Black Watch Asylum Chapter 7

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Black Watch Asylum Chapter 7

For the past month he wracked his brain coming up with ways to use his ability. To flat out use his power to push or pull someone would be too obvious and too draining on his power. He wasn’t afraid of becoming a lab rat if his power was exposed, nobody in this Asylum had that kind of pull. No, what he was afraid of was being made a target. If people thought he had some sort of edge they’d gang up just to take him down.

Nate came up with a way to use his power without it being too obvious. Focusing on his two hands he made mental energy gather there. The mental energy coalesced around his hands growing more and more condensed. He called this ‘Telekinetic Hardening’.

When he turned around he was surprised to find that not only did Leo come, but a bunch of other people as well. They looked ready to attack, all they needed was the ‘go ahead’.

“You’ve already taken more than half my tokens and I’ve contributed a hundreds more on the people who kept asking. Now these two hundred are mine.” Nate walked over to the chimney and punched it.

The brick chimney dented where his fist connected. Cracks appeared around the whole chimney, the whole thing looked ready to collapse. Nate was proud of his achievement, he looked back smugly expecting to see Leo and the others cowering. Instead he was met with a large black fist as he turned around.

“You think you can scare us with your petty little tricks?” Leo yelled hitting Nate again.

“This is hundred percent real brick! You want to experience my punches fool?” Nate yelled dodging the next punch from Leo, completely dumbfounded his ploy didn’t work.

Leo swung again. Nate dashed under the punch and sent a jab right into Leo’s stomach.

“Puh!” Leo had the breath knocked out of him as his body went soaring backwards, crashing into the opposite wall.

The others weren’t deterred by Nate’s superhuman punch. They withdrew knives and blades, attacking him all at once.

Constantly working out his brain everyday had the obvious benefit of improving his telekinetic abilities. But there were several other side-effects that were beneficial as well. Not only was his five senses improved but so was his reaction time. Punches that would normally be too fast to follow were now a little slower. Using slight dodges, he was able to give himself some space and strike back against his attackers. He was by no means an expert, but with his opponents fighting slower than normal, it became easy to him.

One by one he brought down the gang of ten wannabe gangsters. Leo was still on the floor groaning as one hand has held his stomach for comfort. Nate walked through the room and over to Leo. “There are worse things out there, I’d suggest you don’t come looking for me. Or else.” He threatened.

As he left the house he saw the whole neighborhood crowd outside his front door. This neighborhood was predominantly black—it was how prisoners in the Black Watch Asylum usually lived, by neighboring with their own race for protection from others. Nate ignored their questioning stares and began walking towards the center of the city.

He had no direction in mind. He’d only been to the wall and to the wilderness to the south by bus. Everywhere else was unexplored territory but that didn’t mean he could just go anywhere. There were territories claimed by different races, the only place that was available to those who didn’t want to be in any sort of gang or weren’t strong enough to claim their own territory all went to the middle. The only other place that was off limits was the forest to the southeast, right by the large camouflage wall of the Wilderness there was another expanse of forest that nobody ventured into.

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The center of Black Watch Asylum was like downtown San Diego. Here the buildings were projected upwards rather than outwards. Tall skyscrapers that allowed for hundreds of people to live in one building.

Surprisingly there was more activity here than in the outskirts when he lived in the black community. There wasn’t much to do in prison except hang about. Back in the black community they would play basketball or football, dice games, chess. It was pretty much recreation time all the time. In fact, Black Watch Asylum would’ve been paradise if it wasn’t for the fact that acquiring food meant you had to join a game where you’d be hunted by your fellow man.

Here in the city there were all those things available. Basketball courts, parks for soccer and football. The only other thing was that people here were also lazing about drinking alcohol and doing drugs. As he walked down streets filled with people laying slumped over he wondered how alcohol made it into Black Watch.

“Help! Somebody please help me!” He heard a cry from the alley.

Nate looked around him to see if anyone else heard what he was hearing but all around him were the drunk people slumped against the wall. “Help!”

Seeing nobody else make a move Nate ran to the alley. He was met with three burly men surrounded a thin waifish looking girl. The burly men were pawing on her curves and feeling her up as they laughed to themselves.

“Hey!” Nate yelled but immediately felt like a cornball. You sound like those idiot superheroes. He couldn’t help chuckle to himself, completely ignoring the burly men he’d just called.

Suddenly something struck him from behind sending him crashing to the floor. Nate groaned in pain as he tried to make sense of what just happened.

“Nice one Elli, looks like there’s still idiots that fall for this.” The one who struck him from behind came into view. The man that spoke appeared in his field of view, looking at the waifish girl with a smile filled with love and affection.

“Saw the idiot staring wide-eyed as he entered the city. Just screamed newbie to me.” The waifish girl chuckled slapping the burly men on the wrists who kept pawing at her.

She walked over to Nate and kneeled down. “My knight in shining armor.” Ellie chuckled softly. “Let’s see what we got here…”

She began fiddling with the collar around Nate’s neck then pulled something out of her pocket holding it up to Nate’s collar.

Suddenly a voice sounded in his head. ‘Prisoner #147526 wishes to trade with you. Do you wish to accept?’

