Black Watch Asylum Chapter 8

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Black Watch Asylum Chapter 8

Nate came to in a large room with a high ceiling. The last thing he remembered was passing out from feeling pure ecstasy. Looking out the window he saw it was morning. He made a motion to get up but as he felt the rich satin sheets around him he realized he was completely naked. He reveled in the comfortable feel of the expensive material.

His hands roamed to the sides until they met with a body. Looking over he saw Amelia lying on her back, asleep. Nate moved closer snuggling up to her warm body. One hand found its way to her breast as he nibbled on her earlobe.

“Mmm.” She said lightly as she stirred from sleep. Turning to him she looked at him with eyes full of lust. “I’m feeling hungry.”

Nate saw her eyes suddenly turn pitch black and her canines extend. “What the hell!” he exclaimed retreating away from her.

“What’s wrong baby?” She cooed crawling towards him on all four. “Did you forget the fun we had last night?”

Nate’s heart panicked as he retreated even faster. Last night it was too dark to see her clearly. “You’re a vampire?”

He put a hand to his neck remembering that sensation he felt. His member started to grow hard. Not now! He scolded himself.

“I know you’re new but seriously?” Amelia’s eyes turned back to normal and her fangs retracted.

Nate calmed down as he saw her turn back to normal. He stood up but felt his whole body grow exhausted from the simple move. “What the hell’d you do to me?”

“Yeah, sorry bout that. I got carried away last night. Your blood was just so delicious, I’ve never tasted anything like it.”

“You’re sick!”

Amelia burst into laughter as she watched Nate back away from her. “You lost a lot of blood, I’ll go make you something. Get back to bed and rest up.”

Amelia got up completely nude and walked out of the room. Nate felt a flurry of conflicting emotions. “The thing’s a freaking vampire dude!” He tried to disgust himself but his member had different opinions. It didn’t see monster, all it saw was the alluring body of the female gender.

The smell of bacon wafted into his nose and he felt his stomach growl. “No freaking way.” He rushed out of the room forgetting he was completely nude. For a month it’s been the nasty food the prison offered, usually canned soup on the brink of expiration and other nasty ass food. This is the first time he actually smelled something this delicious.

The image of Amelia’s naked back side as she cooked something on the stove greeted him. She looked over her shoulder back at him with a charming smile. “Breakfast will be ready soon, for the both of us I hope.” She smiled.

Nate knew something was off. She was beautiful yes, but the way he was so charmed by her. It was like he was already in love with her. That’s when he noticed the sunlight coming in from the window was on her body.

“You don’t burn in the sunlight?” He wondered.

“Nah… that’s only the fresh babies.” She replied.

“Fresh babies?”

Amelia grabbed an empty plate and started filling it with various things before walking over to him with a plate full of food and a glass of orange juice. “Come.” She said as she set the food down on the dining room table.

Any further arguments from Nate was cut off by his hunger for food. He rushed over and began wolfing down the food. Once finished he picked up the glass of orange juice and gulped the whole thing down. He leaned back and burped loudly.

“Dam that was good.” He sighed as he patted his stomach. He looked over at Amelia who wore an amused expression.

“What? Did you want some?”

“Yes actually. But not that food.”

“Absolutely not.” Nate shook his head. “That’s so disgusting.”

“Is it? You just ate bacon… that comes from a pig. And what about those eggs, you’re literally eating chicken fetus. “

“Oh my god you sound like those vegan zealots, please stop.” He said cutting her off.

“You humans are funny creatures. You eat other animals but the thought of someone drinking human blood is so abhorrent. Why?”

“Because that’s disgusting.” Nate argued.

“Well there’s plenty of blood in the meat you eat. Some humans even like their steaks bloody.”

Amelia stood up. Nate was immediately drawn to her naked body, drinking in her image like a thirsty man. “A couple of sips will keep me going, and it won’t harm you in anyway. Besides, you’ll like it. I promise.” She said in an alluring tone of voice.

A voice screamed in Nate’s head to get up and run away. It only got stronger as her eyes turned black and her fangs extended, but the expectation of the ecstasy he felt yesterday kept him in his seat. She sat down on him and lightly kissed his face before going down to his neck.

Nate breathed in her scent enjoying the sensation of the bite on his neck, and the ecstasy that engulfed his whole body. All too soon the feeling stopped and Amelia stood up. “What?” He said dejectedly.

“I’m still full from last night, I shouldn’t drink too much.” She said in a playful tone even as she licked her crimson red lips seductively.

“Wait, you can take more. A young woman like you shouldn’t starve herself.” Nate said desperately even as his mind cursed him for his weak will.

Amelia barked in laughter. “Young… that’s funny. I really shouldn’t imbibe any more then I already have. Your blood is so rich and addictive I find it hard to control myself.” She wiped her mouth and sucked on the droplet of blood. Then she looked at him seductively while her hand reached down her body.

Nate gulped as he followed her hand motion. Amelia laughed again and started walking away. “Gotta get ready and start the day.”

Nate sat there on the dining room table to confused with himself. He should’ve been repulsed by her, she was a vampire who drunk blood, but she was just so beautiful. That’s when he remembered some of the abilities of vampires.

“Is she controlling my mind?” He wondered aloud.

Nate circulated his mental energy around in his head trying to clear himself of any outside influence but there was none. That’s when he realized there was no compulsion, these were his genuine feelings. “Why is that?” He wondered.

There was a knock at the door. Nate stood up and was about to open it when he realized he was nude. He ran over to the bedroom looking for his clothes. Amelia got out the shower with a towel wrapped around her armpits and went over to the door.

As he picked up his clothes he heard Amelia talking with someone else. Looking at the steam coming from the bathroom he decided to take a shower instead. “Food, hot water, what else does she have?”

