time he entered the courthouse he was covered in liquid. He could barely see out his right eye, something that was once wet was now dry and keeping his eye stuck together, probably a nasty lougi. Looking at the security who looked particularly happy, he could tell they didn’t really care nor did they try protecting him from the onslaught from the public.

If Nate was expecting something to clean himself with to look presentable during trial, he was sorely mistaken. He was plopped down on his seat without so much as a wet nap to clean himself off. The trial barely lasted twenty minutes as the Judge and Jury found him guilty.

“I have sentenced dozens of people to jail in my twenty-two years as Judge for this courtroom. I thought I’ve seen it all, but you Mr. Walker, are the worse person to have sat before me. I see now regular prison would be a mercy to someone like you. I’ve come to the conclusion that giving you anything less than the maximum punishment would be unfair.

Those who I’ve sentenced to death or life in prison were often killers who acted out of anger or crimes of circumstance. Whether it be a bar room brawl where someone ended up dead, or a jilted lover out for revenge. But what you’ve done is so heinous, and so immoral I have no words to encapsulate how horrible your crimes truly are. Simple murder wasn’t enough for you, mutilation, dismemberment and many other despicable things that I cannot bear to repeat. Now stand for your sentencing. Render your verdict Mr. McCree.”

Nathan felt so weak in the legs he could barely stand. He stumbled forward catching himself on the table. Juror number one was a fat middle-aged man that reeked of a business professional. He stood up, back straight, and spoke loud enough his voice projected throughout the room.

“For the first count of murder in the first degree, we the jury find the defendant guilty of murdering forty-two-year-old Andrea Walker.

<< fantasy-books Property >>

For the second count of murder in the first degree, we the jury find the defendant guilty of murdering fifty-three year old Michael Walker.

For the third count of murder in the first degree, we the jury find the defendant guilty of murdering eight year old Emily Walker.

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All three counts received all twelve juror signatures and were unanimous.”

The juror sat back down and the attention returned to the judge. “I would sentence you to death for the things you’ve done to your own family. It would only be right. Except death would be too swift for a sick, twisted mind like yours. God chose to spare you after you tried to commit suicide by jumping out of the window and falling eight stories. Coming out of that without a single scratch tells me the lord didn’t want you having a swift death either. I hereby sentence you to spend the rest of your miserable life in Black Watch Asylum.” The judge banged down the gavel bringing an end to the farce trial.

Nate watched as everyone around him seemed to rejoice at his sentencing to life in that hell hole. Simple prison would’ve been preferable—even death seemed like a better option—then going into that damned Asylum.

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