“Your dreaming if you think I’d give you my tokens, bitch.” Nate spat angrily at the shame and anger of being played like a fool.

“Aww sweetheart, did mama break your heart? Don’t worry I don’t need your permission.”

‘How much would you like to trade?’

What the hell is going on, I didn’t accept the trade!

‘238 tokens, is that correct?’

NO! Decline trade! Nate yelled internally trying to cancel the trade.

‘Trading 238 tokens will set your balance of tokens to zero. Are you sure you accept?’

NO Goddamit!

‘Trade successful. Your current balance is now 0.’

“Got it. Let’s go.” Ellie stood up. “Bastard had a decent amount on him, we made a good haul this time.”

Nate envisioned an ethereal hand reaching out and grabbing the woman but the strike from behind made his brain throb in pain, dashing his concentration. He looked at the group retreat further into the alley as anger bubbled up.

The waifish girl suddenly stopped and turned towards him. “I feel bad… Tell you what, when you’re up to it travel three blocks down. You’ll see a three story building. You’ll recognize this building, it’s one of the newer ones. Go there and they’ll give you tokens. Don’t say I never helped you.” She turned around and started walking again. “I’m just too kind for my own good.” He heard her say as she turned a corner. The men in her group chuckled.

The blow from behind had rocked him good but after ten minutes Nate was well enough to stand. His head still hurt though so he couldn’t use Telekinesis to go hunting the bastards who robbed from him.

“Turns out you were right Leo.” Nate sighed as he walked out of the alley.

The next ‘Hunt’ would take place in three days. Nate couldn’t go without food or water for three days. He began walking several blocks until he found the building Elli had described to him. The building was brand new, it looked like a wealthy hotel. There was a line that ended outside the hotel.

Nate briefly thought about joining the line but it was just too long. It wound around the whole building and into an alley. He’d had enough of alleys for now. Walking to the hotel he entered directly. Several people in line looked at him suspiciously, ready to chomp at him in case he tried to cut in line.

Inside the building he saw the people in the line would be called into a room that was to the left of the entrance. But straight inside was a lobby, and a help desk with someone sitting behind it. He walked over to the help desk and looked at the woman’s nametag.

“Excuse me… Lisa. I was wondering if you could help me out?” Nate asked making eye contact with the woman. She was a young white girl, blonde hair blue eyes. She sat behind the desk with a headset on and a cup of coffee in one hand.

Suddenly Nate noticed something was off about the girl. “Why aren’t you wearing a collar?” Nate asked perplexed.

“You must be new around here. The line to donate blood is over there, no special treatment.” She waved him away.

Two people came up behind him and walked past the desk barely glancing his way. There was a double door behind the help desk and as soon as the two men entered the door the sound of loud music blared. Nate caught a brief glance inside, it was a ballroom turned into a nightclub. Dim lights, music, and people rubbing up on each other.

“What the hell?” Nate moved closer to go check but he suddenly felt a firm grip on his forearm.

“The sheep line up over there.” The blonde receptionist said in a low but threatening voice. She gripped his arm with strength that should’ve been impossible for one with her physique. “Don’t be a black sheep that wanders off the farm, eh? They tend to get eaten by the big bad wolf.”

“Aw leave him alone Lisa.” A woman sounded behind him.

Nate looked back and saw a beautiful black women that resembled Halle Berry. This woman wasn’t wearing a collar either. “Just doing my job Amelia.” The receptionist sat back down in her desk and ignored Nate.

The woman named Amelia walked over to him and grabbed his forearm. “If you’re so curious then come. Let me show you inside.”

Nate felt himself compelled to follow. A rich intoxicating fragrance drifted into his nose as she neared him. Her soft supple hands guided him forward and past the double doors. The dancehall was packed and the music was loud but the woman expertly guided him through the crowd and into a cordoned off section.

“THIS IS THE V.I.P SECTION BE GLAD YOU”RE HERE WITH ME!” Amelia shouted over the loud music.

Nate looked at the V.I.P section and saw six couples all kissing passionately and rubbing up on each other. Nate grew excited as Amelia pulled him into this section and plopped him down on the seat. Immediately he felt himself get excited down below.

Amelia sat on his lap and began kissing on him. She moved down from his cheeks to his neck turning his head to the side. Nate was in ecstasy already. He had his eyes half open anticipating the fun to come when suddenly he felt something sharp sink into his neck.

“Ah!” He gave a short yip before he felt a weird sensation flow into his neck and down his body. The warm sensation squeezed his body making him feel things he’s never felt before. The feeling only multiplied when he felt his member being released from his pants. He was already hard as he felt Amelia lower herself down onto him.

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Nate immediately exploded but his member didn’t grow soft. Amelia began riding him in tune with the beat. She never released the grip she had on his neck as she rode him. Finally Nate couldn’t take it anymore, the pleasure had reached a climax his brain couldn’t handle. His eyes rolled up into the back of his skull and he passed out.

Amelia immediately unlatched as she saw Nate black out. “Dam… that was so good I almost forgot to let go.” She wiped the corner of her mouth and looked down at the blood droplet before putting it in her mouth.


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