Not only did she have no collar, but she had items that prisoners in Black Watch shouldn’t have. There was even a TV in the living room. Although it was off so he didn’t know if it was working or not.

Nate scrubbed himself vigorously in the hot water then sat down in the bath and let the warm water fall on him. It was winter and difficult to find enough warm blankets. There was no electricity in the neighborhoods either.

“These vampires have it made.”

After he was done washing he dried himself off and started dressing. When he walked into the living room he saw Amelia fully dressed and on the couch talking with someone else. This other person was a young white woman with fiery red hair and icy blue eyes. When she looked over at Nate he couldn’t help but feel his breath leave his body. Amelia was beautiful but this woman was drop dead gorgeous.

“Look how easily he switches to another woman. Hey! You spend one night with me and now you’re already lusting after the first woman you see?” Amelia shouted at him.

Nate smiled then he took on a serious look. His walk changed as he swaggered over to the women. “There is enough of me for everyone, no need to be stingy.” He straightened his eyebrows and struck his pretty boy pose.

That’s when he remembered Amelia was a vampire. His face dropped as he realized what he was just offering. Amelia barked in laughter as she saw his expression. “Just remember you offered. Anza, come have a taste and tell me he doesn’t have the richest blood you’ve ever tasted.” She stood up and stalked over to Nate.

“You know what I just remembered I have that thing to go do.” Nate said looking at his wrist as if there was an invisible watch he was looking at to tell time. “Gotta go.” He walked towards the exit setting a brisk pace.

“Ah, boo. I’ll see you later on tonight then.”

Nate waved his hand but he didn’t look back. He exited the hotel suite and headed towards the elevator. Once the doors opened he entered and hit the button for the first floor. He only blew a breath out in relief as the elevator doors closed.

The elevator stopped at the second floor as a group of young people got on. They were chatting and laughing when suddenly one of them made eye contact with Nate. Their eyes traveled down to his collar. “Eh? A human. What’re you doing here?” The woman asked.

“Ah you know. Just chilling.” He replied.

The elevator doors closed and proceeded downward but the young group was now focused on him. Nate noticed they were all beautiful and young, and none of them wore collars.

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“He’s probably here as someone’s late night snack.” One of the young men scoffed.

“Easy Charlie.” Another man laughed.

“Yeah Charlie, you got some vendetta against humans?” One of the woman spoke.

“A vendetta? Please, they aren’t even in my eye. Why should I worry about humans when they’re akin to cattle?” Nate saw Charlie from the side and knew this kid was just begging for trouble.

“Say ‘baa!’ sheep.”  Charlie said getting close to Nate, cornering him up against the wall.

“That’s uncalled for Charlie.”

“Yeah, you need to relax Charlie.”

His friends tried to calm him down but Charlie wasn’t having it. The elevator dinged and the doors opened. Nate walked out of the elevator and turned left to head towards the lobby. Charlie was behind him the whole time egging him on while his friends tried to hold him back.

Nate saw Lisa at the reception desk. She briefly glanced at him before turning back to her own work. Finally, Charlie’s friends managed to get him away from Nate.

“Crazy ass vampire.” Nate said under his breath as he walked outside. He glanced back briefly to make sure he wasn’t being followed.

Nate wandered the city for several hours trying to find something to do when he saw a couple familiar faces through the glass window of a bar.

“Can I get you anything?” The barman asked as Nate entered. The bar was surprisingly full.

“Whatever you have on tap is fine.” Nate responded. He knew nothing about ordering drinks he’s seen a lot of movies throw out that line.

The man pulled a glass mug and filled it up before placing it on the bar stool. “That’ll be twelve tokens.”

“Twelve tokens?! That’s six days’ worth of food! I don’t have that kind of money.” That’s when Nate paused in his tracks. As soon as he thought about tokens a message appeared in his mind. ‘Your balance is, 1200 tokens.’

Nates mouth dropped. He had zero tokens yesterday and now all of a sudden…

“Listen kid, getting liquor in here is dangerous and its difficult. There’s a limited supply so if you want to drink you’ll have to pay up.” The bar tender send getting a little angry.

Nate nodded dumbly and initiated the transaction. He gave the bartender twelve tokens and took a large sip of his beer.

What the hell? Why do I have that many tokens? Nate thought furiously but no answer would come. Suddenly he remembered the familiar faces he saw through the glass. Picking up his drink he went over to their table.

They looked up as they saw him and smiled. “So you survived this long eh? Not bad Nemo.” The skinny Nazi kid chuckled.

“Mind if I sit?” Nate asked. The bald Nazi smiled and pointed at the chair.

“I never got your names.” Nate said once he got settled in.

“I’m Lad.” The young white kid said.

“Razor.” The bald dude said.

“Lad and Razor. I’m Nate.”

Nate took a sip of his beer as he thought about what to say. He had a lot of questions but didn’t know where to start. “What’s with the beer?”

“What about it?” Lad shrugged.

“Why is there beer in a prison? Come to think about it, there’s a lot of things here that don’t belong.” Nate said as he looked at a table full of people with no collars on. They didn’t look like vampires—young and beautiful—instead they looked like rough soldiers.

“Ah, you met the others.” Razor said.

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“Others?” Nate remembered Leo said the center of the Asylum were for the ‘others’. But he’d assumed that was for people who weren’t in a race group big enough to own their own territory.

“Nobody knows where they come from but they’re like the lords of the land. It’s because of them that alcohol and all the other fast food places exist.”

Nate remembered seeing and smelling fast food being cooked as he walked around the city. “Some say it’s to keep the humans in here fat and happy. Don’t ask me why.” Lad said.

Nate didn’t need to ask, he already knew why.

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